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Global Media Fiery exchanges in BC Legislature as all eyes turn to Thursday
Author: 0 Fiery exchanges in BC Legislature as all eyes turn to Thursday

Horgan said Clark has already delayed calling the legislature for the confidence vote for almost a month, as school districts approach their deadline at the end of June to submit balanced budgets. Wilkinson said refusing to accelerate a confidence vote is respectful of the rules that govern the legislature. The NDP and Greens, which together have only one seat more than the Liberals in the legislature, have teamed up to form a government.

Author: 0 Supreme Court to rule in clash of gay, religious rights

The case will be heard in the fall, and it could have a wide impact regarding the clash between religious freedom on the LGBT agenda, including laws that add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity". Perkins in his statement was optimistic the view the court would rule in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop based on the presence on the bench of Gorsuch.

Author: 0 Liberal government waiting for more details on Trump travel ban decision

Any messy fallout or missteps could threaten to derail what was otherwise considered a victory for the administration. "We know that people are going to be hurt by this, and there will be a lot of disruption and dislocation", said Lavinia Limón, president and chief executive of the U.S.

Author: 0 Saudi demands from Qatar 'very provocative' - Germany

Tillerson called on Saudi Arabia and other nations last week to issue a list of demands that were "reasonable and actionable" after the State Department questioned the motives of the nations boycotting Qatar . Qatar's neighbors have voiced loud concerns over its ties with Iran and it is echoed with the demands. Bahrain's foreign minister accused Qatar of creating a military escalation in a dispute with regional powers, in an apparent reference to Doha's decision to let more Turkish ...

Global Media 151 killed as oil tanker explodes in Pak
Author: 0 151 killed as oil tanker explodes in Pak

Almost a hundred people were injured as a result of the incident, the government officials told Dawn . Another 50 people have been seriously injured. "It was not clear how the fire started". Fire fighters fought the flames for almost two hours before extinguishing the blaze. "It is unverified, mostly hearsay", said Salman Sufi, an aide to the Punjab chief minister.

Global Media Trump welcomes India PM at White House for their 1st meeting
Author: 0 Trump welcomes India PM at White House for their 1st meeting

Trump said he is keen to work with Modi on creating a "fair and reciprocal" trading relationship between the two nations and called for the removal of "barriers" for the export of United States goods into Indian markets. "This meeting is, above all, an introduction, an opportunity for the two men to meet each other, to size each other up, and to get a sense of how each one views the other and the bilateral relationship on the whole", said Michael Kugelman , deputy director of the Asia ...

Global Media Supreme Court Sends Cross-Border Shooting Case Back To Lower Court
Author: 0 Supreme Court Sends Cross-Border Shooting Case Back To Lower Court

Lower courts dismissed the parents' lawsuit, in which they claim Mesa violated Hernández's rights under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the US Constitution. The case is Hernandez v. Mesa . Bush, the court ruled that Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainees could challenge their detentions in USA court. Mexico and London-based Amnesty International, among others, have filed amicus briefs in support of the family.

Global Media Government's 'shabby' deal with DUP branded a threat to Good Friday Agreement
Author: 0 Government's 'shabby' deal with DUP branded a threat to Good Friday Agreement

The covenant, which has guaranteed government support for military veterans and their families since 2000, has not applied to Northern Ireland until now because of sensitivities surrounding the role of the forces during the Troubles. The DUP is ultra-conservative on issues such as gay rights and abortion and the deal is certain to alarm social liberals on all sides of the political divide.

Author: 0 We Don't Know Much About the Fitzgerald Collision and That Seems Odd

The destroyer suffered severe damage to its starboard side, while the container ship sustained light damage. Fitzgerald suffered severe damage but returned to the US base at Yokosuka, Japan under its own power. Both, along with five other sailors, perished in a collision with the ACX Crystal , a container ship flagged in the Phillipines, off Japan's Izu Peninsula.

Global Media Chinese troops enter Sikkim, destroy Army bunkers
Author: 0 Chinese troops enter Sikkim, destroy Army bunkers

The People's Liberation Army on Monday accused the Indian military of stopping the construction of a road in what it claims to be China's "sovereign territory" in the Sikkim section of the India-China border and said the move has "seriously damaged" border peace and tranquillity.

Author: 0 Shiv Sena backs BJP's presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind

Even a couple of days prior to Amit Shah calling on Uddhav Thackeray at his residence to discuss the presidential elections , the Maharashtra chief minister had spoken of mid-term elections as something that would favour the BJP , obviously at the cost of Sena's 63 seats.

Author: 0 Google doodle celebrates the tournament with interactive game

She became just the seventh player to reach 1,000 runs and take 100 wickets in women's ODIs in February, becoming the first South African to reach the latter figure. As part of ICC's extraordinary digital coverage of the women's games, the partnership with Twitter allows fans to unlock and use the emoji by hash-tagging a cricketer's name.

Global Media 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli heads into fraud trial
Author: 0 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli heads into fraud trial

Martin Shkreli was public enemy No 1 in the summer of 2015. In September 2014, Retrophin ousted Shkreli as CEO - a move his lawyers now consider in violation of his contract and relevant to their defense. Jury selection for the 34-year-old's trial started Monday in New York City federal court. Another woman said she knew he'd been labeled " the most hated man in America ", while a third woman declared, "I looked right at him and, in my head, I said 'that's a snake."' They were among ...

Global Media Trump to meet with tech CEOs on government overhaul
Author: 0 Trump to meet with tech CEOs on government overhaul

He gave the example of the Pentagon still using floppy disks in legacy systems. President Trump is asking the CEOs of the world's largest tech companies for help in modernizing the American government system. That changed yesterday, when Kushner spoke to the first meeting of the newly created American Technology Council , part of Trump's Office American Innovation, which is meant to nudge government into operating more like the business world.

Author: 0 Successful SpaceX launch delivers satellites into orbit

On Friday, a Falcon 9 launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carried a communications satellite for Bulgaria into orbit . SpaceX made history on Sunday (25 June) by successfully pulling off back-to-back Falcon 9 rocket launches and landings in roughly 48 hours.

Global Media May's Conservatives, DUP prop up new government amid cash boost pledge
Author: 0 May's Conservatives, DUP prop up new government amid cash boost pledge

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday reached a supply and confidence deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), enabling her to form a functioning minority government in London . With the support of the 10 DUP lawmakers, May would have a majority. "And, will all parts of the United Kingdom receive the much needed additional funding that Northern Ireland will get as part of the deal?" Both parties agree on the need to recognise the unique circumstances of ...

Global Media CNN Battle with Sean Spicer Continues as He Shuts Out Jim Acosta
Author: 0 CNN Battle with Sean Spicer Continues as He Shuts Out Jim Acosta

Acosta last week raised objections to the restriction of cameras and recording equipment from briefings, and accused the White House of "stonewalling" and the "suppression of information". Can you just give us an answer to that?' he asked. White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday delivered his press briefing off-camera once again, eliciting some protests but giving no clear answer about when filming will be allowed to resume.

Global Media Hamas: ISIS didn't kill female Israeli soldier
Author: 0 Hamas: ISIS didn't kill female Israeli soldier

The killing was "a natural response to the crimes of the occupier", he said, echoing the language used by Hamas after other recent attacks against Israelis. Israel previously had allowed permits for Palestinians from the West Bank to make family visits and had also given access for 100 Gaza residents to attend prayers at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Author: 0 Trump breaks almost 20-year tradition of celebrating Ramadan at White House

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called on Muslims in the country to pray for the Akufo-Addo government to enable it deliver on its mandate to Ghanaians as they commemorate this year's [2017] Eid-al-Fitr. It is characterised by merrymaking, alms-giving and the observance of Eid Prayers to thank Almighty Allah for seeing Muslims through the holy month of Ramadan, during which time, they intensified their supplications and good deeds.

Author: 0 MI airport stabbing an 'act of terror'

Fifty-year-old Amor Ftouhi , who carried out the "lone-wolf" attack had entered the USA on June 16, FBI special investigator David Gelios told the media. The Flint Journal , citing court officials, said that Ftouhi is a dual citizen of Canada and Tunisia. President Donald Trump was briefed on the attack, an administration official told CNN.

Author: 0 Lift blockade first for talks to begin, says Qatar

However, just hours later Mr Trump applauded the coalition and raised the possibility that the cutting of ties was due to his urging that Middle East countries more effectively address financing terrorists during his Riyadh trip. "There must be some people who are wise in Qatar and who will prevail, hopefully within the ruling family", Gargash said. Speaking on Saturday night, the Iraqi PM said Baghdad would not allow the country to turn into an appropriate ground for the US' animosity ...

Author: 0 With Video Of Her Speaker Days, Sushma Swaraj Targets Meira Kumar

The video in the tweet comes from a time when Ms. Swaraj was the leader of opposition in the house which Ms. Kumar was the Speaker of. In the video, it can be seen that Sushma Swaraj is talking about the various corruption cases against the UPA government.

Global Media U.S. student freed by N. Korea has 'severe neurological injury'
Author: 0 U.S. student freed by N. Korea has 'severe neurological injury'

North Korea released USA student Otto Warmbier "on humanitarian grounds ", state media said yesterday, two days after he was evacuated from Pyongyang after falling into a coma while imprisoned in a labour camp. North Korea reportedly told a USA official that Otto contracted botulism and slipped intothe coma after taking a sleeping pill. Kanter said an MRI revealed the extent of the damage to Warmbier's brain.

Global Media Kvitova looking to Wimbledon after comeback title
Author: 0 Kvitova looking to Wimbledon after comeback title

It started to improve towards the end of the set, with Kvitova getting her first sniff of break point chances before Barty switched things up to take the lead on her first set point. After losing her service game at the start of the second set, Safarova shook hands and departed. It's pretty remarkable how well Kvitova's recovered, and how she's managed to keep her focus so positive despite the very bad injury she suffered.

Author: 0 Ben Affleck in talks for The Accountant sequel

Fans of the crime-thriller The Accountant will be glad to know that Warner moving ahead with plans for a sequel. Those deals, including those of producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams , are being worked out now, but once they're settled they'll move on to solidifying the story.

Global Media Horrifying moment girl falls from ride at Six Flags
Author: 0 Horrifying moment girl falls from ride at Six Flags

They quickly stopped the ride but the trapped girl's friend warned that the safety bar was choking her. Bystanders then told the girl to wiggle loose after she said she was being choked by the bar on the chair. The park said in a statement that the accident "does not appear to be any malfunction of the ride". "The victim was later transported via helicopter to the Albany Medical Center where she remains in stable condition with no serious injuries reported".

Global Media US Student Hospitalized After Return From NKorea
Author: 0 US Student Hospitalized After Return From NKorea

Tuesday. "Everybody feels a sense of relief that he is coming back to the United States", said Amy Mayer. A US citizen who is being held in North Korea on charges of "hostile acts" against the Kim Jong Un regime may actually have faced different charges at the time of his arrest , according to an eyewitness.

Global Media Rogue Shark Sends Holidaymakers in Mallorca Into Frenzy (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
Author: 0 Rogue Shark Sends Holidaymakers in Mallorca Into Frenzy (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Today Civil Guard were alerted and Civil Protection workers monitored the area for several hours afterwards to make sure the shark , known as a tintorera in Spanish, did not reappear. Holidaymakers can rest easy, however, as a blue shark was captured safely on Sunday . Similar instances have occurred earlier too in the region.

Author: 0 Navalny jailed, 1500 arrested after protests across Russia

Navalny, who is mounting a long-shot bid to unseat Putin in an election next year, had called for mass protests in Moscow and other cities against official corruption. There was no immediate comment from police on why Navalny had been arrested or where he was taken. Navalny was sentenced to 30 days in jail, according to the Associated Press .

Global Media Saudi King Shuffles Succession, Hawkish DM Is Now Crown Prince
Author: 0 Saudi King Shuffles Succession, Hawkish DM Is Now Crown Prince

He had previously been in charge of his father's royal court when Salman was the crown prince. Saudi television channels showed the bearded Mohammed bin Salman kissing the hand of his ousted cousin Mohammed bin Nayef and kneeling in front of the older prince, who patted his shoulder to congratulate him.

Global Media 'It was a Bad Joke'- Johnny Depp Apologises for Trump Assassination Comment
Author: 0 'It was a Bad Joke'- Johnny Depp Apologises for Trump Assassination Comment

He now says to People magazine , "It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice". During an off-camera press briefing Friday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called Depp's comments "troubling". Actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating a president at the UK's Glastonbury Festival. "However, it's been a while, and maybe it's time". The actor went on to reference the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth.

Global Media Gatland says All Blacks targeting Murray with 'dangerous' dives
Author: 0 Gatland says All Blacks targeting Murray with 'dangerous' dives

However, Ferris doesn't expect Warren Gatland to make a massive shake-up within the Lions starting line-up. "We might have to shake it up a little bit", said Gatland. As Gatland showed after the 34-6 demolition of the Chiefs in Hamilton a week ago, he will pick players for a Saturday Test if they show the right qualities midweek.

Global Media Assad travels far from capital to mark Eid in Hama
Author: 0 Assad travels far from capital to mark Eid in Hama

Justice Minister Hisham Mohammad al-Shaar said "this initiative seeks to enhance local reconciliations and allowing those were misled to return to their normal lives, hoping that others who were led astray would return to their senses". "Thank God for being released", he said. The YPG has been the main partner for the U.S. in its campaign in Syria against Daesh, which is also the target of separate campaigns waged by the Russian-backed Syrian regime and Free Syrian Army rebel groups, the ...

Global Media Swedish government announces release of hostage in Mali
Author: 0 Swedish government announces release of hostage in Mali

Rijke had been freed in 2015 by French special forces . Wallstrom refused to provide details about how Sweden secured Gustafsson's release, saying only that it occurred "a couple of days ago" and was the result of "several years of efforts" by police, politicians, diplomats and Swedish and worldwide authorities.

Author: 0 Second North Korean soldier defects to South in a month

The World Taekwondo championship being held over the next several days is the largest competition of the sport to be held, with 973 athletes participating from 183 different countries. Chang Ung, a North Korean member of the International Olympic Committee and Do Jong-hwan, the new South Korean Sports Minister both came to Muju for the opening of the taekwondo championships.

Global Media BJP leader : Modi, Trump have very similar leadership style
Author: 0 BJP leader : Modi, Trump have very similar leadership style

India conducted surgical strikes on terror pads across the Line of Control on September 29 previous year, 11 days after the Uri attack which claimed the lives of 19 Indian soldiers. "Following the worldwide norms and law, in order to ensure that the sovereignty, security and peace is maintained, we are capable of taking very stern action".

Author: 0 Former Sabres star Dave Andreychuk elected to Hockey Hall of Fame

Former Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson is a first-year eligible who didn't make the cut. Ducks owners Henry and Susan Samueli issued the following statement congratulating Selanne and Kariya. "I didn't really know so much in Winnipeg when I went there, but I learned very quickly what kind of place it was and how great the people and how friendly the people are and how big the hockey is to that city...." Drake, 88, coached the University of Alberta to six University Cup ...

Global Media Lithuania signs first deal for US LNG
Author: 0 Lithuania signs first deal for US LNG

According to Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas) on Monday, it will import 2.8 million tons of shale gas annually, which is worth about $1 billion, for 20 years. Among the agreements steered in part by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was a decision to allow China, which doesn't have a free-trade agreement with the United States, to receive LNG.

Global Media Trump travel ban partly reinstated; fall court arguments set
Author: 0 Trump travel ban partly reinstated; fall court arguments set

At the same time, however, the justices decided that the ban can not be applied to people who already have some sort of connection to the U.S. The court specifically mentioned university students who are from the banned countries, as well as "a worker who accepted an offer of employment from an American company or a lecturer invited to address an American audience".

Global Media Attention on Supreme Court as justice weigh Trump travel ban
Author: 0 Attention on Supreme Court as justice weigh Trump travel ban

Gorsuch was one of the three conservative justices who would have granted Trump's request to put the order completely into effect. Refugees will face similar criteria, with anyone lacking connections in the USA denied entry. I fear that the Court's remedy will prove unworkable. "Today's unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security", said Trump in a statement.

Global Media Thousands Gather To Pay Their Respects To Otto Warmbier
Author: 0 Thousands Gather To Pay Their Respects To Otto Warmbier

A long line of mourners waited to enter funeral services early today for Otto Warmbier, the USA student imprisoned in North Korea who returned home last week in a coma that proved fatal. Warmbier's parents said their son had been in a coma for more than a year before he was medically evacauted from North Korea. North Korea also further reemphasized their stance that Otto's sentence was deserving of his offense, which they maintain was an act of subversion against the government while also ...

Global Media Recreational boat with 150 aboard sinks near Colombian city
Author: 0 Recreational boat with 150 aboard sinks near Colombian city

The Colombian Air Force said it deployed a helicopter to help with the rescue operation. "We are sad.we have no feelings to express", Villegas said, referring to his missing relatives. The mayor of Medellin has said that firefighters and scuba divers from the city are now travelling to the Penol reservoir. "Our aircraft and crews are ready and ready to evacuate the most serious people and require immediate attention", the country's air force said in social media posts .

Author: 0 Company curbs sale of panels used on burned London high-rise

And on Friday tenants were evacuated from four of the five blocks at the Chalcots Estate in Camden , north London, all renovated by architecture firm HTA. Despite the prime minister promising to rehouse all of the tower block's residents within three weeks, Mr Javid says this might not be possible. Cladding panels are often added to the exterior of buildings to insulate them and, particularly in the case of ageing tower blocks, to improve their external appearance.

Author: 0 At least 9 dead in Boko Haram attacks in northeast Nigeria

The suicide bomber died, while three university security personnel on duty were injured . According to him, one of the injured security personnel later died at the hospital. The Governor later went into the Vice Chancellor's office and presided over a security meeting attended by the Garrison Commander of the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army, the Commissioner of Police, Damian Chukwu , and those in charge of internal security at the University.

Global Media Lakhs stretch and twist on Yoga Day, PM extols yoga connect
Author: 0 Lakhs stretch and twist on Yoga Day, PM extols yoga connect

He added that most of the youths are captivated with yoga, the demand for yoga teachers has grown in the past two-three years and it is a booming and healthy business opportunity. Speaking at the venue ahead of Prime Minister Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath thanked volunteers for waiting patiently despite rainfall.

Global Media Northern Ireland party leader in talks with Conservatives
Author: 0 Northern Ireland party leader in talks with Conservatives

British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives signed a deal Monday with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party that will allow them to govern after losing their majority in a general election this month. The massive injection of funds her government pledged in exchange angered the leaders of Scotland and Wales, as well as Northern Ireland's other parties.

Author: 0 Iran's Rouhani backs Qatar, rejects "siege"

In a statement , spokesman Huseyin Muftuoglu referred to an agreement signed in 2014 between Turkey and Qatar as proof that Turkish efforts to set up a military base in Qatar had nothing to do with the ongoing crisis among the small Gulf state and other Arab countries.

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