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Author: 0 It's over: Britain files for divorce from the European Union

The 27 European Union member states and the United Kingdom will now begin an arduous process of negotiation to decide how they can disentangle their existing relations, while Ms May must push a complex legislative programme through Parliament.

Author: 0 Nicola Sturgeon pays tribute to 'brave work' of Martin McGuinness

Two years later, McGuinness toasted the queen's health during a banquet Windsor Castle. "But setting aside forgiveness the simple fact is I found Martin McGuinness to be an easy and pleasant man to talk to - a man who I believe was honest in his desire for peace and maintaining the peace process at all costs".

Author: 0 UK government rejects Scotland's bid for second independence referendum

She said she would avoid writing until May had invoked article 50 to trigger the Brexit process, which she is expected to do on Wednesday. MSPs have backed Nicola Sturgeon's calls for a second independence referendum in Scotland. Together they represent a complete abdication of responsibility. British officials have indicated they would not agree to another independence referendum until Britain's European Union exit is over and done with - a process that could take longer than two years.

Author: 0 Judge considering plan on fix for 18000 Flint water lines

Mays and three groups - Concerned Pastors for Social Action, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the American Civil Liberties Union of MI - filed the lawsuit in January 2016. In 2016, the city was under a declaration of emergency from the state. "The proposed agreement is a win for the people of Flint", Dimple Chaudhary, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, which represents Flint citizens, told the AP.

Author: 0 Support for GOP healthcare bill fades

According to CNN's ongoing whip count as of Wednesday afternoon, 23 House Republicans have flat-out said they will vote against the bill, while four more have indicated they are likely to oppose it. The countdown quickened toward an expected vote Thursday on legislation undoing much of the law that provided health coverage to some 20 million Americans.

Global Media Canada to legalise marijuana by 2018
Author: 0 Canada to legalise marijuana by 2018

Trudeau has maintained throughout the past year that his primary reason for wanting to legalize marijuana is not to help the cannabis industry get rich. Whereas others, including China, Egypt, and South Korea, have some of the most restrictive marijuana laws in the world. A study titled Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities conducted by Deloitte previous year estimated that there will be a demand for some 600,000 kilograms of marijuana annually, far more than is now produced for ...

Author: 0 South Korea closes foundations at center of political scandal

It was not clear if Park's brief statement meant she acknowledged the corruption allegations, since she has repeatedly denied any legal wrongdoing. "My own criteria to accept cases or not is this: if a person is a bad person no matter how positive public opinions are about that man, I would say no".

Global Media UK police, Muslim youths to link hands to mark London attack
Author: 0 UK police, Muslim youths to link hands to mark London attack

She added: "I would like to request privacy for our family, especially the children, at this hard time". Rain began to fall as the vigil paused for a minute's silence for the victims on the bridge, in the shadow of the Palace of Westminster, where the deadly attack took place.

Global Media Syria dam not damaged - SDF Raqqa campaign spokeswoman
Author: 0 Syria dam not damaged - SDF Raqqa campaign spokeswoman

Syrian military expert Abdul Nasser al-Ayed told Asharq Al-Awsat that the terrorist organization might be using its warning to turn the 500-km area, located on the banks of the Euphrates River in the direction of the Iraqi borders, into an huge wetland to avoid a military operation there and to create a refugee crisis amid the presence of 3 million Syrian inhabitants.

Author: 0 Coalition: US service member dies in Syria of natural causes

SDF spokesman Talal Sello said the alliance would "begin rehabilitating the airport after clearing out explosive devices" left behind by IS and said the base's main landing strip was seriously damaged. The United Nations warned earlier this year that the deliberate sabotage of the dam, which is at risk from high water levels, by IS and further damage from air strikes by the US-led coalition could have potentially devastating consequences.

Global Media Palestinian leader Meets Trump envoy at Arab summit
Author: 0 Palestinian leader Meets Trump envoy at Arab summit

The Palestinians want to set up a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war. No doubt, King Abdullah, as head of the Arab summit, will stress, during his meeting with US President Donald Trump, the dangers involved in abandoning the two-state solution and in caving in to demands by far-right Israeli politicians to bury that option.

Global Media Family members of Utah woman injured in London terrorist attack speak
Author: 0 Family members of Utah woman injured in London terrorist attack speak

He crashed the vehicle before later stabbing an on-duty police officer in the grounds of Parliament. Cleverly described Palmer as a "lovely man, a friend". The other night a band that Kurt helped discover put on a big fundraising and put all the money into their Go Fund me account and just said how much they loved Kurt.

Author: 0 London Mayor Sadiq Khan Dismisses Trump Jr. Tweet

Instead, the businessman more or less said , "I told you", much like his father has been doing whenever there is a deadly attack perpetrated by ISIS militants anywhere in the world. He also commended the "superb" response of the police and the emergency services to the Westminster attack. Khan had made the remarks in 2016 after a bombing in New York City that injured 29 people.

Author: 0 South Korean ferry that sank 3 years ago lifted from sea

The partially lifted sunken ferry Sewol , center, is ready for transport in waters off Jindo, South Korea , Friday, March 24, 2017. He said workers may face a decision on whether to continue the salvaging operation if the ferry isn't loaded on the vessel by Friday.

Author: 0 Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath discusses Ramayana museum with Centre

Sources said the party will put the administrative experience of another Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, who has worked as Lucknow mayor, to good use. He was also a contenders for the chief minister's post but missed out to the Gorakhpur MP. The newly appointed Chief Minister also met Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu and discussed various projects related to urban development in the state.

Author: 0 Backed forces halt fighting for safety checks at Syrian dam

BEIRUT, March 29 Spillways at the Tabqa Euphrates dam are functioning normally after engineers carried out repairs, a media official with the USA -backed Syrian Democratic Forces militia, which is trying to capture the dam from Islamic State, said on Wednesday.

Author: 0 Schumer says Democrats willing to work with GOP

Although it does not reveal its membership or its whip count, Breitbart News reporting learned that the HFC had north of 25 solid No-votes against the Ryancare bill. The caucus is "concerned about procedure, but also concerned about procedure because they're concerned about policy", said Dr Laura Blessing, a senior fellow at the Georgetown Government Affairs Institute.

Global Media Israeli teenager arrested for bomb threats to JCCs
Author: 0 Israeli teenager arrested for bomb threats to JCCs

Rosenfeld said police searched the man's house in Ashkelon in southern Israel on Thursday morning and discovered antennas and satellite equipment. The NYPD told Metro that it did not have any information on whether the teen was behind any of the threats made against JCCs in NY.

Author: 0 China's Xi, Tillerson urge cooperation as North Korea tests rocket engine

Mr Tillerson later met Yang Jiechi, Mr Xi's leading foreign policy adviser, and he is scheduled to meet Mr Xi on Sunday morning before returning to the US. "But that way, China and North Korea will become enemies, further complicating the conflict". Still, Wang emphasized a desire for collaboration, and Tillerson said the USA planned to work with China and others "to bring North Korea to a different place where we are hopeful we can begin a dialogue".

Global Media Cambodia bans sale, export of breast milk
Author: 0 Cambodia bans sale, export of breast milk

The order is coming after Cambodia temporarily halted breast milk exports by Utah-based Ambrosia Labs, which claims to be the first firm to source the product from overseas and distribute it in the United States. Critics say the practice encourages mothers to sell their breast milk instead of giving it to their own babies. The company pasteurized each shipment of milk and sold it at $20 per five ounces, Time reported .

Author: 0 Van Gaal to help in search for new Netherlands coach

The Netherlands missed from Euro 2016 in one of the biggest upsets ever suffered by the team in the qualifiers. As a result , the Dutch FA chose to sack the team's coach Danny Blind, whose team also failed the qualification to the European Championship, held in France last summer.

Author: 0 Clinton faults Trump for low number of women

Hillary Clinton was only one of nine voting members on the committee that reviewed the deal and only former President Obama had the power to veto its approval. O'Reilly later apologized , but not after a slew of controversy. "Too many women have had a lifetime of practice taking this kind of indignity in stride", Clinton said.

Global Media NY's ban on charging more for credit could violate free speech
Author: 0 NY's ban on charging more for credit could violate free speech

The high court agreed that the state might be trampling on First Amendment free speech rights by not allowing merchants to pass along the extra cost of credit card transactions to consumers. Retailers are forced to pay fees to credit card companies every time a customer buys with a card. Deepak Gupta of Gupta Wessler argued on behalf of a group of NY challenging the law, while deputy NY solicitor general Steven Wu defended it as a "pricing practice" without free speech implications.

Author: 0 Trump lawyers ask court to halt climate rule case

That is what state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said Tuesday afternoon after witnessing Pres. Donald Trump signing an executive order to review "job-killing" federal regulations and rescind the Obama-era Climate Action Plan . Speaking alongside coal miners at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington , Trump said the order would eliminate federal overreach, restore economic freedom and allow workers to compete on a level playing field.

Author: 0 Center-right party tops Bulgaria election; Socialists yield

The center-right GERB party has won a slight majority in Bulgaria's general elections Sunday, according to early results. The socialist BSP is set to come in second with 28 percent, and the United Patriot coalition of radical nationalist parties share third place with the Turkish DPS, with both parties around 9 percent.

Author: 0 Trump Signs Order Reversing Obama's Efforts to Combat Climate Change

The Executive Order calls on the Secretary of the Interior to review the Bureau of Land Management's 2016 moratorium on new coal leases on federal land and also review three final rules from the Department regarding oil and gas production on both federal and private land and the outer continental shelf.

Author: 0 Scottish parliament backs bid for new independence referendum

May in Scotland on Monday to discuss the upcoming Brexit negotiations and the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish independence. She said she would avoid writing until the prime minister had invoked article 50 to trigger the Brexit process, which she is expected to do on Wednesday.

Global Media Obamacare stays: Republicans pull healthcare bill
Author: 0 Obamacare stays: Republicans pull healthcare bill

The "or else" in this case would mean being " stuck with Obamacare ", but as many GOP representatives still struggle to come around to voting for a bill which has had very little public support , the president could be in for the most embarrassing defeat of his administration to date.

Global Media Francois Fillon Suffers New Setback as Wife Investigated Over 'Fake Job'
Author: 0 Francois Fillon Suffers New Setback as Wife Investigated Over 'Fake Job'

Hamon signed a motion of no-confidence against Valls' government a year ago, when the ruling Socialists split over a labor reform led by Valls. Valls' move is a further blow to the campaign of Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon. "I have nothing to negotiate and am not asking for anything". The wife of French presidential candidate Francois Fillon is facing preliminary charges over well-paid parliamentary jobs that investigators suspect she never performed.

Global Media Tsunami warning after strong quake hit off Russian Federation coast
Author: 0 Tsunami warning after strong quake hit off Russian Federation coast

The quake had a depth of 2 kilometres. However, no tsunami alert has been issued yet, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said. However, the spokesman emphasized that oceanographers are yet to confirm the tsunami threat. Kamchatka's emergencies services have not confirmed the tsunami threat. At this point, there is no word on whether any damage occurred due to the quake.

Global Media Lawyer Says White House Stopped Yates Testimony
Author: 0 Lawyer Says White House Stopped Yates Testimony

Just a few hours after then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates notified President Donald Trump she could not defend his Muslim ban in court, citing its illegality and likeliness of being unconstitutional, Trump fired her. Here was Schiff on Morning Edition: "Someone on the White House staff would have had to have let him onto the grounds; it's not something he could wander onto".

Global Media Brexit: Royal assent given as Article 50 trigger moves nearer
Author: 0 Brexit: Royal assent given as Article 50 trigger moves nearer

May's government has offered the British parliament a binding vote on the Brexit deal before Britain leaves in early 2019 - but only once May has chose to accept it. May was forced to seek Parliament's approval for the move after a Supreme Court ruling in January torpedoed her attempt to start the process of leaving the bloc without a parliamentary vote.

Global Media Led anti-IS campaign hitting new phase
Author: 0 Led anti-IS campaign hitting new phase

Abadi met with Trump on Monday and said afterwards he had won assurances of more United States support in the war against IS. Al-Abadi struck a positive note on the fight, saying that the fight against Isis "is in the stage of decimating it, not containing it".

Author: 0 EU official gets letter triggering Brexit talks

The two sides also appear to disagree on how the talks will unfold. The letter invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty that sets out the two-year process for an European Union member-state to leave the group. Although EU officials promise to publish their own Brexit 'guidelines' by Friday, its negotiating stance is unlikely to emerge before an EU summit scheduled for 29 April.

Author: 0 Scottish Parliament votes for holding second independence referendum

Still, May's upcoming knock-back will have her shouting from every roof top. May, whose government is also trying to prevent the collapse of the power-sharing arrangement which governs Northern Ireland. The Scottish parliament had been due to vote on Sturgeon's referendum demand last week, but the session was adjourned after Wednesday's extremist attack in London.

Author: 0 Indian airline bars Shiv Sena lawmaker after shoe attack

Gaikwad said Air India must be investigated for ill-treating him for which, he claimed, he had to take off his sandal and hit an elderly manager for Air India 25 times. "I expect that the concerned politician makes amends for his very condemnable behaviour and also apologises for it", he said. Air India said it has also written to the Shiv Sena, communicating the decision, to cancel the return ticket of the MLA, because our employees are agitated.

Author: 0 United States cautioned after Iraqi civilian deaths

The situation has grown increasingly dramatic for the citizens of western Mosul. He said six of his relatives were killed including his son and daughter. "The houses fell on us, we fled alone without our belongings". If we didn't strike in that area, I'd be telling you it was unlikely. "Almost everyone in the house was killed - 11 people.

Author: 0 Putin Meets French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen

He said Putin had wished her good luck in the election. She said Putin represented a "new vision" of the world. "A new world has emerged in the past years. " Russia is ready to stay in contact with representatives of all political forces, with the current leadership, with representatives of the opposition", Peskov said.

Author: 0 Trump Envoy Reportedly Demanded Settlement Freezes in Netanyahu Meeting

The White House expression of concern over settlements allows Netanyahu to push back against the settlers, arguing that any expansion would alienate Israel's closest ally. Anti-settlement NGO Peace Now called it "the second highest number of construction starts in the past 15 years". Following a meeting with Netanyahu last month, Trump urged Netanyahu to curb new housing construction while he pursued a peace deal, a position past presidents have adopted.

Global Media Gregg Jarrett: Sanctuary Cities Won't Find Refuge in Law
Author: 0 Gregg Jarrett: Sanctuary Cities Won't Find Refuge in Law

The warning falls in line with President Trump's much-touted campaign promise to ramp up immigration enforcement and increase deportations of undocumented immigrants. Trump's rhetoric has often been directed at sanctuary cities, which he accuses of violating federal immigration laws. Sanctuary cities, such as San Francisco and NY, refuse to cooperate sometimes by not notifying Department of Homeland Security agents when illegal immigrants are being released from incarceration.

Author: 0 Former Russian politician killed in Ukraine

He renounced his Russian citizenship and was soon after granted Ukrainian citizenship. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin , told reporters Mr Gerashchenko's allegation was " absurd ". Volodymyr Fesenko, a political analyst in Kiev , said Voronenkov's testimony was important to Ukraine because of his level of access in Russian Federation.

Global Media Brexit: Britain files Article 50 letter to formally leave European Union
Author: 0 Brexit: Britain files Article 50 letter to formally leave European Union

It will mark the start of complex and contentious negotiations that put the United Kingdom on course to break its ties with the bloc by the end of March 2019. A sombre-faced Mr Tusk held up the letter at a Brussels press conference as he sent a farewell message to the UK: "We already miss you". Nor is there much time, for although the negotiations are expected to last two years, the time available for compromises is restricted, while the potential for mishaps remains vast.

Global Media Indian Army Chief to be conferred with Nepal Army honorary title today
Author: 0 Indian Army Chief to be conferred with Nepal Army honorary title today

India army chief general Bipin Rawat will arrive in Dhaka on Friday on a three-day visit at the invitation of his Bangladesh counterpart General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, says a press release sent by Indian High Commission in Dhaka. Rawat's trip to Nepal comes days after Chinese Defence Minister Chang Wanquan visited the country. He is also to visit the Indian Army's pension camp in Pokhara and go on a pilgrimage to Muktinath and Pashupatinath.