Author: 0 Israeli army kills Palestinian teen amid Trump visit

For full coverage of Trump's trip to Israel , see this week's AJN . President Donald Trump (left) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet Tuesday at the Israel Museum. Thanks to Obama's utter negligence in the Middle East, ISIS camped out in Syria and Iraq and grew stronger. President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning addressed the Monday night attack at a concert in the United Kingdom, calling the perpetrators of such an attack " evil losers ".

Author: 0 Landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage

The California Department of Transport estimated that weather-related damages on state highways since January to be more than $1 billion. In March, a stretch of the highway near Big Sur was shut down after the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge collapsed, spelling economic disaster for the region that heavily relies on tourism.

Author: 0 Tornadoes In Oklahoma, Wisconsin Leave 2 Dead

The mobile home park has been declared a total loss. Authorities say at least one person died and an estimated 25 others were injured when a tornado struck a trailer park near Chetek in western Wisconsin . "We will continue to assess area damage in the mobile home park and other parts of the county", the statement read, in part. Tornados touched down in Texas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin on Tuesday (May 16) leaving a trail of destruction in their path and leaving at least two people dead, ...

National New York City mayor still won't cheer for hometown Yankees
Author: 0 New York City mayor still won't cheer for hometown Yankees

Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters this afternoon that he has not yet published his long-promised op-ed piece detailing which of his political donors did not receive political favors because his initial draft did not adequately reflect "what I was trying to say".

Author: 0 GOP health bill: 23M more uninsured; sick risk higher costs

Both deliver funding cuts for most state agencies. Justice's press office didn't respond to Gazette-Mail requests for a call to explain how the newly introduced bill and SB 609 differ, or why Justice chose to add the bill to the special session.

National Did Melania Dodge Trump's Hand Again?
Author: 0 Did Melania Dodge Trump's Hand Again?

Rather than take his hand, though, Melania batted it away. But after Mr Trump became the President, the First lady, instead of moving to the White House, has remained in NY, adding to speculation about their relationship. Others found a few more innovative ways to remind Melania that there were a number of methods she could use if she wanted to keep her husband at bay.

Author: 0 Hunt begins for 12th juror in Bill Cosby's sex assault trial

Out of the 100 potential jurors examined, sixteen were non-white and about a dozen were black. After deliberating with the counsel, the judge made a decision to keep the woman on the anonymous jury. Mathers was relieved to put the case behind her and was grateful to be spared a jail term, defense attorney Thomas Mesereau said outside court. O'Neill will allow one other accuser to testify at Cosby's trial.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions wants all those prisons full

Sessions, the love child of the Travelocity traveling gnome and the yellow Teletubby, issued a two-page memo that outlined his draconian tactics, according to CNN . Previously, deputy attorney general Sally Yates had ordered the Justice Department to stop using private prisons for federal inmates, due to declining inmate numbers.

Author: 0 Million Would Lose Health Insurance Under GOP Bill

According to the CBO, the US federal government will spend $49.9 trillion through 2026 and accumulate $8.6 trillion in additional deficit under current law, meaning the AHCA results in a meager deficit reduction of just 1.4 percent - in exchange for virtually doubling the number of uninsured.

National GOP candidate charged after allegedly 'body slamming' reporter
Author: 0 GOP candidate charged after allegedly 'body slamming' reporter

Mr Gianforte's campaign released a statement saying Mr Jacobs was displaying "aggressive" behvaiour. According to the sheriff's investigation it was determined that there was probable cause to issue the citation, but the nature of the injuries did not meet the statutory elements of felony assault.

National Million People Wouldn't Be Covered Under Trumpcare
Author: 0 Million People Wouldn't Be Covered Under Trumpcare

House GOP leaders rushed the vote through without waiting for the CBO, which forecast that 24 million fewer Americans would get coverage through the original American Health Care Act or Obamacare . And in states that chose to waive the requirements for essential benefits, even people with insurance “would experience substantial increases in what they would spend on health care, ” because their policies might no longer cover expensive treatments like those for maternity care or ...

National Playboy Playmate Pleads No Contest In Body Shaming Case
Author: 0 Playboy Playmate Pleads No Contest In Body Shaming Case

Model and Playboy bunny Dani Mathers appears with her attorneys Tom Mesereau, left, and Dana M. Cole in Los Angeles County Superior Court to answer charges related to her taking a photo of a naked, 71-year-old woman in a gym locker room and posting it on social media in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

National Russia ties were major concern for ex-CIA chief
Author: 0 Russia ties were major concern for ex-CIA chief

The latest news most likely to hold the Capitol captive is word that Trump asked his own intelligence chiefs - Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers - to rebut Comey's then-public statement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had opened a criminal probe into Russia's meddling in July of past year.

National The photos House Republicans are really going to regret taking
Author: 0 The photos House Republicans are really going to regret taking

The federal law has extended coverage to 20 million Americans, prohibited insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and allowed young adults to stay on their parents' plans until age 26. The CBO also found the bill would reduce deficits by $119 billion compared with Obamacare. Medicaid remains the elephant in the room. . Today's CBO score confirms again that the Republicans' TrumpCare bill breaks those promises.

National Zinke to visit Grand Staircase monument
Author: 0 Zinke to visit Grand Staircase monument

One of the more popular Navajo stories about the area is about Changing-Bear-Maiden, who was very handsome and desired by many men. Last week, President Trump signed an executive order with potentially wide-ranging implications for the mining industry and many other affected stakeholders.

National GOP candidate charged with misdemeanor assault of reporter
Author: 0 GOP candidate charged with misdemeanor assault of reporter

According to the audio tape, the confrontation began as Jacobs tried to ask Gianforte if he still supported a Republican healthcare overhaul bill after the Congressional Budget Office found the measure would cost 23 million Americans their medical insurance coverage by 2026.

National Bomb-Making Workshop Found at Manchester Bomber's Home
Author: 0 Bomb-Making Workshop Found at Manchester Bomber's Home

But shortly after the interior minister complained, The New York Times newspaper again scooped British authorities and other media by publishing photographs from the scene of remnants of the bomb. British police and security services are also upset that the name of British bomber Salman Abedi was apparently leaked by US officials and published while police in Britain were withholding the name for operational security.

National Massive landslide blocks scenic California highway
Author: 0 Massive landslide blocks scenic California highway

The Big Sur Station closure should remain until September, when the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge replacement reconnects the two segments of Big Sur. Cruz said the slipout may have even torn Highway 1's lanes down with it. Mud Creek is on Highway 1, 8 miles north of the Monterey/San Luis Obispo county line, about 10 miles north of Ragged Point or 25 miles north of San Simeon (Hearst Castle).

National Hands off US election, ex-CIA director says he warned Russia
Author: 0 Hands off US election, ex-CIA director says he warned Russia

The committee also sent a letter to Flynn's attorney Tuesday questioning the legal basis of Flynn's decision to invoke his Fifth Amendment right over a request for documents rather than testimony . " That raised concerns in my mind ", Brennan said.With that remark, Brennan appeared to identify the point of origin of the FBI investigation that began in July - the first time a USA official has provided insight into what prompted the bureau probe.

Author: 0 Pope vs. Trump: Monumental first meeting is full of surprises

They shared a laugh as Trump smiled. President Trump responded, "Thank you very much, this is such a great honor". On Wednesday, President Trump met his unlikeliest former adversary: Pope Francis . Francis explained that the branch is a symbol of peace, and Trump replied, "We can use peace". "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian" the Pope said .

Author: 0 Man dies after being sickened by gas station nacho cheese botulism outbreak

It can be treated with antitoxin and supportive care, and only five per cent of such cases end in fatalities. Summary: A Sacramento-based gas station is allegedly making people sick with its nacho cheese. In a statement, the California Department of Public Health said that testing confirmed the presence of botulism toxins in the cheese sauce that matched the toxins found in those sickened.

National The Cavaliers stink without LeBron James, except in Game 4
Author: 0 The Cavaliers stink without LeBron James, except in Game 4

Resorting to that off-ball switch, though, is a better option for Boston than letting him reverse course and get a clean look from the short corner. James, determined to bounce back after a poor 11-point haul in Game 3, then steadied the Cleveland nerves in the fourth quarter, bringing the Cavaliers home for the win as Boston's courageous effort came up short.

National History of Memorial Day
Author: 0 History of Memorial Day

Gen. John A. Logan declared that Decoration Day should be observed on May 30...because flowers would be in bloom all over the country. By the end of the 19th century, Decoration Day had given way to Memorial Day, but the South didn't acknowledge the national holiday until after World War I, when Memorial Day became a day to honor Americans who died in any US war.

Author: 0 Iran: US relations a 'curvy road'

In a speech to Arab Muslim leaders in Riyadh on Sunday, Trump singled out Iran as the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism. In order to ensure that Iran continues progressing toward worldwide engagement - thereby protecting a nuclear agreement that Trump is not eager to defend - Rouhani's government will have to work hard to improve relations with neighboring countries.

National Report disputes claim on pre-existing conditions
Author: 0 Report disputes claim on pre-existing conditions

A Republican health care plan that passed the U.S. House of Representatives this month would leave 23 million more people without insurance by 2026 than the Affordable Care Act it aims to replace, the Congressional Budget Office concluded on Wednesday.

National CBO: GOP health care bill would leave 23M more people uninsured
Author: 0 CBO: GOP health care bill would leave 23M more people uninsured

That's what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported on Wednesday in its latest score of the American Health Care Act . That was a knock on 11th-hour changes Republicans made in the bill to gain conservatives' votes by letting states get waivers to boost premiums on the ill and reduce coverage requirements.

Author: 0 Sad Mother's Day for family of slain Ohio nurse's aide

Law enforcement officials gather outside the scene of a shooting outside the Pine Kirk nursing home in Kirkersville, Ohio on Friday, May 12, 2017 . Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said the suspect was from Utica , about 25 miles north of Kirkersville , and that his vehicle was discovered at a nearby truck stop.

National Reporter alleges GOP House candidate 'body-slammed' him
Author: 0 Reporter alleges GOP House candidate 'body-slammed' him

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office told the Guardian it was "currently investigating" the incident . The altercation took place Wednesday at Gianforte's campaign headquarters in Bozeman. Whitney Bermes , a reporter for The Bozeman Chronicle , tweeted a photo of Gianforte in the front seat of an unmarked Jeep talking to a medical responder.

National Reporter Claims He Was 'Body Slammed' By GOP Candidate [AUDIO]
Author: 0 Reporter Claims He Was 'Body Slammed' By GOP Candidate [AUDIO]

Earlier this evening I conducted a press conference about an incident that occurred at Greg Gianforte's campaign headquarters. If convicted, he could face up to a $500 and/or up to six months of county jail time. Helena police, in the state's capital, said they were investigating some of the complaints. Democrats say the Republican candidate for Montana's sole congressional seat must quit after being accused of attacking a reporter on the day before the special election.

Author: 0 Texas Moves Forward With "Bathroom Bill" Legislation

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas Republicans have been pushing an aggressive agenda despite promised court challenges, including legislation that would let police ask drivers whether they're in the USA legally, restrict what school bathrooms transgender students can use, ban most second-trimester abortions and let adoption agencies reject gay couples over religious objections.

National Betsy DeVos Booed As She Delivers Commencement Speech at Bethune-Cookman University
Author: 0 Betsy DeVos Booed As She Delivers Commencement Speech at Bethune-Cookman University

Despite some applause from student leaders and faculty in the front rows, the hecklers overwhelmed parts of DeVos' address, forcing her to raise her voice in order to be heard. Jackson defended DeVos' appearance last week in an op-ed for the Orlando Sentinel . Upon her arrival at the venue, the large crowd welcomed her by turning their backs to the podium.

National Texas Senate Passes Religious Adoption Bill
Author: 0 Texas Senate Passes Religious Adoption Bill

It also prepares for a face-off with the federal government over the issue, writing that the attorney general will defend any school that wishes to fight a constitutional challenge over this issue. Some 60 percent of transgender Americans say they have avoided using a public restroom out of fear of violence or confrontation, according to a survey published past year by the National Center for Transgender Equality.

National Greg Gianforte Involved In Scuffle With Reporter In Bozeman
Author: 0 Greg Gianforte Involved In Scuffle With Reporter In Bozeman

Gootkin noted that a person convicted of assault can be fined up to $500, jailed for up to six months, or both. A spokesman for the RNC said that they spent extra money to pay for live callers to comply with Montana law. Each group has a stake in the outcome of Thursday's contest between Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist . It also called for House Speaker Paul Ryan to National Republican Campaign Committee to denounce the candidate and apologize.

National Who is Greg Gianforte?
Author: 0 Who is Greg Gianforte?

On its web site, the Gallatin County Sherrifs Office confirmed that it is now investigating "allegations of an assault involving Greg Gianforte", saying it would provide more information when appropriate. It became vacant in March when Rep. Ryan Zinke resigned it to become secretary of Interior. Privately, Gianforte expressed (in a leaked audio tape) that he was happy the Obamacare repeal and replace process is in motion, which Democrats took to mean, that the House passed the bill.

National Jury selection enters 2nd day in Bill Cosby sex assault case
Author: 0 Jury selection enters 2nd day in Bill Cosby sex assault case

Twelve jurors and six alternates are needed for the trial, which is scheduled to begin June 5 in suburban Philadelphia and last at least two weeks. Of the 100 people pooled Monday, almost one-third admitted to having already formed conceptions about Cosby's guilt or innocence.

Author: 0 The CBO confirms: The GOP health-care plan is still incredibly cruel

Democrats have savaged the GOP bill for tossing people off their coverage, threatening their benefits and jeopardizing coverage for people with serious, costly to treat medical conditions. The May 24 estimate of the version of the AHCA actually passed by the House contains by far the least deficit reduction (just $119 billion over ten years) but still predicts nearly the same number of insurance losses.

National Congress May Need to Raise Debt Limit Sooner, Budget Director Says
Author: 0 Congress May Need to Raise Debt Limit Sooner, Budget Director Says

Mnuchin also urged the House Ways and Means Committee to pass the debt limit legislation as a bill without controversial additions, such as spending cuts sought by conservatives, that could complicate its approval. He said lawmakers should expect Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to inform them of "a change in the date" in which Congress will need to act to increase the debt limit to avert an economy-rattling default on US obligations like bond payments.

Author: 0 Pope Francis gave Donald Trump his climate change manifesto

That said ― and maybe Pope Francis is aware of this ― Trump has broken several campaign promises already , and throughout his brief foreign trip has appeared susceptible to flattery and adulation. The Vatican insisted. Saudi Arabia didn't. At the Western Wall , she wore a small navy blue velvet hat perched on one side of her head, secured with a headband, following the Orthodox Jewish convention of Tzniut, Hebrew for modesty and humility in both dress and behavior.

National Melania and Ivanka Trump veiled and demure at Pope meeting
Author: 0 Melania and Ivanka Trump veiled and demure at Pope meeting

When a Vatican official handed her a rosary, the first lady immediately gave it to the pope to bless. Trump told the pope it was "a very great honor" to be at the Vatican. The Pope's gifts to Mr Trump also included a medal by a Roman artist depicting an olive, a symbol of peace. The archbishop of NY said Wednesday he is confident Pope Francis - who has implicitly criticized Donald Trump in the past - spoke candidly with the President at their Vatican meeting.

National Texas Senate OKs fining police who fail to report killings
Author: 0 Texas Senate OKs fining police who fail to report killings

The reason is because senators say they will not accept the House's compromise on the bathroom bill that passed Sunday. "The 7.25 percent sales tax is obviously a drastic move in the wrong direction", House Speaker Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha, said before Tuesday afternoon's House floor session.

Author: 0 Bill Cosby arrives for day three of jury selection

Cosby, 79, is accused of drugging and molesting a Temple University women's basketball team manager in 2004 in his suburban Philadelphia home . The former The Cosby Show star has long maintained the sex he had with Constand was consensual, and although he was not charged with any crimes at the time, he did settle a civil suit with her out of court in 2006.

National Tornado Touches Down in Northwestern Davie Co., Yadkin Co
Author: 0 Tornado Touches Down in Northwestern Davie Co., Yadkin Co

Around 6 p.m. Leonard said one person remained trapped in a trailer and crews were working to extricate that individual. So far, no reports of any serious injuries. The National Weather Service says central North Carolina could get strong and severe storms as two fronts passes through the state. Pictures and video showed bricks scattered on the basketball court, the end walls blown out and half of the roof missing.

National Donald Trump calls on Israelis, Palestinians to compromise for peace
Author: 0 Donald Trump calls on Israelis, Palestinians to compromise for peace

We have the opportunity to advance the peace discussions between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Popular Video SNL is not a fan of the Trump administration, and it shows with every new skit they produce. Trump approached alone and placed his hand on the stone. 2 - Trump explained that in the heart of the tyrannical Middle East, Jews, Christians and Muslims live freely in the one democracy in the region.

Author: 0 Senate leaders await analysis of GOP health bill

In states that made moderate changes to their markets, representing about one-third of the US population, premiums would fall 20 percent on average. But by 2020, premiums are expected to decrease. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. But they'll likely be challenged in court, she said, because neither request meets a basic requirement of waiver experiments and demonstrations: to further the objectives of the Medicaid program, such as improving coverage, health outcomes and access to providers.

Author: 0 Walden: CBO score shouldn't sink GOP health care bill

Wednesday's report also estimates that the GOP bill would raise premiums over time for people who are less healthy in states that seek and receive the controversial waivers from rules enforcing the coverage of pre-existing conditions from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Author: 0 Trump asked top intel officials to defend him on Russian Federation claims

Both officials declined the request. Only half of the House needs to feel as though an impeachment hearing is necessary, and it will be very hard for anyone to side with Trump in this decision once Coats and Rogers formally come forward, especially if they can provide solid evidence.

Author: 0 Democrats in Legislature speak against GOP health care bill

An earlier analysis of the bill estimated that 24 million Americans would lose health insurance by 2026 if it becomes law. As Trump and Republican leaders sought to bring wavering lawmakers on board with the House bill, they added a controversial last-minute amendment that would give states leeway to drop an Obamacare requirement that forces insurers to charge sick and healthy people the same insurance rates.