National Florida legislators to hold three-day special session
Author: 0 Florida legislators to hold three-day special session

The deal also puts $76 million into the Visit Florida program that lawmakers slashed when they approved an $83 billion budget last month. “I hope everybody remembers that this is the day that for sure we start not being competitive, ” Scott said.

Author: 0 Trump breaks campaign promise by not moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

The White House insists that Trump is merely delaying and not abandoning his pledge to relocate the embassy. It is unclear how forcing a Palestinian state upon America's most loyal Middle East ally is consistent with an "America-first" policy rooted in "principled realism".

Author: 0 Trump returns to find the Russian investigation embroils his son-in-law

On Saturday, national security adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters that he "would not be concerned about a back-channel" between Trump and the Kremlin. Trump semi-regularly retweets items from FOX News and promotes shows from the network. The White House declined to comment Friday night. Schiff said on "This Week" that the government needed to "get to the bottom" of the matter and urged a review of Kushner's security clearance "to find out whether he was truthful".

National What was Jared Kushner thinking?
Author: 0 What was Jared Kushner thinking?

Trump himself has also reportedly offered up his personal cell phone number to world leaders. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said "I don't like it", when asked about Kushner's attempt to set up a secret communication channel. Democratic calls for a review of Kushner's security clearance appear perfectly reasonable under these unusual circumstances. Comey, as the bureau's chief, was overseeing its investigation of Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election, including questionable ties ...

Author: 0 The Trump Team Abandons Paris Climate Agreement

The other 189 signatories of the climate agreement will not go backward because Trump has chosen to do so. A day after he announced that the USA is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement , officials from the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have claimed Trump misunderstood research he cited during his speech to justify his radical decision .

Author: 0 Theresa May is roasted over 'weak' reaction to Trump climate decision

Mr Trump was isolated at the G7 meeting this month, leading newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron to borrow a famous Trumpism, pledging to "make the planet great again". inflicting damage that our grandchildren will be unable to undo", she moved on to his "so-called "closest allies" in our own Tory government, who have failed to raise even the quietest peep in protest".

National Cal State Fullerton routs BYU 13-2
Author: 0 Cal State Fullerton routs BYU 13-2

That lead was stretched to 6-0 in the third when Titan Hunter Cullen smacked a two-run home run. Register now to learn how DHS and Commerce are implementing CDM strategies. The lefthander has been critical to The Cardinal's success, having supplanted injured righthander Tristan Beck as the team's Friday night starter at the beginning of the season.

National White House Communications Director Resigns After 3 Months
Author: 0 White House Communications Director Resigns After 3 Months

Communications Director Mike Dubke resigned his position earlier this month, as speculation has swirled about a shake up within the White House following the firing of FBI Director James Comey. "We will continue to pursue this investigation wherever the facts may lead."The approval of the seven subpoenas appeared to represent a political compromise between the House of Representatives panel's majority Republicans , who have joined Trump in demanding investigations into leaks of ...

Author: 0 The World Is Responding to President Trump's Speech on Paris Climate Accords

The pullout will align America with Syria and Nicaragua as the world's only non-participants in the accord, Reuters said . "We are all custodians of this world, and that is why Canada will continue to work with the the state level, and with other USA stakeholders, to address climate change and promote clean growth".

Author: 0 Europe Leaders React Angrily to Trump Climate Pact Decision

Just as repealing the Obama health plan is producing a nightmare for Republicans, so will turning the nation's back on tamping down greenhouse gas emissions. But U.S. states that disagree with Trump's move, such as California, now have another option. Chief executive Odd Arild Grefstad cited the growth of renewable energy in US states such as Texas, New York and California as signs that "the world has started the transition from fossil to a renewable economy".

National USA real estate agent sentenced for seven killings
Author: 0 USA real estate agent sentenced for seven killings

Kohlhepp held Kala Brown captive for more than two months on his property previous year before investigators rescued her in November. Kala Brown was raped and locked in the container for over two months after Kohlhepp killed her boyfriend.

Author: 0 Cause of Wisconsin corn mill blast unclear; 1 worker missing

At the moment, Flowers said that the Red Cross has 6 to 10 people working at the church and two people stationed at the Didion Milling site. No information has been released about what may have caused the blast. Dust explosions are a serious problem in handling grain, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. The company employs more than 200 people. "Heard it, felt it - and then the whole town went dark", Haldemann said.

National Warm winter and March freeze devastates US peach crops in the south
Author: 0 Warm winter and March freeze devastates US peach crops in the south

He says farmers probably won't ship out of state. "Wait till they taste our fruit", he said. "It's not the most ideal situation, but it's better than what we're hearing from most areas in the state", Echols said. "Quality is good. The peaches are pretty", Dickey told Poor crops in the region are creating scarcity in the market for Georgia peaches and, as a result, higher prices for farmers.

National Wisconsin mill that exploded had been reprimanded on safety
Author: 0 Wisconsin mill that exploded had been reprimanded on safety

The plant processes corn for ethanol and other uses. The blast left at least one person dead and two employees still missing as of Thursday afternoon. School officials wanted to be sure the danger was over on Thursday, he said. More than 35 police, fire and medical service agencies responded to the explosion and subsequent fire that caused a portion of the building to collapse.

Author: 0 China's media calls Trump's withdrawal from Paris accord ''global setback''

The president's decision to quit the 196-party accord sparked indignation at home and overseas, with former president Barack Obama saying the United States was "joining a handful of nations that reject the future ". "At a time when Trump is going AWOL, California wants to be right on the playing field and taking decisive action", Brown said. "As a global company with customers that span that world, HPE stands with leading businesses and the worldwide community in reaffirming strong ...

Author: 0 The White House Says It Won't Answer Questions About Russia Anymore

In December - after the election but before Trump assumed office - Kushner met separately with Sergey Kislyak , the Russian ambassador to Washington , and Sergey Gorkov, the head of the government-owned Vnesheconombank, which has been subject to US sanctions because of its role in Russia's occupation of a part of Ukraine.

National Two Republican Senators Temper Expectations On Completely Scrapping Health Law
Author: 0 Two Republican Senators Temper Expectations On Completely Scrapping Health Law

Democrats complained that the measure failed to address critical needs even when the money was available to meet them. But a dozen Democrats still joined almost all Republicans in voting for the plan. The House could concur with the Senate version or request a committee of conference to provide its input. Democrats call the plan disappointing and say Republicans should have backed several provisions recommended by Gov.

Author: 0 Trump To Announce If He's In Or Out Of Paris Accord

Nicaragua and Syria are the only countries not party to the Paris accord , the former seeing it as not ambitious enough and the latter being racked by a brutal civil war. "So, we can't build the plants, but they can". The Global Times , an influential state-run tabloid, said in an editorial published on Thursday before Trump's announcement that China was not interested in discussions about the leadership of fighting climate change and would focus on its own promises to reduce emissions.

National Suspect in fatal Portland attack yells about 'free speech' at hearing
Author: 0 Suspect in fatal Portland attack yells about 'free speech' at hearing

So, I ask you Mr. President to take action at this time . As Christian walked into the courtroom he yelled out: "Free speech or die , Portland! ". Christian is charged with two counts of aggravated murder , two counts of second-degree intimidation and one count of attempted aggravated murder, one count of first-degree assault and three counts of unlawful use of a weapon, reports CBS affiliate KOIN .

Author: 0 IL ends spring legislative session without budget deal

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin of Western Springs climbs the grand staircase at the Capitol in Springfield, Ill., the final day of the spring session, Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Despite the absence of state funding, CPS CEO, Forest Claypool, has announced schools will open on time for students in the fall. Lawmakers sent Rauner a bill changing the formula for elementary schools.

Author: 0 National Spelling Bee gets down to final 4

However, after Rajeev misspelled the word " marram " in Round 20, Vinay went 2-for-2 on her next words to win. Saketh Sundar , 11, of Elkridge, Md., jumps up in the air after spelling his word correctly during the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee in Oxon Hill, Md ., Thursday, June 1, 2017.

National Trump pulls USA out of 'draconian' climate deal
Author: 0 Trump pulls USA out of 'draconian' climate deal

Some U.S. states, including California, Washington and NY, have vowed to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and continuing engaging in the global climate agreement process. But I tend to think that decline is largely a function of Trump's presidency itself; America would hardly be seen as a leader on climate change under Trump if we had instead stayed in the accord and ignored our emissions targets.

Author: 0 More than 40 House Democrats want Jared Kushner's security clearance revoked

Dubke is still coming in to work and his last day has not yet been set. One possible explanation is that top Trump transition members were seeking Russian help with Syria , which is potentially reasonable given the country's alliance with President Bashar Assad and the awful price being paid by innocent civilians in the 6-year-old civil war.

Author: 0 US defies world, says will quit Paris pact

Their announcement Thursday came just after Trump's formal declaration that he meant to remove the USA from the deal. Apple CEO Tim Cook says he tried to talk President Trump into keeping the the Paris climate accord but "it wasn't enough".

Author: 0 States, firms vow to defy Trump, press ahead with climate policies

Late on Thursday, BlackRock Inc Chief Executive Larry Fink said he would continue to serve on Trump's CEO Forum, despite reservations about the White House decision to withdraw from the Paris accord. "It is also a grave disappointment for millions of people living in those areas of the United States that are threatened by the effects of climate change, whether it is the flooding that threatens cities like NY and Miami, or the periods of drought and deluge that have plagued California and ...

National Gulf Arab row rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis
Author: 0 Gulf Arab row rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis

Facing the prospect of mounting pressure by the U.S. and its regional partners, Iranian officials are seeking to capitalise on the fissures among the Arab Gulf states. "We, therefore, demand that the name of the mosque be changed for it does not carry its true Salafi path", the statement said. Qatar's state mosque is known as the Sheikh Mohammed ibn Abd Al Wahhab mosque.

National Sean Hannity Offers Julian Assange A Chance To Fill
Author: 0 Sean Hannity Offers Julian Assange A Chance To Fill

The WikiLeaks founder, who was not left the central London embassy for five years, said he was "looking into" the possibility of filling in for U.S. Dotcom is now fighting efforts by the extradite him from New Zealand over the charges. Hannity and Assange are also linked by the Seth Rich murder story.

Author: 0 Circus owner says final show is a 'celebration'

One was a traditional three-ring circus which ended its run in Providence, Rhode Island earlier in May. Sunday night's 7 p.m. performance was the last of three final shows in Uniondale , New York , outside of New York City. In 1884, the Ringling Brothers created their own circus in Wisconsin. A spokesman for the circus says homes have been found for the animals that were owned by Ringling, including the tigers, horses and camels.

Author: 0 Speaker says Illinois Legislature will miss budget deadline

House lawmakers voted 75-34 for the proposal Wednesday. Rauner has blamed Democrats for failing to address the pro-business, anti-union and anti-politician " structural changes " he seeks, such as cost-cutting restrictions on workers' compensation.

Author: 0 Dealership owner: 2 killed may have been bounty hunters

Bernal and Garcia returned fire. According to police, that is when he pulled out his own gun and started shooting. "A scuffle ensued in the office as Hutchinson tried to pick up the weapon", police said. Two investigators, fugitive killed in shooting at a North Texas vehicle dealership. Phariss says a bounty hunter's job is nothing like television depictions, in which kicking in doors and chasing people down is part of the daily routine.

Author: 0 Pressure's on: National spelling bee down to final 15

Among those who survive, a written spelling and vocabulary test will determine who advances to the finals on Thursday. Forty spellers were on the stage at the beginning of Thursday's final round. Farah Raslan Haniff, a fourth grader from the Winship Elementary School in Brighton, is competing in the Scripps National Spelling Bee . Pawlicki misspelled the word “desman” a small, semiaquatic European mammal related to the mole, with a long tubular muzzle and webbed toes.

National Trump pulls USA out of world climate change deal
Author: 0 Trump pulls USA out of world climate change deal

The United States never ratified a previous climate agreement , the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, undercutting its credibility and power to effectively curtail carbon emissions. This is not America First. "Peabody supports the administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. By withdrawing from this unattainable mandate, President Trump has reiterated his commitment to protecting middle class families across the country and workers throughout coal country from higher energy prices ...

Author: 0 Sixth-grader wins Scripps National Spelling Bee

Ananya Vinay was crowned the victor of the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee Thursday night. She rocked side-to-side, without completing a smile that began and went away, until her dad rushed to hug her. "To be in the top 291 kids out of 11 million, that's pretty good". "I'm a natural pessimist". Responding to a question about the ability and caliber of the spellers, Dr.

National Crews look for 2 workers after fatal blast at Wisconsin mill
Author: 0 Crews look for 2 workers after fatal blast at Wisconsin mill

An ethanol plant, which processes corn byproducts for fuel, is part of the complex. One person was killed and two are believed to still be missing. The sheriff says medical flights and first responders from other communities helped treat the injured workers and transport them to hospitals.

National Hate crime reported at LeBron James' LA home
Author: 0 Hate crime reported at LeBron James' LA home

Patricia Sandoval, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, told The Associated Press that James wasn't home at the time. The property manager told officers that it is believed the incident was captured on surveillance video, Sandoval said.

National Man who threw baby off bridge facing possible life sentence
Author: 0 Man who threw baby off bridge facing possible life sentence

Tony Moreno learned his fate today in Middletown Superior Court . Prosecutors said 23-year-old Tony Moreno threw his son Aaden off the Arrigoni Bridge in 2015 . Defense attorney Norman A. Pattis unsuccessfully argued that Tony only meant to take his own life but the baby slipped from his hands and into the water.

National Family of suspect in Portland stabbing offers condolences
Author: 0 Family of suspect in Portland stabbing offers condolences

That's what liberalism gets you. Christain shouted as he entered the courtroom. The probable cause affidavit written by Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Ryan Lufkin says Christian also calls himself a "patriot" and says, "That's what liberalism gets you" as he discusses the killings.

Author: 0 Two Tri-State spellers eliminated from Scripps National Spelling Bee

After a long day of nervous anticipation watching her daughter pass two oral spelling rounds on-stage and land a high enough score on Tuesday's written test, Balasubramanian said she felt exhausted and exhilarated. "It was nice for me because I had already gone over all the words". The bee is down to the final 15 contestants, and the victor will be decided at 8:30 tonight ET on ESPN .

National Portland stabbing suspect said 'that's what liberalism gets you': court papers
Author: 0 Portland stabbing suspect said 'that's what liberalism gets you': court papers

Christian yelled at a court appearance on Tuesday about free speech and said "death to the enemies of America!" As Christian walked into the courtroom he yelled out: "Free speech or die , Portland! ". His court-appointed attorney, Gregory Scholls, did not immediately return calls for comment. The Pacific Northwest has been a leader on many socially liberal fronts including raising the minimum wage and legalizing recreational marijuana but the region has a long and violent history of ...

Author: 0 Portland Stabbing Suspect Yells 'Free Speech or Die' in Court Appearance

A third victim, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, survived the stabbing. He recently got out of the hospital. Jeremy Joseph Christian , 35, was in a Multnomah County courtroom Tuesday afternoon facing two counts of felony aggravated murder and other charges for the Friday incident on a Portland light-rail train.

National Cleveland Cop Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice Has Been Fired
Author: 0 Cleveland Cop Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice Has Been Fired

Police said when Loehmann and Garmback encountered Rice, the child refused three times to drop the weapon he was holding. However, the cop was not let go for the Rice shooting , and instead because he provided inaccurate details on his job application.

Author: 0 Comey to testify to US Senate intelligence panel on June 8

Comey, who was sacked by President Donald Trump , will be presenting his side of the story to senators in both an open and a closed session. Mr. Trump also told Russian diplomats firing that "nut job" Comey relieved great pressure on him from the Russia probe.

Author: 0 Minnesota officer charged in Castile shooting goes on trial

Now, Yanez, who worked for the St. Anthony, Minnesota, police department, faces trial on charges of second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of risky discharge of a firearm. Seventy-four seconds is the amount of time that elapsed between the moment Yanez turned on his squad vehicle lights to the moment he fired the seventh and final shot into Castile's auto.

Author: 0 Illinois House Democrats to skip budget vote, miss deadline

The blame game quickly commenced. Madigan said the House would be in "continuous session" through June, with Democrats planning to hold public hearings on the budget next week in Chicago . "The bond houses have moved their recommendations to around that date". Rauner told the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday that he will not sign the measure in its current form, calling it a "bailout" for the financially distressed district.

Author: 0 Texas House speaker refuses to negotiate compromise on 'bathroom bill'

The state Legislature has approved a requirement for all public schools to provide sexual abuse prevention training to students. He added: "As far as I'm concerned, it was enough and we will go no further". The legislative session ends Monday. The problem can be remedied in a few days in a special session, he said. "We also should not use economic development incentives in a way that will hinder economic development in Texas", said Rep.

Author: 0 House Intelligence Committee Issues Subpoenas for Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn

A separate FBI probe that was led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller and the latest actions of the committee prove lawmakers have not given up their own Russian Federation investigations. It marked the first time the White House had officially acknowledged that outside counsel had been retained. Since his dismissal earlier this month, Comey had been expected to testify at some point about his private interactions with the president, as well as the detailed memos he took describing ...