National Andy Puzder withdraws nomination after losing Republican support
Author: 0 Andy Puzder withdraws nomination after losing Republican support

The chief of CKE Restaurants , which runs the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. fast-food chains, Mr. Puzder had been under fire from Democrats who said he wouldn't be an advocate for workers. But things were made worse when Puzder admitted that he had hired an illegal immigrant to work in his household for five years. Andrew Puzder , President Donald Trump's pick for Labor Secretary, has just withdrawn himself as nominee for the position.

National Louisiana Legislature Convenes For Special Session
Author: 0 Louisiana Legislature Convenes For Special Session

Not everyone is on board with the governor's plan to solve the shortfall, including Republican lawmakers who oppose using the Rainy Day Fund and other short-term fixes. That's a difference of about $44 million that has to be made up in additional cuts, which Henry says will be applied to different agencies, "hopefully not surpassing 5%".

Author: 0 Elon Musk deletes anti-travel ban tweets

Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly disavowed President Donald Trump's immigration ban on Twitter Wednesday - and promptly deleted the tweets seconds later. Musk is likely referring to tweets he made prior to, and following his meeting with Trump's business advisory council last week. "It is not right".

Author: 0 FIFA Chief Not Worried About Hooligans At Russia World Cup

After some violent conflicts last year and the Russian supporters who already "guaranteed the trouble", all eyes are on the security measures that the officials should take for the biggest football event that will take place next year in Russia.

Author: 0 Trump Supreme Court nominee's confirmation hearings to begin March 20

Trump has nominated Gorsuch to fill the vacancy of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016. "I will thoroughly review Judge Gorsuch's record, particularly his appellate decisions and his answers to questions during the hearing and those submitted in writing afterward", Casey said.

National Fight between deputies caught on camera in Kentucky
Author: 0 Fight between deputies caught on camera in Kentucky

Smith told him to let go because Funk was under arrest. Several people jump in to separate them. The deputy pushes back and the two men end up tussling on the floor. He is facing charges for menacing, assault and resisting arrest. The jailer has now been suspended with pay and faces charges. Funk accosts Smith and grabs him by the neck, according to NBC 6 .

Author: 0 Two snowmobilers down in Lake Champlain; one body recovered

Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said crews plan to resume the search once ice recedes enough to allow crews to scan further north in the lake. Seven snowmobilers have died and another three are missing after crashes through lakes that looked deceptively solid because they were blanketed with snow.

National Has the IRS Driven the First Nail Into Obamacare's Coffin?
Author: 0 Has the IRS Driven the First Nail Into Obamacare's Coffin?

The federal agency attributed the change to the executive order President Donald Trump signed just hours after taking office, which directed agencies to do what they could to ease the law's requirements. Originally, the IRS had planned to start rejecting returns this year if a taxpayer failed to indicate whether he or she had coverage. Those returns are called " silent returns".

Author: 0 Animal Rights Groups File Lawsuit Against USDA For Removing Data

Department of Agriculture to reinstate vital animal cruelty records to its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website. The plaintiffs, who sued in the U.S. "Our lawsuit seeks to compel the USDA to reinstate the records, which it had no right to remove from its website in the first place", Winders says.

Author: 0 Trump Blames Russian Connection 'Conspiracy Theories' on Clinton Campaign 'Cover Up'

Trump took to Twitter several times Wednesday to lambast American spy agencies over what he called illegal leaks of sensitive information that led to Flynn's resignation Monday. The evidence includes phone calls between former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Russian government officials. He continues to raise the issue of Crimea, which the previous administration had allowed to be seized by Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Pamela Anderson likes bringing smile to WikiLeaks founder

He said that he finds her "attractive" and an "impressive figure", reports Dailymail. Assange opened up about Anderson in a radio interview. Anderson herself has not kept her feelings about Assange from the media. If Assange devotes his account only to dispelling rumors of his death, he will still have a reasonably active account. It can be recalled that WikiLeaks published classified material from the personal email of Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta, which was quite ...

Author: 0 Chaffetz calls for investigation into leaks leading to Flynn's ousting

One club member posted photos from the "center of the action" of Trump surrounded by staff, making phone calls, and reviewing documents - illuminated by cell phone flashlight. The committee has asked for evidence by 28 February in electronic format. Chaffetz's letter comes on the same day that he outraged Congressional Democrats for refusing to investigate information leading up to the resignation of White House National Security Adviser retired Lt.

Author: 0 President Trump blames media, 'illegally leaked' intel for NSA's resignation

The communications were reportedly first detected through routine surveillance before the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked the National Security Agency to collect more information. "He's not out of the woods", said a US official who is familiar with the transcripts of intercepted communications between Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak , in late December.

Author: 0 Cracks may offer clues to California dam's troubles

The Red Cross said shelters remained open on Tuesday evening. Bill Croyle, acting head of the Department of Water Resources , said he was "unaware" of the 2005 report stating, "I'm not sure anything went wrong". A day after the evacuation order that affected 200,000 residents of Feather River communities was downgraded to an evacuation warning, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea reiterated that "this is still an emergency situation".

National Before dying, NK leader's half-brother says attacked with chemical spray
Author: 0 Before dying, NK leader's half-brother says attacked with chemical spray

The CCTV images from outside the capital's worldwide airport show one of the suspects in a sweatshirt with "LOL" (laugh out loud) emblazoned across the front. He was believed to have been living recently in Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. Since rising to power following the death of his father in 2011, Kim Jong-un has proved ruthless in removing enemies and rivals.

National Trailing the life of Kim Jong Nam: Who and why?
Author: 0 Trailing the life of Kim Jong Nam: Who and why?

The man was seen struggling for help and sought assistance from airport staff, he said. "It's another sign that Kim Jong Un is asserting his control over the regime - rather than the regime descending into chaos", said Anwita Basu, lead analyst for North Korea at the Economist Intelligence Unit, in London.

Author: 0 Trump Approves Federal Emergency Aid for Oroville

Meanwhile, federal regulators have told the dam's managers at the state water resources department they must enlist a group of "independent consultants" to assess what went wrong and how to make long-term repairs. February 14: Sheriff Honea reduced the immediate evacuation order to an evacuation warning at a press conference. Oroville Although stabilizing the emergency spillway at Oroville Dam has been the first priority of the Department of Water Resources , several other initiatives ...

National ICE Memo: 40 Foreign Nationals Arrested In NYC Area Operations
Author: 0 ICE Memo: 40 Foreign Nationals Arrested In NYC Area Operations

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released his own statement Monday, expressing concern over ICE's recent actions and calling on the agency to release more specific details regarding the locations and people who were arrested. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they targeted known criminals and arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants in what they called an "enforcement surge" that began February 6 and took place in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New York , and the ...

Author: 0 Chef José Andrés, Others, Closing Restaurants Thursday

In addition to taking the day off from work, many in the immigrant community are also encouraging people to stay home, not to shop or buy anything on Thursday. - A Day without Immigrants is a response to the president's immigration policies. The restaurant owners José Andrés and Andy Shallal said online that all of their restaurants will be closed to express solidarity for immigrants .

Author: 0 Current political situation stressing Americans

A majority of Democrats and Republicans said the future of the nation is a significant source of stress for them. And not only did overall stress increase, what we found in January is the highest significant increase in stress in 10 years.

National Kim Jong Un's half-brother murdered in Malaysia
Author: 0 Kim Jong Un's half-brother murdered in Malaysia

Liow said he had instructed MAHB to cooperate with the police, including providing footage of the CCTV cameras at klia2, although full details of the incident were not available. At midnight, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun to mark the birthday of his father, the late leader Kim Jong Il, who died in 2011.

Author: 0 Susan Collins says she will vote against Trump's EPA nominee

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved Pruitt's nomination two weeks ago after Democrats boycotted the vote over concerns about Pruitt's environmental record. Collins said another factor in her decision was the opposition to Pruitt expressed by the Friends of Acadia. This bill comes after Trump made promises to limit the power of the EPA via executive order following the confirmation of his EPA Administrator nominee Scott Pruitt.

National Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Join 'Daddy's Home' Sequel
Author: 0 Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Join 'Daddy's Home' Sequel

While Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad both had sizable box office hauls, reviews were mostly negative. But what is a surprise is who they want to direct it. It should be noted that he isn't the only director being discussed, either. The report does stress that Mel Gibson isn't the only name in the frame, however, with Daniel Espinosa also being eyed up.

National Live Powerball results for $310M jackpot drawing on 02/15/17
Author: 0 Live Powerball results for $310M jackpot drawing on 02/15/17

The amount has been creeping up since a $121.6 million jackpot was won by a Pennsylvania couple December 17. Four were sold in Puerto Rico and are worth $2 million apiece as the winners spent an extra $1 to exercise the Powerplay option. So that means you would have to spend $584.4 million to buy each $2 ticket. The drawing is also broadcast live online on the Powerball website. Since 2010 more than 35 New York Lottery winners have hailed from the Island.

Author: 0 Feds May Be Probing Fox Over Ailes

Federal prosecutors may be investigating 21st Century Fox over settlements it paid to individuals who filed sexual harassment suits against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, according to an attorney for one of the plaintiffs. It was "beyond the pale" for Burstein to bring up the investigation in open court, Levander said. "Neither FOX News nor [21st Century Fox] has received a subpoena, but we have been in communication with the USA attorney's office for months - we have and will continue ...

Author: 0 Oroville dam evacuation order lifted, warning remains

A Red Cross spokeswoman said more than 500 people were at an evacuation center in Chino, California. "California and the feds", he said, "should of course share the financial burden of repairing and upgrading the dam to safe standards, not least because both were responsible, through DWR and FERC, for approving the unlined emergency spillway , which was clearly a serious mistake".

Author: 0 Trump considering Flynn's fate after national security adviser apologizes to Pence

Where such an investigation might lead appeared to be on the minds of several Democratic members of Congress late Monday. "My fear is now we will have a shadow National Security Adviser - Bannon - and his national security vision influencing all of the agencies of government that I mentioned as well as advising the president", said Pelosi, referring to Stephen Bannon, the former Breitbart editor and top White House aide.

Author: 0 Lewisville Lake dam scare a reminder of California dam emergency

Water from the storm-swollen lake behind the dam spilled down the unpaved slope over the weekend, eroding the slope to the point that authorities fearing a breach and ordered the evacuations. "As you can see from this place the house is not clean the dishes are still in the sink because we just left because it was an emergency!" he said.

Author: 0 The Russian leaks: What we know and don't know

The magazine Foreign Policy first reported Harward had been offered the job by President Donald Trump, who was surprised when the candidate said he needed time to think it over. The Times , citing four current and former USA officials, reported that the contacts were in the year before the November election. Trump, speaking during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Flynn had been treated badly by "fake media" and blamed Hillary Clinton's election ...

Author: 0 President Trump skirts tough questions again

Wednesday's event marked the third straight press conference where reporters were not able to ask the president about the biggest issue of the day. "In the last three news conferences, Wolf [Blitzer, CNN]", Acosta said to the anchor. And Trump called on Reuters and Fox News at a joint presser with British Prime Minister Theresa May last month. And the White House previously raised eyebrows after the president only took questions during his press conference with Japanese Prime Minister ...

Author: 0 Spotify Is Moving Into 4 World Trade Center

The world's leading music-streaming company is headed to the World Trade Center. Spotify will make its USA headquarters in about 400,000 square feet of space in 4 World Trade Center, a 2.3 million square foot tower developed by Silverstein Properties Inc.

National How Lake Oroville is just the beginning California's flood fears
Author: 0 How Lake Oroville is just the beginning California's flood fears

Also, residents started returning to their homes Tuesday after the mandatory evacuation order was lifted although some emergency shelters still had evacuees as of Wednesday morning. "They kept contradicting themselves". A California Highway Patrol spokesman said they would have two planes out Monday to help with traffic control as well as search and rescue.

National The Office of Government Ethics wants Kellyanne Conway to be disciplined
Author: 0 The Office of Government Ethics wants Kellyanne Conway to be disciplined

OGE director Walter Shaub recommended the White House investigate Conway's actions and "consider taking disciplinary action against her". Host Matt Lauer, noting the Justice Department had warned the White House last month of Flynn having misrepresented the December call and put himself at risk for blackmail by Russian Federation, told Conway her explanation "makes no sense".

Author: 0 Jason Chaffetz demands answers from Trump regime-but not about Russian Federation

On Saturday, Trump was eating with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the Mar-A-Lago dining room when North Korea fired a missile in the direction of Japan. Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general who had been dismissed by Obama as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, resigned Monday night after concerns were raised that he had improper discussions with the Russian ambassador about USA sanctions and misled Vice President Mike Pence about those conversations.

Author: 0 Mason Plumlee traded to Nuggets in deal involving Jusuf Nurkic

For the Blazers, Nurkic gives them a talented offensive player with size and strength (6-foot-11, 270 pounds) whose development on the defensive end will be crucial to his ultimate impact in Portland. However, both Nurkic and the teams front office mutually agreed that the Bosnian has the talent to be a starting center in this league, and deserved to get the opportunity to do so.

Author: 0 German shepherd named Rumor wins Best in Show at Westminster

Rumor, the German shepherd who narrowly lost at last year's show, had come close to simply hanging up her leash and retiring. Also making it to the final round of seven for Best in Show consideration were: A Norwegian Elkhoud, a Poodle, a Pekingese, a Boxer and a Norwich Terrier.

Author: 0 Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!

Ride at Disneyland (Scott Brinegar/Disneyland Resort) Mission: BREAKOUT! will take guests at Disney California Adventure park through the fortress-like museum of the mysterious Collector, who is keeping his newest acquisitions, the Guardians of the Galaxy , as prisoners.

National First Horse-Race Poll for 2020 Has Trump Leading Warren
Author: 0 First Horse-Race Poll for 2020 Has Trump Leading Warren

If Warren were to square off against Trump, voters chose the current commander-in-chief 42 percent to the MA lawmaker's 36 percent while any other "generic" Democrat would prevail over Trump 43 percent to 35 percent. But while an "any of the above" Democrat would prevail, a specific one, in this case vocal Trump critic Sen. Seventeen percent responded that he would be viewed as a outstanding president, 15 percent suggested he would be rated 'above average, ' 9 percent said Trump would be an ...

Author: 0 President Trump 'keeping an eye' on Oroville Dam

More than 180,000 people left their homes Sunday, waiting anxiously for word on the situation and when they can go home. California officials lifted the evacuation orders for residents downstream of Oroville Dam, saying the dam may hold up to upcoming storms.

National Watchdog blames Trump for spike in anti-Muslim hate groups
Author: 0 Watchdog blames Trump for spike in anti-Muslim hate groups

The Year in Hate and Extremism 2016 report noted that hate groups from Alabama increased from 23 in 2013 to 27 last year, driven by the so-called hateful rhetoric of President Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, according to author of the report Mark Potok, a senior fellow at SPLC.

National Russia Tests Trump With Treaty-Violating Missile Deployment
Author: 0 Russia Tests Trump With Treaty-Violating Missile Deployment

Breedlove, who retired last year, previously warned that any such deployment of a Russian cruise missile would represent a challenge that "can't go unanswered". The Russian Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the Times story. The previous USA administration of President Barack Obama had protested in an attempt to persuade Moscow to correct the violation while the missile was still in the testing phase, the Trump administration official said .

Author: 0 Acting police officer pushes flaming truck away from fast food restaurant

Dash cam video out of glenn heights caught an awesome save by a local police officer.Who knocked a flaming truck away from a fast food joint. Officer Womack nudged the truck with his patrol vehicle. It's still unclear why the older model pickup truck caught fire. Some flaming debris can be seen on the ground but further examination revealed that the restaurant had escaped unscathed.