National Republican House Rules: How the GOP Confirmed Gorsuch
Author: 0 Republican House Rules: How the GOP Confirmed Gorsuch

The vote comes after the majority Republicans changed the rules to abolish the filibuster for SCOTUS nominees, in order to overcome opposition from Democrats. "It will make the cooling saucer of the Senate considerably hotter, and I believe it will make the Supreme Court a more partisan place". Trump's nomination in January of Gorsuch, who is known to favor protections of religious belief in the public square and for business owners, elicited mixed reactions from Jewish groups.

Author: 0 Supreme Court says impeachment of Bentley can proceed

Governor Robert Bentley reiterates that he is not resigning during a news conference on the capitol steps in Montgomery, Ala., on Friday April 7, 2017. The committee plans to begin its impeachment process on Monday. The report accuses him of using state resources, including law enforcement, to hide the affair and protect his reputation, "in a process characterized by increasing obsession and paranoia".

National Arroyo returns to Reds, Diaz homers twice
Author: 0 Arroyo returns to Reds, Diaz homers twice

Garrett struck out four, walked two and needed only 78 pitches to record 18 outs. In an ideal world, Garrett might have spent some more time in the minors, but injuries changed the Reds' plans. Stephenson had frightful difficulties finding the strike zone, walking six in 1 2/3 innings. HOUSTON - Alex Gordon's two-run double in the eighth inning broke open a tight game and propelled Kansas City to its first victory of the season.

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton: I would have taken on Assad

Kristoff asked Clinton how she felt about the role that misogyny played in the election ― especially considering that a majority of white women voters for President Trump, regardless of his admitted sexual assault, allegations of abuse, and comments he's made about women.

Author: 0 Lawsuit: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray "raped and molested" teenager in 1980s

In the lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court , a 46-year-old man, identified only by the initials, D.H., said Murray "raped and molested him" over several years, beginning in 1986 - when he was 15 and addicted to crack cocaine and when Murray was in his early 30s.

Author: 0 Syria strike 'vindicates' North Korea's nuclear choice

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump discussed the situation in Syria during their recent meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesman Lu Kang said on Saturday, Sputnik reported . "The two sides noted the urgency of the threat of North Korea's weapons program, reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearized Korean Peninsula, and committed to fully implement U.N.

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton Addresses Why She Thinks She Lost the Election

We don't know yet whether the missiles did anything to change the intractable horror in Syria, but at home, they were a direct hit. WikiLeaks, in one case, published almost 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and later released tens of thousands of emails from the personal inbox of John Podesta, a campaign aide.

Author: 0 Russia's election meddling act of aggression: Hillary Clinton

In her first interview since losing the 2016 USA election, Clinton said the prospect of electing the first woman president was exciting for some Americans, but threatening to others. Kristof also asked Clinton who she thought was to blame for her loss, which is a question that sounds like it needs at least five hours and a large glass of wine to answer in full.

Author: 0 Federal Judge Approves Consent Decree To Overhaul Baltimore Police

The ruling allows Baltimore to move forward with hiring an independent monitor and setting up an office for staff who will oversee auditors to ensure the police force makes changes to address a scathing report from the Justice Department a year ago that found widespread discriminatory and unconstitutional practices.

National Small businesses prefer Obamacare over GOP plan
Author: 0 Small businesses prefer Obamacare over GOP plan

Republicans may also revive an earlier idea to continue an Obamacare 0.9 percent payroll tax on high-income earners to produce $15 billion toward ensuring coverage for various patients. less than six months ago. The GOP's most recent effort - the American Health Care Act - failed in late March after House Speaker Paul Ryan canceled the House vote on the bill when it became clear it would not pass a House vote.

National Senate confirms Gorsuch to US Supreme Court
Author: 0 Senate confirms Gorsuch to US Supreme Court

By changing rules and fighting forward the GOP party made sure that today, Judge Neil M. Grosuch was confirmed by the senate to become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court. "I don't have confidence Judge Gorsuch would be that justice". Last year, they wouldn't even give President Obama's nominee Merrick Garland a hearing.

National Border agency fields pitches for Trump's wall with Mexico
Author: 0 Border agency fields pitches for Trump's wall with Mexico

In fact, by The Associated Press' count , upwards of 200 organizations had expressed interest in designing and building it for Customs and Border Protection . According to the Union-Tribune , a submission from Austin, TX's Black Security Products LLC includes a four-inch space along the wall's bottom, allowing small animals to effortlessly do what actual human beings could not-cross the border unmolested.

Author: 0 State gas tax and vehicle fees increases approved

Hezekiah Allen, president of the California Growers Association agreed but said his marijuana farmer's organization is concerned about Brown's proposal to allow single entities to hold licenses to grow and sell marijuana. Instead, lawmakers presumably have been promised by the governor and legislative leaders that their bills will be passed and signed into law. He ventured to Concord and Riverside to pressure undecided legislators from those areas, and he appealed directly to two legislative ...

National UN Ambassador Haley says no question Russian Federation meddled in election
Author: 0 UN Ambassador Haley says no question Russian Federation meddled in election

Petr Iliichev, Russia's acting ambassador to the United Nations, indicated that Russia will call for a procedural vote if the US proceeds with a meeting on human rights. "That sounds like talk, Ambassador Haley", Raddatz said. As recently as Saturday, Trump derided investigations into Russia's involvement with the 2016 election and members of his campaign team as "the phony Russian Federation story".

Author: 0 Federal judge in Baltimore approves sweeping plan for police reforms

City officials, including Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, have voiced their support for the agreement. Several speakers denounced racist and discriminatory policing affecting black residents in Baltimore. Baltimore's police chief at the time of Gray's death was dismissed by Pugh's predecessor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Multiple mothers whose sons were killed by police testified about their pain.

National Schumer seizes on Trump offer to work with Dems on health
Author: 0 Schumer seizes on Trump offer to work with Dems on health

The renewed focus on repealing Obamacare came after Ryan chose to withdraw the House GOP's health care bill Friday, a decision made after it became clear there wouldn't be enough votes to pass it. Whether Mr Trump can get Democrats on board is a big question, since he's spent the beginning of his presidency criticising his opposition and even belittling Senator Charles Schumer as a "clown".

Author: 0 Concerned about White House infighting, Trump eyes shake-up

Just this week, Trump ordered Bannon and Kushner to meet with each other in an effort for his two most trusted advisors to work things out. Over at Axios , they're reporting that both Priebus and Bannon could be on the chopping block , including a list of possible candidates who could replace Reince.

Author: 0 Pinellas County women push for equal wages

Ness, president of the National Partnership in the report . Some will join an Equal Pay Day rally in Lansing on April 25. However, while it is true - according to the US census - that white and Asian women are more likely to hold college degrees than black and Latina women, it's important to note that the wage gap between these demographics persists even when women with equally advanced educations are compared to women from other race groups.

National Alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after ruling
Author: 0 Alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after ruling

After hearing arguments, Shaul later recused from the case, saying he had been appointed by Bentley. Those texts included Bentley writing to Mason "I can't take my eyes off of you". The committee's report accused Bentley of ordering state law enforcement officers to track down copies of an embarrassing recording that suggested an affair with Mason.

Author: 0 17 tornadoes confirmed in Louisiana outbreak, Weather Service says

The EF-0 tornado lasted six minutes, with a maximum width of 25-50 yards and peak winds up to 70 miles per hour. No injuries were reported! WTVR CBS 6 crews spotted several large uprooted trees - one of which almost hit a home. The road to the historic Tides Inn Hotel in Irvington was blocked by fallen trees after an EF1 tornado touched down. At this time, it has not been confirmed if the damage is from a tornado.

Author: 0 Trump praises Gorsuch after confirmation

Referencing the rewriting of the Senate rules to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for Supreme Court nominees, Henderson said: "His confirmation will forever be tainted by the Republican Senate majority's callous disregard for the historic rules and traditions of the Senate".

National Divided Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court
Author: 0 Divided Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

It didn't happen because nobody trusted each other, which makes sense because all of these people are liars. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in a speech from the Senate floor, called on Gorsuch to be a "fair-minded justice that America badly needs".

Author: 0 BMW, Allstate pull ads from 'O'Reilly Factor' after harassment report

An investigation published by The New York Times on Saturday reported that five women received settlements from Fox News totaling some $13 million after making misconduct accusations against top-rated host Bill O'Reilly. CNN also reported getting a number "looking into the matter" responses from various Factor advertisers. In announcing that it was suspending its advertising on the "O'Reilly Factor ", the insurance giant Allstate said it was "concerned about the issues ...

Author: 0 A Federal Judge Just Ignored Jeff Sessions and Approved Baltimore's Police Reforms

An attorney for the U.S. Justice Department says the agency has "grave concerns" about a proposed agreement to overhaul the Baltimore Police Department. Bredar denied the request as "untimely", writing that granting such a delay "at the eleventh hour would be to unduly burden and inconvenience the Court, the other parties, and, most importantly, the public".

National Ted Poe Quits House Freedom Caucus Over Healthcare Plan Failure
Author: 0 Ted Poe Quits House Freedom Caucus Over Healthcare Plan Failure

The failed GOP bill, which party leaders withdrew shortly before a House vote that was doomed to failure, would have repealed much of former President Barack Obama's health care law. But almost an hour before the scheduled vote on Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill. "We as a conference are still trying to get to yes", MacArthur said, adding that the "framework would largely be the same" as the bill that Ryan abruptly pulled from the House floor on Friday.

Author: 0 Bannon bumped from National Security Council

The White House released a new memorandum on the composition of the NSC on Wednesday. And in another change, the national security adviser will set the agenda for the council as well as for the Homeland Security Council, and can delegate that at his discretion.

National Ex-Christie aides sentenced in 'Bridgegate' scandal
Author: 0 Ex-Christie aides sentenced in 'Bridgegate' scandal

District Judge Susan Wigenton. Most of all I let Mark Sokolich down. Prosecutors also asked the judge during the sentencing hearing to impose a lighter sentence on Kelly, saying the single mother of four did not deserve as harsh a punishment as Baroni.

Author: 0 Your internet provider can share your web history

Within this regulation, the ISP's will need consumer content before they use a certain geolocation, health information, financial information, children's information and web browsing history for marketing and advertisement purposes. Trump signed three other bills Monday, including one that eliminates a rule that prohibited the use of tactics like baiting and shooting bears from the air on the National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.

Author: 0 Kyle Edmund, Dan Evans lose Davis Cup singles in Rouen

Mitchell notes that the Davis Cup is under some pressure, with officials looking to cut the singles matches from five to three sets to try and attract more top players. "Whether you've won 15 Grand Slams or none, playing in front of your country like this is incredible". "Second set, I thought Edmund did well to get the lead in the tie-break and could have played slightly more aggressively".

Author: 0 1 person dead after shooting near mall in South Florida

A disgruntled ex-gym employee shot two of his former coworkers before killing himself near an upscale shopping mall in South Florida, CBS Miami reports . "It was sort of comforting to have them there because in having them there it sort of distracted us", she said. More than a dozen police cars and firetrucks were outside the mall for hours after the shooting.

National Trump Expects to Appoint Five Justices to Supreme Court
Author: 0 Trump Expects to Appoint Five Justices to Supreme Court

All 44 Democrats and independents voted against advancing Gorsuch, and for procedural reasons, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cast his vote with them to enable the vote to be reconsidered. President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was confirmed on Friday after Republicans tore up the Senate's voting rules to allow him to ascend to the high court over furious Democratic objections.

National 3rd round at Masters a day of wasted chances for McIlroy
Author: 0 3rd round at Masters a day of wasted chances for McIlroy

Hoffman ran off five bogeys in a six-hole stretch, including a three-putt from 4feet at the par-5 eighth. He pronounced himself "extremely pleased" with the Saturday result, which included a birdie at the par-5 13th hole that came after he ripped a 228-yard four iron over Rae's Creek and nearly made the eagle putt.

Author: 0 Twitter Sues Trump Administration

Twitter, which has always been an advocate of Internet privacy, refused the government's request to identify the user, who posted an image of the First Amendment to the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security asked Twitter to keep the summons under wraps, but when Twitter asked for a court order, they responded that "no such court order would be obtained".

Author: 0 4-way tie atop the Masters leaderboard

And there's the underdog. "I feel great", said Spieth who has fought back from an opening 75. Fred Couples isn't concerned about 57. Jordan Spieth was asked why he has been so good at Augusta, in contention for the fourth consecutive year.

Author: 0 Leaders scramble for votes on California gas tax

Some have questioned why the state would raise taxes to fix its existing infrastructure without adding more lanes of traffic as the population swells. According to California data, the state has not increased the gas tax in 23 years, and since then the state's population has added eight million new residents, which translates into more vehicles on the roads.

Author: 0 A Huge Win for Trump - Senate Confirms Gorsuch

But for a new justice who joins the court mid-term, that task and the fire hose of decisions faced with little time to prepare, is even greater. The Republican-led Congress failed to pass legislation he backed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law that was Democratic former President Barack Obama's signature legislative achievement.

National California math: 1 vote = $500 million in road, rail work
Author: 0 California math: 1 vote = $500 million in road, rail work

Republican state legislators have continually pushed back against the bill , maintaining that the tax increase will further burden low and middle income Californians. And South Carolina's state House approved a two-cent per gallon gas tax hike, which Gov. Henry McMaster (R) has threatened to veto. After he cast his vote, a number of fellow Democrats swarmed around his desk, shaking their heads.

National Alec Baldwin's Trump Dodges the Issues in 'SNL' Cold Open
Author: 0 Alec Baldwin's Trump Dodges the Issues in 'SNL' Cold Open

O'Reilly continued: 'You are not familiar with the facts of the case?' The actor recently hinted that he might not play Trump much longer on the show, but he's showing no signs of slowing down. Baldwin's O'Reilly also made reference to the Fox News host losing nearly 60 sponsors from his O'Reilly Factor show after news of him settling the sex harassment cases surfaced.

National Champions! The UNC Tar Heels Win The 2016-2017 NCAA Basketball Championship
Author: 0 Champions! The UNC Tar Heels Win The 2016-2017 NCAA Basketball Championship

But in the last four minutes of the half, North Carolina evened out both the rebound margin and the score, cutting Gonzaga's game-high seven-point lead to three at the half. A year after Villanova snatched the title from the Tar Heels' hands in the closing seconds, the referees did their best to hijack this one, too. The win didn't just put Williams in North Carolina's upper echelon.

Author: 0 Public hearing on Baltimore, DOJ consent decree set to begin this morning

Baltimore officials say they don't want any delays. " Technically, the Justice Department can't just walk away from its legal obligations ". "We have been murdered, abused, oppressed, suppressed, and humiliated by the Baltimore Police Department", said Baltimore resident Alecia Dean.

Author: 0 High Court Greenlights Impeachment Proceedings For Alabama Governor

The House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to begin impeachment hearings Monday morning. Bentley's troubles began last year when recordings surfaced of him making suggestive remarks to a former senior adviser, Rebekah Mason, before his wife of 50 years filed for divorce in August 2015.

National Monday's Severe Weather Threat in Middle Georgia
Author: 0 Monday's Severe Weather Threat in Middle Georgia

The National Weather Service in Paducah has issued a hazardous weather outlook with an isolated risk of severe thunderstorms on Monday . The woman called 911 as her auto went down, but rescuers were unable to reach her in time in the heavily wooded area, he said.

National Trump objections don't stop overhaul of Baltimore police
Author: 0 Trump objections don't stop overhaul of Baltimore police

Bredar's ruling called the Justice Department's report on patterns of unconstitutional conduct in the Baltimore Police Department "deeply troubling". In a statement on Friday, Sessions expressed doubts that the court-approved plans could help Baltimore address its "violent crime crisis". He refused, and now the department wants him to delay signing the agreement for at least 30 days.

Author: 0 Impeachment of Alabama Governor Bentley Allowed to Proceed

Bentley has vowed to stay in office despite growing calls for his resignation. An impeachment hearing is looming for Bentley, but he's refusing to let go of the state's top position. A judge on Friday blocked impeachment proceedings. Montgomery Circuit Judge Roman Shaul stepped aside from the case Friday. The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled impeachment hearings to begin Monday.

Author: 0 Fowler, Hoffman edge ahead at sun-drenched Masters

The group tied at 4 under through two rounds includes Charley Hoffman, Sergio Garcia , Thomas Pieters and Rickie Fowler . William McGirt is next at 2 under with Olympic gold medalist Justin Rose and ageless Fred Couples heading another group three shots behind.

National Clinton chides Trump on Syrian refugee ban after airstrikes
Author: 0 Clinton chides Trump on Syrian refugee ban after airstrikes

During her speech she lauded gains made by both women candidates and the Democratic Party in Texas during the 2016 election. The question of attacking Syria was a major point of debate during the 2016 election, with President Trump warning against the idea, as potentially leading to a war with Russian Federation, and Hillary Clinton campaigning heavily on the idea of attacking Syria.