National Local florists prepare ahead of Valentine's Day
Author: 0 Local florists prepare ahead of Valentine's Day

The National Retail Federation predicts buyers will spend $2 billion on flowers this Valentine's Day. That's about $10 less than last year's record high of $146.84. The storm might have stopped people from coming to the store but it didn't stop them from calling. "Every order is important because that could be the one and only time that someone has received flowers, so that look on their face and that excitement when they get [the arrangement] is what we're all about", said Cindy Hatton, ...

Author: 0 Appellate Court Hears Case of Brendan Dassey of 'Making a Murderer' Fame

Rovner, and Judge Ann C. Williams. Most of the judges' questions centered around the techniques investigators used during Dassey's controversial interrogation in 2006, during which the then-16-year-old confessed. She reports that family members of victim Teresa Halbach have arrived for the hearing. A federal magistrate ruled investigators took advantage of Dassey's youth and cognitive problems to coerce his confession.

Author: 0 Producer Prices Increased 0.6% in January

Inflation at the US wholesale level posted the biggest increase in January since 2012, propelled by rising gasoline prices. Core prices had been expected to climb by 0.2 percent. The core measure gets more attention from investors. Despite the surge, the department found the PPI only increased 1.6% in the 12 months through January, following a similar gain in the 12 months through December.

Author: 0 Body discovered in search for missing plane

Officials did not release any details about the body, including its gender and rough age. After the chopper spotted the body, a Coast Guard boat recovered it and took it to the boat ramp at Cedar Key. The last known radar contact from the aircraft was at 11:06 a.m. when the plane was approximately 7 miles south of Cedar Key, according to the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center.

Author: 0 Missouri KKK Leader Found Shot to Death

She said her husband had received threats because of his affiliation with the KKK, but she wasn't sure if anyone wanted to hurt him. Frank Ancona drove around Missouri in an orange Dukes of Hazzard doppelganger auto he called General Lee in the show's honour.

Author: 0 Guilty verdict in Etan Patz missing child case

A lone holdout juror was unconvinced of his guilt, causing the judge to declare a mistrial in May 2015. Prosecutors had to overcome significant hurdles in trying the old case. Prosecutors have suggested Hernandez faked or exaggerated his symptoms. But over the years, Pedro told a friend, his ex-wife, and a church group that he had killed a young person in NY by choking and dumping the body - details did vary though, according to trial testimony.

National Governor makes another pitch to repeal HB2
Author: 0 Governor makes another pitch to repeal HB2

Cooper is offering Republican legislative leaders a new compromise proposal to repeal the controversial House Bill 2, including tougher penalties on crimes committed in public bathrooms and requiring cities seeking to adopt nondiscrimination ordinances to provide lawmakers with 30 days' notice.

Author: 0 US Department of Education misspells name and praises 'WEB DeBois'

The Education Department did not immediately reply to a request for comment , but after the site initially went down, an unnamed department spokesman told The Washington Post that the agency was working on the problem. "Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an unbelievable job and is being recognized more and more, I notice", he said. Critics pushed back on DeVos' nomination while citing her past views on charter schools and school voucher programs, saying that she ...

Author: 0 Perdue, Alexander Vote To Confirm New Veterans Affairs Secretary, Dr. David Shulkin

He was previously the VA undersecretary of health. "We are eager to work with Secretary Shulkin on making VA as great as the people it serves". The only group to publicly express some worry about Shulkin's confirmation was Concerned Veterans for America, a conservative-leaning advocacy group backed by billionaires Charles and David Koch.

National Federal and state officials warned of Oroville Dam's flaws 12 years ago
Author: 0 Federal and state officials warned of Oroville Dam's flaws 12 years ago

An immediate evacuation from the lower levels of Oroville and other areas have been issued due to a "hazardous situation" developing with the dam's spillway. Until now, the auxiliary spillway had not been used since the Oroville Dam begun operations in 1968. Its crews plan to use helicopters to drop rocks into gouge in the emergency spillway to prevent further erosion, officials tweeted.

Author: 0 Evacuees wait nervously while crews scramble to fix Oroville Dam

Officials in California were racing against the weather Tuesday, struggling to shore up the Oroville Dam's emergency spillway before more rains pummel the area and place the structure under even greater stress. "We have made a decision to accommodate as many people evacuated from the flood-affected areas as possible", said Jaswant Singh, president of the Yuba City Gurdwara, which is a 40-minute drive from the erosion site.

Author: 0 Camera catches high winds toppling truck onto police auto

You've probably seen a few pushed around by crosswinds to the point that the trailer strays into a neighboring lane, but as this video shows, a crosswind can do much more than that. No one was hurt, but the police vehicle is presumed totaled. Police cited the driver of the semi with a misdemeanor for traveling on a closed section of interstate.

National Russia Accuses US of 'Paranoia' Over Ties After Flynn's Ouster
Author: 0 Russia Accuses US of 'Paranoia' Over Ties After Flynn's Ouster

Vice President Mike Pence insisted that Flynn and the Russian ambassador "did not discuss anything having to do with the United States' decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia". 'We were shocked and dismayed to learn this evening of reports that three weeks ago, USA law enforcement officials warned the White House Counsel that General Flynn had provided false information to the public about his communications with the Russian government, ' they said.

Author: 0 Waynesburg University football player found dead in dorm

The Waynesburg University community is saddened by the news of a death on campus of a current student. You can read the Observer-Reporter's full story here. The Waynesburg student newspaper, the Yellow Jacket , is reporting the deceased is junior Bradley Grinnen. Rohanna said the investigation was turned over to city police, who said no information was available Sunday.

Author: 0 Tallest US dam in California might collapse, immediate evacuation ordered - sheriff

Chris Orrock, a Department of Water Resources spokesman, said it appears the dam's main spillway has stopped crumbling even though it is being used for water releases. At a staging area beside the dam on Monday, construction equipment was lined up with rows of large, white rock-filled sacks waiting for operations to begin.

National Florist shops busy with Valentine's Day preparations
Author: 0 Florist shops busy with Valentine's Day preparations

While the flowers stay fresh there, agriculture specialists from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) examine the millions of blooms for any stowaways - plant pests clinging to the stems. The answer is quite simple, really. FLORISTS have been busy preparing bouquets of flowers since the early hours of Monday, helping lovers impress their sweethearts on the global day of love.

Author: 0 Snow piles on New England for second time in a week

They also warned the people about traveling in the morning due to heavy snow covers the road, which makes the roads slick and risky travel and even crossing an ice covered road can be unsafe. Schools around the region delayed or canceled classes Monday , including in Boston and some areas of NY state. The winter storm that began Sunday and carried into Monday morning has so far brought about 3 to 7 inches of wet snow to most areas in MA.

National Trump vows new security steps after court setback
Author: 0 Trump vows new security steps after court setback

But Mr Trump continued to conjure images of unspecified danger, saying he had "learned tremendous things that you could only learn, frankly, if you were in a certain position, namely president". Justice Department lawyers appealed to the 9th Circuit, arguing that the president has the constitutional power to restrict entry to the United States and that the courts can not second-guess his determination that such a step was needed to prevent terrorism.

National Trump defends detention of hundreds of immigrants
Author: 0 Trump defends detention of hundreds of immigrants

The Atlanta office, which covers 3 states, arrested 200 people, a spokesman for the office, said. He said ICE needs to clarify whether these people "are in fact risky, violent threats to our communities, and not people who are here peacefully raising families and contributing to our state".

National Monday forecast: Slight chance of rain, still mild
Author: 0 Monday forecast: Slight chance of rain, still mild

Monday will be a bit cooler. Overnight lows will bottom out in the 30s and low 40s, but that will go along with strengthening northerly winds throughout the night. A trough of low pressure will move down over IN on Wednesday with the possibility of snow showers across the north and eastern part of the state.

Author: 0 Oklahoma Lawmaker: Pregnant Women Are 'Hosts' Whose Bodies Don't Belong to Them

Trump took anti-abortion positions during his campaign and Vice President Mike Pence championed restrictive abortion laws as governor of Indiana. I guess I'll just start with the main player here: An Oklahoma state representative - Justin Humphrey - has introduced a law into his state legislature that would require a pregnant woman to get written consent from her sexual partner in order to obtain an abortion.

National Convicted sex offender arrested over death of missing Ohio State University student
Author: 0 Convicted sex offender arrested over death of missing Ohio State University student

Tokes' body was found at Scioto Grove Metro Park on Thursday. Golsby was released from prison in November after serving six years for rape and robbery. The charges against Golsby also were based on statements he gave to police, White said. White added that there was no connection between Golsby and Tokes prior to the murder of the Ohio State University student.

National Gallup Poll: President Trump's Approval Rating Dips To 40 Percent
Author: 0 Gallup Poll: President Trump's Approval Rating Dips To 40 Percent

But Clinton suffered the biggest midterm loss for a president's first term since Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term in 1931, according to the American Presidency Project, with a net loss of 52 House seats and eight Senate seats. According to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, only 40 percent of Americans approve of the job the president has done in office so far, while 55 percent disapprove.

Author: 0 Activists protest Donald Trump's Labor Secretary Nominee in Orlando

Only nine cabinet picks have been rejected in the senate's history and if more than two Republican senators come out against Puzder, even a vice-presidential Trump card wouldn't be able to stop him becoming the tenth. She sits on the committee scheduled Thursday to question Puzder, a former St. Louis attorney and CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Hardee's and Carl's Jr.

National Police kill burglary suspect in Louisville, Kentucky
Author: 0 Police kill burglary suspect in Louisville, Kentucky

Chief Conrad said Young had been arrested locally 11 times since 2003. Young was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Officers were called to the 1200 block of Oleanda Avenue around 10:30 p.m. "I never draw any conclusions with regards to an officer-involved shooting as to whether or not the use of force was justified", Conrad said. An officer was hurt and shot in the hand during the incident.

National De Blasio: Afforable housing, jobs are long-term priorities
Author: 0 De Blasio: Afforable housing, jobs are long-term priorities

He touted record low high school dropout rates, and a reduction in crime but said he was "keenly aware" the city had to "go protect people from the rising cost of housing". "You will hear people say it can not be done", de Blasio said of the tax. Low-income NY tenants facing eviction in housing court will be guaranteed legal representation as part of a $93 million commitment from the city.

Author: 0 Multiple cars catch fire at Disneyland parking garage

No foul play was suspected but authorities haven't given a cause for the blaze at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure. Police said the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries and refused to be taken to the hospital. Hundreds of park visitors and employees were stuck outside the structure unable to get to their cars. "It's more of a nuisance than anything", Darren Clark, whose family of four couldn't get to their auto because of the shutdown, told KNBC-TV.

National Trump's immigration ban likely unconstitutional, Virginia judge rules
Author: 0 Trump's immigration ban likely unconstitutional, Virginia judge rules

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Alexandria moves the overall issue a step closer to possible Supreme Court review. "T$3 the court finds that the Commonwealth of Virginia has standing to maintain this civil action and has established that it is likely to prevail on the merits...

Author: 0 Hundreds gather in Milwaukee for 'Day without Latinos' march

The march in Milwaukee was organized by Hispanic advocacy group Voces de la Frontera , and as they and thousands of protestors marched to the Milwaukee County courthouse, they shouted cheers of "Si, se puede", which translates to "Yes, we can", according to the Journal Sentinel .

National Federal Authorities Detain, Search Phone of NASA Scientist at Airport
Author: 0 Federal Authorities Detain, Search Phone of NASA Scientist at Airport

A racer by hobby, Sid Bikkannavar left for South America for a solar-powered vehicle racing event a week before Trump administration took over the White House and signed executive orders - he claims being detained for questioning upon his arrival by the US Customs and Border Patrol - who refused to release him unless he gave up his phone and access PIN.

National Gettysburg man charged in drunken vandalism spree at State Capitol
Author: 0 Gettysburg man charged in drunken vandalism spree at State Capitol

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services announced charges Monday against 27-year-old Ryan Stump, who allegedly entered the Capitol through a first-floor window at approximately 1:45 on Sunday morning. He acknowledged that it is prompting the Capitol Police to review their security measures and staffing after hours when the Capitol is closed. "Whether or not they are watching every single camera every second, I really can't get into what they actually do as far as video surveillance and ...

National Mnuchin narrowly confirmed by Senate as treasury secretary
Author: 0 Mnuchin narrowly confirmed by Senate as treasury secretary

Opposing his nomination, Democrats boycotted a vote on his confirmation in a Senate committee and have demanded that the vote before the full Senate be delayed as long as possible. His role at Bear Stearns could set off a new round of protests from Democrats over his forecasts in 2007 dismissing the hazards building in credit markets that fueled the USA housing collapse.

National Vanderbilt and peer institutions file amicus brief opposing travel ban
Author: 0 Vanderbilt and peer institutions file amicus brief opposing travel ban

The brief also notes "the importance of global students, faculty and scholars to amici and their educational missions", and that the institutions share an "interest in ensuring that individuals from around the globe can continue to enter the United States ..." Nassau Hall announced Monday that Princeton and 16 other peer schools had filed a friend of the court brief in a case challenging the order, in NY federal court.

National Morning Joe Furious After Donald Trump Praises Stephen Miller
Author: 0 Morning Joe Furious After Donald Trump Praises Stephen Miller

Rice infamously said in a series of September 2012 interviews that an anti-Islam video caused the deadly terror attack in Benghazi Libya, a specious claim that quickly proved false. That's what Joe Scarborough said during a total on air meltdown Monday morning. These included dishonestly claiming that Democratic voters were bused into New Hampshire to swing that state to Clinton, dishonestly claiming that noncitizen voters helped account for Clinton's popular vote margin of victory, and ...

Author: 0 Dillinger Escape Plan Tour Bus Struck By Truck, 13 Injured

The band members were reportedly not seriously hurt. Aneta Wlazlowska , a spokesperson for the Radomsko police, revealed that the band members were taken to the local hospital for further tests, but were believed to have escaped serious injury.

National Mar-a-Lago Member Posts Photo with 'Nuclear Football' Aide
Author: 0 Mar-a-Lago Member Posts Photo with 'Nuclear Football' Aide

Richard DeAgazio , a MA businessman and Trump supporter, shared the photos that show he had a front-row seat as Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe handled the response to North Korea's firing a missile in the direction of Japan. He has disabled his Facebook account. So, God forbid anything happened to the president and I had to make a decision the codes are with me... "While the president and Prime Minister Abe were golfing, the press corps was actually put into a basement, with ...

Author: 0 Hip-hop group: Betsy DeVos is bad for the inner cities

Senators Maria Cantwell (D) and Patty Murray (D) have demanded to know why the Department of Education has deactivated a website dedicated to empowering and assisting students with disabilities and their families. On Monday, a message on the site told visitors: "The servers hosting our website are experiencing technical issues". "As we work to resolve this issue, information regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act can be found below", the note reads.

National Officer shot, suspect killed in Louisville shooting
Author: 0 Officer shot, suspect killed in Louisville shooting

EMS was called, the coroner responded and pronounced Young dead at the scene. "(The officer) has been transported to University Hospital where we anticipate he will either potentially have surgery or he will be treated for his injuries", Conrad said.

Author: 0 Prison worker Joyce Mitchell denied parole

The Parole Board noted that Mitchell has had good conduct in prison and received letters in support of her release from her husband and family. Supervisor of the prison tailor shop at the time of the escape, Mitchell said she planned to return to school and seek a job in the criminal justice system if she were granted a parole.

National The Trump Administration in One Photo
Author: 0 The Trump Administration in One Photo

The photos show the man carrying the briefcase. Wow.the center of the action!' "It is held by an aide-to-camp, and [] is the man". There have also been numerous photos of sightings of the "nuclear football" during previous administrations, so photos emerging of the person carrying the "football" at Trump's resort appear to be entirely unremarkable.

National Queens Woman, 75, Mauled To Death By Dog She Recently Adopted
Author: 0 Queens Woman, 75, Mauled To Death By Dog She Recently Adopted

The TV station reported that the woman and her 39-year-old son were attacked after midnight Monday in Queens. Her son was treated for injuries to his left leg at the same hospital, where he was listed in stable condition, police said. A neighgour, Jean Vontas, said Hermida had so many dogs she never knew if shes was just baby-sitting the animals. It's unclear how large the dog involved in the attack is, but depending on the gender, a mastiff can grow to weigh more than 200 pounds.

National SoCal Agencies Respond to Oroville Dam Emergency
Author: 0 SoCal Agencies Respond to Oroville Dam Emergency

The officials, however, earlier on Sunday had said that the structure of the dam was sound and that there was no threat to the public. Thousands of people living below the Oroville Dam in California are being evicted as the United State's tallest dam faces an imminent collapse.

Author: 0 United States military releases al-Qaida video seized in Yemen raid

As the dinner wrapped up, Trump approved the raid, conditional on another round of meetings with deputies from the agencies. The Pentagon's website no longer shows an " important intelligence " video obtained in a fatal Yemeni raid, since officials realized the footage has been available online for a decade.

Author: 0 Son of Jerry Sandusky charged with child sex crimes in Pennsylvania

According to WTAJ , Jeff has been under investigation since November 2016, when the child of his girlfriend showed their father explicit text messaged from Jeffrey, including some that requested nude photographs. Sandusky's dad was caged for 30 years in 2012 after being convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse. Matt Sandusky, another son of the former coach, has alleged that he was a victim of his father's abuse.

National Winter Storm Set To Sock The Northeast With Snow ... Again
Author: 0 Winter Storm Set To Sock The Northeast With Snow ... Again

Blizzard warnings are in effect for eastern ME, according to the weather service. A "complex winter storm" is reaching Upstate New York this morning, and the entire region is under severe weather alerts. Temperatures will generally be 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher in these areas Saturday to Monday compared to the end of this week. Noon to 3 p.m.: Snow tapers off in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley from southwest to northeast.

National How Are North Korea's Neighbors Responding to Missile Launch?
Author: 0 How Are North Korea's Neighbors Responding to Missile Launch?

The United Nations was due to hold an emergency meeting on Monday night in NY to discuss the launch. President Donald Trump and Japan PM Shinzo Abe speak on North Korea at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. This photo, according to and released by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency, was taken February 12, 2017, and shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, surrounded by soldiers of the Korean People's Army as he inspects the test-launch of a surface-to-surface medium long-range ...

Author: 0 Penn State runs over IL on home court

In Big Ten play, Penn State welcomes Indiana ( Sept. 30 ), Michigan (Oct. 21), Rutgers (Nov. 11 - Homecoming) and Nebraska (Nov. 18) to Happy Valley. The Lions competed in black and pink singlets in a nod to Penn State's original colors and fans were asked to wear black for a blackout.

Author: 0 Fresh storm Orson to batter parts of Northeast US

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said a snow emergency will go into effect at 10 a.m. local time Thursday and remain in effect through the severe weather. But authorities are concerned about the wind, which could change the situation. The rapid strengthening of a low-pressure system will give way to this, Martin said.