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Author: 0 Arab leaders set to oppose Trump ME policy shifts

Pence's assumption of AIPAC support of Trump came amid the lobby's endeavor to restore its reputation as a bastion of bipartisan support for Israel. GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, rather than urging that the deal be terminated, told AIPAC that the US must "vigorously enforce" the deal and "tighten the screws on Iranian compliance".

Author: 0 Trump Has Visited His Golf Courses 13 Times as President

Dark money groups are spending millions on campaigns to confirm his controversial nominees for the Cabinet and Supreme Court. "Americans have long had the right to know who has access and influence in the White House, and this tradition of sunlight on inner workings of the executive branch must continue".

Global Media Officer shot in Independence, Missouri
Author: 0 Officer shot in Independence, Missouri

Authorities said officers interrupted a burglary and the suspect or suspects took off. Centerpoint Medical Center said in a statement the Independence police officer survived surgery Wednesday and is in critical condition. Crookham said officers surrounded a garage and fired at least seven shots into the garage and then pulled out two suspects. The injured officer was rushed away in an ambulance.

Global Media Chelsea Clinton kills the rumors:
Author: 0 Chelsea Clinton kills the rumors: "I am not running"

Recently Clinton, heir apparent to her parents' political dynasty, sat down with Variety to put the persistent rumor of her eventual run for office to rest . Note that she says "if something changes"- by 2020, women will be required to shovel 500 pounds of coal into the mouth of a sea otter before they can get an abortion, so it's a safe bet something will have changed.

Author: 0 Scotland to seek vote on United Kingdom separation

The vote passed with 69 to 59 votes. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson told the Prime Minister of the impact it could have if Scots are denied a second referendum. The Scottish parliament's decision allows Nicola Sturgeon, head of the country's government and leader of the independence-supporting SNP, to lobby the United Kingdom government for formal talks over scheduling a new vote.

Author: 0 USA opens formal investigation into civilian deaths in Mosul

Evidence gathered on the ground in Mosul "points to an alarming pattern of US -led coalition airstrikes which have destroyed whole houses with entire families inside", the report stated. Amnesty International on Tuesday said the rising death toll suggested the US -led coalition wasn't taking adequate precautions as it helps Iraqi forces try to retake the city.

Author: 0 Jordan FM says Arab summit ends with 'message of peace'

Arab leaders called during their speeches in the first working session of the 28th Arab Summit , which was held yesterday in the Dead Sea area in Jordan, for handling crises that face the Arab world in a more effective manner. Embassy in Israel to contested Jerusalem. The Palestinian quest for independence also served as a showcase for Arab unity in a fractured region, where leaders find themselves on opposite sides of long-running conflicts, particularly Syria's six-year-old civil war.

Author: 0 US sanctuary cities weigh response to Trump's threat to curb funding

Attorney General Jeff Sessions raise serious legal issues for county governments". "Apparently, the Trump Administration, their war on facts has now become a war on cities". Although there is no official definition of what makes a locality a "sanctuary", the Trump administration has begun to publish weekly reports of local jurisdictions that aren't cooperating with federal efforts to find and deport immigrants in the country illegally, as part of executive order Trump signed in January.

Author: 0 Russian: ISIS foes hit Syrian bridges, dam

Islamic State said in a statement on Tuesday that the maintenance team responsible for the dam had been killed in a USA -led air strike on Monday, the day the SDF paused its assault. The collapse of the dam would case an "ecological catastrophe" and lead to "numerous" civilian deaths, he said. "If the dam had been breached, the United Nations was warning of a humanitarian disaster with thousands caught up in the flooding", Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher, reporting from Beirut, said.

Global Media Turkey declares end of Euphrates Shield operation in Syria
Author: 0 Turkey declares end of Euphrates Shield operation in Syria

Turkey has ended the "Euphrates Shield" military operation it launched in Syria, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said. "Any operation following this one will have a different name". The prime minister said the issue would be brought up during the talks with the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who will pay his first visit to Ankara after he took his office.

Global Media Theresa May admits freedom of movement could continue after Brexit
Author: 0 Theresa May admits freedom of movement could continue after Brexit

European Union officials say the divorce terms must be settled before negotiators can turn to the U.K.'s future relationship with the bloc, while Britain wants the two things discussed simultaneously. "Weakening our cooperation for the prosperity and protection of our citizens would be a costly mistake". Tusk said the European Union would seek to minimise the cost of Brexit to European Union citizens and businesses and that Brussels wanted an orderly withdrawal for Britain.

Author: 0 United Kingdom stocks rise as Brexit talks set to kick off

Although Article 50 accords two years to the process, in reality there may only be 18 months at hand, given that the European Union will take several weeks at the beginning to set down its guidelines and then several weeks more at the end to ratify any deal that is struck.

Author: 0 South Korean prosecutors to question ousted leader next week

Her lawyer said, she will cooperate with the probe. Hwang told a Cabinet meeting that he made a decision to focus on managing state affairs and resolving political and economic uncertainties triggered by Park's ouster until a new president is elected.

Global Media South Korea closes foundations at centre of political scandal
Author: 0 South Korea closes foundations at centre of political scandal

A total of 13 charges were levied against her. Park, 65, has been accused of colluding with her decades-long friend Choi Soon-sil, who is now in custody, to receive tens of millions of USA dollars in bribes from Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, the heir apparent of Samsung Group.

Author: 0 White Veteran Charged With Murder Of Black Man As Hate Crime

New York Police Department (NYPD) assistant chief William Aubry says James Harris Jackson turned himself in yesterday (March 22) and confessed to fatally stabbing Timothy Caughman for racist reasons. Jackson, the assailant, cleaned up in a McDonald's nearby while Caughman managed to go to the local police station. Caughman described himself as a "can and bottle recycler, autograph collecter in NY city" on social media.

Author: 0 Obama administration could have destroyed wiretap evidence: Letter to the Editor

Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, added that the Obama administration did not ask British intelligence to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign, as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer alleged last week. That assessment was later expanded upon in a January report from intelligence agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation saying that Russian actors wanted to "undermine public faith in the USA democratic process" and damage Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

Author: 0 Hospital Industry Reacts to the Failed Healthcare Bill

Ryan promised he would lay out "the path forward on health care" at a retreat scheduled for the end of this week. "And they will come to us; we won't have to come to them". Sen. Ben Sasse has opposed the Affordable Care Act from the beginning. The Republican bill would have left 24 million Americans without coverage and repealed taxes imposed by the ACA on health insurance providers, manufacturers of prescription drugs and medical devices, and many high-income people.

Author: 0 'Please do': Dems want to filibuster Gorsuch? Good luck with that!

Lee said his biggest takeaway from the hearings is the consistency of Gorsuch. He said Gorsuch "almost instinctively favors the powerful over the weak". But delay tactics by Democrats could lead Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to exercise procedural maneuvers of his own to eliminate the 60-vote filibuster threshold now in place for Supreme Court nominations, and with it any Democratic leverage to influence the next Supreme Court fight.

Global Media A Recent History of Rep. Devin Nunes' Bungled Russia Investigation
Author: 0 A Recent History of Rep. Devin Nunes' Bungled Russia Investigation

House Intelligence ranking member Adam B. Schiff said that in fact Nunes did scrap an open hearing that would have included testimony from former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. A Republican senator says the House intelligence chairman has "put his objectivity in question" when it comes to investigating Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 election.

Author: 0 Two Storm Chasers From Missouri Killed During Storm In Texas

News of the crash spread quickly through the weather-monitoring community, prompting an outpouring of support for the chasers who were from out of state, including a statement from The Weather Channel . Roughly two years ago Williamson's extreme hobby landed him a spot with The Weather Channel and he asked Yarnall to join his team. Fox said there will always be another storm to chase.

Global Media Swedish police probe deaths of United Nations expects in DRC
Author: 0 Swedish police probe deaths of United Nations expects in DRC

Matthew Rycroft‏, who is now President of the UN Security Council and UK Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, said on Twitter: "So sad that Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan from UN Group of Experts died in DRC". "May we all strive to live out our lives like MJ, working for peace wherever we are called". Their disappearances and deaths come at a time when freedom and access for human rights investigators is increasingly limited there.

Global Media Calls grow for Nunes to recuse himself from Russia probe
Author: 0 Calls grow for Nunes to recuse himself from Russia probe

Lindsey Graham of SC said on NBC's Today Show. The Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate panel also said Mr Kushner had agreed to be interviewed. Swalwell also raised questions as to why Nunes hasn't wanted to share his source behind surveillance claims. "We're doing a very thorough job on this investigation.

Author: 0 London attacker's unusual background raises questions for investigators

Scotland Yard today identified 52-year-old Khalid Masood as the attacker in yesterday's auto rampage in London's Westminster. Masood was born in Dartford, Kent as Adrian Elms, and had a criminal record dating back to 1983 . "Our investigation focuses on understand his motivation, his operation and his associates", Rowley said. Reuters says, Masood was not under probe when he carried out the attack on Westminster Bridge in London .

Global Media GST debate: One nation, one tax is a myth, says Veerappa Moily
Author: 0 GST debate: One nation, one tax is a myth, says Veerappa Moily

GST , which the government intends to roll out from July 1, 2017, will subsume central excise, service tax and state VAT among other indirect levies on manufactured goods and services. "The fact that the Central Parliament (Lok Sabha) has accepted the draft, identically what has been unanimously prepared by the GST Council, also sends the great indication to the entire country and to all the states".

Author: 0 GOP congressman: Senate should oversee Russian Federation probe

Key public hearings along with regular committee activity have been canceled. The Washington Post quoted aides as saying she would collaborate with Kushner's innovation office but would not have an official role. and now suddenly that's wrong?" "I don't think he can just recuse himself and still chair the committee", Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat on the panel, told CNN's Chris Cuomo Tuesday on "New Day".

Author: 0 Paul Scholes impressed with Paul Pogba at Manchester United

United have scored with just 9.1% of their shots in the Premier League this season; their lowest shot conversion ratio in the competition in a single season since 2004-05 (8.2%). They state that United are willing to offer him a massive hike in his wages in order to prise him away from Barcelona . Manchester United's Premier League rivals Chelsea are also interested in Neymar, but the Blues are unwilling to trigger the Brazilian's massive release clause.

Author: 0 Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's Former Deputy First Minister, Dies Aged 66

On the morning of 27 August 1979 an IRA bomb exploded on a boat near Sligo , killing Lord Mountbatten, the Queen's cousin, two members of his family and a local boatman. The centre is home to a charitable Foundation that has grown to become a leader in promoting conflict resolution and peace building. By the mid-1990s the British state hoped to reach a compromise with the Republicans that would make sectarianism in Northern Ireland manageable for Britain.

Author: 0 Scottish lawmakers authorize new referendum to secede from UK

The Edinburgh-based legislature voted 69-59 to ask the United Kingdom government to sanction an independence vote that would be held within the next two years. But Scotland voted, 62 percent to 38 percent , to remain in the bloc, illustrating a divergence between Scottish and English politics that poses an existential risk to Britain.

Author: 0 Toshiba approves Chapter 11 filing for nuclear unit Westinghouse(Update 1)

Toshiba, whose shares have crashed as the nuclear problems surfaced, said it would guarantee up to US$200 million of the financing for Westinghouse. Toshiba now predicts that full year operating loss could be in the region of ¥1.01 trillion ($9.1 billion) up from the ¥390 billion predicted on February 14.

Author: 0 Nunes facing pressure to step away from House Russia probe

But the next morning, the Justice Department sent a letter to O'Neil, telling him any final determination rests with the White House. The House investigation has been hampered by partisan divisions. Yates notified the White House shortly after Trump was inaugurated that Flynn was the target of an FBI investigation and may have been subject to Russian blackmail because he hadn't told the truth about his discussions with Kislyak.

Global Media San Antonians make Forbes' 2017 world billionaires list
Author: 0 San Antonians make Forbes' 2017 world billionaires list

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world. Goodnight's personal fortune soared to $9.4 billion as of March 20, Forbes reported Monday morning as part of its annual "World's Billionaires' list". The $14.8bn jump in his wealth comes in the year Donald Trump was elected US President, leading to an equity rally in the US and other developed markets.

Global Media Tougher Security Remains At Rockville Jewish Center Following Threats, Arrest
Author: 0 Tougher Security Remains At Rockville Jewish Center Following Threats, Arrest

Almost 150 bomb threats have hit JCCs, Jewish day schools and other Jewish institutions since the beginning of the year, causing the evacuation of dozens of Jewish community centers. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department K-9 officers search the Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada after an employee received a suspicious phone call that led about 10 people to evacuate the building on February 27, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Global Media United States women's games streamed on
Author: 0 United States women's games streamed on

But we do know USA Hockey pledged to create an advisory team to improve promotion and fundraising for the women's side of the sport. The standoff raised the possibility of a humiliating situation for USA Hockey had the reigning champion US women's team not attended or if a lower-level replacement squad was sent in their place.

Global Media Trump Officials Tried To Stop Sally Yates From Testifying On Russia Ties
Author: 0 Trump Officials Tried To Stop Sally Yates From Testifying On Russia Ties

He says the White House has "no problem with her testifying, plain and simple". "I look forward to it", Spicer said during the White House briefing. In a statement Tuesday, the committee's ranking Democrat, Rep. She briefly served a key role in the affair now being examined by the FBI and investigators in Congress, and informed the White House in January that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had lied about his conversations with the Russian ambassador and was a blackmail risk.

Author: 0 Deported North Korean suspect may be an arms dealer

It staged its two latest nuclear tests past year and recently fired off missiles that it described as practice for an attack on USA bases in Japan. The test was conducted at the North Korea's northwest facility, where the country has been launching rockets to put satellites into orbit, the Korean Central News Agency said on Sunday.

Author: 0 Man Suspected in Officer's Shooting Death Faced Charge

A 22-year-old Oklahoma police officer has died from his injuries after he was shot late Sunday night while chasing a suspect who fled following a traffic stop in Tecumseh . Kidney told The Oklahoman that Terney had a new puppy and had hoped to become a canine officer. Terney fired a stun gun at the man. On their way to the store they were pulled over by Terney.

Global Media North Korea after another ICBM missile test
Author: 0 North Korea after another ICBM missile test

A military source here said it was probably a new, unproven type of missile. "A missile appears to have exploded within seconds of launch", said spokesman David Benham. North Korea responded to Tillerson's visit by saying it's not afraid of his stance and the USA needs to understand its pursuit of a nuclear deterrent, according to KCNA.

Author: 0 Ahmed Kathrada, In Loving Memory

Kathrada died this morning in a Johannesburg hospital - weeks after under going an operation to remove blood clots on his brain. "This is a great loss to the ANC, the broader liberation movement and South Africa as a whole", Neeshan Balton , head of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation , said in a statement.

Global Media First BJP-led govt in Manipur won Floor Test
Author: 0 First BJP-led govt in Manipur won Floor Test

In 1992, at age 29, N Biren Singh became a journalist, editing Manipuri daily Naharolgi Thoudang. BJP, which came second with 21 seats (seven less than Congress) in the election, later received the support of National Peoples Party (4), Naga Peoples Front (4), Lok Janshakti Party (1), All India Trinamool Congress (1), Congress (1) and the lone Independent MLA – taking its strength to 33 legislators.

Global Media Sudan's al-Bashir to attend Jordan summit despite warrant
Author: 0 Sudan's al-Bashir to attend Jordan summit despite warrant

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the resolution is one of "about 17" to be adopted later this week at the conference. While Arab leaders will restate their commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, they will also discuss - behind closed doors - the possible implications of, and responses to, a USA proposal to convene a regional peace conference this summer.

Global Media Scotland to seek second independence referendum
Author: 0 Scotland to seek second independence referendum

The pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP), which had long advocated for the referendum, billed it as a once-in-a-generation vote. Ms. Sturgeon argues that the shape of any Brexit deal should be known by autumn 2018. In the more immediate future, there is the question of what happens after the vote and with the meeting between the PM and the FM failing to produce any kind of breakthrough, Mrs May and Ms Sturgeon must now compromise.

Author: 0 Turkey Seeks Reversal of US Flight Laptop Ban

British and United States official say the decision was driven by intelligence that terrorists are aggressively targeting commercial flights and can hide explosives with little or no metal content in electronic devices. The nine airlines that operate direct flights to the USA from those airports are Egyptair, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

Author: 0 China fears instability if North Korean government falls

Reviewing the achievements of bilateral ties, Tillerson said it is necessary for both countries to have closer cooperation and coordination, noting that the United States is ready to work with China to implement the consensus reached by their leaders.

Global Media Chicago police searching for men over gang rape
Author: 0 Chicago police searching for men over gang rape

Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that the girl, who went missing on Sunday, was found by detectives and reunited with her family. Thus far neither the people who streamed the video to Facebook, nor the dozens of viewers, have been officially identified.

Global Media Senate Intelligence Leaders Vow to 'Get It Right' in Russia Probe
Author: 0 Senate Intelligence Leaders Vow to 'Get It Right' in Russia Probe

The chairman of the House intelligence committee is refusing to step away from its investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. "If we see any attempt to stifle us with information or cut off the intelligence professionals giving us the access we need, you will hear from us", he added.

Global Media Farage Vows to 'Go, Live Abroad' If Brexit Fails (Because It Won't)
Author: 0 Farage Vows to 'Go, Live Abroad' If Brexit Fails (Because It Won't)

Nigel Farage has revealed he is " thrilled " that Article 50 has now been triggered. Farage has previously admitted considering plans to move to the US. Nevertheless, he also said he will leave the country if Brexit turns out to be a "disaster". Well, here it goes, the working class have spoke and I'm one of them and I'm with them.

Author: 0 Cristiano Ronaldo statue at Madeira Airport raises questions

Cristiano Ronaldo is the only first-team player to retain his place in the starting lineup for Portugal's global friendly meeting with Sweden. CRISTIANO RONALDO gave humble thanks to the people of his home town at the official renaming of the Madeira airport.

Author: 0 Key findings of the AP-NORC poll on health care

Americans are not affording Trump the honeymoon period typically enjoyed by new presidents, suggesting he is unlikely to make solid gains in approval among Democrats anytime soon, and his approval ratings in general will likely stay low. The meddling and possible collusion between Trump associates and Russian agents are also being investigated by intelligence committees in the House and Senate.

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