National MI woman arrested for choking teenager at Disney World
Author: 0 MI woman arrested for choking teenager at Disney World

According to an Orange County Sheriff's Office arrest affidavit , Mature, 41, of New Baltimore, Michigan, was seated in front of the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday for the nightly fireworks display. Mature was arrested on a child abuse charge, which is a felony, the Orlando Sentinel reported; she's since been released on bond. The girl didn't suffer any visible injuries.

Author: 0 "Schumer Warns GOP" Over Gorsuch Confirmation

Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.), have announced their support for Gorsuch . "Sens. Daines and Tester can not vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch", Nelson said , "without effectively thumbing their noses at the supermajority of Montanans" who approved the Corporate Contributions Initiative, or I-166, a 2012 citizens' initiative that instructed Montana's members of Congress to support efforts to overturn the U.S.

Author: 0 The Pentagon Released Satellite Photos of the US Airstrikes on Syria

Russia's military on Friday said a U.S. strike on a regime air base in Syria was ineffective but announced Syrian air defences would be strengthened to shield the country's key infrastructure. Britain gave its backing. Iran condemned a USA strike on a Syrian airbase on Friday (Apr 7) as Britain and Australia gave their support, with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull describing it as a "proportionate and calibrated response" to the use of chemical weapons.

Author: 0 Tar Heels, Gamecocks reach Final Four

North Carolina now advances to play OR in the Final Four on Saturday in Glendale, Arizona. Roy Williams elected to not call a timeout, and Kentucky coach John Calipari later said he regretted not calling one. Maye, a sophomore, hit the game-winning basket for North Carolina in its 75-73 win over Kentucky in the South regional final on Sunday. Finally, the fourth ticket to Phoenix has been punched.

National College cheer team members discussed escort work
Author: 0 College cheer team members discussed escort work

The entire team has been suspended from cheering during the investigation. I am disgusted and angered that Coastal Carolina University has released an incomplete investigation to the media that paints the women of the Cheerleading Team as prostitutes with the broadest of strokes.

National Timeline: A Chemical Attack, a Shift in US Syrian Policy
Author: 0 Timeline: A Chemical Attack, a Shift in US Syrian Policy

The Syrian Civil War, which began amid the Arab Spring revolutions, is being fought between several factions, including the Syrian government, the Free Syrian Army and terrorist groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), among others.

Author: 0 US Strikes Syrian Air Base in Retaliation for Chemical Weapons Attack

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a statement that he "understands efforts to deter further attacks". Russian Federation is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's most powerful ally and has provided the military might behind his continuing grip on the country, which plunged into civil war six years ago.

Author: 0 Roof damage reported in DC; possible tornado in Virginia

Glenn says loosened soil from the rain, plus the wind, may cause trees and power lines to fall and could lead to power outages. Ten tornadoes swept through parts of Georgia, South Carolina and IN, leaving behind damaged homes and businesses and downed trees and powerlines, according to spotter reports on the National Weather Service website.

National Trump's energy order may dilute Paris deal, greens fear
Author: 0 Trump's energy order may dilute Paris deal, greens fear

It has been the focus of a number of legal challenges from Republican-led states and those who generate profit from burning fossil fuels. While Trump and his friends think climate change is a hoax , what the scientists are telling us it is real, it is caused by human activity.

National Alabama governor defiant as sex scandal trouble mounts
Author: 0 Alabama governor defiant as sex scandal trouble mounts

Bentley vowed again he won't resign even as his political. An ethics commission found probable cause Wednesday that Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley broke ethics and campaign finance laws since his election in 2010. Bentley continued to deny any wrongdoing and criticized unnamed people for "taking pleasure in shaming" him and his family. The House Judiciary Committee's special counsel should give the committee a report before 5 p.m.

Author: 0 Critical Mass: Gorsuch Nom. Forces Historic Change to Senate Rules

Earlier Thursday, Senate Republicans voted to change the Senate rules on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees to eliminate the filibuster . The rule change, which required a simple majority, was dubbed the "nuclear option" because it is considered an extreme break with Senate traditions, and Mr Trump has encouraged Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the upper house, to "go nuclear".

Author: 0 Senate Goes 'Nuclear' to Push in Trump Supreme Court Pick

Merkley held the Senate floor through the nigh. The Senate is expected to take a final confirmation vote on Gorsuch on Friday. They called it an epic power grab that would further corrode politics in Congress, the courts and the nation. Nonetheless, McCain was prepared to vote with McConnell on the rules change, saying he felt he had no choice. "I raise a point of order that the vote on the cloture under the precedent set on 11/21/2013 is a majority vote on all nominations", he said.

Author: 0 Footage shows damage to Syrian airbase in wake of missile strike

A president's unilateral power, he said, is "something short of war". Presidents have historically seen an improvement in their ratings following the use of military force. A US defense official told CNN that 58 of 59 missiles "degraded or destroyed" their targets. In a coincidence we all hope isn't prophetic, the USA entered World War One exactly 100 years ago on the day Trump ordered the military intervention in Syria.

National In big win for Trump, Senate approves his conservative court pick
Author: 0 In big win for Trump, Senate approves his conservative court pick

The confirmation of Gorsuch, 49, to the Supreme Court would restore the nine-seat court's 5-4 conservative majority, with Trump leaving his mark on the highest court in the land for years to come. Since then, he has participated in some 2,700 federal cases arising from the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. For the past 10-plus years on the 10th Circuit, Gorsuch has developed a reputation as a strict "textualist" and "originalist" - like Scalia, someone who ...

Author: 0 Crude prices to remain range bound despite United States attack on Syria

West Texas Intermediate crude CLK7, +0.99% the US benchmark, and Brent crude LCOM7, +0.53% the global benchmark, both jumped by around 2% to notch one-month highs in electronic trade after USA warships launched more than 50 Tomahawk missiles in an attack on a Syrian airfield.

Author: 0 Senate GOP Ready To Go "Nuclear" To Secure Supreme Court Nomination

The Senate is expected to vote on Gorsuch's confirmation on Friday. Gorsuch is set to be confirmed by Senate Republicans on Friday. The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to change filibuster rules after the Democratic Party blocked Neil Gorsuch's nomination for Supreme Court Justice.

Author: 0 U.S. says North Korean missile test ended in fiery crash

North Korea is high on the agenda of the first summit later today between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, with Washington pressing Beijing to do more to rein in Pyongyang. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said. -China summit, Hagiuda told reporters. US President Donald Trump has told Shinzo Abe that "all options are on the table" regarding US policy towards North Korea, according to the Japanese prime minister.

National Dems outraged over rules change for high court
Author: 0 Dems outraged over rules change for high court

And in many ways the showdown had been pre-ordained, the final chapter in years of partisan warfare over judicial nominees. Senators are speaking out against the forced Senate rule change that will allow Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed to the Supreme Court by a simple majority vote rather than the traditional 60 vote requirement.

National Senate Republicans Go Nuclear to Advance Gorsuch
Author: 0 Senate Republicans Go Nuclear to Advance Gorsuch

A filibuster requires a super-majority of 60 votes in the 100-seat Senate to proceed to a simple majority vote on a Supreme Court nominee or legislation. They disposed of long-standing rules in order to prohibit a procedural tactic called a filibuster against Supreme Court nominees. Republicans said Judge Gorsuch would be confirmed today one way or the other.

Author: 0 Ethics panel finds probable cause gov broke law

Henry points to Bentley's continued interactions with Mason even after she resigned . Bentley, a two-term Republican governor, faces escalating political fallout over his relationship with a former senior advisor. Collier said Mason wielded so much power that she was considered the "de facto governor". Bentley has denied any wrongdoing. In the lawsuit, Bentley called the impeachment process "fundamentally unfair".

National No decision yet on staying in Paris climate accord: WH
Author: 0 No decision yet on staying in Paris climate accord: WH

Though the U.S. is the world's largest emitter of Carbon dioxide in per capita terms and the second-highest in terms of volume, president Trump signed an executive order that dismantles Obama-era measures to reduce America's emissions. Others see a silver lining for the Paris Agreement: Maybe the failure of United States leadership will clear the way for other nations to work toward a more ambitious shift away from fossil fuels.

National Massive tornado touches down in Georgia on day of unsafe storms
Author: 0 Massive tornado touches down in Georgia on day of unsafe storms

Authorities in Johnston, South Carolina, a town of 2,300 that calls itself The Peach Capital of The World, reported a possible tornado there damaged about a dozen buildings. I just made a $550 payment this morning", Copeland said. Alabama was battered by storms this week as severe weather damaged homes and businesses in different parts of the state.

Author: 0 White House talks progress on reviving long-shot health bill

Congress as a renewed effort by the White House could not end infighting by Republican lawmakers over healthcare policy. They huddled for two hours in a Capitol basement meeting room. With no bill on the immediate horizon, one conservative organization lashed out at moderate Republicans. Conservatives have argued that such restrictions inflate consumer costs, but supporters say it makes coverage accessible for those with costly medical conditions.

Author: 0 White House financial disclosures: What the reports show about the Trump administration

The White House has many advisers who earned millions of dollars previous year, including President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, whose assets combined with her husband's could exceed $700 million. The assistant to the President for intergovernmental and technology initiatives accumulated assets as a Maryland developer valued as high as US$424 million.

Author: 0 Ethics panel sends Bentley's case to prosecutors

Marsh said he hasn't talked to Bentley in weeks, and there is a "void of communication" between the governor and the Legislature. The Ethics Commission's ruling may be the last straw for Bentely's political career, said Steve Flowers, a former Alabama state legislator and political analyst who literally wrote the book on scandalous governors in the state.

Author: 0 Trump, Xi to establish personal rapport during first summit

In his first telephone conversation with Xi in February, Trump committed himself to honoring the "one China" policy at Xi's request, after having suggested in December previous year that USA backing for the policy might be contingent on a trade deal with Beijing.

National Despite gains, LGBT protections remain a patchwork in US
Author: 0 Despite gains, LGBT protections remain a patchwork in US

Greg Nevins of Lambda Legal, a homosexual rights organization that represented Hively, says, "This decision is game-changer for lesbian and gay employees facing discrimination in the workplace and sends a clear message to employers: It is against the law to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation".

National Johnson out, 'dream' round for Hoffman
Author: 0 Johnson out, 'dream' round for Hoffman

Hoffman is familiar with playing well at Augusta National; he was in the penultimate group in the final round in 2015 but shot 74 and ended up 10 shots behind victor Jordan Spieth . Hoffman didn't have reason to believe he would be one of them. He three-putted the fifth hole for bogey, both putts affected by the wind. The four-shot advantage is the second-largest first-round lead in Masters history.

National US Senator Mark Warner Accuses Russia of 'Propaganda on Steroids'
Author: 0 US Senator Mark Warner Accuses Russia of 'Propaganda on Steroids'

But press secretary Sean Spicer would not say if those documents are the same ones that were provided to Nunes. Five are already confirmed and the other 15 are expected to schedule an interview with the next 10 days. The Senate Intelligence Committee's leaders made clear Wednesday they do not want to be associated with the House's investigation. Asked if he could promise to oversee an impartial probe, Burr responded: "Absolutely".

National The Senate Has Officially 'Gone Nuclear'
Author: 0 The Senate Has Officially 'Gone Nuclear'

Back in 2013 when Senate Democrats nuked the filibuster for lower-court judges and cabinet appointments, ABC's Dan Harris touted it as a "bold move" by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "By doing Trump's bidding and turning both the Senate and our highest court into a rubber stamp for the president, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have trampled on the framers' vision of checks and balances".

National Aaron Hernandez lawyers intend call 3 witnesses, rest case
Author: 0 Aaron Hernandez lawyers intend call 3 witnesses, rest case

That trial started on March 1st, 2017, which is why we're here today - and it looks like they're wrapping things up after a month of, shall we say, conflicting testimony from Hernandez and his former friend Alexander Bradley ( he who you may remember says Hernandez tried to kill him by shooting him in the head in 2013, only he somehow survived), and both guys are saying that the other guy is the one that shot Abreu and Furtado.

National Senate vote on Neil Gorsuch Friday
Author: 0 Senate vote on Neil Gorsuch Friday

Moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins of ME said roughly 10 senators of both parties worked over the weekend to come up with a deal to stave off the so-called "nuclear option", as the rules change is known, but could not come to agreement.

Author: 0 Secretary of State Tillerson To Travel to Lucca and Moscow

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Russian Federation has "failed" in its responsibility to deliver on a 2013 commitment to secure Syria's chemical weapons. "Is the President okay with fencing instead of a wall?" asked Sen. The U.S. doesn't want to start a war with Moscow , and there are Russian troops, aircraft and other equipment on most of the Syrian bases.

National Head of Police Board Says Consent Decree Now 'Unlikely'
Author: 0 Head of Police Board Says Consent Decree Now 'Unlikely'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently signaled that the federal government may back out of expensive consent decrees with local police departments across the nation. "All the reforms in the world" won't matter if the public doesn't believe there are actually changes, he said. Still, the denial is a bump in the road for Session's plans for a far-reaching review of a number of similar consent decrees between the DOJ and local law enforcement agencies.

Author: 0 Pressure Building in Montgomery as Governor's Impeachment Hearing Set to Begin

The alleged affair between the two came to light when Alabama's former law enforcement director, Spencer Collier, was sacked by Bentley for alleged misuse of state funds. "We definitely disagree there was enough evidence to support a finding beyond a cause of reasonable doubt". In his report, Ziegler alleges Bentley used state aircraft, motor vehicles and security personnel to further his affair with Mason.

Author: 0 Showdown at hand over Trump's top court pick

They have proven to all of us that their loyalties lie with Donald Trump and corporate special interests and we will see the consequences of it in the future decisions of the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoked the so-called " nuclear option" to reduce the threshold for limiting debate on SCOTUS nominees from 60 votes to a simple majority.

National California gas, vehicle tax hike advances in Legislature
Author: 0 California gas, vehicle tax hike advances in Legislature

The state Senate has approved a $5-billion-a-year plan to boost California's gas and vehicle taxes to pay for major road repairs. 12-cent-per-gallon increase in gasoline excise tax. There's no doubt that problems will keep expanding if a homeowner neglects such a problem - and the state's infrastructure backlog is estimated at $130 billion.

Author: 0 Ethics Commission expected to hear Gov. Bentley case

After the findings by the Alabama Ethics Commission Wednesday, Steve Flowers, a political analyst, said, "This was a pivotal decision because it gives credibility to the fact that the governor has indeed broken the law". Bentley's criminal and general counsel attorneys arrived at the beginning of the ethics commission meeting. The state Ethics Commission spent a year investigating the governor.

National Trump administration: 'Grave concerns' about police overhaul
Author: 0 Trump administration: 'Grave concerns' about police overhaul

The agreement, known as a consent decree , was reached in January and mandated significant reforms to the Baltimore police force. "Like I always say, I want Officer Friendly to come back", Johnson said . Justice Department attorneys asked for the continuance in the case late on Monday, citing a new directive from Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the department to review all such agreements nationwide to assess whether they are consistent with the Trump administration's focus on reducing ...

Author: 0 Lawsuit Alleges Seattle Mayor Sexually Abused Teen In '80s

Murray has been a well-known politician and has served as the 53rd and current mayor of Seattle. "I don't think it's a coincidence that these allegations have occurred in the midst of a mayoral campaign", Sulkin said in a news conference.

Author: 0 Texan Versed In Agriculture To Lead High-Stakes Russia Probe

Trump told The New York Times on Wednesday that Rice committed a crime when she asked government analysts to disclose the names of Trump associates documented in intelligence reports. So he's going to step aside temporarily but remain as the chairman of the full committee going forward. Conaway, a Texas Republican, who will now lead the Russian Federation investigation, said he hopes to work with the committee's Democrats to get the Russian Federation investigation back on track, but said ...

National Dustin Johnson withdraws from Masters
Author: 0 Dustin Johnson withdraws from Masters

Day started slowly, bogeying the third hole to be 1-over par after the first nine holes, before double-bogeying the 11th to fall further back. Hoffman responded with eight birdies in his final 13 holes. Johnson took some easy swings on the practice range, headed back inside for additional treatment, and then broke out his longer irons and the driver to see how the back reacted.

National Texas anti-masturbation bill moves closer to becoming law
Author: 0 Texas anti-masturbation bill moves closer to becoming law

Any man who does so faces a $100 fine because the act is "considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life". The Texas Democrat knows her bill has no hope of becoming law, and has introduced it to satirise how women have been affected by targeted healthcare legislation in her state, particularly relating to abortion.

Author: 0 Civil Rights Groups Worried About Latest Police Reform Halt

Justice Department to pause it. Baltimore Solicitor David Ralph said Thursday that the plan was created to help police fight crime while also protecting residents' rights and repairing trust between the community and the department. Those opposing the DOJ's attempt to delay the hearing say that oversight doesn't change simply because of new leaders, particularly Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

National 82 immigration arrests in 5-day ICE operation in Virginia, DC
Author: 0 82 immigration arrests in 5-day ICE operation in Virginia, DC

Gillman says the Orange County facility is particularly tough to reach by public transportation, making visits hard for the families of lower-income clients who don't have cars. The chief also said ICE assured him there will be no "sweeps" in search og immigration violators during the annual Detroit Cinco de Mayo parade on May 7.

National 'I Think' Susan Rice May Have Committed A Crime
Author: 0 'I Think' Susan Rice May Have Committed A Crime

Rice called herself "shocked" when she saw Trump's post on Twitter that said Obama had "wiretapped" him - "It wasn't typical of the way presidents treat their predecessors", she said. The national security advisor is not a law enforcement position and therefore does not have the authority to engage in domestic investigatory efforts, especially those that violate the constitutional rights of American citizens who were not legally valid targets of intelligence collection operations.

Author: 0 Bannon removed from security council as McMaster asserts control

Yesterday we learned that Bannon has lost his place on the National Security Council's "principals committee", a coveted perch from which he could have no doubt advanced his far-reaching vision of a clash of civilizations ending in the caucasian West's ultimate victory through fire and blood.

Author: 0 Comedian Don Rickles dies at 90

The famous comedian died today at his house at Los Angeles from kidney failure as the publicist Paul Shefrin announced. "Hope laughs harder than anyone - he goes to pieces when i hit him. "He said, 'This would be great for you and Barbara, '" Rickles recalled. At the ceremony, he joked: "I've been in this business for 55 years and the biggest award I got was an ashtray from the Friars in NY".

Author: 0 Judge denies request to delay hearing on Baltimore police

Department of Justice and troubled law enforcement agencies. Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Kevin Davis, right, speaks alongside Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh at a news conference at City Hall in Baltimore Tuesday, April 4, 2017, in response to the Department of Justice's request for a 90-day delay of a hearing on its proposed overhaul of the Baltimore Police Department.

Author: 0 As advertisers dump Bill O'Reilly, Trump comes to his defense

Despite the demo loss to Maddow on Wednesday, "The O'Reilly Factor" has averaged 3.7 million viewers this week, which is up 24 percent compared to the same days in 2016 and up 10 percent compared to last week. The outspoken congresswoman-who has become Black Twitter's official auntie-is leading the charge when it comes to putting Trump's inadequacy as president on notice.