National McCain says Trump has more work to do on Syria
Author: 0 McCain says Trump has more work to do on Syria

The U.S. strikes hit the government-controlled Shayrat air base in central Syria, where U.S. officials say the Syrian military planes that dropped the chemicals had taken off. Cory Gardner said that while he also was not notified of the strike, he believed the military action to be "an appropriate response". Welch, a Democrat, says Trump has a constitutional obligation to submit to Congress his plans to defeat the Islamic State group and stabilize Syrian.

Author: 0 Justice Department Expresses 'Grave Concern' About Consent Decree; Residents Testify

If granted, the request would effectively put on pause a process that could lead to a sweeping overhaul in the policies and practices of the Baltimore police force. " It would be especially inappropriate to grant this late request for a delay when it would be the public who were most adversely affected by a postponement ".

National NRA employee accidentally shoots himself at NRA headquarters
Author: 0 NRA employee accidentally shoots himself at NRA headquarters

Police said no charges are expected to come from the incident. Similar hazardous situations involving the NRA and guns have occurred before. Unlike the punk in that film, the NRA employee should feel relatively lucky. But, as one of their staffers can attest, they sure do shoot people. Accidental discharges "generally signal serial errors and oversights, and perhaps technique flaws as well", editor Frank Winn wrote in another article .

National Alberta economy creates 20000 jobs in March: Statistics Canada
Author: 0 Alberta economy creates 20000 jobs in March: Statistics Canada

This comes as the overall US economy added only 98,000 jobs last month, substantially less than the 180,000 new jobs forecast by economists and well below gains of more than 200,000 jobs in both January and February. It had been robust in 2017, encouraging Wall Street that the labor market was tightening and that strong job growth would continue. The number of part-time workers who would prefer full-time jobs declined.

Author: 0 Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court justice

The 60-vote threshold in the Senate has been "the guardrail of our democracy. when it comes to the courts, the guardrails are being dismantled". "We will sadly point to today as a turning point in the history of the Senate and the Supreme Court", said Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY.

Author: 0 Final OK to strike Syria came soon after PBIA arrival

Trump has said he wants to raise concerns about China's trade practices and press Xi to do more to rein in North Korea's nuclear ambitions during his two-day visit to the Spanish-style Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, though no major deals on either issue are expected.

National Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez's second murder trial to close
Author: 0 Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez's second murder trial to close

Aaron Hernandez's lawyers called a high-risk audible in the waning minutes of their case by suggesting one of two men he's accused of gunning down may have been returning gunfire. During closing arguments Thursday, prosecutor Patrick Haggan said Hernandez, who grew up in Bristol, Conn., gunned down two men in Boston in 2012 after one of them accidentally bumped into Hernandez at a nightclub and spilled his drink.

Author: 0 After HB2 revision, ACC says North Carolina can again host championship events

On Thursday afternoon, North Carolina's House voted to repeal HB2, the infamous bill that force state residents to use the bathroom that matched their gender assigned at birth rather than their gender identity. The NCAA has already pulled seven championship events in baseball, soccer, lacrosse and other sports from North Carolina for the current academic year because of HB2.

National Clinton chides Trump on Syrian refugee ban after strike
Author: 0 Clinton chides Trump on Syrian refugee ban after strike

Clinton blamed Russia for backing Assad, arguing that Russian President Vladimir Putin "has basically weighed in, particularly with air power, to support this fight to the death policy the Assad has". Although Clinton now intends to relax and write a book, simultaneously she wants an independent investigation into the hacking of the Democratic Party leaders' emails, which she believes, were carried out by Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin's orders a year ago.

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton Says She Won't Run for Public Office Again

Comey's statement about investigating her emails shortly before Election Day and misogyny as contributing factors. "What they did or tried to do on the health care bill, which I will confess to this - having listened to them talking about repeal and replace for 8 years, or 7 years now, and they had not a clue what that meant", she said .

Author: 0 NY Lawmakers Poised to Pass Budget

We applaud the agreement reached between Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature, under the leadership of State Senate Majority Leader Flanagan, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Klein and Assembly Speaker Heastie regarding the Affordable New York Housing Program.

Author: 0 Police 'can't confirm' reports of explosives found in Stockholm attack truck

He says police also found an object in the truck that "could be a bomb or an incendiary object, we are still investigating it". The Aftonbladet newspaper and Swedish radio reported that the suspect is a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan. More than 80 victims were killed in France after a terrorist drove a truck into crowds that were celebrating Bastille Day in Nice last July. The deadliest came a year ago in France on the Bastille Day national holiday when a man rammed a truck into a crowd ...

Author: 0 Alabama Supreme Court allows impeachment of governor to proceed

Bentley, a Republican, has been battling impeachment efforts over the past year related to political fallout from his relationship with a former aide. The Commission found probable cause on four charges that Bentley violated the state's ethics laws and campaign finance laws. While he admitted that he had made mistakes, he said he has no plans to resign .

Author: 0 GOP chairman meets with Dems on tax reform

One might think Trump would have the good sense to take option No. 2, especially after Trumpcare's demise made revenue neutrality even harder to achieve - and made his administration even more desperate for a legislative victory. In February a group of Republican veterans presented the policy to the White House as part of a "conservative climate solution". "It doesn't require copious research to conclude that tax reform will be challenging to pass", the note said.

Author: 0 Schools close amid Wisconsin manhunt for gun theft suspect

Police say you can see Joseph Jakubowski in surveillance pictures stealing more than a dozen fire arms from a Wisconsin gun shop before setting his auto on fire and disappearing. During a soft lockdown, all exterior doors and windows are locked but teaching and normal operations go on as usual. Investigators learned from associates of Jakubowski that he has been highly agitated by national politics and recently mentioned a plan to steal guns and use them on to conduct an unspecified ...

Author: 0 Abe tells Putin of sympathy, solidarity after Russian Federation blast

Also noteworthy: no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. The report said Russian investigators were trying to determine Dzhalilov's travels, but they had ascertained that the device used in the subway attack bore the hallmarks of "Syrian know-how", specifically traces of burnt sugar.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions Studying Marijuana Enforcement Policies Through Task Force

At the start of Thursday morning's hearing, lawyers for the federal government argued that they would need more time to review the agreement, which sets guidelines for the police in dealing with African Americans, after the Justice Department-then led by Loretta Lynch-found a pattern of racial discrimination.

Author: 0 Federal Judge Denies DOJ Request to Pause Review on Baltimore Consent Decree

On Tuesday, city officials told the judge in a court filing that they oppose a 90-day extension. Sessions' concerns, Gore said , are "not simply limited to Baltimore, it applies nationwide". Justice Department got involved, forging an agreement in 2001 that required the district to undertake certain reforms. A large police group, however, welcomed the review on the Obama DOJ consent decrees.

National First months of Trump, GOP Congress produce few victories
Author: 0 First months of Trump, GOP Congress produce few victories

The idea to reform the healthcare system is admirable and many Americans do in fact support such plans because Obamacare is far from ideal. The AHCA was expected to cut the federal deficit but would significantly increase the number of Americans without health insurance.

Author: 0 Rep. Kevin Cramer on Gorsuch confirmation

If they would not have employed this option then Gorsuch would have needed 60 votes to confirm his nomination. John McCain, R-Ariz., called the vote a "regrettable setback" for the Senate, but went on to blame the minority for bringing the chamber to where it is.

National Alabama governor halts impeachment, not disparaging report
Author: 0 Alabama governor halts impeachment, not disparaging report

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley vowed again Friday he won't resign even as his political troubles mounted and lawmakers said they would move forward with impeachment hearings because of a sex scandal. The temporary restraining order will prevent the committee from proceeding with the hearings, but a spokesperson for the committee confirmed Friday night the committee will still meet as scheduled Monday to discuss Friday's events.

Author: 0 Trump Administration Skeptical of Feds' Role in Baltimore Police Reform

The order from a USA district court in Maryland denied a recent Justice Department request to delay the proposed consent decree, which was negotiated during the Obama administration. "With Judge Bredar's signature on the Baltimore police consent decree, the City of Baltimore will continue to move forward in reforming the Baltimore Police Department and building the bond of trust that must exist between the community and our police officers".

Author: 0 The US warned the Russians ahead of Syria missile strikes

The government was briefed about an hour before a barrage of US cruise missiles was launched Thursday against an airbase in Syria , said Trudeau. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on Saturday for an impartial probe of this week's suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria and warned that US missile strikes in response risked escalating extremism in the region.

National Lawsuit Alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Raped Teen 30 Years Ago
Author: 0 Lawsuit Alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Raped Teen 30 Years Ago

In his attorney's law office Friday, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray denies the allegations made in a lawsuit that he sexually abused a teenager in the 1980s. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is "obviously" taking the allegations of child rape seriously, high-profile Seattle attorney Anne Bremner told KIRO Radio's Ron and Don.

Author: 0 Trump presented with assassination as solution to North Korea nuke threats

Xi and Trump agreed to a 100-day plan for trade talks to increase United States exports to China and to reduce the USA trade deficit. "The two sides need to further enhance their relationship so as to better serve the two countries and their peoples, and to promote world peace and prosperity", Xi was quoted as saying.

Author: 0 Trump hails 'tremendous progress' with China

Trump had said in a light-hearted comment before the dinner on Thursday in which the President's daughter, Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, who is alos his adviser, sat next to him. "We have made tremendous progress in our relationship with China", Trump said as the two delegations met around tables flanked by large USA and Chinese flags.

Author: 0 Hillary Blames Misogyny (and More) for Her Loss to Trump

Clinton claimed that Russia's meddling in the general election was a primary factor for her loss. There had been some indications that Americans' sexist attitudes could effect the outcome of the election, including a July study that showed many people's hidden biases about women in leadership roles could hurt Clinton's chances.

National More than half Americans approve of Obamacare now
Author: 0 More than half Americans approve of Obamacare now

Since the passage of Obamacare, the GOP has demonized the individual mandate, a provision of Obamacare that forced people who could afford health insurance but did not buy it to pay a tax. I hope the health care changes Congress is debating really will provide better coverage for all Americans. "It's hard for me to believe that any state would take us back.

National Seattle Joins the Sanctuary Cities Fight
Author: 0 Seattle Joins the Sanctuary Cities Fight

Mayor Ed Murray and city attorney Pete Holmes held a press conference to discuss the legal action. Seattle will argue that an executive order by President Donald Trump violates the Constitution by trying to make local governments enforce federal immigration law.

Author: 0 Trump's Justice Department Second Guesses Consent Decrees

Mayor Catherine Pugh and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis have vowed to press on with police reform regardless of what happens with the consent decree . Moving the " highly unusual " public hearing, which was requested by both the city and the DOJ, would be a " burden and inconvenience to the court, other parties, and most importantly, the public ", the judge wrote .

National Cincinnati nightclub shooting kills 1, injures several
Author: 0 Cincinnati nightclub shooting kills 1, injures several

The police chief reiterated the incident at the night club was likely the result of a conflict that started earlier Saturday. Police operate at a crime scene outside the Cameo Nightclub after a reported fatal shooting, Sunday, March 26, 2017 , in Cincinnati .

National Child cried for 'mommy' during recorded sex assault
Author: 0 Child cried for 'mommy' during recorded sex assault

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents say they also found evidence of Thompson raping a 3-year-old girl, who was left with him while her relative went to the store. Investigators believe Thompson would also bound the girls up and hold them at gunpoint during the abuse. The vice president of the company, Lee Piazza, said he was "shocked and saddened" by the allegations.

National North Carolina Wins Sixth National Title
Author: 0 North Carolina Wins Sixth National Title

North Carolina is no stranger to the big game, nor the big dance, though this was the first time that Gonzaga has been to the Final Four . But a year later, the team got the redemption it sought. But this wasn't the game either team expected to play, and both deserved better in an event of this magnitude. The play occurred with the Tar Heels leading 66-65 with 49.1 seconds remaining in the game.

National Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to Supreme Court; Conservatives Celebrate
Author: 0 Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to Supreme Court; Conservatives Celebrate

Only three Democrats: Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) voted yes on Gorsuch's nomination. Sen. Vice President Mike Pence presided over the vote, but was not needed to break a tie. That heads-up gave outside groups like the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation time to review the potential jurists and create buy-in for Republicans once Trump made his choice.

Author: 0 Syria strike muddies United States ties with Russian Federation

The massive strike - the first direct USA action against President Bashar al-Assad's government and Mr Trump's biggest military decision - marked a dramatic escalation in American involvement in Syria's six-year civil war. On Wednesday morning, military advisers said they knew which Syrian air base was used to launch the chemical attack and that they had tracked the Sukhoi-22 jet that carried it out.

National Trump administration backs away from Baltimore police reform
Author: 0 Trump administration backs away from Baltimore police reform

Newark is one of 14 police departments across the country now under consent decrees. She said real reform is needed, not just a "dog and pony show". Others who took to the podium included a retired police officer from a Baltimore suburb who lives in the city, a lawyer who said an officer threatened "to pull me through the window of my car" during a traffic stop and a resident who said she watched children playing and heard one boy pretending to be a police officer yell, "Get out of your auto ...

Author: 0 Trump administration dials back transparency on military intervention in Iraq, Syria

Jumaili led Islamic State's top security agency in Iraq and Syria, known as Amniya, answering directly to Baghdadi, according to experts. U.S. military officials say they have boosted precautions to avoid civilian victims. The casualties are the latest sign of the challenges facing the Pentagon as it launches daily bombing raids against Sunni extremist fighters who often mix among civilians in densely populated cities.

National Indian shot dead by robbers at Washington gas station
Author: 0 Indian shot dead by robbers at Washington gas station

Swaraj said in a series of tweets that Indian is coordinating with the USA investigating agency as a probe is underway. "I am asking the Indian Embassy in the United States to provide all help and assistance", Swaraj tweeted in response to a tweet by the victim's brother who brought it to her notice.

Author: 0 New Health Plan May Cut Preexisting Condition Coverage

For example, Medicare administrative costs make up less than 2 percent of overall spending, while providing affordable and reliable assistance to pay for medical care. Now, there is a renewed effort to push the bill even farther to the right and negotiate away even more consumer protections, to try and squeeze it through the House.

National Labor Department postpones applicability of fiduciary rule by 60 days
Author: 0 Labor Department postpones applicability of fiduciary rule by 60 days

The DOL on Friday released into the Federal Register a rule requiring a 60-day delay. The Extension is in many ways a mixed bag. The fiduciary definition in the Fiduciary Rule published on April 8, 2016, and impartial conduct standards in these exemptions, are applicable on June 9, while compliance with the remaining conditions in these exemptions, such as requirements to make specific written disclosures and representations of fiduciary compliance in communications with investors, is ...

Author: 0 Hoffman faltering, Garcia surging in 2nd round at Masters

Three late bogeys curbed the rally of two-time Green Jacket victor Phil Mickelson, who carded a 73 and is just four behind the lead quartet. KEY STAT: The quartet atop the leaderboard is the biggest 36-hole logjam at the tournament in 44 years.

Author: 0 Trump tells newspaper Obama adviser Susan Rice might have broken law

And if the latter, did she share that information? He continued,"It's such an important story for our country and the world". "She was the National Security Advisor reading a report of foreign officials discussing United States persons coming into WH, this isn't odd or wrong ", Bakos wrote .

Author: 0 'Tremendous Progress' Made with China's Xi

Ahead of the two presidents' second round of talks, senior Chinese and USA officials initiated two newly-installed dialogue mechanisms in economy, as well as diplomacy and security. President Donald Trump had predicted a "very difficult" meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Beijing has been strongly opposed to Seoul's decision to bring in the US military hardware due to concerns it could also monitor China's mainland.

National Justice extends West Virginia legislative session
Author: 0 Justice extends West Virginia legislative session

Justice said he was sad for the people of West Virginia that the Republican leadership can't come up with a workable budget. "By the time it's fish kill, it's too late", said Delegate Mike Pushkin, a Charleston Democrat. Justice to sign it into law". Both houses voted to end $14 million in annual support for greyhound racing at the state's two tracks. Richard Ojeda (D-Logan), and received initial approval from the state Senate last week by a vote of 28-6.

National Defense rests in Aaron Hernandez's double-murder trial
Author: 0 Defense rests in Aaron Hernandez's double-murder trial

Baez, who gained notice for winning Casey Anthony a not-guilty verdict in the 2011 trial concerning the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, told the jury Thursday that Bradley's testimony was "riddled with lies". "That is a confession, but this is not a church". He repeatedly emphasized that Bradley had been given immunity to testify and said that Bradley, not Hernandez, may have been the gunman.

National Alt-right figures cry foul after Donald Trump strikes Syria, rescind support
Author: 0 Alt-right figures cry foul after Donald Trump strikes Syria, rescind support

The Kremlin confirmed it had been warned by the United States, but refused to say whether any Russian soldiers had to be evacuated from the base. A spokesman for Vladimir Putin went so a far as to say that the missile strikes on the Syrian air base were an "aggression against a sovereign state in violation of worldwide law, and under a false pretext".