Author: 0 Ex-FBI director Comey testifies in Trump-Russia probe

In March, after Comey had publicly revealed the existence of a federal counterintelligence investigation into ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, Trump complained that the probe had left a "cloud" that was "impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country".

Author: 0 US intelligence chiefs decline to comment on Trump inquiry

Wednesday's hearing did nothing to settle questions of Trump's reported attempts to curb the federal Russian Federation probe and, instead, only increased the intensity of questions. Coats , who was confirmed as Trump's national intelligence director in mid-March, said: "In interacting with the president of the United States or anybody in his administration, I have never been pressured".

National Polls Close in Montana's Suddenly Famous Special Congressional Election
Author: 0 Polls Close in Montana's Suddenly Famous Special Congressional Election

Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin, who acknowledged he had donated $250 to Gianforte's campaign, charged the candidate with misdemeanor assault . The author of the Fox News account later clarified that Gianforte had one hand on each side of Jacobs's neck , a detail that did not alter her previous retelling.

Author: 0 Paul Ryan says Trump's attempt to flip James Comey was "obviously" inappropriate

Comey said that he told the president a second time that he wasn't under investigation, after Trump raised the matter in a March 30 phone call and asked Comey to "get out" the information. The White House initially said it had acted on a recommendation from the Justice Department, citing as justification a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that criticized Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Author: 0 House Dem drafting articles of impeachment for Trump

It is reported that green's criticism mainly focuses on the dismissal of the trump of James Comey , former FBI Director who conducted the investigation of Russia's intervention in the 2016 elections in the United States. Other lawmakers have resisted the idea as multiple investigations into Trump's relationship with Russian Federation continue. "What I've said to members [is] the only thing that matters are the facts - the facts and the law", House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ...

National Trump feels 'totally vindicated' by Comey's planned testimony
Author: 0 Trump feels 'totally vindicated' by Comey's planned testimony

Speaking to Van Susteren on For the Record Wednesday following the release of Comey's prepared testimony statement , Ryan said, "I think that Director Comey will get a lot of questions about that tomorrow, would be my guess". That's an understatement. Yet Comey and his advisors decided not to report on Trump's request to Atty. The statement awkwardly proclaimed, "While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions , that I am not under investigation ", something ...

Author: 0 Some Republicans see lesson in rollback of Kansas tax cuts

Brownback vetoed a bill that raises tax rates and repeals an exemption for certain types of business income. Significantly, it was the first time in Brownback's seven years as governor that the Legislature had voted to override one of his vetoes.

National Trump picks former federal prosecutor as new FBI chief
Author: 0 Trump picks former federal prosecutor as new FBI chief

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement a few hours after Trump's announcement, calling Wray an "extraordinary person, possessing all the gifts necessary to be a great Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation". Mark Warner, D-Va., the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee on MSNBC. "Of course not", said the official. Trump had entertained current and former politicians for the role, including former Sen.

Author: 0 Trump to highlight aging waterway system in Cincinnati

Several observers noted on Wednesday morning that Trump's Christopher Wray announcement did not arrive with any fact sheet or official press release , as would be expected with news of this weight. "Jared has actually become much more famous than me - I'm a little upset at that", Trump said of his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner at the top of the meeting.

National Trump taps Christopher Wray as new Federal Bureau of Investigation director
Author: 0 Trump taps Christopher Wray as new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Yet Comey will say that Trump sought his loyalty and repeatedly fretted to Comey about how to resolve what he called "the cloud" caused by the investigation. Separately, National Security Agency director Mike Rogers said: "I am not going to discuss the specifics of interactions I may or may have not had with the President".

Author: 0 1 dead in twin attacks on Iran parliament, Khomeini shrine

The violence began in midmorning when assailants with Kalashnikov rifles and explosives stormed the parliament complex where a legislative session had been in progress. He said Riyadh had no knowledge of who was responsible for the attacks, and denied that Saudi groups were behind it. The group has also targeted Shiites in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Author: 0 Kevin Durant's dagger 3 lifts Warriors over Cavs in Game 3

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) celebrates with teammates after the Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-113 in Game 3 of basketball's NBA Finals in Cleveland , Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Durant, though, was not going to be denied. He added eight rebounds and four assists. KD recorded 30-plus points for the third game in a row, scoring 14 of his 31 points in the fourth quarter.

Author: 0 Sooner surprise: Stoops steps down as head coach

After four stops as an assistant, Stoops arrived at Oklahoma in 1999 to replace John Blake and immediately made the Sooners winners again, taking them to their first bowl game since 1994 — the first of 18 in a row for him. The two friends Ferentz and Stoops' history dates back to the early 80's when Stoops played for the Hawkeyes, and Ferentz was the offensive line coach.

National Latest on Russia Hearings: Intelligence chiefs unsure what can say publicly
Author: 0 Latest on Russia Hearings: Intelligence chiefs unsure what can say publicly

Coats said, "First of all, I'm always - I - I told you, and I committed to the committee that I would be available to testify before the committee". Warner asked NSA Director Mike Rogers whether, in his experience, he thought it was "typical for a president" to discuss an ongoing FBI investigation that could concern his campaign with top intelligence officials.

Author: 0 Comey's opening statement released ahead of testimony

Nine one-on-ones. Comey and Trump had at least nine one-on-one conversations. (1) Did anyone on the White House senior staff or cabinet officials ask you to intervene in the FBI investigation into Mike Flynn at the behest of the president? Trump told Comey the investigation was getting in the way of his ability to do his job.

Author: 0 Senator Ernst on Comey's upcoming testimony

Unlike Trump's Paris climate deal pullout which will take all the way up till 2020 to unravel, Comey is happening in real time . Further, Mr. Comey said on May 3 that neither President Trump nor anyone from the White House ever tried to hinder an FBI investigation.

National Making a Murderer Lawyer Makes Stunning Accusation
Author: 0 Making a Murderer Lawyer Makes Stunning Accusation

Some of those allegations aren't new, and Making A Murderer covered Hillegas extensively, but this new filing may be the most concrete legal response the case has seen after Avery's conviction. This supposedly detects information stored in the brain, and they performed this test on Avery on May 2. The attorney says Hillegas' lack of an alibi for the night of her murder, the allegedly false information he gave to investigators about damage to Halbach's vehicle, and his alleged history of ...

Author: 0 Trump Nominates Christopher Wray As New FBI Director

Lawmakers attending Wednesday morning's closed-door caucus said they had no early word of the president's selection of Christopher Wray , a former Justice Department official who served as New Jersey Gov. Senate Republicans and some Democrats praised the nomination. "Of course not", said the official. Later, in a February 14 meeting at the White House, Comey said Trump strongly defended Flynn, saying that his former national security adviser "hadn't done anything wrong" in his prior ...

Author: 0 Shun political correctness, implement travel ban

A federal court in Boston actually upheld that first version of the order on the grounds that the president had sweeping authority to designate classes of aliens that could be excluded from the country, and that the courts did not have authority to dictate national security policy.

Author: 0 Trump feels 'totally vindicated' by Comey testimony: lawyer

The statement goes on to say that the president "feels completely and totally vindicated ", and that "he is eager to continue to move forward with his agenda". Again, the narrowness of Comey's opening statement invites these questions about whether or not others in the administration were involved in placing pressure on Comey to abandon the investigation.

National Comey Opening Statement For Senate Intelligence Hearing, Annotated
Author: 0 Comey Opening Statement For Senate Intelligence Hearing, Annotated

Gerhardt agreed the testimony was a blow to Trump, saying: "Some people who weren't concerned before should be concerned now". He pre-filed the content of his testimony on Wednesday for review. "The question really is not whether the president has obstructed justice". Trump gave a thumbs-up after he returned to the White House from a trip to Cincinnati.

Author: 0 Donald Trump's tweets aren't going away. Deal with it, Republicans

The ACLU said on Twitter Monday that it would use President Donald Trump's latest series of tweets about the travel ban in ongoing court battles against the ban. These are serious words coming out of the highest office holder in the land, and all that this bot does is just give those messages the proper honor they deserve.These are statements of the president.

Author: 0 Brownback says tax hike bad long-term for Kansas

Sam Brownback signed a bill Wednesday morning requiring abortion providers to give patients information listing their credentials, any disciplinary actions meted out against them and whether they have malpractice insurance. It is time to erase the smirk from the faces of people who joke about Kansas' financial condition, he said. "We got the property tax deduction". It's going to be a long process.

National Senate GOP says Comey clears Trump; Dems see possible obstruction
Author: 0 Senate GOP says Comey clears Trump; Dems see possible obstruction

Yet Comey will say that Trump sought his loyalty and repeatedly fretted to Comey about how to resolve what he called "the cloud" caused by the investigation. Mr Comey believed the attorney general should protect the Federal Bureau of Investigation from White House influence, officials told the paper. Trump compared it to the reaction to his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, advisers said.

National Senior Russian officials looked to influence Trump aides
Author: 0 Senior Russian officials looked to influence Trump aides

He added that the committee could issue additional subpoenas if other witnesses fail to cooperate, but did not name additional individuals. Trump made separate appeals in March to Daniel Coats, the national intelligence director, and to Admiral Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, according to USA news accounts citing current and former US officials.

Author: 0 What UK election result could mean for Brexit

On the eve of the parliamentary vote, May tried to bring the campaign back to Brexit . Meanwhile, veteran left-winger Corbyn, who was written off as a no-hoper by most political analysts, surprised on the upside with a policy-rich campaign that drew large, fervent crowds to his events - although skeptics say his appeal in the broader electorate is limited.

National Medical Marijuana Bill added to Florida Legislature's Special Session
Author: 0 Medical Marijuana Bill added to Florida Legislature's Special Session

The medical marijuana issue was not included in Governor Rick Scott's initial call for a special legislative session scheduled to last through Friday, but Scott added the topic to the call on Wednesday. The state now has seven licensed marijuana vendors, and the agreement between House and Senate leaders would require health officials to approve 10 new operators by October 3.

Author: 0 James Comey testimony: Trump asked Comey to say he wasn't being investigated

Trump also reportedly brought up the Steele dossier during that meeting and suggested that the FBI investigate to prove it didn't occur, an idea rebuffed by Comey. But here's why the latest news is particularly bad for Trump: It erases any idea that the Comey request was just a one-off. That information, Comey noted, was "salacious and unverified", but the briefing was necessary because the media were about to report on a leaked dossier and "to the extent there was some effort to compromise ...

National Trump promises 'first-class' infrastructure system for US
Author: 0 Trump promises 'first-class' infrastructure system for US

But what barges on the nation's major rivers are finding, Trump said , "is a dilapidated system of locks and dams that are over 50 years old and in serious decay". He has struggled to keep the spotlight on plans that could give him a political boost. The House GOP's AHCA, which seeks to repeal and replace the ACA, narrowly passed through the House in May, and now, the Senate is working on its own version.

Author: 0 Here's How to Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard Commencement Speech

Moreover, all other graduates present were moved by his mesmerizing words, as he showed a career path to them. "In our generation, the struggle of whether we connect more, whether we achieve our biggest opportunities, comes down to this - your ability to build communities and create a world where every single person has a sense of goal".

National Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg has no interest in Ohio State opening
Author: 0 Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg has no interest in Ohio State opening

Still, there's been no other word on Hoiberg potentially going back to school to coach, but it may not be a bad move for him. In his two seasons with the Bulls, however, Hoiberg has offered up no indication that he would even want to return to the college coaching ranks.

Author: 0 Parents insist accused leaker not a flight risk

A Georgia woman charged with leaking US government secrets to a reporter shared sometimes scathing opinions on President Donald Trump before her arrest . The 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor, who is also an Air Force veteran, is accused of orchestrating the latest bombshell leak from the NSA.

National Blohm Named Freshman All-American
Author: 0 Blohm Named Freshman All-American

The Brickhouse honor gives the Pirates, who missed out on the NCAA postseason this year after making it the previous two seasons, a freshman All-American for three straight seasons. He also led the team in runs and was second in hits. He also tallied 43 RBI and scored 55 runs, second in the Big 12 Conference. Brennan, also a two-time Big 12 Newcomer of the Week pick, hit.350 for seven doubles and 27 RBI for Kansas State.

National Los Angeles police shoot, kill man who had toy gun
Author: 0 Los Angeles police shoot, kill man who had toy gun

Police did not say what specifically prompted the shooting. The man was hit and fell to the ground. Authorities did not release more information on the officer's injuries. The Clark County coroner's office hasn't released the child's identity. One of the officers was also rushed to a hospital. They are now saying it's unclear if the officer was shot.

National Pelosi joins Cuomo to rally Democrats in New York
Author: 0 Pelosi joins Cuomo to rally Democrats in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that he would enact emergency regulations that counter the possible repeal of the ACA and guarantee New York residents the same 10 basic health services now required under the ACA. Beyond these headlines, much work is left to be done in the trenches to transition all New Yorkers to a democratically controlled and equitable, fossil fuel-free economy by 2050, while enhancing our energy and transportation systems and the longevity of our ...

Author: 0 Ashton Kutcher to present prize at 2017 CMT Music Awards

The CMT Music Awards will be hosted by the very handsome Nashville star Charles Esten . The event will occur on the first day of the 2017 CMA Music Festival, June 8, in support of the MuttNation Foundation, a non-profit that Lambert founded to support animal shelters, pet adoptions and rescue animals.

National North Korea accuses Trump of being 'selfish'
Author: 0 North Korea accuses Trump of being 'selfish'

The bill continues: "Regardless of federal action, the legislature supports the goals of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change and its effects on environments, economies, and communities around the world". "Obviously I'm disappointed with the current American administration decision to pull out of Paris", Obama said Tuesday during a speech in Canada.

National Gun rights bill gets initial OK from House
Author: 0 Gun rights bill gets initial OK from House

That would change current law that requires concealed-carry applicants be at least 21 and complete firearm safety training to obtain a permit. Now the transportation agency, cities and towns must provide "just compensation" when a new road requires the billboard be taken down or relocated, but the billboard industry says they receive very little.

National White House: President Trump's tweets are 'official statements'
Author: 0 White House: President Trump's tweets are 'official statements'

As some diplomats push back, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert cautions that they "are expected to use their judgment". According to a White House tech source, the president has about 108-110 million social media followers. " It's not policy . It's social media". Trump's "honest and unfiltered" message is going to get his policies blocked and his ass impeached . President Donald Trump may have tweeted himself into a corner, with his recent online musings regarding a ...

National Explosion strikes Afghanistan's - 10 killed
Author: 0 Explosion strikes Afghanistan's - 10 killed

It is also sometimes common to blame things that go wrong in Afghanistan on Pakistan, much as disturbances in Lebanon used to get blamed regularly on Syria. The conference, called the " Kabul Process ", aims to set the stage for peace talks and clinch an worldwide pact to end "cross-border terrorism".

National Jeff Sessions offered to resign amid tensions with Donald Trump
Author: 0 Jeff Sessions offered to resign amid tensions with Donald Trump

Fifty-three percent of Republicans and 51 percent of voters who helped elect Trump said the president tweets too much - increases of 11 points and 14 points, respectively. Sessions, now the attorney general, reportedly offered to resign amid tensions with the president. In a " tweet storm " - an increasingly ubiquitous feature of the platform - Conway's husband argued Monday that the president's tweets doubling down on the nomenclature of his travel ban were imperiling the Justice ...

National Woman accused of leak made pro-environment, anti-Trump posts
Author: 0 Woman accused of leak made pro-environment, anti-Trump posts

The U.S. Justice Department announced her arrest Monday, about an hour after The Intercept reported that it had obtained a top-secret NSA report about Russia's interference. "I'm in trouble", her mom recalls her saying in a phone call later that day. "She's not a violent person". "All the way to driving over there straight from work, if there was no one else available.

National Iran says at least 12 killed in Tehran terror attacks
Author: 0 Iran says at least 12 killed in Tehran terror attacks

Soon after the assault on parliament, another bomber detonated a suicide vest near the shrine of the Republic's revered founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, a few kilometres south of the city, Zolfaghari said, according to Tasnim. "The depravity of terrorism has no place in a peaceful, civilized world", said Nauert, who said the expressing condolences to the victims and their families.

Author: 0 Former Justice official is Trump's pick to head FBI

Trump announced Wednesday morning on Twitter his selection of Wray to replace James Comey , who was sacked by the president last month. "Details to follow", Trump said in a statement on Twitter. He adds that Wray would work 20 hours to complete four hours of work. That's because before becoming director of the FBI, Comey was the deputy attorney general under John Ashcroft.

Author: 0 Vice President Mike Pence, NASA to announce new class of astronauts

The new astronaut candidates could one day work at the International Space Station , and travel to the moon or even Mars. The committee, which was last in session during the administration of George H.W. To start, the agency has human resources experts do an initial review to determine which applicants meet the basic qualifications, which include a bachelor's degree in a STEM field (specifically in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics), as ...