Author: 0 Manafort had plan to benefit Putin

Second, he has adamantly denied working on behalf of Russian interests in the past. Once again, smear and innuendo are being used to paint a false picture. After Comey testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Manafort "played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time" for the Trump campaign.

National In unanimous decision, Supreme Court raises bar for special education
Author: 0 In unanimous decision, Supreme Court raises bar for special education

The case, Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District, could have widespread implications when it comes to how educators treat special education students moving forward-as children with the right to advance in the classroom. But he praised the court for saying it would defer to the judgment of educational officials. The Supreme Court, however, ruled on Wednesday that the schools have a higher burden than the one adopted by the 10th Circuit decision to properly educate students with ...

National Mexican Man Freed After Arrest
Author: 0 Mexican Man Freed After Arrest

FILE - In this March 8, 2017, file photo, Mark Rosenbaum, right, an attorney for Daniel Ramirez Medina, talks to reporters outside the federal courthouse in Seattle, as fellow attorneys, from left, Ethan Dettmer, Theodore Boutrous Jr., and Luis Cortes, look on.

National Another DACA Dreamer to be Released After 6 Weeks in Detention
Author: 0 Another DACA Dreamer to be Released After 6 Weeks in Detention

When that request was denied by the federal court, his attorneys sought the bond hearing in front of the immigration judge. "This has been a long 46 days, but I'm so thankful for the support that I've gotten from everyone who helped me and for the opportunity to live in such an wonderful country, " Ramirez said in a statement.

Author: 0 Austere Texas spending bill passes Senate amid budget woes

David Blount, D-Jackson. Sen. Mark Stoops, D-Bloomington, said he made a decision to vote against the bill "for now" because he wanted to review the Senate changes properly. He told the committee, "The superintendent must have experience in public schools, and the people of in should have the right to elect this office".

Author: 0 Warriors' Durant could return during regular season

From basically the first day of the season and on, you couldn't look at the Western Conference standings this season without seeing either the Warriors or Rockets listed at or near the top. In their previous two meetings on the season, San Antonio (57-17) beat Golden State (61-14) by an average of almost 26 points. Curry drilled a three-pointer with 1:46 left to rebuild a double-digit lead for the Warriors (60-14), who stretched their winning streak to eight games and became the sixth ...

Author: 0 Trump's approval rating sinks to 35 percent

Trump's approval rating hovered in the mid-to-low 40s in the weeks following the beginning of his presidency. When the president was still just a candidate in the race, several Republicans were totally against him until he actually became the president.

National Tennessee police seek help from public in kidnapping case
Author: 0 Tennessee police seek help from public in kidnapping case

The couple have adult children together and are also grand. "If it is true that contact between this student and Mr. Cummins has continued in light of these allegations, I can tell you that my client will use whatever legal means are at his disposal, including filing suit, to assist Maury County Schools in protecting (Elizabeth) from Mr.

Author: 0 Oakland stadium landlord prefers Raiders leave by 2019

Lindo and the store manager Adam Barden don't anticipate the move hurting the store, they don't anticipate fans rushing to buy Oakland merchandise before the team moves in 2020. Those who don't, well, it's a different story. Lawyers for the stadium authority overseeing operations at the Coliseum are reviewing the Raiders lease while at least one City Council member wants the team out as soon as possible.

Author: 0 Liberal voters push Democrats to a new nuclear age

Lee on Wednesday pointed to Senate Democrats' 2013 move which ended filibusters on almost all judicial nominees - except for the Supreme Court. As the committee readies to vote, four additional Democrats said they are likely to vote against the Denver-based appeals court judge.

Author: 0 North Carolina close to losing NCAA events over bathroom law

Following the GOP press conference, civil liberty groups railed against the proposal. Yet, despite a dearth of anecdotal or statistical evidence to support HB2 proponents' contention that the law protects women and girls from sexual predators, Republican lawmakers have continued to defend the measure, claiming the almost $4 billion loss in business revenue constitutes merely a sliver of North Carolina's economy.

Author: 0 Schumer confirms Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch

Lee said his biggest takeaway from the hearings is the consistency of Gorsuch. He's considerate of the law. And that's not right, and we would have to change the rules to have the Supreme Court like everyone else. Despite that effort, Lee thinks Gorsuch will sail past any filibuster. Asked about Schumer's plans at Thursday's press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer deferred to the Senate leader.

Author: 0 Now what? The next steps for health care legislation

But what I can tell you is that it was a garbage piece of legislation because it was written by politicians. "We were a 10-year opposition party, where being against things was easy to do", he said Friday afternoon. He insisted the GOP overhaul effort was not over and that he regretted not spending more time with moderate Republicans and Democrats "to find some consensus".

National Hoyer: Nunes should resign from intelligence committee
Author: 0 Hoyer: Nunes should resign from intelligence committee

Ivanka Trump is joining her father's administration as an official employee. The outcry over Nunes' actions since FBI Director James Comey confirmed the FBI was investigating possible ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign could add momentum to calls for an independent commission to investigate the matter.

Author: 0 Trump, Comey and Russia: Let the chips fall where they may

Comey confirmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been investigating since last July possible Russian government efforts to interfere in the election, including any links between Trump's campaign and Moscow. The FBI, about a week later, said there were no new findings and backed an earlier decision to not bring charges. For the first time, U.S. investigators say they have corroborated some of the communications detailed in a 35-page dossier compiled by a former British intelligence ...

National Travis County sheriff can not verify release of criminal illegals
Author: 0 Travis County sheriff can not verify release of criminal illegals

Local authorities released more than 200 undocumented immigrants from prisons and jails in sanctuary jurisdictions over a week-long span despite pending federal detainment orders, U.S. The report was prompted by an executive order signed by President Donald Trump in January. Gutiérrez said the White House's crackdown on sanctuary cities is making jurisdictions less safe because immigrants, fearing deportation , will not contact authorities in emergencies.

National UN Negotiating Nuclear Arms Ban as U.S. and Others Boycott
Author: 0 UN Negotiating Nuclear Arms Ban as U.S. and Others Boycott

Writing to the president of the conference - which has been boycotted by many nuclear powers, including the United States - the pontiff says he wants to encourage the some 120 countries taking part in the talks to "work with determination" to eliminate the need for atomic weapons.

National Maryland lawmakers send bills prompted by Trump to goveror
Author: 0 Maryland lawmakers send bills prompted by Trump to goveror

In fracking, water, sand and chemicals are injected deep into the ground at high pressure to break up rock and release natural gas. Fracking opponents cited health and environmental concerns for not allowing the drilling process to ever happen in the state.

Author: 0 Latest Tab On HB2: $3.76B Lost

The biggest impact on the state's business? The law mandates that people must use the bathrooms of the gender on their birth certificate, as well as excluding gender identity and sexual orientation from categories protected from discrimination.

Author: 0 Three Storm Chasers Killed In W

Many storm chasers are particularly interested in tropical systems or severe thunderstorms which are capable of forming tornadoes. Jeff Piotrowski, a professional storm chaser with, tweeted that he was at the scene of the accident and confirmed that three storm chasers died.

Author: 0 Westinghouse Files For Bankruptcy Protection, 10 Years After Acquisition By Toshiba

WE said while the filing would not impact operations because it had financing in place, it was unclear whether that pledge extended to future projects. Meanwhile, the United States government had granted a loan of $8.3 billion for the utilities in Georgia. Japan's government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said the two governments were having thorough discussions on the issue.

National Woman strikes Capitol Police cruiser, taken into custody
Author: 0 Woman strikes Capitol Police cruiser, taken into custody

As police attempted to stop her, she made a U-turn and fled, almost striking officers and striking at least one other vehicle, Malecki said. She was reportedly stopped at Independence Avenue SW and 3rd Avenue. There's no word on how long it will be closed, but drivers are advised to avoid the area if at all possible. The witness, on Capitol Hill to visit lawmakers, declined to permit her name to be used.

National Jailed Mexican man testified at bond hearing
Author: 0 Jailed Mexican man testified at bond hearing

Ramirez was welcomed by supporters in the lobby of a detention facility after he was freed. In a brief filed in early March, his lawyers argued that Ramirez is not fighting deportation but an unconstitutional arrest and detention. "Despite Francisco's best efforts to make good on his mistake, ICE has taken the position that even a misdemeanor DUI eligible for diversion is enough to end DACA status", Andrea Williams, executive director of Causa Oregon, an Oregon immigrant rights ...

National Justice Department Threatens to Strip Federal Money from Sanctuary Cities
Author: 0 Justice Department Threatens to Strip Federal Money from Sanctuary Cities

The former administration never moved to actually curtail, let alone "claw back" funding, as Session's threatened on Monday, but he suggested that theObama-era OIG report would be the basis of doing so in the future. Part of the argument for the city's case as presented by Murray hinges on the 10th Amendment, which says that the federal government can not specify how local governments enforce federal law.

National Trump Plans Office To Bring Business Ideas To Government
Author: 0 Trump Plans Office To Bring Business Ideas To Government

We want more people to come forward, " Nunes said, according to the Wall Street Journal . Hicks said that Kushner has said he is ready to speak with the Senate Intelligence Committee and noted that during the presidential transition he met with dozens of foreign representatives.

Author: 0 Fiscal conservatives balk on vote for GOP health bill in House

The decision came after Trump, who ran as a master dealmaker, failed to reach agreement with a bloc of rebellious conservatives. Showdown day at hand, Republicans remained short of votes Thursday for their showcase health care overhaul, hoping for President Donald Trump to close the deal with balky conservatives at a White House meeting.

Author: 0 Problems with the Focus on Leaks as Trump's Defense to Russia Investigation

One official CNN talked to said that it appeared people connected with the campaign "were giving the thumbs up to release information when it was ready", though other sources apparently said such a determination was premature. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went after FBI Director James Comey, calling his testimony Monday before the House Intelligence Committee "amazingly political".

National Kushner company, Chinese firm call off development deal
Author: 0 Kushner company, Chinese firm call off development deal

The Kushner Companies confirmed on Wednesday that negotiations with Anbang Insurance Group to help fund redevelopment of the family's office tower on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue have ended. "Absent these documents, it is impossible to determine the extent to which Mr. Kushner or his immediate family may benefit from the Anbang sale", the lawmakers maintained.

Author: 0 Who Was Devin Nunes' Secret White House Source?

Yates, a former deputy attorney general in the Obama administration, served as acting attorney general in the first days of Trump's presidency. The paper cited Justice Department letters saying much of her potential testimony is covered by presidential communication privilege and barred from being discussed in a congressional hearing.

National Freedom Caucus blows chance to make a difference
Author: 0 Freedom Caucus blows chance to make a difference

A 35-page blueprint developed by House Republican leaders, known as a "Better Way", will serve as a starting point for the tax-reform discussions. The Senate plans to consider Gorsuch next week. Bernie Sanders, for whom Obamacare was but a temporary way station on the road to full government control of one-fifth of the US economy. Julius Hobson, a healthcare lobbyist and attorney with the law firm Polsinelli, said a "full blown push at the repeal and replace is going to be extremely hard ...

National Three storm chasers die after tornadoes hit west Texas
Author: 0 Three storm chasers die after tornadoes hit west Texas

It wasn't the grandma that doomed him. Mr Williamson and Mr Yarnall were both from Cassville, Missouri. In the other vehicle was Corbin Jaeger, of Peoria, Ariz., who had documented storms since 2014 for the site MadWx, which features live streams and other media of tornadoes.

Author: 0 Schumer says Trump must take first steps on bipartisanship

Schumer ... told me Trump was a liar", Byers told The New York Post . "If [Democrats] got together with us, and got us a real healthcare bill, I'd be totally OK with that". "The conversation continued outside because everyone left at the same time ". "A spokesman for Schumer told Page Six :, "[He] and his wife ate at the café on Sunday, engaging in unremarkable conversation with patrons who approached their table.

National House Intel Chair Facing Pressure to Step Away From House Russia Probe
Author: 0 House Intel Chair Facing Pressure to Step Away From House Russia Probe

Nunes has provided limited details about the information he obtained over the course of his investigation, but said there are "dozens of reports " showing that " incidentally collected information about US citizens involved in the Trump transition" was gathered during the course of "normal foreign surveillance".

National Severe Weather-Southern Plains-The Latest story
Author: 0 Severe Weather-Southern Plains-The Latest story

The latest tragedy just underscored the risks of speeding after storms to capture meteorological data and hair-raising video - a field that has become crowded in recent years with seasoned professionals, amateur weather enthusiasts and thrill-seekers who like getting their names and footage on TV.

National Imperative That House GOP Keep Promise, Repeal Obamacare
Author: 0 Imperative That House GOP Keep Promise, Repeal Obamacare

I wanted to talk to someone who has a lot of experience with Republican infighting and party turmoil, so I called former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. AshLee Strong, a spokesperson for House Speaker Paul Ryan , told Business Insider there was "no schedule update" on any Obamacare replacement bill, throwing cold water on the possibility of a vote in the coming days.

National North Carolina Lawmakers Reach Agreement to Repeal 'Bathroom Bill'
Author: 0 North Carolina Lawmakers Reach Agreement to Repeal 'Bathroom Bill'

The NCAA has said it won't consider North Carolina's 131 bids unless lawmakers repeal HB 2. North Carolina's House Bill 2, which has been on the books exactly one year as of Thursday, will the cost the state $3.76 billion after Gov. Republicans and Democrats spent several hours Wednesday in closed-door meetings. Later, Cooper met at the governor's mansion for more than two hours with Berger and Moore.

Author: 0 Paul Ryan: Push for health-care reform will continue

President Trump must get his party's house in order before he steps in it again. "Saying no is easy, leading is hard, but that is what we were elected to do", Poe said in a statement. White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Monday suggested health care legislation could be revived with bipartisan support. But the bill - which one poll found had just a 17 percent approval rating among the American public - pleased nearly no one.

Author: 0 Twelve killed, 3 injured in Texas church van-truck crash

A bus from First Baptist Church of New Braunfels was involved in a crash near Garner State Park Wednesday that left 12 people dead and three injured. The crash happened about 12:20 p.m. The church canceled events scheduled for Wednesday night. "Please be in prayer for all involved". Senior Pastor Brad McLean said they were doing what church families do during crises.

National Houston Vet Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot Leaps To Death
Author: 0 Houston Vet Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot Leaps To Death

McDaniel was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for an update on her criminal case and to appear in family court this week regarding a temporary restraining order her ex-husband filed. McDaniel, 48, was free on bond and was due in court Tuesday. The undercover officer alerted the intended victims, Busick's ex-husband and Jacob's ex-girlfriend, of the scheme.

Author: 0 Trump vows efforts to fight nation's opioid addiction crisis

During Kelly's portion of the hearing, Wigenton also blamed the culture in Trenton, the state capital. Christie, who was not charged, has denied any involvement. Samson, Christie's top appointee at the Port Authority, was sentenced to one year's home confinement for using his position as chairman of the agency to bribe United Airlines into running a money-losing flight between Newark and an airport close to his vacation home in SC.

National Kushner agrees to speak to Senate panel about Russia
Author: 0 Kushner agrees to speak to Senate panel about Russia

Vnesheconombank (v-NESH"-ay-CON'-ohm-bank) or VEB said in Monday's statement carried by state RIA Novosti news agency that it met with Kushner previous year as part of "road show' discussions with representatives of leading financial institutions in Europe, Asia and the United States".

National Ivanka Trump Will Become a Federal Employee
Author: 0 Ivanka Trump Will Become a Federal Employee

Continuing his defense, Kingston said, "What I don't like is the left always runs and clutches, 'Oh I'm a woman, don't say anything bad about me.' Or, 'I belong to a certain race.' It seems like it's always that card that's played". Adam Schiff of California, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY.

Author: 0 LAGO Act seeks to make Trump visitor logs public

Meanwhile, several photos circulated on social media showing the president wearing his normal golf attire. Notably, the President and first lady Michelle Obama on more than one occasion held private parties and invited celebrities, including the late-artist Prince, without disclosing details of the private events to the press.

Author: 0 DC officer fires shots after driver hits cruiser

Capitol Police for $75 million. The suspect was quickly apprehended and put into the back of a police van. Just before 10 a.m., yellow police tape could be seen cordoning off an area near the Botanic Garden, with several police cars parked, lights flashing, and Capitol Police officers patrolling on foot.

National GOP Rep Calls For Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Probe
Author: 0 GOP Rep Calls For Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

Democratic members of Nunes' House committee said his ability to lead a bipartisan probe is compromised. A Democratic member of the Senate Intelligence Committee wants a thorough review of the financial relationships between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump and his associates.