Author: 0 California Congressman Moves to Impeach President Trump

Bookies are taking bets under the odds of 4/7 (64% likelihood) that Trump will either be impeached or resign from his post before his full Presidential term is up in 2020, and 5/4 (44.4% likelihood) that he will serve his full term as POTUS.

Author: 0 Cosby's wife arrives at court. Will either testify at sex assault trial?

McMonagle used a big screen to show jurors how Constand's story evolved and details changed over three interviews she gave to police after coming forward about a year after she says he assaulted her at his suburban Philadelphia home. "You don't put her in a bedroom for put her on a sofa, you do what you do to her, and then you leave her", he said, pleading with the jury.

National UN Security Council expands sanctions against North Korea
Author: 0 UN Security Council expands sanctions against North Korea

North Korea is accelerating its push to acquire a nuclear-armed missile capable of threatening the United States and other nations, and the US regards this as a " clear and present danger ", Mattis said in his speech at the forum. He said Pyongyang's missile tests were a response to those military drills, which it views as a "gun pointed at North Korea ". The US military said last Tuesday that it "successfully intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile target" in a test ...

National U.S. attorney general to testify in open hearing
Author: 0 U.S. attorney general to testify in open hearing

A third area of vulnerability for Sessions also arose from the Comey hearing. Senators want to get Sessions' take on all this. The Justice Department has said that while Sessions was there, for a speech by Trump, there were no meetings or private encounters.

National Trump's top lawyer to face questions on Russia, Comey
Author: 0 Trump's top lawyer to face questions on Russia, Comey

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify in an open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, be open to the public, according to the committee's leaders. "To get into a hypothetical at this point would be premature". Attorney General Jeff Sessions could be at the center of two controversies in the Trump administration: whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation to help President Donald Trump win and whether the president obstructed justice.

Author: 0 Kentucky's Congressmen Vote Party-Line On Dodd-Frank Rollback

The CHOICE Act offers the relief that our economy has been begging for, and I am happy to see some of the most burdensome and harmful regulations from Dodd-Frank finally repealed. "Beyond that what you have are Republicans-including the chairman of the committee, Mr. Hensarling, who is a very honorable, very pleasant, deeply, rigidly ideological conservative who is essentially against any regulation", Frank added.

Author: 0 Comey Tapes or Not? Trump Promises to Tell in 'Very Near Future'

The Trump-Russia story has always been compared to the Watergate scandal and reached a Nixonesque high point on Thursday during former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The committee also sent a letter to Mr Comey asking for any notes or memos about the discussions he had with Mr Trump before being abruptly fired last month.

National Lawsuit against Trump for anti-corruption rules violation
Author: 0 Lawsuit against Trump for anti-corruption rules violation

Just days after Trump's inauguration in January, the government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of NY. The Department of Justice responded to the CREW suit in a filing last Friday, arguing that it should be dismissed. The Maryland General Assembly this year granted broad powers to Frosh to sue the federal government, a move that has enabled him to file the lawsuit with Racine without a formal directive from ...

Author: 0 Rosenstein Says He Won't Fire Special Counsel Unless There's Good Cause

Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, found this to be so troublesome that he recommended Trump give Mueller the boot. "I think he's weighing that option". White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: "Chris speaks for himself". As Mueller builds his legal team , Trump's allies have begun raising questions about the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's impartiality, suggesting he can not be trusted to lead the probe.

Author: 0 Hawaii urges court to keep hold on Trump travel ban

A ruling Monday , June 12, 2017, from a unanimous three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. He said that the executive branch is entrusted with the responsibility to keep the country safe under Article II of the constitution but "unfortunately, this injunction prevents him from fully carrying out his Article II duties and has a chilling effect on security operations overall".

National Microsoft unveils Xbox One X at E3 2017 show
Author: 0 Microsoft unveils Xbox One X at E3 2017 show

Microsoft does boast internal updates like a 31 percent faster CPU and a hard drive that could make loading screens a thing of the past. In the past year, Microsoft has regularly teased how powerful this machine would be, but mostly in terms like "six teraflops" and "60Hz rendering".

Author: 0 Trump friend says president might fire special counsel Robert Mueller

The comments come amid increasing frustration at the White House and among Trump supporters that the investigation will overshadow the president's agenda for months to come — a prospect that has Democrats salivating. "I personally think it would be a significant mistake, even though I don't think there is a justification [for a special counsel]". "Mr. Ruddy never spoke to the president regarding this issue", Spicer said.

Author: 0 Former NBA player Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea

In this January 8, 2014 photo provided by the North Korean government, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un , left, talks with former NBA player Dennis Rodman , right, as they watch an exhibition basketball game at an indoor stadium in Pyongyang .

Author: 0 Sandy Hook group dumps Megyn Kelly as event host

But he has appeared more legitimate in some circles because President Donald Trump called him a "nice guy" and the White House last month gave InfoWars a temporary press credential. "Well, Sandy Hook is complex because I've had debates where devil's advocates said the whole story is true, and I've had debates where I've said none of it is true", Jones said.

Author: 0 GIANFICARO: Believe me, Andrea Constand sounds believable

Constand told her Cosby returned from the dinner table in his home that night and opened his hand to show her three blue pills. Andrea Constand walks to the courtroom during Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse on June 6, 2017 in Norristown , Pennsylvania.

Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions to publicly testify Tuesday

Sessions said his decision to accept the intelligence committee's invitation to appear was due in part to Comey's testimony. Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., said "there's a real question of the propriety" of Sessions' involvement in Comey's dismissal, because Sessions had stepped aside from the federal investigation into contacts between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

Author: 0 Another court rules out Donald Trump's travel ban

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco was reviewing a March ruling by a Hawaii-based federal judge that blocked parts of Mr Trump's order. Under immigration law, the administration was required to make findings that entry of the people in question would be detrimental to the United States but failed to do so, the court said.

National Attorney General Session next up for Capitol Hill scrutiny
Author: 0 Attorney General Session next up for Capitol Hill scrutiny

Former FBI director James Comey confirmed in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he memorialized his meetings with the president, including a private dinner during which, according to Comey, Trump asked him to pledge his loyalty and another conversation in which the president allegedly asked Comey to drop the FBI's investigation of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn .

Author: 0 London's Mayor Wants To Cancel Trump's State Visit To The UK

After Khan gave a statement early on Sunday that "Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days". Mr Khan earlier said the state visit should be scrapped: "State visits are given to world leaders who have had a distinguished service, who have a track record, and in the circumstances, where Donald Trump as president had a Muslim ban, had changed the policies of the U.S., the long-standing policies around refugees, in the circumstances when ...

National Boston comes one degree short of tying the heat record
Author: 0 Boston comes one degree short of tying the heat record

Temperatures are expected to sizzle again Tuesday after the mercury hit 93 degrees on Monday, matching the record set in 1973. "Temperatures will drop a little at night, with most places having early Tuesday morning readings between 65 and 75", forecasters said.

Author: 0 Russia probe: 5 people lawmakers want to hear from next

Comey said Trump pressured him to drop an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and told Comey that he needed his loyalty, even though FBI directors are supposed to work independently from the White House .

Author: 0 Trump cheerleaders turn on special counsel Mueller

Reporters spotted Ruddy leaving the White House earlier in the day. Muller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein , and Trump could order Rosenstein to fire him or he could order that regulations that govern the appointment be repealed and then fire Mueller himself.

National Texas grand jury indicts deputy, husband in death of man
Author: 0 Texas grand jury indicts deputy, husband in death of man

Video shot by a witness showed the deputy and her husband pinning Hernandez to the ground. (Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via AP). A Harris County grand jury in Houston returned the indictment against Harris County deputy Shauna Thompson and her husband, Terry Thompson, in the death of 24-year-old John Hernandez.

Author: 0 Trump's Travel Ban Tweets Could Come Back To Bite Him In Court

The same day Kellyanne Conway took to the airwaves to complain about the media's focus on Donald Trump's Twitter habits, her husband was tweeting his disapproval of the president's Monday morning tweetstorm. "Sad", Conway wrote , referring to acronyms for the Office of Solicitor General and the Supreme Court of the United States. In court, DOJ lawyers were asked if the White House was proceeding with drafting the vetting measures.

National No sign of healing in G7 climate change rift
Author: 0 No sign of healing in G7 climate change rift

Pruitt was not around for the joint statement issued by the G7 ministers on Monday, where the USA stood apart from its peers on climate change . Trudeau issued a statement after U.S. Ministers and diplomats from the other six countries, as well as United Nations officials attending the meeting, tried to walk a line between emphasizing their intent to forge ahead on climate change without Washington and expressing relief that Pruitt even showed up.

National Four Prisoners On The Run, Including Murder Suspect, After Escaping Oklahoma Jail
Author: 0 Four Prisoners On The Run, Including Murder Suspect, After Escaping Oklahoma Jail

The others are accused of property crimes. "They get up on top of that and they're able to jump over an air vent". Harkins said Blaine County sheriff's deputies established a perimeter around the hospital at 7:14 a.m., and that around 7:40 a.m., deputies responded to reports that Salinas was spotted crossing state Highway 75 headed eastbound near The Meadows mobile home park south of the hospital.

National High court ruling speeds up generic biotech drug approval
Author: 0 High court ruling speeds up generic biotech drug approval

The decision could yield billions of dollars in sales for drug companies. Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit manager, estimated in 2013 that the United States could be saving $250 billion over the next 10 years because of biosimilars. Rising drug prices are a matter of concern for patients and policymakers. Amgen took their argument that its biosimilar rivals should be forced to delay their 180-day marketing notices until after the FDA had made up its mind on the marketing application ...

National Green's grandstanding will not aid Democrats
Author: 0 Green's grandstanding will not aid Democrats

The confusion on the issue of such a procedure though comes from the fact that there is no clarity on the issue of what constitutes an impeachable offence. Only two presidents have ever been impeached, Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998, and even then, both remained in office. But Green's gambit highlights the growing apprehension many Democrats have towards the president, and it's sure to energize a liberal base that's sounded the impeachment alarm with increasing volume as ...

National Polls to open for primary elections across Virginia
Author: 0 Polls to open for primary elections across Virginia

Both parties have a three-way primary for lieutenant governor, a largely ceremonial position that's often a stepping stone to higher office. Politically speaking, I tend to hold true to the adage "no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests", so I open my mind and my ears to all candidates pursuing public office.

Author: 0 What's next in the legal fight over the travel ban

The ruling by the unanimous three-judge panel of the ninth United States circuit court of appeals has dealt the Trump administration another legal defeat, as the Supreme Court is considering yet another separate case on the issue. Instead, Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall urged the 4th Circuit to grant Trump the "presumption of regularity" as a reason for the judges to not look beyond the neutral (and perhaps constitutional) plain text of the order.

Author: 0 Mattis Calls Out China's 'Contempt' For Nations' 'Interests'

It is the seventh sanctions resolution the United Nations body has adopted against the North since the regime's first nuclear test in 2006. We are convinced that it will increase the tensions of the region. North Korea has rejected a new sanctions resolution adopted by the UN Security Council (UNSC) against the regime, vowing to continue developing and testing nuclear and missile weapons.

Author: 0 Fresh questions for Sessions - and he'll answer in public

Blumenthal is not a committee member but will sit in the audience, as he did last week when the committee heard the explosive testimony of dismissed FBI Director James Comey . On Wednesday, Comey released his planned opening statement to the committee which included his request of Sessions that the attorney general "prevent any future direct communication" between himself and Trump.

Author: 0 Omaha Bound! Noles Pound SHSU for 22nd College World Series Bid

Kyle Cavanaugh hit his first home run as a Seminole to start the eighth inning off Sam Houston State's sixth pitcher of the game, Brad Demco. The full bracket is available here - the victor of LSU-FSU will face the victor of Oregon State and Cal State-Fullerton on Monday night.

Author: 0 Sessions' offer to testify surprises, and concerns, intelligence panel

Comey was leading that probe. Members of the Intelligence Committee said they wanted Mr. Sessions to recount what happened during and after the February 14 Oval Office meeting where, according to Mr. "It's a very weird and peculiar thing for a one-on-one conversation without the attorney general, without warning, between the president and me or any United States attorney who has been asked to investigate various things and is in a position hypothetically to investigate business interests and ...

Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify in public on Tuesday

US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions will testify in a public hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee today, the committee chairman said in a statement yesterday. The Texas Republican said that he was confident Sessions will put an end to the "myths" surrounding recent reports, with his testimony. Standing with the president of Romania, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partner, Trump at last confirmed his commitment to the alliance's mutual defense pact, Article 5, uttering ...

Author: 0 Trump calls for rebuilding transportation systems, blasts Democrats as obstructionist

Trump compared the scope of his plan to some of the biggest projects in the history of the country - the building of the transcontinental railroad, the Panama Canal, and the Interstate Highway System. He said $200 billion of that figure will come from direct federal investment. At the Rivertowne Marina , Trump was joined by several Cabinet secretaries as well as two NY real estate moguls, Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth, whom Trump had previously named to lead an infrastructure council to ...

National US AG to testify on alleged Russian meddling in election
Author: 0 US AG to testify on alleged Russian meddling in election

Sessions was originally scheduled to appear before the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies, but bailed on that for the Intel Committee instead. Sessions stepped aside in March from the federal investigation into contacts between Russia and the campaign after acknowledging that had met twice previous year with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

National Trump touts investment and jobs in infrastructure push
Author: 0 Trump touts investment and jobs in infrastructure push

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., center, and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, right, listen to President Donald Trump , left, speak during Trump's meeting with House and Senate Leadership in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

National United States targets Iraqis for deportation in wake of travel ban deal
Author: 0 United States targets Iraqis for deportation in wake of travel ban deal

Nathan Kalasho, a prominent figure in the Chaldean community, says he's outraged the US government would allow Iraqi Christians to be deported to the Middle East. The moves come after the USA government dropped Iraq from a list of countries targeted by a revised version of Trump's temporary travel ban issued in March.

National Brunswick Police on scene at standoff with suspect in North Royalton murders
Author: 0 Brunswick Police on scene at standoff with suspect in North Royalton murders

Police suspect the daughters were killed elsewhere in the home before their bodies were moved to their mother's bed. "I can not tell you on the others because there's not a visible sign of how death occurred", said North Royalton Det. "Taylor was majoring in fashion design, while Kylie was involved in theater and was majoring in forensic science", the stepmother told WGHP-TV. "Let police work take its course.

National 49 victims of Pulse massacre remembered in daylong services
Author: 0 49 victims of Pulse massacre remembered in daylong services

The names of the 49 people killed in a Florida nightclub last June were read aloud early on Monday in a pre-dawn remembrance marking the exact moment a year earlier when a gunman transformed a dance party into a massacre. The owner of the gay nightclub in Florida that was the site of the worst mass shooting in modern US history says she misses the club. "The horrific terror attack at Pulse attempted to rip at the seams of our society, strike fear in our hearts and divide us", said Scott in ...

Author: 0 Cosby defense gives closing argument in sex assault case

In total, it has been reported that the defense witness was on the stand for just six minutes. "We're talking about all the man's tomorrows", he said. McMonagle has previously emphasized discrepancies in Constand's statements to law enforcement, including her shifting estimates of when the incident occurred.

Author: 0 Fresh questions for AG Jeff Sessions - and he'll answer in public

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh joined District of Columbia counterpart Karl Racine at a news conference in announcing a lawsuit against Trump, filed in U.S. Sen. Since then, lawmakers have raised questions about a possible third meeting at a Washington hotel, though the Justice Department has said that did not happen.

National Sessions' testimony to Congress Tuesday to be open to public
Author: 0 Sessions' testimony to Congress Tuesday to be open to public

Jeff Sessions, a longtime senator until President Donald Trump picked him as United States attorney general, heads to Congress this coming week when he will face a grilling about his Russian interactions. Lankford is on the intelligence committee, the forum for last week's riveting Comey testimony and Tuesday's hearing. Despite Sessions' admitted talks with Kislyak, he has been dogged by questions about possible additional encounters with the ambassador, including at a foreign policy ...

National Missouri lawmakers start session on abortion
Author: 0 Missouri lawmakers start session on abortion

Republican Governor Eric Greitens has signed into law a bill that lets Missourians choose whether they want a non-compliant driver's license or a so-called REAL ID for access to planes, military bases and federal facilities. Greitens, however, said it was important "to put in place some commonsense health and safety standards and, as I mentioned, to address what's happened with these radical politicians who've tried to create an abortion sanctuary city ".

National Trump travel ban in limbo as court upholds injunction
Author: 0 Trump travel ban in limbo as court upholds injunction

Trump's administration on June 1 filed emergency applications with the nine Supreme Court justices seeking to undo two different lower court rulings that blocked his March 6 order barring entry for people from Iran , Libya , Somalia , Sudan , Syria and Yemen for 90 days while the USA government implements stricter visa screening.

Author: 0 North Korea threatens to turn the American continent into ashes

Highlighting that "the United States regards the threat from North Korea as a clear and present danger ", Mattis also noted that the Pyongyang regime has been increasing the pace and scope of its efforts in the continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.