National Mike Pence Notre Dame speech marred by student walk-out
Author: 0 Mike Pence Notre Dame speech marred by student walk-out

Pence's press secretary, noted that the students who walked out made up a small percentage of the graduates. The protest had been planned for weeks by a group called We StaND For . Before Pence's address, valedictorian C.J. Pine gave a powerful speech that evoked a standing ovation. By contrast, Pence spoke warmly of the president, complimenting his speech to the leaders of 50 Arab and Muslim nations earlier in the day on the president's state visit to Saudi Arabia.

Author: 0 Iran says it will continue missiles tests 'if necessary'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a press conference in Tehran on May 22, 2017. However, while Rouhani's greatest political achievement to date has perhaps been the 2015 agreement with six major powers, including the U.S., to curbing Iran's nuclear program, the Iranian president insisted that ballistic missile tests would continue "if technically necessary".

National Trump says he could pick FBI head by next week
Author: 0 Trump says he could pick FBI head by next week

My question is, what took President Donald Trump so long? The person he selects will ultimately be responsible for the FBI's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian Federation. Comey has not publicly discussed any conversations he has had with Trump. That being said, though 90 percent of respondents were aware of Trump's firing of Comey, a total of a third said they didn't know enough about the story to have an opinion, which seems like a ...

National Celine Dion Met Drake in a Canadian Celebrity Mashup For the Ages
Author: 0 Celine Dion Met Drake in a Canadian Celebrity Mashup For the Ages

Celine Dion performed and Drake collected awards last night in Los Vegas, at the annual Billboard Music Awards . "I've been doing it for 53 years". You can look to Cher's performances of " Believe " and " Turn Back Time " as evidence. Check out the full list of Drizzy's accolades from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards below.

Author: 0 Wenstrup 'optimistic' on Trump budget

Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, an advocacy group representing more than 100 anti-poverty organizations, called on lawmakers to "reject the bleak and unsafe vision in President Trump's budget". The Trump administration says this would help move people off the rolls. "The National Institutes of Health is not likely to be cut". He says he's hopeful that there will be serious resistance to some of the proposed cuts.

Author: 0 Trump Gloated To Russian Officials About Relief Of Firing 'Nut Job' Comey

Asked if he pressured Comey to halt the Flynn probe, Trump said: "No, no". Mr Comey's dismissal last week set off a series of jarring developments that culminated on Wednesday in the Justice Department's appointment of a special counsel to probe possible ties between Russian Federation and Mr Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Author: 0 Trump to Russians: Firing Comey Took 'Great Pressure' Off

The person of interest is a senior Trump administration adviser who is close to the president, the Washington Post reported Friday , citing sources would not further identify the individual. "It explicitly usurped the role of the attorney general, the deputy attorney general and the entire Department of Justice ", Rosenstein said of that public announcement.

National Sheriff: $500M in poppy plants seized in North Carolina
Author: 0 Sheriff: $500M in poppy plants seized in North Carolina

A resident in the house, Cody Xiong, was arrested and charged with manufacturing a schedule II controlled substance and trafficking opium or heroin. According to multiple published reports, a large opium poppy field was found on Poultry Lane near Claremont.

National President Trump arrives in Rome ahead of meeting with Pope Francis
Author: 0 President Trump arrives in Rome ahead of meeting with Pope Francis

Despite their awkward history, the Pope and President share some commonalities, Faggioli said , particularly their remarkable rises to power. But the Pope was also expected to raise several issues on which he and the President do not agree, church experts say, such as climate change and the plight of Syrian refugees.

Author: 0 Nacho Cheese Sauce Tainted With Botulism Kills California Man

Family members wrote on a GoFundMe page that Galindo had fallen into a coma and had been declared clinically brain-dead after contracting a rare case of botulism. The toxin attacks the nervous system, causing blurry vision, slurred speech, paralysis and difficulty breathing. Clostridium botulinum bacteria are everywhere in the environment, but they only grow and produce toxin under certain conditions.

Author: 0 Ex-CIA head: Concerns over Trump team, Russian Federation contacts

Brennan said Russia was motivated to back Donald Trump in the presidential election because of a "traditional animus" between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reuters and other media have has reported that Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak about a planned IS operation.

Author: 0 Trump tests waters for Mideast peace in meeting with Abbas

This makes it also notable that Trump singled out Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organisations; both are anti-Zionist movements which have longed been opposed by the U.S. But obstacles have emerged that may complicate the relationship between the White House and the Israel. "As an adviser to the president, it's not unusual for Kushner to play an important role in the weapons sale to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia", said Hoenig.

Author: 0 Manchester attack: Who was the suspect Salman Abedi?

Islamic State, now being driven from territories in Syria and Iraq by Western-backed armed forces, claimed responsibility for what it called a revenge attack against 'Crusaders.' But there appeared to be contradictions in its account of the operation.

Author: 0 Hands off United States election, ex-CIA director says he warned Russian Federation

Flynn invoked the Fifth Amendment and rejected the committee's subpoena request for documents relating to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election earlier this week. The latest Senate action related to Flynn came after former CIA Director John O. Brennan told the House Intelligence Committee of concerns he had about contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Highlights of Trump's budget proposal

Trump would keep campaign pledges to leave core Medicare and Social Security benefits for the elderly alone. Trump's proposal is meant to begin the process of rebuilding military readiness eroded by almost 16 years of continuous war, and it would require the removal of defense spending caps instituted by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Author: 0 Strong storms, tornadoes possible in parts of Deep South

Forecasters say powerful thunderstorms are possible across parts of the South, bringing the threat of tornadoes to south Georgia and northern Florida . Flooding may occur in low-lying and flood-prone locations and especially in some urban areas. Creeks, streams and rivers may overflow their banks. Multiple round of showers and thunderstorms are expected through today and Wednesday.

Author: 0 McCain: Trump-Russia allegations like a 'lousy movie'

Trump himself, in an interview with NBC and in an Oval Office meeting with Russian officials, cited Russia as being on his mind when he made the decision to jettison Comey, although the White House has claimed his goal was not to end the investigation.

National Congress and Farmers Are Shocked By Proposed USDA Cuts
Author: 0 Congress and Farmers Are Shocked By Proposed USDA Cuts

The National Farmers Union called the president's budget proposal an assault on the farm safety net and rural communities. An estimated 36 percent cut to federal crop insurance programs landed like a nuclear potato with agriculture groups.

Author: 0 Medicaid expansion, reversed by House, is back on table in Senate

The fact is under Senate rules, there are still major questions about how numerous Obamacare regulations can actually be repealed through budget reconciliation, the process the Senate is using that allows them to pass a repeal bill with just 51 votes instead of 60.

National Virginia wins 3rd straight tennis title; Stanford denied
Author: 0 Virginia wins 3rd straight tennis title; Stanford denied

Play will continue through the championship round held on May 29. For conferences with more than one singles player within the ITA Top 125 eligible/entered singles players, the subcommittee applies the NCAA selection criteria to determine which student-athlete is the automatic qualifier from those conferences.

National Trump sends to Congress $4.1 trillion budget plan
Author: 0 Trump sends to Congress $4.1 trillion budget plan

Levi Russell, spokesman for Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group backed by billionaire Charles Koch, applauded Trump's call to balance the budget within 10 years, cut taxes and roll back regulations - moves he said would stimulate job growth.

National The Obamas vacation under the Tuscan sun as the Trumps work overseas
Author: 0 The Obamas vacation under the Tuscan sun as the Trumps work overseas

It should be pointed out, however, that one detail that tourists visiting Italy are warned about regarding visits to major churches is that they often have dress codes that are regularly enforced. Michelle chose a daring off-the-shoulder white top, showing off those famous, toned arms, paired with a pair of high-waisted, cropped khaki pants as she strolled with Barrack, who was dressed smartly in a shirt and trousers, and both decked in sunglasses .

Author: 0 Mueller Appointment on Russia Probe 'Appropriate,' DOJ Says

Trump made separate appeals in March to Daniel Coats , the national intelligence director, and to Admiral Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, according to USA news accounts citing current and former US officials. Although he was hailed by Republicans and Democrats for his reputation and decades of service, until recently he also worked at WilmerHale, a top law firm with 1,000 attorneys on staff.

National Rep. Green responds to racist threats: 'You have to confront hate'
Author: 0 Rep. Green responds to racist threats: 'You have to confront hate'

It's going to be yours. Green, a relatively obscure member of the sprawling Texas delegation, earned national attention this week when he called for Trump's impeachment from the floor of the U.S. "You're not going to impeach anybody, you f-- n--", one caller can be heard saying. "The Democratic party should not become the McCarthy-ide party of perpetual wars, financial bailouts and covert surveillance", Joe Jennings said.

National Scattered showers and storms Tuesday, severe weather not expected
Author: 0 Scattered showers and storms Tuesday, severe weather not expected

Central Florida residents can expect to see more much-needed rain on Wednesday. Expect another batch of thunderstorms to start out on Thursday , as the front pushes over Central Florida. A front moving toward the state of Florida is bringing the potential of strong storms to Southwest Florida starting as early as Wednesday night. A low pressure system in the upper-levels of the atmosphere will move over northern Florida, providing lots of instability.

Author: 0 Trump asked intelligence officials to deny collusion with Russia, report says

President Donald Trump reportedly urged two top intelligence officials to publicly deny that his campaign colluded with Russian Federation after ex-FBI Director James Comey's confirmed the existence of a probe into that matter. In an interview with NBC's Lester Holt , Trump himself admitted he fired Comey from the FBI with the Russian Federation investigation on his mind.

Author: 0 Trump asked two intel chiefs to deny Russian Federation collusion

It is unclear if a similar memo was prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to document Trump's conversation with Coats. Sen. Brennan, who left his post in January, told the House Intelligence Committee that his agency knew about Russia's attempts to influence the presidential election back in 2016.

National Rouhani hails Azerbaijan as Iran's great neighbor
Author: 0 Rouhani hails Azerbaijan as Iran's great neighbor

President Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman are waiting to be seen, he said relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will affect Iran's position. Trump has also signed an arms deal with Saudi. Iranians said "yes" to moderation, reason and wisdom at the latest presidential election , said Iranian president Hassan Rouhani , who was re-elected on May 19.

National Public school buses need safety device installed
Author: 0 Public school buses need safety device installed

It prevents the break from disengaging and rolling freely. The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) released details Monday about a safety issue involving thousands of school buses across Virginia. School systems statewide now are evaluating their fleets to determine whether and/or how many buses need the brake interlock to be installed. Without the interlock, the parking brake could disengage, the VDOE says.

National Texas House OKs allowing guns in parked cars at schools
Author: 0 Texas House OKs allowing guns in parked cars at schools

In April, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos reaffirmed that the original law intentionally discriminated. Gun licenses remain acceptable, but not college IDs. Greg Abbott recently declared the issue an "emergency", a formal designation that helps push the House to hear the take up the measure sooner. Still, opponents have argued that hate crimes should apply to individuals' innate identities, rather than their occupations.

Author: 0 Netanyahus host the Trumps with a menu of 'peace, love and gold'

President Donald Trump: "Just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name 'Israel, ' never mentioned it during that conversation". He will meet privately with Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas , between whom he has said he hopes to broker "the ultimate deal".

National Trump addresses class of 2017 at Liberty University
Author: 0 Trump addresses class of 2017 at Liberty University

The Lynchburg , Virginia , college should provide a receptive crowd for Trump's economic message. "I've noticed a new hope and new optimism sweeping this country", Falwell said , calling on "our president's enemies" in the media and political establishment to "practice the tolerance they so often preach".

Author: 0 Safety net programs face big cuts in Trump budget; military gains

Overall, according to a Reuters analysis, states would see federal aid shrink under the proposals by 3 percent in the next fiscal year, with cuts falling more heavily on states that voted for Clinton. Essentially the first take is that what the Trump budget lacks in economic logic, it makes up for in amateurish accounting horseshit. If anything, the proposed cuts serve mainly as a reminder of the federal government's vast reach.

Author: 0 Israel police: Palestinian assailant stabs Israeli officer

Trump labelled Bethlehem, "a precious city" and said he intended "to do everything he could" to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians. President Trump stressed the deep and longstanding ties between the US and Israel during a speech in Jerusalem Tuesday morning. In Jerusalem , Trump focused on Iran, pledging he would never let Tehran acquire nuclear arms.

Author: 0 Black lawmaker received racist threats after calling for impeachment

The Comey firing came despite him conducting an open-ended counter-intelligence investigation into Russian interference in the United States of America election, where President Trump was not the subject of the investigation. "That's pretty serious. That's obstruction of justice". One such message told Green that he would be "hanging from a tree", if he attempted to impeach Donald Trump .

Author: 0 Trump seeks to slash $3.6 trillion of spending in austere budget

A 10-year, $193-billion (172.3-billion-euro) reduction in funding for the food stamps program is bound to drive millions of people off the scheme, with cuts to Medicaid also a headache for many lawmakers. Other agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (-31%) and the Small Business Administration (-5%), could face budget cuts. Medicaid , the government insurance program for the poor and many disabled Americans, would be cut by more than $600 billion over 10 years by ...

Author: 0 Trump Budget Plan Relies On Optimistic Growth Assumptions, Analysts Say

Harold Rogers, R-Ky. Needless to say, such massive cuts will have devastating impacts on North Carolina's Medicaid program. Cuts to foreign aid laid out in the White House's proposed 2018 budget could have a dramatic effect on human rights, development and the environment around the world, advocates warn.

National Flash Flood Watch in effect for Clarendon through Thursday morning
Author: 0 Flash Flood Watch in effect for Clarendon through Thursday morning

Showers And Thunderstorms Will Continue Today, With Up To An Inch Of Rain. A hazardous weather report issued Monday said flash flooding is unlikely. A watch means conditions are favorable for flash flooding to develop, particularly in areas already saturated by heavy rains. The river is now anticipated to rise above flood stage with additional rises possible later in the week as rounds of rainfall impacts the basin.

Author: 0 Russia-Trump campaign contacts a concern, ex-CIA chief says

Brennan, who left as Central Intelligence Agency chief when Trump took office in January, said it became clear last summer Russian Federation was trying to interfere in the election , and that he warned the head of Russia's FSB security service that such interference would hurt US ties.

Author: 0 Worries grew of Trump campaign contacts to Russia — Ex-CIA chief

Tuesday's letter narrowed the scope of the documents the panel is seeking. On Monday, Rep. Elijah Cummings, the senior Democrat on the House oversight committee, cited inconsistencies in Flynn's disclosures to US investigators during his security clearance review in early 2016.

National Key benchmarks in President Donald Trump's budget
Author: 0 Key benchmarks in President Donald Trump's budget

The fiscal package, which include a partial "skinny budget" from March, reflects President Trump's priorities for the nation, but lawmakers are sure to reject numerous deep cuts in domestic and foreign affairs programs. However, achieving the balance requires an aggressive 3 percent annualized growth in GDP over the next five years - a high mark for an economy that's seen only 1 percent to 2 percent growth since the Great Recession.

Author: 0 The student dropout who brought terror to Manchester

The UK terror threat level has been raised to its highest level of "critical", meaning further attacks may be imminent , Theresa May has said. Campaigning for Britain's June 8 national election was suspended. Police raided a house in Elsmore Road in Fallowfield earlier eysterday. The Islamic State said an attacker had prepared several bombs. France's new President Emmanuel Macron and senior French ministers walked to the British embassy in Paris to sign a condolence book.

Author: 0 Byron York: Trump Collusion With Russia May Not Matter

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, asked Coats about a report that Trump made such a request of both him and Director of the National Security Agency Michael S. Both Trump and numerous Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin , have repeatedly denied claims of alleged Moscow's collusion with the United States president's campaign, as well as of the Kremlin's interference in the 2016 U.S.

Author: 0 Trump Budget Guts Medicaid, Disability Programs

It would also give states more control of, and responsibility for, such spending. THE FACTS: Former President Barack Obama 's expectations for growth were in line with accepted economic views at the time. The proposal , which promises to balance the budget in the next decade, includes deep spending cuts to several healthcare programs, including Medicaid .

Author: 0 The Plot Thickens in Trump Probe

Burr says the committee wants to hear from Comey on his role in the development of the U.S. intelligence agencies' assessment that Russian Federation interfered in last year's election. Trump sought the assistance of Coats and Rogers after FBI Director James B. Comey told the House Intelligence Committee on March 20 that the FBI was investigating "the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination ...

Author: 0 Trump's budget boosts military spending, slashes programs for the poor

That includes cuts to pensions for federal workers and higher contributions toward those pension benefits, as well as cuts to refundable tax credits paid to the working poor. Dean noted that Trump's budget would reduce job training grants next year by more than $1 billion, and does not increase child care assistance, support many low-income families say they need to work.

Author: 0 Poor and disabled big losers in Trump budget; military wins

The White House on Tuesday will ask Republicans who control the U.S. Congress - and federal purse strings - to slash spending on healthcare and food assistance programs for the poor as they push ahead on plans to cut taxes and trim the deficit.

National Louisville police seek help in finding 7-year-old's killer
Author: 0 Louisville police seek help in finding 7-year-old's killer

Police said there was a fight outside the boy's home and someone started firing a gun. Homicide detectives pleaded with witnesses to come forward earlier on Tuesday. "Awful for everyone", said McKinley. Although the incident highlights troubling trends in Kentucky's largest city, the governor said in a video posted to Facebook that the scourge of gun violence should concern everyone in the commonwealth.