National Hudson native qualifies for NCAA Championships
Author: 0 Hudson native qualifies for NCAA Championships

This year's Championship meet will take place between June 7th through June 10th in Eugene, Oregon at historic Hayward Field. This is Imer's first trip to the NCAA Track and Field Championships. The Javelin Final will take place on the first day of competition. The Cleveland, Okla. native earned his second All-America honors of the school year after being named NCAA Division II Cross Country All-America in November.

Author: 0 Vettel wins in Monaco to extend his F1 lead

However Vettel stayed out longer before making his pit stop, and came back out just ahead of Raikkonen. Vettel denied that the team had any kind of pre-race plan to ensure that he was prioritized for victory because he carried the team's hopes of winning the drivers' championship.

National No laptop ban extension on Europe-US flights - for now
Author: 0 No laptop ban extension on Europe-US flights - for now

The Washington Post on Monday reported that President Donald Trump revealed to Russia's foreign minister and ambassador closely held intelligence from a USA partner about an Islamic State terrorist plot to use laptops as possible weapons aboard commercial aircraft.

Author: 0 Republican candidate charged with assault on reporter wins special Montana election

Gianforte's apology contradicts the statement his campaign released Wednesday evening blaming the incident on "aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist". As has been common in this year's special elections and last year's presidential race, the Republican candidate did especially well in rural areas, and ran ahead of his losing numbers in the 2016 gubernatorial race (though also well behind Donald Trump's performance) in much of the state.

Author: 0 JFK's life, legacy celebrated on centennial

Centennial events at the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site included Devotion third graders presenting their own essays and poems about the school's most celebrated alum. Back then, the Emmys were held in both Hollywood and Gotham and that year, as in 1959, the capital also played host. The Richard Avedon photographs will anchor the Springfield Museums exhibition, providing a glimpse into the Kennedys' personal life, while also documenting their public image.

Author: 0 Hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for TriMet attack heroes

But he followed, still yelling at them, she said. The incident began when the man started shouting ethnic and religious slurs at two women who appeared to be Muslim on a MAX train at the Hollywood Transit Station, the Portland Police Department said in a statement.

National 'Moment of truth': Macron admits Trump handshake 'wasn't innocent'
Author: 0 'Moment of truth': Macron admits Trump handshake 'wasn't innocent'

Emmanuel Macron out-shakes Donald Trump in a handshake duel at a Nato Summit in Brussels . U.S. President Donald Trump , right, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel , left, speak with Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi as they attend a round table meeting of G7 leaders and Outreach partners at the Hotel San Domenico during a G7 summit in Taormina, Italy , Saturday, May 27, 2017.

National Kelly defends plan for Russia back channel as a 'good thing'
Author: 0 Kelly defends plan for Russia back channel as a 'good thing'

Kelly said the leaks were "outrageous". But so far Sunday, Trump has not mentioned another high-profile leak - his own leak of an ally's classified intelligence to Russian diplomats. Their goal was to convince the public that the apparent attempt by Kushner to set up a communication channel with Russian Federation that would be shielded from USA intelligence agencies was nothing surprising.

Author: 0 G7 leaders end summit split on climate change, more united on trade

A tough debate is expected on issues like trade and climate change , already raised in Brussels at talks between Mr Trump and European Union leaders on Thursday. "If he does withdraw, that would be a definitive statement from the president that he believes climate change is a hoax", Graham said in the interview , referring to a comment made by Trump in 2012.

National Jared Kushner 'wanted secret line to Russia': Diplomat
Author: 0 Jared Kushner 'wanted secret line to Russia': Diplomat

Sergei Kislyak. The administration had hoped Trump's nine-day turn in the worldwide spotlight would offer a respite from relentless coverage of an ever-widening probe into Russian meddling in last year's election and possible collusion by the Trump campaign - with its endless barrage of newspaper scoops and explosive revelations.

Author: 0 NY Times on Trump's First NATO Meeting: 'He Failed'

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation officials had expected Trump to raise the payments issue during Thursday's meeting, even preparing Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg for the prospect that the president could try to pull off a stunt like handing out invoices.

Author: 0 UK Police Arrest Eleventh Suspect of Manchester Terror Attack

Police are holding eight people in custody in connection with the attack and bomb disposal units were used in searches as officers raided properties across the city. The Times didn't say where it got the information, which it said was gathered by British authorities. The attack injured 116 people , of whom 75 were admitted to hospital and 23 remain in a very serious condition, health authorities said.

Author: 0 High court's good call on districts

The Supreme Court voted 8-0 to strike down the District 1 map, and 5-3 to strike down the District 12 map. The court held, however, that "North Carolina's victory in a similar state-court lawsuit does not dictate the disposition of this case".

National Trump goes on another Twitter rant, calls leaks 'fabricated lies'
Author: 0 Trump goes on another Twitter rant, calls leaks 'fabricated lies'

The bank is under USA sanctions and was implicated in a 2015 espionage case in which one of its NY executives pleaded guilty to spying and was jailed. Democrats, not surprisingly, had a less forgiving view. Graham is not a member of the Senate intelligence committee, but is at the helm of an investigation by a Senate judiciary subcommittee into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

Author: 0 Gianforte apologizes during victory speech to reporter he allegedly body-slammed

I need to share something from my heart here, and I just ask you to bear with me . And I'm not proud of what happened. At that point, I told him and Scanlon, who was now present, that we needed a moment. "I called Greg Gianforte and congratulated on his victory". "I'm going to let the people of Montana decide who they want as their representative", the Speaker told reporters.

Author: 0 Portland attack: Donald Trump responds

One was a recent college graduate. Others noted that the President also has never mentioned the murder of a Black newly commissioned U.S. Army lieutenant in Maryland last week, allegedly a man who was a member of the "Alt-Reich Facebook group".

Author: 0 Manchester police stopped sharing info with USA after leaks

British officials say that have receive assurances from US authorities that confidential material will be protected. Twenty-two people , including several children, were killed on Monday when a bomb went off at a concert by US pop star Ariana Grande in Manchester , northwest England.

Author: 0 Memorial Day observance planned

After this war, Memorial Day was expanded to include deceased soldiers of all American Wars. We honor the war dead, and others who have gone before us, not because they died, but because they lived and gave us so many reasons to be grateful to them.

National Police Believe Manchester Bomb Made in City Apartment
Author: 0 Police Believe Manchester Bomb Made in City Apartment

People have also seen armed officers with police dogs waiting on the road. Arsenal fan Liz Johnson said she was "sad after what happened in Manchester ". Authorities say Abedi returned to Britain from Libya on May 18, and likely completed assembling his bomb at a rented apartment in central Manchester .

Author: 0 Trump ignores question about Kushner back channel reports

Congressional Democrats are demanding to hear directly from Kushner over allegations of the proposed secret back-channel. Representative Adam Schiff (Democrat-California), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, said on May 28 that it was "obviously very concerning" that a key Trump transition team member was possibly seeking secret links with a country accused of interfering in the 2016 election.

National Israeli-Palestinian peace deal: It's much harder than Trump thinks
Author: 0 Israeli-Palestinian peace deal: It's much harder than Trump thinks

US President Donald Trump , right, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a joint press conference in the East Room of the White House on February 15, 2017. Every side gets to read into Trump's cryptic words anything they want, since the president has said little of substance or offered any details beyond platitudes about peace and making an historic deal.

Author: 0 Pacific meeting puts Trump's trade turmoil center stage

The competing visions are evident at this weekend's APEC meeting of ministers from countries that account for well over 40 percent of world trade. They also underlined their vision for the TPP to expand to include other economies, saying these efforts would address concerns about protectionism, contribute to maintaining open markets, strengthening the rules-based worldwide trading system, increasing world trade and raising living standards.

National Records show violent history for OH nursing home gunman
Author: 0 Records show violent history for OH nursing home gunman

Disario, responding to a report of a man with a gun, said in his last radio communication that he had the man in sight. Some 23 residents in the nursing and rehabilitation home, identified by local media as the Pine Kirk Care Center , were evacuated to local hospitals, and none were injured, Thorp said.

National Memorial Day Is About More Than BBQ
Author: 0 Memorial Day Is About More Than BBQ

There will be a Memorial Day Service at 11 a.m at Valley View Cemetery, 2901 N. Third St. on Monday. Unlike Veterans Day , which honors the service of all US military veterans, Memorial Day is the day set aside to remember the men and women who died while serving.

National Melania Trump Confirms She Is Practicing Catholic After Pope Meeting
Author: 0 Melania Trump Confirms She Is Practicing Catholic After Pope Meeting

Asked by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as they began talks in front of a battery of cameras if he was exhausted, Trump, 70, said he had "covered a lot of countries, lot of leaders, some great leaders". "I didn't know that Melania was going to be saying the Lord's Prayer, but I thought that was lovely, thank you". Video footage which appears to show First Lady Melania Trump swat the president's hand away in Israel has gone viral.

Author: 0 Shrine Unveiled At Elementary School As Students Mark Memorial Day

For years, the late Hawaii Sen. He is the son of John Sinn who lives in Minot and the late Olive Sinn. Master of ceremonies is Haverhill Veterans Service Director Michael Ingham. Lawrence's Memorial Day ceremony will be held at 9 a.m. Monday, May 29 at Bellevue Cemetery, 100 Reservoir St. Mayor Daniel Rivera will be there, and the keynote speaker will be fire Chief Brian Moriarty.

Author: 0 Fewer insured under GOP bill

Those reductions would come from an $884 billion cut in Medicaid funding and $276 billion in subsidies to people paying health insurance premiums. Prescription drug coverage would likely be limited as well. States that make moderate changes to Obamacare regulations would have roughly 20 percent lower premiums in 2026 compared to Obamacare, and states that waived all of Obamacare's health regulations would experience the lowest average health premiums.

National Red Hood Goes Full John Wick in Injustice 2 Character Reveal Video
Author: 0 Red Hood Goes Full John Wick in Injustice 2 Character Reveal Video

Given how critically and commercially successful Injustice 2 has been already , the upcoming slate of character DLC looks to continue this run of momentum for the game. "He now uses mantle of the Red Hood to wage a lethal war on crime". Quick observations: Red Hood looks like a bastard at mid-range who throws in some tactical parries that would make the Clerics from Equilibrium jealous.

National Fresh arrests in Manchester bombing raids, 13 in custody
Author: 0 Fresh arrests in Manchester bombing raids, 13 in custody

In the Libyan capital Tripoli, Abedi's younger brother 20-year-old Hashem and their father, Ramadan, are being held by special forces linked to the country's interior ministry. Manchester police said they have seen an increase in reports of hate incidents this week, from 28 on Monday - which Hopkins said is what they receive on an average day - to 56 on Wednesday.

National Wehrlein to have scan after Monaco crash
Author: 0 Wehrlein to have scan after Monaco crash

Button's crash with Wehrlein was the major talking point of a largely processional affair here at the principality, which ended with Vettel moving 25 points - the equivalent of a race victory - clear of Hamilton in the championship race. " It was a silly move ". "I remember everything. It was just scary that the brakes started to smoke and I could not get out of the auto". "I went up the inside and I thought I was a long way up the inside".

National Local Teen Heads To National Spelling Bee
Author: 0 Local Teen Heads To National Spelling Bee

They plan visit the Washington National Cathedral and head to Georgetown to grab something sweet. "I think we're going to go to the barbecue at Nationals Park", Mrs. Not only is Macey a champion speller, she's also an excellent student who's involved in extracurricular activities ranging from cheerleading to student council to band.

Author: 0 Manchester attack: Bomber's father, brother arrested in Libya

France's interior minister has said both British and French intelligence services had information that the university dropout had also travelled to Syria and had "proven" links with Islamic State. Pop star Ariana Grande said Friday she is planning a charity concert in Manchester after a suicide attack on her show in the English city earlier this week killed 22 people .

Author: 0 French Socialist President Really Proud of Shaking Trump's Hand

The two world leaders met in Brussels on Thursday before a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit and much was made over their awkward, gripped handshake, which continued for several moments until Trump tried to pull away. Leaders of the G7 meet Friday and Saturday, including newcomers Emmanuel Macron of France and Theresa May of Britain in an effort to forge a new dynamic after a year of global political turmoil amid a rise in nationalism.

National Hannity's conspiracy theory pressures Fox News
Author: 0 Hannity's conspiracy theory pressures Fox News

Crowne Plaza Hotels , outdoor home security company Ring and online mattress retailer Casper also said they have cut ties with Hannity . The decision comes as Hannity and Fox News have been criticized for reporting an unsubstantiated story about the death of Seth Rich , a Democratic National Committee staffer.

Author: 0 Democrats see hope for 2018 in thin GOP victory in Montana

Sen. Mr Gianforte beat Democrat Rob Quist, a banjo player and first-time candidate who had focused his campaign on criticism of the Republican effort to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's healthcare law. At his victory celebration, Gianforte apologized to Jacobs by name. The stage is prepared for the arrival of Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte , who was seeking to become Montana's sole member in the U.S.

National Trumpcare Scored So Badly It Could Actually Help The Senate
Author: 0 Trumpcare Scored So Badly It Could Actually Help The Senate

For many Americans, a Congressional Budget Office estimate that 23 million people would lose health insurance under House-passed legislation raises a number of vital questions: Am I among the losers, and if I keep my coverage under the proposed law, how much would I have to pay? Read: CBO says Republican health bill would leave 23 million fewer people insured .

National Chaffetz: Comey Gave No Russia Documents to House Panel
Author: 0 Chaffetz: Comey Gave No Russia Documents to House Panel

CNN reports that he knew that intelligence was bunk - but was anxious enough that Russian officials would leak the faked documents to the public that he made a decision to preempt them by making clear the investigation was divorced from Lynch.

Author: 0 Kushner ties to Russia questioned as Trump blasts media lies

Schiff responded, "Certainly in dealings with the Russians, they're very sophisticated". "It is my opinion that numerous leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media", Trump said on Twitter - a likely reference to The Washington Post's story about Kushner on Friday, which was sourced to anonymous USA officials.

National FBI Declines to Provide Docs to House Commitee
Author: 0 FBI Declines to Provide Docs to House Commitee

The Russian intelligence at issue purported to show that former Attorney General Lynch had been compromised in the Clinton investigation. Both the House Oversight Committee and the Intelligence Committee requested the memos in early May after The New York Times reported that Comey noted in one of them that Trump had asked him to end the investigation into the links his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, had had with Russian Federation.

National Woman locked her kids in auto trunk while she shopped
Author: 0 Woman locked her kids in auto trunk while she shopped

Onlookers said the children began "moving frantically, causing the vehicle to shake", leading to several shoppers trying to assist them. Their mother Tori Lee Castillo, 39, has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. The older child was able to pull the emergency latch in the trunk and called 911 for help. "Both kids just came out.they just jumped out at us", Heidi said.

Author: 0 Trump lashes out at media after ducking press questions on trip

President Trump then piled on the media bias in the coverage of this week's Montana congressional race, saying it was treated as "a big deal" by Democrats and "fake news" media "until the Republican won". The commander in chief told followers that whenever they read "sources say" in articles "it is very possible that those sources don't exist but are made up by fake news writers".

National President Trump Waffling on Climate Change Creates Divide Between US, Allies
Author: 0 President Trump Waffling on Climate Change Creates Divide Between US, Allies

Macron said he told Trump it is "indispensable for the reputation of the United States and the interest of the Americans themselves that the United States remain committed" to the Paris climate agreement. President Donald Trump ended his first overseas trip on a buoyant note Saturday, telling a crowd of American sailors at a naval base in Sicily: "I think we hit a home run".

National Macron explains his tense handshake with Trump
Author: 0 Macron explains his tense handshake with Trump

He succeeded, but just barely. In an interview with French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche , the newly-elected French president described their encounter as "a moment of truth". Maybe they compared notes about handshakes, as Mr Trudeau was judged to have coped well with Mr Trump's dominant grip when they met in Washington. But Macron, who became France's youngest president just three weeks ago, said he does not believe in "the diplomacy of public invective but in bilateral dialogue".

Author: 0 Gianforte wins wild and wooly MT special congressional election

Democratic candidate Rob Quist is consoled by a supporter after his concession speech after losing Montana's only U.S. House seat to Republican candidate Greg Gianforte at the DoubleTree Hotel, Thursday night, May. Early voting was certainly a factor in the win: by Wednesday night, more than half of voters had already cast their ballots in the race due to the state's mail-in voting law.

Author: 0 To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning

Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery will honor those who died while in military service by celebrating mass on Memorial Day at 10 the cemetery at Highway 140 East and Pine Grove Road. on Memorial Day honors those who have died in service with a minute-long moment of silence. GARRETTSVILLE - Lineup will begin at 9 a.m. with a brief ceremony at the Veterans Memorial on Monday.

Author: 0 Portland mayor praises men killed during anti-Muslim rant

The police said that according to witnesses, a white male passenger riding an eastbound MAX train early Friday afternoon began yelling what "would best be characterized as hate speech toward a variety of ethnicities and religions". "He was just telling us that we basically weren't anything and that we should kill ourselves". Christian was harassing two women who looked Muslim, including one wearing a traditional hijab.