National Gorsuch, with allegiance to Constitution, exactly what Supreme Court needs
Author: 0 Gorsuch, with allegiance to Constitution, exactly what Supreme Court needs

Adding to Thune's confusion on the matter is Gorsuch's accreditation from the American Bar Association, which may Democrats including Chuck Schumer have highlighted as the gold standard for a Judge. There could be a major confrontation next week over Senate rules. In March, the grassroots group delivered a million petition signatures to all 100 senators calling on them to oppose Gorsuch.

Author: 0 Democratic Opposition to Trump Supreme Court Pick Mounting

Senate Democratic opposition to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee swelled Friday as Democrats neared the numbers needed for a filibuster, setting up a showdown with Republicans who have the votes to confirm Neil Gorsuch . Gorsuch needs 60 votes to advance. Republicans hoped to persuade McCaskill and other Democratic senators to help break a filibuster to advance Gorsuch's nomination.

Author: 0 Sessions' Targeting of Sanctuary Cities Not Exactly What It Appears

Trump, who made tougher immigration enforcement a cornerstone of his campaign, directed the government in his January 25 executive order to cut off funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. "This is really important and emotional for both of us", said Seattle City Councilmember Debra Juarez, standing next to Councilmember Lorena González, at the press conference.

Author: 0 Travel Ban Put On More Permanent Hold

Watson, nominated to the bench by former President Barack Obama in 2012, agreed with Hawaii that the ban would hurt the state's tourism-dependent economy and that it discriminates based on nationality and religion. It maintained the 120-day ban on all USA admission of refugees, those fleeing violence or persecution in their homeland, but removed a provision giving future preference to refugees from minority religions, which Trump had said was meant to help Christians from Muslim nations.

National Trump declares war on Republican conservatives: 'We must fight them'
Author: 0 Trump declares war on Republican conservatives: 'We must fight them'

Labrador responded to the earlier tweets on Thursday by defending the Freedom Caucus, many of whose members were early supporters of Trump. Trump's tweet comes one week after members of the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives disrupted the president's push to pass a GOP bill to overhaul the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.

Author: 0 Most Disapprove Of Trump, Except On Economy

House Republicans are considering making another run next week at passing the health-care bill they abruptly pulled from the floor last Friday in an embarrassing setback to their efforts to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature health-care expansion.

National Nikki Haley: Trump will not allow through United Nations resolutions condemning Israel
Author: 0 Nikki Haley: Trump will not allow through United Nations resolutions condemning Israel

The US Vice President Mike Pence, who also spoke at the convention, touched upon the controversial subject of moving American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, saying Trump was seriously considering the matter. As it has under past presidents, Washington is still telling Israel to slow settlement construction. The Obama administration, in its final days, for the first time allowed through an anti-settlements resolution on the U.N.

Author: 0 Dem Sen. McCaskill: I Will Oppose Gorsuch, Support Filibuster

Well, we have two Democrat Senators, both from states Trump won in 2016, both up for re-election in 2018, both of whom have decided that Neil Gorsuch will make a fine Supreme Court Justice. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has said that he will filibuster Gorsuch and more than a dozen fellow Senate Democrats also have suggested that they would participate in the filibuster.

Author: 0 Michael Moore: Democrats shouldn't gloat over Donald Trump health care flop

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, criticized the contrarian House Freedom Caucus on Monday, a day after resigning from the hard-right group because it helped sink the Republican health care effort. John Kasich said of the idea of repealing the public health program that expanded to cover millions more low-income Americans under Obamacare. Wednesday's letter comes at a time when some House Republicans are eyeing a second run at their legislation to nix the Obama-era law, though Senate GOP leadership ...

National Pence confirms discussions about Israel embassy move to Jerusalem
Author: 0 Pence confirms discussions about Israel embassy move to Jerusalem

Our position on Jerusalem as future capital of both states has not changed and we support Palestinian presence in East Jerusalem, both in political and financial terms. He avoided any reference to the issue of illegal settlements, which Trump raised before their first meeting last month. The vice president did not mention, however, the two-state solution as the outcome the administration would seek.

National You want Mike Pence jokes? Here are your Mike Pence jokes
Author: 0 You want Mike Pence jokes? Here are your Mike Pence jokes

The piece went up about 36 hours ago, and that one little line has spurred production in the content mines. Supporters and critics alike cite her as a force behind her husband's socially conservative stances, including his opposition to gay marriage and the religious freedom law he signed as governor of IN, which opponents anxious would allow business owners to discriminate against gays and lesbians by citing religious concerns.

Author: 0 Reining in Sanctuary Cities

And it warned, far in advance of Sessions' comments this week, that jurisdictions violating that law would be cut off from all federal grants. Holmes said the city has filed amicus briefs to support similar lawsuits, including one in Santa Clara Countythat alleges Trump's executive order on immigration is unconstitutional.

Author: 0 Updates: Boulder's Sunshine Canyon Fire, Evacuations

Officials believe the fire was started by a transient passing through the area. "We're going to continue to fight the fire predominantly from the air as much as we possibly can and leverage the really good weather that we've had", Boulder sheriff's department public information officer Mike Wagner said this morning .

Author: 0 Trump administration appealing halt of revised Muslim ban

The Trump administration filed a notice with a federal court in Hawaii Thursday that it will appeal the judge's ruling which bars enforcement of the president's revised executive order on immigration and refugees. Department of Justice attorney Chad Readler also said that a freeze on the United States refugee program had no effect on Hawaii, to which Watson rebutted that 20 refugees had been resettled in Hawaii since 2010.

National Meadows, Jordan Hammered on Twitter by Trump Over Health Care Bill
Author: 0 Meadows, Jordan Hammered on Twitter by Trump Over Health Care Bill

Mr Trump's anger at the Freedom Caucus runs the risk of alienating the conservative base that fuelled his rise during last year's Republican primaries and has so far remained loyal to the president. They should have recognized from their Democratic predecessors that passing such legislation is not as easy as rhetoric may suggest. Now it appears the president is preparing for all-out war against the intransigent congressmen - and it's a fight they seem willing to join.

Author: 0 Claire McCaskill Announces She'll Support Filibuster of Neil Gorsuch

She said it was a "really hard decision for me" because she fears that if Gorsuch goes down, the president might pick someone she'll like even less, The Hill newspaper said . "By the way, Gorsuch was one of the better ones", McCaskill reportedly said. That includes Democratic Sen. "I remain very anxious about our polarized politics and what the future will bring, since I'm certain we will have a Senate rule change that will usher in more extreme judges in the future", McCaskill wrote in a ...

National 3 people in custody in connection with Atlanta I-85 fire
Author: 0 3 people in custody in connection with Atlanta I-85 fire

Witnesses say troopers were telling cars to turn around on the Interstate 85 bridge because they were concerned about its integrity. The fact that no lives were lost is a blessing, and I'm grateful for the courage, hard work and tireless efforts by our state and local first responders.

National Sen. Rubio: I Was Targeted by Russian Hackers
Author: 0 Sen. Rubio: I Was Targeted by Russian Hackers

As the Senate Intelligence Committee began a new round of hearings Thursday on meddling by Russian Federation in the 2016 campaign, Sen. "At 10:45 a.m. Russian Federation tried to hijack the U.S. democratic process, a senator investigating alleged interference in the USA election says. Michael Flynn's unusual immunity request suggests the Trump administration has been involved in a "criminal conspiracy", according to a USA legal commentator.

National 2 ex-officials set to testify against ex-Penn State leader
Author: 0 2 ex-officials set to testify against ex-Penn State leader

Alternates for the jury were also selected this morning. He said, "the only thing that's necessary for evil to triumph is for men to do nothing". In court, prosecutors said Spanier, then-Vice President Gary Shultz, and former Athletic Director Tim Curley were told of Sandusky's abuse and didn't contact police or child services.

National Witness to deadly Texas bus crash says truck driver was texting
Author: 0 Witness to deadly Texas bus crash says truck driver was texting

Jody Kuchler tells The Associated Press Friday he was driving behind the truck and had seen it being driven erratically prior to the collision on a rural two-lane road about 75 miles west of San Antonio. He said it was clear most of the people in the bus were dead, and he tried to comfort the ones who were showing signs of life. Another bus passenger died at a San Antonio hospital.

National Game Show Legend Chuck Barris Dead At 87
Author: 0 Game Show Legend Chuck Barris Dead At 87

Barris's first marriage, to Lynn Levy, ended in divorce. Though initially uncomfortable on camera, Barris eventually became a shameless showman in his own right, someone who would do anything to cause a stir: he'd reportedly "smear Alpo on his crotch" before a dog act appeared on Gong , all "the better to create onstage embarrassment".

Author: 0 Nikki Haley to the UN: 'The Days of Israel Bashing Are Over'

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the 2017 American Israel Public Affairs Committee ( AIPAC ) policy conference in Washington, Sunday, March 26, 2017. Pence sought to assure the audience that any peace plan the administration puts forward will not put Israel at risk. Regarded as a "first of its type", the report labels Israel "a racist state that has established an apartheid system that persecutes the Palestinian people".

National Russian Federation 'tried to hijack U.S. election': United States senator
Author: 0 Russian Federation 'tried to hijack U.S. election': United States senator

Rubio sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is probing Russian meddling in the election. Richard Burr , R, (R-NC) and ranking Democrat Sen. The House Intelligence panel's parallel investigation has been gripped by partisan paralysis. The New York Times reported on Thursday that two White House officials played a role in providing Nunes with documents the Republican committee chairman cited to show Trump and his associates were swept up in surveillance by USA intelligence.

National Driver in crash admitted texting before collision
Author: 0 Driver in crash admitted texting before collision

Real County Constable Nathan Johnson also said that a woman called their county dispatch to report a truck matching the description was driving erratically in the same area shortly before the accident. The Texas Department of Public Safety says the 13 people on a church bus who were killed in a wreck ranged in age from 61 to 87 years old. A similar proposal passed the Texas House a few weeks ago but has yet to make it to a Senate floor vote.

Author: 0 Trump and Freedom Caucus Clash over Health Care Fallout

In going after the Freedom Caucus , however, Trump is targeting lawmakers who mostly stuck with him during the presidential election, even as scores of their colleagues were running for cover over the "Access Hollywood" scandal in October.

Author: 0 US Secret Service stops intruder near White House

The Secret Service says it's investigating. The incident comes about a week after a man breached a five-foot outer perimeter fence and scaled an eight-foot vehicle gate to gain entry to the White House grounds. President Donald Trump was in Florida at the time of both incidents. He is spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, FL. "And yet the person is able to get up close to the White House and spend 17 minutes before he's apprehended".

Author: 0 Trump Hits Loyal Supporters with Freedom Caucus Attacks

That leaves Trump without a clear base in Congress that can be counted on to agree with him on his agenda, putting him nearly in the position of a political independent. "It didn't take long for the swamp to drain @realDonaldTrump". He promised also to "test" some of Mr Trump's appointees during the investigation, to see whether they were ready to work with the committee's investigation regardless of whether the President tries to influence them not to, as Central Intelligence Agency ...

National Palestine names conditions for peace treaty with Israel - Abbas
Author: 0 Palestine names conditions for peace treaty with Israel - Abbas

A show of unity was expected on the Israeli-Palestinian question, but on other issues analysts said any breakthrough was highly unlikely. The Arab Summit - attended by 21 leaders - urged countries not to move embassies to Jerusalem and to reject unilateral Israeli moves that undermine the city's identity.

Author: 0 3 suspects arrested, linked to I-85 bridge fire, collapse

Allen said they believe the three are homeless and were living in the area where the fire began, though it's uncertain where. "We have three individuals in custody that we believe are responsible for the fire on I-85", said Jay Florence, deputy commissioner at the state Office of Insurance and Fire Safety, in a phone interview.

Author: 0 DHS List Targets Police Agencies Not Helping Feds

As WGBH notes , the list also does not include several MA cities that have declared themselves sanctuary cities. In an executive order signed January 25, President Donald Trump said the list is necessary to "better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions".

Author: 0 NCAA pressures North Carolina to change HB2 in next 48 hours

Yet, despite a dearth of anecdotal or statistical evidence to support HB2 proponents' contention that the law protects women and girls from sexual predators, Republican lawmakers have continued to defend the measure, claiming the almost $4 billion loss in business revenue constitutes merely a sliver of North Carolina's economy.

Author: 0 Timothy Caughman Killing: Rally Planned In Union Square

Caughman, a bottle collector who filled his Twitter account with celebrity selfies, was rummaging through recycling near the intersection of West 36th Street and 9th Avenue when Jackson attacked him with a 26-inch black "mini-sword", according to the NYPD .

Author: 0 UConn's 111-game winning streak snapped

UConn's win streak has ended at 111 games. DALLAS-Vic Schaefer doesn't want his players to forget last season's humiliating 60-point loss to UConn in the NCAA Tournament. "The turnaround they've made offensively has been remarkable". Unfortunately for them, so is UConn . For as long any of us live, we will, in all likelihood, never see a stretch of dominance like the one we've spent the last three years watching UConn contruct.

Author: 0 Crayola retiring one of its crayons on Friday

The yellow Dandelion crayon is being retired from Crayola's crayon collection, the arts supplies company announced Thursday, a day earlier than expected. The company periodically updates its color palates and color names, reflecting changes in color trends and culture. The official announcement will be live-streamed on Crayola's Facebook page at 7:45 a.m.

Author: 0 Everything you need to know about the trade deficit

Trump is set to sign executive orders on Friday toughening enforcement of penalties on countries that engage in trade abuse. "The closer we get to those elections, the more hard it will be for any government to make a deal", he said . He'll be charged with leading a three-month effort to identify the underlying causes of the trade deficit by country, product and industry - a study that could lead to legal action or renegotiation of trade deals.

Author: 0 It's all SEC for women's title after Mississippi St stunner

On Saturday, and for years to come, young girls will take their basketballs out and recreate The Shot. Now I truly have seen everything! The Huskies lost 66-64 on Morgan William's last-second shot in the national semifinals. The Huskies had not lost since an overtime defeat at Stanford on November 17, 2014. Stunningly, after a 111-game winning streak, the Huskies had trouble leading Mississippi State, much less pulling ahead.

Author: 0 'Tremendous' traffic impact expected after Atlanta bridge collapse

I-85 carries 250,000 cars a day through the city and is one of the South's most important north-south routes. In addition to complicating daily commutes and deliveries through the heavily populated north-central portion of Atlanta , the interstate closure stands to complicate the plans of drivers that range from spring break tourists to fans of the Atlanta Braves - which is hosting the first-ever exhibition baseball game in its new ballpark Friday night.

National Secret Service To Sacrifice Investigations To Protect Trump
Author: 0 Secret Service To Sacrifice Investigations To Protect Trump

Almost half of the funding request - $26.8 million - would be allocated to protect President Trump's family and private home in Trump Tower in New York City, the documents show , which were obtained by the Washington Post . The most serious of them happened March 10, when a California man carrying pepper spray and a letter for Trump scaled fences and roamed the grounds for 17 minutes before being caught.

Author: 0 Venezuela court takes over National Assembly functions

It was a shocking departure from script for Venezuelan state TV, where the programming is strictly pro-government and Maduro often delivers long speeches or shows off his salsa dancing. However, new United States president Donald Trump seems to have other priorities or has not yet fully formed policy on Venezuela . The OAS announced that it would hold an emergency meeting at its Washington headquarters Monday to discuss the situation in Venezuela .

Author: 0 The Supreme Court Just Ruled in Favor of a Special Education Student

Gorsuch was having his confirmation hearing for a seat on the court. Gorsuch's confirmation hearing began Monday, and tensions over his replacement of Garland flared. He added that his circuit was unanimously taking the same position in all such cases. Some social conservatives and traditional marriage advocates might cringe when hearing Trump's Supreme Court nominee, who's been praised by dozens of prominent conservatives, say he's in agreement that same-sex marriage is "settled law".

Author: 0 'I don't want government running health care'

He later added: "Where are @RepMarkMeadows, @Jim_Jordan and @Raul_Labrador? #RepealANDReplace #Obamacare", Trump tweeted . The centrist Tuesday Group affirmed at a meeting Wednesday that it will not meet with the conservative House Freedom Caucus to negotiate changes to an ObamaCare replacement bill, according to Rep.

Author: 0 China's Xi to meet Trump for the first time next week

Xi will pay a state visit to Finland from April 4-6, and will travel to Florida, the United States , to meet with Trump on April 6-7, according to the announcement made on Thursday by the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Lu Kang .

National Chicago mom watches as two sons are gunned down
Author: 0 Chicago mom watches as two sons are gunned down

Police said a man and a woman were passengers in a grey van headed south on 71st Street when a black Jeep pulled up alongside them, and someone inside opened fire, causing the van to crash into a pole. Their mother works at Nadia's and says she witnessed the carnage. "I'm angry and sick", Johnson said during a news conference. That shooting did not appear to be related to the restaurant killings, the newspaper reported.

Author: 0 US Ambassador Haley: Israel-bashing at United Nations is over

Haley described her determination to help steer the course of the United Nations and its agencies from anti-Israel bias, noting her intervention keeping Salam Fayyad, the former Palestinian prime minister, from becoming the body's envoy to Libya, and in getting U.N.

National Missing judge, 91, found alive in wooded area
Author: 0 Missing judge, 91, found alive in wooded area

Nealon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Scranton, Pa., on Thursday, March 30, 2017. Electronic highway signs flashed news of the judge's disappearance, and officials asked for the public's help in finding him. U.S. Marshals, state police, and local police are searching for Judge Edwin Kosik, last seen about a day and a half ago. U.S. Marshal Martin Pane tells The Associated Press that Edwin Kosik was found Thursday night about 100 yards from his auto in a wooded area of Dunmore, ...