National Donald Trump condemns Justice Department over 'watered down' travel ban
Author: 0 Donald Trump condemns Justice Department over 'watered down' travel ban

Trump, whose populist brand of politics includes criticising political correctness as an evasion of uncomfortable truths, called in a statement on his campaign website for a "complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States". 'Just to be clear, and in response to inquiries, I still VERY, VERY STRONGLY support POTUS, his Admin, policies, the executive order and of course, my wonderful wife, ' he wrote.

Author: 0 U.S. envoy: President Trump 'believes the climate is changing'

In the Rose Garden on Thursday, Trump and members of his administration pitched the decision to leave the Paris agreement as an economic one and did not dwell on the environmental implications. "There is no backsliding on the Paris Agreement". "[US President Donald Trump] believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of the equation", US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told CNN on Saturday.

Author: 0 Trump tweets could create ethics headaches for DOJ lawyers: Frankel

George Conway had been considered for at least two high-ranking Justice Department jobs, including Solicitor General. Neal Katyal, a former acting US solicitor general and the lead attorney representing challengers in a case from Hawaii, weighed in on Twitter that Trump's actions were working in favor of Katyal's case.

National Grandma suspected in stabbings that killed baby arrested
Author: 0 Grandma suspected in stabbings that killed baby arrested

Officers were called to the complex by the "hysterical" wounded woman telling operators she and her children had been attacked by her mother, according to Colton police. "It's still too early in the investigation, we're not too sure what she's been doing since she's been on the run since yesterday morning", said police Cpl.

National North Korea rejects new sanctions, to pursue nuclear program
Author: 0 North Korea rejects new sanctions, to pursue nuclear program

China claims almost all of the South China Sea , despite partial counter-claims from Taiwan and several southeast Asian nations. North Korea has rejected a new sanctions resolution adopted by the UN Security Council (UNSC) against the regime, vowing to continue developing and testing nuclear and missile weapons.

National Man Steals Bottles of Oil Into Pants
Author: 0 Man Steals Bottles of Oil Into Pants

According to a Facebook post from the Polk County Sheriff's Department, a detective in an unmarked patrol auto was parked outside watching the whole thing through the front window. "Then he waddles like a duck out of the store", Sheriff Grady Judd with the Polk County Sheriff's Office told NBC News 8 . Ryan escorted the man back into the store where he unloaded his loot.

National Texas governor signs texting-while-driving ban into law
Author: 0 Texas governor signs texting-while-driving ban into law

Abbott asked lawmakers to first pass key legislation that would keep some state agencies from shuttering. Legislators won't return to work until July 18, but already Democrats and some outside groups are fuming, particularly over a North Carolina-style " bathroom bill " that big business opponents including Amazon, IBM and the National Football League called discriminatory and hoped had been extinguished for good.

National Explosion at Wisconsin corn milling plant kills at least 1
Author: 0 Explosion at Wisconsin corn milling plant kills at least 1

There were 16 employees were inside the Didion Milling facility at the time of the explosion. Recovery teams are digging through the ruins of one of the plant's buildings, searching for the missing employees. "The safety and security of our employees is our top priority", Didion Vice President of Operations Derrick Clark said in a news release. Several people were being treated at a local hospital, WISC-TV says.

National DeVos hedges on banning discrimination against LGBT students
Author: 0 DeVos hedges on banning discrimination against LGBT students

The Attorneys General for 19 states and the District of Columbia sent a letter [ PDF ] DeVos Monday urging her to stop delays related to the Department of Education's Borrower Defense program that has left tens of thousands of students with federal student loans in limbo.

National Today marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day
Author: 0 Today marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day

I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. So what happened on that day? About three hours later, Allied bombers struck the German lines near the 50-mile strip along the Normandy coasts. There were 160,000 Allied troops - of that number, 73,000 were Americans. USA soldiers from the 2nd Ranger Battalion surround German prisoners June 6, 1944 , on the Pointe du Hoc located on a cliff which overlooks Omaha Beach after Allied forces stormed the Normandy ...

Author: 0 James Comey Will Testify Before The Senate Next Week

CNN first reported that Comey is expected to testify next week before the Senate Intelligence Committee , one of multiple groups investigating Trump-Russia ties. Trump fired Comey earlier this month. A spokeswoman for Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr told ABC News Wednesday afternoon "The Committee welcomes the testimony of former director Comey, but does not have an announcement to make at this time".

National Senate Prods Trump to Move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem
Author: 0 Senate Prods Trump to Move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem

The bill's passage was " applauded " by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and embraced the liberal advocacy group J Street. According to CBN News , Spicer stressed U.S. The legislation stated that the embassy located in Tel Aviv should be moved to Jerusalem not later than May 31, 1999. At the same time, the resolution also states that "Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel and a united city in which all religious faiths are respected and ...

Author: 0 GOP senator: Healthcare deal unlikely this year

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn pledged Wednesday that Senate Republicans will pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare this summer. While President Trump made many health care promises during his campaign for the White House and prioritized health care reform since the beginning of his presidency, the majority of those polled (76 percent) think that the AHCA does not fulfill most of the promises made by Mr.

National White House aide says Russia probe 'detracts' from agenda
Author: 0 White House aide says Russia probe 'detracts' from agenda

A special counsel is looking into links between Trump's presidential campaign past year and Russians who sought to influence the election by hacking Democrats. This is the first that Comey is speaking publicly since his firing on May 9. Comey was sacked May 9 as he was involved in the Justice Department's inquiry into the Russian case.

National Armed man taken into custody at Orlando Airport
Author: 0 Armed man taken into custody at Orlando Airport

Everyone is safe", the Orlando Police Department tweeted. A man carrying a fake gun brought Orland International Airport to a brief stop on Tuesday night. Terminal A was eventually closed, but the other side of the airport, Terminal B, remained open during the stand-off. A Thrifty employee ran in from a garage area and said, "There is a guy out there with a gun, Take cover".

Author: 0 James Comey's testimony: How to watch

Last week also, Trump fired James comey who was investigating the matter. He said that it is his understanding that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has not limited the scope of Comey's testimony, so lawmakers are also sure to ask Comey about the Russian Federation investigation that he was leading when he was sacked.

Author: 0 'We're not going to let Trump divide our communities,' says London mayor

Twelve people had initially been arrested , but they have now all been let go. Police arrested 12 people on Sunday in Barking , east London , but said late on Monday all had been released without charge. Among those stabbed was a British Transport Police officer, who was one of the first responders on the scene and received injuries to his face. Who was involved in the attacks? A vigil was held at Potters Field Park near London Bridge also yesterday to remember the victims.

National US contractor arrested after leak of Russia hacking report
Author: 0 US contractor arrested after leak of Russia hacking report

The report was confirmed by the government, which later Monday announced the arrest of a private contractor for allegedly leaking the confidential report to the news outlet. On May 30, three weeks after victor allegedly printed the classified document, The Intercept contacted the USA government, likely through the NSA, to discuss an upcoming story based on the intelligence document it had obtained.

Author: 0 Predators, Penguins 1-1 after 1 in Game 4

Gaudreau scored what proved to be the game victor early in the second period but his wraparound goal was only awarded after a random horn sounded 35 seconds later to stop play and initiate a video review. Smith and Austin Watson got the assists on Jarnkrok's second goal of the playoffs. His injured left foot kept him out of a second straight game. Sullivan said afterward that goal was preventable, especially when they're playing the game the right way, and they need to have better awareness.

Author: 0 Russian Hackers Targeted US Voting Software Firm: Leaked Report

Russian hackers attacked at least one US voting software supplier days before the 2016 presidential election, according to a classified NSA report leaked Monday, June 5, 2017 , that suggests election-related hacking penetrated further into USA voting systems than previously known.

National Fake Media Trying to Stop my Social Media Use
Author: 0 Fake Media Trying to Stop my Social Media Use

The message contradicts what White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said just hours earlier to defend Trump after his early Monday morning tweets about the travel ban. "However, in order to facilitate a swift and thorough examination of the facts sought by the Senate intelligence committee, President Trump will not assert executive privilege regarding James Comey's scheduled testimony", said a statement issued by the White House.

National Ballet dancer jumps into action, saves man from subway track
Author: 0 Ballet dancer jumps into action, saves man from subway track

Thirty-one-year-old Gray Davis , a dancer with the American Ballet Theater, says no one was acting to help the unidentified man who had fallen onto the subway tracks Saturday night. Shocked, I said, uh, Cassie is THAT Grayson Davis? A man shoved to the subway tracks gets a life-saving lift from a ballet dancer. She was followed by a witness who flagged down police in a squad vehicle who ultimately nabbed her, police said.

Author: 0 Trump resumes attack on London Mayor Khan on Twitter

This appeared to have rankled the notoriously thin skinned President, who added to his criticism this afternoon. Trump wrote. Once it became clear his attempt to slander the mayor was obviously failing, Trump then doubled down again on Monday morning, tweeting: "Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement".

Author: 0 Woman goes on trial for allegedly urging boyfriend to kill himself

Prosecutors say Carter , a 17-year-old King Philip Regional High School senior at the time, used "emotional coercion" on Roy , who made a previous suicide attempt and was depressed and vulnerable. "At the moment, there's really no law on the books in MA about whether somebody can encourage somebody to commit suicide or not", Ellikan said. Carter and Roy met in 2011, and the two teens who lived in separate towns primarily communicated through texts and phone calls.

Author: 0 White House aide says Russian Federation probe 'detracts' from agenda

USA intelligence officials have said Russian Federation tried to interfere in the election to sway the vote in Trump's favor, a charge the Kremlin has repeatedly denied. The President also reportedly asked the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's loyalty, but declined to give it as he does not want to compromise the agency's independence.

Author: 0 Stephen Curry might have double-dribbled when he beat LeBron James

The team's 14 straight playoff wins is the longest streak in National Basketball Association history. "Oh, we have got a plan in Cleveland", he said, tongue-in-cheek. "He's been such a big piece of our success the last three years, obviously", James said. " It's fresh in our minds ". They have the best net playoff point differential of all time, having outscored their opponents by 237.

Author: 0 French Pres. Macron: Long Handshake With Trump 'Not Innocent'

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche (JDD), the French president said the long handshake had meaning. "You have to show you won't make small concessions - not even symbolic ones." . He tends to make them fairly prolonged and uses a freakish technique of gripping his counterpart's hand and giving it a yank before releasing their hand, but other world leaders seem to have caught on.

Author: 0 Sheriff: Fired worker had plan to kill former co-workers

It's unclear if the co-worker that was afraid of Neumann stayed at Fiamma after reporting the incident. Four of the victims - three men and a woman - were found dead of gunshot wounds, he said. Neumann was honorably discharged from the Army in 1999 and had a history of misdemeanor criminal offenses, such as possession of marijuana and driving under the influence .

Author: 0 Pekka Rinne stunned the Penguins with a jaw-dropping series of saves

Pittsburgh has been willing to shuffle up forward lines like insane, but they've remained faithful to the defensemen this playoff, aside from health forcing changes. " Special teams win you games and can lose you games". They leave it on the ice everyday and that is why we have so much confidence as a community here and going forward that we can find a way to get this done.

National Criminal charges filed against 2 men in fatal Oakland warehouse fire
Author: 0 Criminal charges filed against 2 men in fatal Oakland warehouse fire

Relatives of half the victims who died in the fire have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Chor Nar Siu Ng, the building's owner, and Almena, who held the lease. They could face up to 39 years in prison if convicted of all the counts . The master tenant of the Ghost Ship warehouse was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter Monday in connection with the deadly fire that killed three dozen concertgoers last December.

Author: 0 What Trump's Air Traffic Control Decision Really Means

Bush: Elizabeth Dole, James Burnley and Mary Peters. Many people deem the air traffic control system as one of the safest in the world, but criticism is emerging over efficiency and technology. Administrator Michael Huerta told an industry conference in March that the agency has made "tremendous progress", per The Associated Press . The U.S.

National Governor Cuomo Orders Regulations to Keep New Yorkers Insured
Author: 0 Governor Cuomo Orders Regulations to Keep New Yorkers Insured

More than 6 million people are enrolled in Medicaid, the program for the poor, and a related children's health insurance program in ny, according to federal data . New York insurers have concerns about the plan, especially since the regulations to put it in place aren't yet available, said Leslie Moran, senior vice president at the New York Health Plan Association.

Author: 0 Senate GOP aiming for vote this month on health legislation

Republicans are running way behind schedule. The long-promised effort to overturn former President Barack Obama's health law hangs in limbo in the Senate after barely passing the House. But their proposal alienates conservatives who have derided it as "Obamacare-lite". House Democrats, who are a minority in the chamber, stalled the construction bill as leverage to try to get more spending in the operating budget, more projects in the construction budget and more seats on the committees ...

Author: 0 Trump "believes the climate is changing", Nikki Haley says

The same day, the city council of Portland , Oregon, passed a resolution to move the city to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 . "The world can not wait - and neither will we". Officials from those cities, and from other cities and counties around the state, did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday on the president's announcement.

Author: 0 Pedro Martinez Hints At David Ortiz's Return, Sets Twitter Ablaze

Boston Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi (left) center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. "I just want to give the guys their space". "He's so much fun to watch". David Ortiz (left), CC Sabathia (center) and Aaron Judge at Sabathia's charity event Monday in Times Square.N.Y. Obviously, any mention of Ortiz possibly making a comeback at some point this season is music to the ears of Red Sox fan, as the Sox now rank last in the American League with 53 home runs.

Author: 0 New search underway near home of London Bridge attackers

Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord tried to defend the president's latest attack on Khan on Monday morning by asserting that the president was right to call out the London mayor for saying something he didn't actually say. "So I'm not afraid to say when I think President Trump is getting things wrong". "No reason to be alarmed". Trump's tweets came after a morning in which he insisted that his travel ban, which attempted to block immigration from six predominantly Muslim countries before it was ...

Author: 0 Trump Honors Fallen Warriors At Arlington National Cemetery

His remarks marked his arrival back in the United States after a nine-day trip to the Middle East, where he sought to bridge divides between the three Abrahamic religions in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican City. President Trump participates in a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery . "So I'm gonna go on a little campaign to try and educate people on just what Memorial Day is", he added.

National Trump will not block Comey testimony: White House
Author: 0 Trump will not block Comey testimony: White House

The White House has denied blocking Comey would have looked like a cover-up. He is expected to be asked about his conversations with the president and whether Trump pressured Comey to end the FBI's probe into any ties between his campaign and Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Trump won't block Comey from testifying

Comey's testimony is expected to address the circumstances around his firing and his alleged conversations with Trump about the investigation. White House officials had weighed trying to block Comey by arguing that his discussions with the president pertained to national security and that there was an expectation of privacy.

National Trump eyes a White House overhaul
Author: 0 Trump eyes a White House overhaul

U.S. media said the White House is creating a new rapid-fire communications unit to respond to the controversy, led by Kushner, senior presidential adviser Steve Bannon and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Some foreign affairs experts said the move, while former president Barack Obama had weeks left in his term, anxious them that it could undermine US security and some opposition Democrats have suggested that Kushner's security clearance should be revoked.

National Sen. Collins: Tone, context of Trump-Comey conversations
Author: 0 Sen. Collins: Tone, context of Trump-Comey conversations "so important"

His inept, amateurish administration can't even get their story straight on the firing of James Comey. It now looks like Trump can add witness-tampering and obstruction of justice to his resume. "Mr. Comey's testimony may shed light on government misconduct". White House officials had weighed trying to block Comey by arguing that his discussions with the president pertained to national security and that there was an expectation of privacy.

National What Does Trump Gain By Attacking His Own Justice Department on Twitter?
Author: 0 What Does Trump Gain By Attacking His Own Justice Department on Twitter?

On June 1, the U.S. Department of Justice asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn decisions by lower courts blocking the travel ban. The tweets came just days after the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to resolve the legality of the ban (in favor of the administration, of course) and allow the administration to enforce the ban while the appeal is being heard.

National Kellyanne Conway's husband tweets criticism of President Trump
Author: 0 Kellyanne Conway's husband tweets criticism of President Trump

Earlier in the day, Conway tweeted: "These tweets may make some ppl feel better, but they certainly won't help OSG get 5 votes in SCOTUS, which is what actually matters". Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says the president's power to invoke privilege is "well-established". He also encouraged his legal aides to seek an "expedited hearing" by the Supreme Court on the ban from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen because of the horrific attacks in London.

National Offensive Facebook memes just cost 10 students their spots at Harvard
Author: 0 Offensive Facebook memes just cost 10 students their spots at Harvard

The Facebook messaging group was at one point titled "Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens". They joked that hanging a Mexican child should be called "pinata time". One of those conditions includes "if an admitted student engages or has engaged in behavior that brings into question their honesty, maturity or moral character", a university spokeswoman said.

Author: 0 London Bridge attacker known to security services as two terrorists named

Butt, 27, was a Pakistan-born British citizen who was known to the police. Naming Butt and an accomplice, police admitted he was known to them and MI5, but that "there was no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned and the investigation had been prioritised accordingly".