National North Carolina Tops Gonzaga In Messy NCAA Championship
Author: 0 North Carolina Tops Gonzaga In Messy NCAA Championship

Sometimes, knowing you weren't the better team makes the loss more palatable. "I put it on the locker room up on the board - one of the things we had to be tonight was tough enough". It wasn't a game of beauty. Gonzaga (37-2) missed nine consecutive shots in the second half and went 8:27 without a basket, but North Carolina (33-7) didn't have the offense to deliver a decisive run as it remained a one-possession game for nearly all of the second half.

Author: 0 Senate prepares to change rule on Supreme Court

As we have recapped on this page, the Democratic minority in the Senate is threatening to filibuster this nomination, which would mark the first time a Supreme Court nominee has received such treatment since 1968, when the nomination of Justice Abe Fortas to be chief justice was derailed after troubling financial disclosures.

Author: 0 Jeff Merkley protests Neil Gorsuch with one-man filibuster

The nuclear option would lower the threshold for breaking a filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee from 60 to 51, meaning the majority party could approve a nominee on a party line vote . One party moving unilaterally to change the rules is so contentious that it's referred to as " the nuclear option ". In his Senate confirmation hearing, the nominee wouldn't say if he would send women to jail.

National Trump admin wanted to curtail former AG's Russian Federation testimony, lawyer alleges
Author: 0 Trump admin wanted to curtail former AG's Russian Federation testimony, lawyer alleges

After Monday's revelations that Nunes had shared confidential information relevant to the committee investigation with the White House, top House Democrats have called on Nunes to recuse himself, while some have called for him to resign. "He can't take intelligence over there so he must have gotten it there, or else he violated a major rule or procedure", said Sen. "I think we're over blowing how much personal recusal matters", he added.

National Facebook Loses Challenge To Search Warrants
Author: 0 Facebook Loses Challenge To Search Warrants

Among the targets were retired police officers and firefighters suspected of feigning illness after the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Tuesday's decision upheld a July 2015 ruling by an state appeals court in Manhattan. Facebook argued that the warrants were overbroad, and that Vance went too far by prohibiting the Menlo Park, California-based company from telling users that the warrants existed.

National Trump takes aim at Freedom Caucus again
Author: 0 Trump takes aim at Freedom Caucus again

Yet here they are, in full control of government but unable to deliver their pledge. The House Freedom Caucus's Twitter account remained silent, but a member of the group, Rep. If 24 million people don't get health insurance, 24 million people won't be getting subsidies through Medicaid or through the tax credits. Democrats view all that as campaign ad fodder.

Author: 0 Pink diamond fetches record $71.2M in Hong Kong auction

The Oppenheimer Blue, which previously held the record for the most expensive polished diamond (successfully) sold at auction, fetched $57.5 million at a Christie's auction in Geneva last May. The crowd in the packed auction room applauded when it was sold for a hammer price of $63 million, not including the buyer's premium. "The Pink Star was sought by three clients before selling to a bidder on the phone with our Asia CEO Kevin Ching", Sotheby's said on its Twitter account.

National Disclosures reveal Trump's White House rich list
Author: 0 Disclosures reveal Trump's White House rich list

The disclosures about their real estate and business holdings came in a mass document release by the White House late Friday showing the possibly unprecedented wealth and financial assets of scores of senior staff members at the time they began government work.

National Syria strike hit rebel 'toxic' weapons depot, says Moscow
Author: 0 Syria strike hit rebel 'toxic' weapons depot, says Moscow

Launching the conference in Brussels , U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appealed for Syria's warring factions and backers like Russian Federation and Iran to set aside their differences and bring an end to a six-year conflict that has killed nearly 400,000 people.

National F-16 Military Plane Crashes Near Joint Base Andrews
Author: 0 F-16 Military Plane Crashes Near Joint Base Andrews

Air Force One, the president's personal aircraft, takes off from Joint Base Andrews. Brady says one pilot is reported to have parachuted out. The jet's two pilots ejected from the plane before the crash, according to a report from a local Fox affiliate.

Author: 0 7 interesting tidbits from White House financial disclosures

Those at or near the top of the list include the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, and Trump's economic adviser, Gary Cohn, a former president of multinational finance company Goldman Sachs . Ivanka Trump - who just days ago announced she would officially enter a federal role as an unpaid adviser to the U.S. president - will hang on to her stake in the Trump International Hotel.

Author: 0 North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile Into Waters Near Japan

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile flew about 60 kilometers (37 miles). US-based analysts have warned that North Korea appears to be preparing a new nuclear test. We certainly heard about it here in New Zealand, thanks to the mass revolt in Bush's diplomatic corps when he deliberately sabotaged this policy to isolate and provoke North Korea into amping up their their nuclear weapons program.

Author: 0 What Equal Pay Day means for Dayton

Several companies got personally involved. After two measures to address Montana's gender wage gap failed this session, Gov. Steve Bullock hosted a rally in the Capitol Tuesday in celebration of Equal Pay Day . "When women are the breadwinners but are making less than their male counterparts, this has an effect on the entire family", Watson said. Christina was part of a 9to5 organizing campaign previous year that won workplace accommodations for pregnant workers in Colorado .

Author: 0 Pink diamond fetches record $71.2 million in Hong Kong auction

In 2013, Isaac Wolf , a diamond cutter in NY, actually tried to buy the special gem for $83 million in Geneva - but he might have overestimated his millions, as he later had to default on the purchase. Bid for the stone, which cut past an interval of two years and was discovered by De Beers in a mine in Africa in 1999, started at $56m. "Of course, the buyer definitely has the financial capability", Wong told reporters, adding all three bidders were vetted and had a longstanding ...

Author: 0 Schiff: Still no 'definitive' link between Russia, Trump campaign

She was no longer in government at the time, having left the Pentagon about a year before the election. Rep. Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat on the House investigation, accused Trump and his supporters of waging a campaign of deception created to remove the focus from Russia's actions in the election.

Author: 0 4 things to know about Equal Pay Day

African American women on average earn only 63 cents and Latina women on average earn only 54 cents for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. According to data from the US Census Bureau and the Department of Labor, most women do not make as much money annually as men do. The map below, created by the National Women's Law Center , breaks down the gender wage disparities across the country.

Author: 0 Advertisers flee Fox's Bill O'Reilly Show amid sexual harassment lawsuits

But it's his mistreatment of women in the workplace that finally forced Mercedes-Benz to pull its ads. "While it's hard to tell what the facts are, the allegations are disturbing". By late Tuesday afternoon, another automaker - Mitsubishi Motors - said it chose to pull its ads. A spokesperson said the company would not further discuss media strategy publicly.

National ProPublica Hits Back At Spicer's Trust Denial: 'Any Other Facts You'd Like?'
Author: 0 ProPublica Hits Back At Spicer's Trust Denial: 'Any Other Facts You'd Like?'

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 10: U.S. President Donald J. Trump (R) and his wife Melania Trump (L) arrive on Air Force One at the Palm Beach International Airport on February 10, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Regardless of whether Spicer is "aware" of it, the trust documents were amended to allow for the withdrawals. ProPublica went on to demonstrate how over the years it has produced reporting critical of both Republicans and Democrats.

Author: 0 McConnell confident he has the votes to go 'nuclear'

Democrats, led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY, have vowed to block the nominee, infuriating Republicans, who argue the action is exceedingly rare for Supreme Court choices. On the floor, he called for Republicans to delay the vote as the FBI investigates ties between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. "It's a chess game of if one party does one thing, how does the the other party respond?" The same is true of the "nuclear option ".

National Kansas Senate committee advances plan for 'flat' income tax
Author: 0 Kansas Senate committee advances plan for 'flat' income tax

The Bloomberg bills , SB 948 and HB 1448, (secondary transfers for long guns) have not made it out of committee in either the House of Delegates or the Senate. Instead, Crider suggested the points be discussed after consulting the Indiana Department of Transportation and in conference committee, where members of the House and Senate work to reconcile the differences in their plans.

Author: 0 House intelligence panel tries to get Russia investigation back on track

He added, "it was a perfectly cordial meeting". It would later come out that the documents were provided by the White House staff, something that Nunes originally denied after making a show of hurrying down Pennsylvania Avenue to personally brief Trump on information Trump's own staff had provided him.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump asked if she's 'complicit' in Trump White House

America's first daughter was responding to criticism that she had not publicly condemned parts of Donald Trump's conservative agenda. The comments come amid questions about her role in the White House and after she said last week that she would be an unpaid, unofficial adviser.

National Susan Rice On Unmasking Claims: 'I Leaked Nothing To Nobody'
Author: 0 Susan Rice On Unmasking Claims: 'I Leaked Nothing To Nobody'

Rice said reports she would receive would occasionally refer to "U.S. persons" who were caught up in legal surveillance. A top Obama national security adviser says it's "absolutely false" that the previous administration used intelligence about President Donald Trump's associates for political purposes.

Author: 0 5 more children released after carbon monoxide pool leak

A spokesperson for the Lakeland Hospital, where the victims were taken, told CNN that 13-year-old Bryan Douglas Watts died due to the incident. Two Niles police officers, two Berrien County Sheriff's deputy, as well as one hotel employee were also taken to the hospital.

National Tar Heels finish with flourish to beat Bulldogs
Author: 0 Tar Heels finish with flourish to beat Bulldogs

Let's just hope the injuries aren't too severe for those that were affected. "To be so close for us is a temporarily crushing blow right now", Few said. There's a very strong possibility that the first two were won with ineligible players and the NCAA has a history of punishing programs rather than individuals.

Author: 0 Stormy weather back in forecast for Southern Plains

Additional rain and storms will be possible starting late tonight as well. A system of storms will affect Alabama, Georgia and SC before moving into the OH and Tennessee valleys, according to the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center.

Author: 0 'Pink Star' Diamond Fetches Record $71.2 Million in Hong Kong

The diamond, dubbed "Pink Star, ' is the largest polished diamond in its class - an 'Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink" diamond - to be sold at auction. 'I know there was a lot of talk about the economy in China not being as positive as it was a few years ago, ' but the results from its jewellery auction on Tuesday, which included almost 200 other lots, were very strong, she said.

National North Korea fires ballistic missile into Japan Sea
Author: 0 North Korea fires ballistic missile into Japan Sea

Trump and Xi will huddle Thursday and Friday at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, a venue chosen to give the summit a more informal feel. North Korea sees the drills as an invasion rehearsal. Given that North Korea's external trade amounted to $6.25 billion in 2015, the Chinese companies were vital lifelines for the impoverished country, accounting for 40 percent of its foreign earnings.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump, husband still benefiting from business

President Trump's social media adviser, Dan Scavino, made $300,000 over the past year before joining the White House - through his work on the Trump campaign and transition and other political consulting work. This includes a stake in the Trump International Hotel, which is down the street from the White House. Another main voice in the president's ear is Kellyanne Conway, who is counselor to the President.

Author: 0 Bentley issues state of emergency for severe weather

According to statistics from the National Weather Service, there were roughly 500 deaths in the United States related in severe weather in 2015. "Now is the time to ensure that you know where your safe place is in your home should you need to protect yourself from a severe weather outbreak", The Lee County Emergency Management Agency posted on its Facebook page.

National White House offer on health care bill gets mixed reviews
Author: 0 White House offer on health care bill gets mixed reviews

Speaker Paul Ryan says Republicans are talking about reviving the failed health care bill, but he declined to offer a timetable for a vote. The group's leader, Rep. The current version of the GOP legislation would erase that coverage requirement but let states reimpose it on their own, language that is opposed by many moderates.

Author: 0 NCAA: NC back in running to host events after law change

Gov. Dan Patrick, one of the bill's most vocal champions, said in a statement on Tuesday. Events for the 2017-18 season that have already been awarded to the state - such as opening-weekend men's basketball tournament games in Charlotte - will remain in place.

National Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination of LGBT
Author: 0 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination of LGBT

A USA appeals court, for the first time ever, on Tuesday ruled that federal civil rights law protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace. "But Title VII does not provide a remedy for this kind of discrimination". "Today's decision must be understood against the backdrop of the Supreme Court's decisions, not only in the field of employment discrimination, but also in the area of broader discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation", Wood ...

Author: 0 Syria attack photos show there is no hiding from horror

But there have been repeated allegations of chemical weapons use by the government since then, with a UN-led investigation pointing the finger at the regime for at least three chlorine attacks in 2014 and 2015. "I was appalled to learn of another attack in an area where chemical weapons have previously been used", Mr McCully says. The White House called the attack an "intolerable act" and said President Donald Trump was alarmed by the reports.

Author: 0 Gov. Bentley's lawyers propose new impeachment hearing schedule, seek details on charges

Ziegler said he will be present as a complainant and a potential witness. "Things can be done quickly but also lawfully and fairly", he said. While impeachment occupies a tight alley between political and legal proceedings, the report from special counsel Sharman combined with the hearings next week, should serve as a prosecution-type presentation to the House Judiciary Committee.

National What is 'unmasking' and why would Obama adviser do it?
Author: 0 What is 'unmasking' and why would Obama adviser do it?

She conceded that that could have resulted in Trump officials' communications being picked up and read by United States intelligence. Susan Rice became a household political name when she claimed without basis that the premeditated terrorist attack in Benghazi which killed a US ambassador, two retired NAVY Seals, and a State Department IT employee, was caused by a YouTube video .

Author: 0 Changed H-1B visa norms: Computer programmers to feel the heat

A Senate bill to reform the H-1B program sponsored by Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley and Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin was introduced in January; the bill has been praised by both left- and right-leaning immigration experts. Computer programmers made up about 12 percent of all H-1B applications certified by the Department of Labor in 2015. On Monday,, a pro-immigrant advocacy group with deep connections to Silicon Valley in general and Facebook in particular, unveiled a new ...

Author: 0 NCAA ends boycott of North Carolina after 'bathroom bill' compromise

The unusual backdrop to this eventful week is that on Monday, the University of North Carolina defeated Gonzaga and won the NCAA's signature money-making event, the men's college basketball tournament. But that did little to placate those who wished for a full repeal of HB2. That leaves issues like transgender rights to the North Carolina General Assembly, where Republicans have a veto-proof supermajority.

National Cillizza: The nuclear option is a win-win for both parties' bases
Author: 0 Cillizza: The nuclear option is a win-win for both parties' bases

If this happens, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will likely pull the use of the filibuster for Supreme Court appointments, and this would result in Gorsuch's confirmation. "That's unfortunate. I do think that we want mainstream judges on the court", Cardin said. President Donald Trump's decision to release a list of judges he might appoint if he was elected president was the single most effective tool he deployed for rallying skeptical conservatives behind him during the campaign.

Author: 0 Chemical attack in Syria kills 100; United Nations calls for emergency meeting

Despite the appeasing change in policy, Mr. Trump blamed Tuesday's attack on President Obama - calling it a "consequence of the past administration's weakness". We ran inside the houses and saw whole families just dead in their beds. The alleged gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in northern Syria killed at least 58 civilians, including 11 children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a United Kingdom -based monitoring group.

National 'Daily Show' correspondent Jordan Klepper to take over 'Nightly Show' slot
Author: 0 'Daily Show' correspondent Jordan Klepper to take over 'Nightly Show' slot

Starting on April 27, it is scheduled to air on Thursday nights after The Daily Show with Trevor Noah . Klepper also will executive-produce the series alongside Noah and Stuart Miller (The Daily Show ). "Dear God, now I have to work with these fools". He also joins Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, and James Corden to become the latest white guy whose name begins with a "J" to host a late night comedy show .

Author: 0 Ex-Obama security advisor Rice denies Trump spying charges

After all, it was just two weeks ago that Rice appeared on PBS and seemed to deny that she had any idea about recent reports then from Congressman Devin Nunes of California that suggested that he had viewed transcripts that showed top officials in the Obama administration appeared to have caught up incidental surveillance on Trump transition officials.

National Repeat offender charged with arson in Atlanta overpass fire
Author: 0 Repeat offender charged with arson in Atlanta overpass fire

It's unclear if Eleby has entered a plea. Locals say they are surprised to find out that Eleby is believed to be behind the fire and eventual collapse of I-85 saying he was quiet and helped out at various businesses. PVC pipes are generally "stable", McMurry said Friday. The highway's closure is expected to cause travel nightmare in this heavily car-dependent city.

Author: 0 South Carolina reaches first ever Final Four

Coach Roy Williams improved to 9-4 in regional finals overall and 5-3 at North Carolina . SC 77, FLORIDA 70 - It's only right that South Carolina's first trip to Final Four was earned through its defense. "I just wish we could have played a first half with a full roster". Now the Tar Heels head to Phoenix for the Final Four to take on OR in the next phase of their redemption tour.

National Trump's Climate Cuts Causing Obama's EPA Chief To Drink
Author: 0 Trump's Climate Cuts Causing Obama's EPA Chief To Drink

Exxon noted in its letter to the White House that unlike the Kyoto Agreement , the Paris deal is the first major worldwide accord to feature pledges from developed nations like the US and developing ones like China. For North Dakota, the plan was asking too much too fast. In addition, it would cause coal production to fall by 242 million tons and the White House pointed out that "27 states, 24 trade associations, 37 rural electric co-ops, and 3 labor unions are challenging the Clean Power ...

National Donald Trump Blames Republican Radicals After Obamacare Setback
Author: 0 Donald Trump Blames Republican Radicals After Obamacare Setback

I don't know if we could pass a Mother's Day resolution right now". After initial flirtations from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Democrats rapidly found out that their supporters wanted them to oppose every one of Trump's Cabinet nominees, use every means to block his preferred Supreme Court justice, investigate every person Trump ever met that had an admiring thought about Russian Federation, and - if possible - get Trump removed from office .

National Justice Dept. seeks pause on agreement with Baltimore police
Author: 0 Justice Dept. seeks pause on agreement with Baltimore police

Sessions's review, announced Monday, came as the Justice Department sought to delay a court hearing on a proposed consent decree with the Baltimore , Maryland police department in the eastern part of the country. "Somehow, some way, we undermined the respect for our police and made, oftentimes, their job more hard", he said, indicating an intent to back off. Just past year, the DOJ issued a scathing report on the city's policing, citing everything from civil rights violations to ...

Author: 0 Cummings: Nunes Should be Investigated for Trump Revelations

Separately, the former chairman of Trump's presidential campaign, Paul Manafort , has volunteered to speak with the House Intelligence Committee. "We thank Mr. "I think this is a serious mistake", Schiff told reporters. After pushback from Democrats on the committee, Nunes instead made a decision to cancel the hearing on Friday morning.

Author: 0 Mobile home flips in SC, killing 1

The National Weather Service said there had been 19 reports of tornadoes on Monday . "Some areas have already seen over 5 inches (13 cm) with these severe storms ( Sunday ) in Louisiana, and the storms are slow moving". There were reports of damage on South MacArthur Drive near USA 165 in the Alexandria, Louisiana, area Sunday after a reported tornado was in the area , according to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office.