Author: 0 House Dems Ask for Kushner's Security Clearance to Be Suspended

In late March, the Times reported, citing unnamed administration and congressional officials, that the Senate Intelligence Committee had told the White House it wanted to interview Kushner about his meetings with Russian officials, as part of its investigation between possible ties between members of the Trump campaign and Russia.

Author: 0 Republicans Had Better Listen to Georgia Wake-Up Call

Tyler Law of the DCCC said that group reached about 25,000 voters by phone on Monday and Tuesday. The Democratic victories in IL prove that the shockingly close race in Kansas is no fluke, and that no Republican is safe. "I think there's a tendency to pay a little more attention when Kansas is on the radar". That performance was poor enough compared to November 2016 that some are sounding the alarm about a Democratic tsunami in 2018.

National Texas Gas Prices April 9-15
Author: 0 Texas Gas Prices April 9-15

Motor club AAA reported a national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded at $2.40 early Thursday, an increase of 15 percent, or 32 cents per gallon higher than this date a year ago. Gail Weinholzer, at AAA-Iowa, says pump prices are up about a nickel a gallon in the past week, but it's not due to the holiday. Diesel prices are also expected to rise to $2.70 a gallon this year from $2.34 a gallon, but that's also well below the average price of the fuel over the last five years.

National Man accused in theft of guns arrested in Wisconsin
Author: 0 Man accused in theft of guns arrested in Wisconsin

Tactical officers captured Jakubowski without incident around 6 a.m. after surrounding his campsite in a field near Readstown, said Jeffrey A. Gorn, the property owner who called authorities. Some 35 pages of Jakubowski's manifesto were posted online by WTMJ-TV . Tolomeo said, "At this time, I want to stress with his arrest there is no other credible threat related to him in the Wisconsin community".

National Supplier: Drug sold to Arkansas not intended for executions
Author: 0 Supplier: Drug sold to Arkansas not intended for executions

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson's office did not have an immediate comment on the supplier's statement. In the first execution, a poorly secured intravenous tube popped out, lethal-injection chemicals sprayed in the death chamber and staff said the pressure of dual executions exposed flaws.

National House GOP Leaders Tweak Health Care Proposal
Author: 0 House GOP Leaders Tweak Health Care Proposal

Though the bill would retain the requirement that insurers can't discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions, those with pre-existing conditions would see sharp increases in their prices if the community rating is waived. High-risk pools, such as the amendment proposes, have always been a staple of conservative health care overhaul plans, allowing insurers to rope off patients with exponentially higher costs from the rest of the population they insure.

Author: 0 Today's Easter Egg Dash Postponed to Thursday

They'll fall onto the football field at Sprayberry High School at 1:30 p.m., and then it's up to the kids to track them all down. More than 2,500 eggs will be distributed on the grounds, and there will be a bounce house, fun games and giveaways for children.

Author: 0 Republicans keep Kansas House seat in special election

The special election for Georgia's 6th District is gaining increased attention as the big day officially nears. "And, you know, an bad lot of them are a part of the millennial generation that's sort of infuriated by, astonished by, and frankly, kind of entertained by President Donald Trump".

Author: 0 Easter Egg Hunts in South Niagara Saturday

The event is geared for children through fifth-grade and their families. It is open to all village residents ages 12 and younger. The Easter Bunny will be present for photographs in the gazebo at a cost of $10. Hill from noon until 2 p.m. Easter eggs, candy, prizes and photo with Easter Bunny for preschool through third-graders. Hunters must bring their own flashlights and baskets.

Author: 0 7 churches unite for annual Way of the Cross procession in Schenectady

Pastor Payne said he wouldn't call working to help the church goers a "sacrifice" because it's what he feels they're expected to do. The Stations will then continue through Girard Park. Today, we fast for the entire day and only break our fast after attending the evening Mass."Prior to this occasion, devotees observed Lent, which is a 40-day period of fasting, repentance, and spiritual discipline to prepare for the E".

National Putin, Rohani Condemn US 'Aggression' In Syria
Author: 0 Putin, Rohani Condemn US 'Aggression' In Syria

At least six people are reported to have been killed in the United States missile strikes early on Friday. The Russian and Iranian presidents have condemned in a phone call "aggressive" USA actions against Syria, the Kremlin says. Mevlut Cavusoglu said Saturday that the US intervention was only "cosmetic" unless it removes Assad from power. Republican senator Lindsey Graham, speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," said removing Assad from power would require the United States to commit ...

Author: 0 Trump won't say if he has confidence in Bannon

Bannon may have encouraged Trump's combative, nationalist tendencies, but he isn't the reason that the Trump "pivot" is a mirage. But the shiv, delivered in the pages of The New York Post on Tuesday, belies both Bannon's tenure and prominence in Trump's brain trust, a relationship that slowly blossomed over at least five years - through shared aides, radio interviews and eventually a formal hire.

Author: 0 Russian, Iranian presidents denounce U.S. strikes against Syria

It was the first time the United States has intervened directly in the Syrian civil war against the Russian-backed regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Tillerson, on the other hand, stressed that the air strike had the limited aim of deterring further use of chemical weapons. From Italy, Tillerson will travel to Moscow, becoming the first Trump administration official to visit Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Trump signs law allowing states to block abortion provider funding

The bill Trump signed passed the Senate last month following a dramatic tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Pence. " Planned Parenthood strongly opposes President Trump's willingness to undermine millions of women's access to birth control through the Title X family planning program ", Dawn Laguens , executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, wrote in a press release.

National How city police departments with consent decrees are faring
Author: 0 How city police departments with consent decrees are faring

Wednesday's ruling does not guarantee that the Justice Department will enter into the agreement with the Baltimore police, but the public will now have the chance to weigh in on the reforms at an earlier date. Leaders say they plan to reflect on King's legacy by pushing for civil right reforms. "There were some very positive things and some needed changes", Hicks said.

National Easter egg hunt back on after Jakubowski's capture
Author: 0 Easter egg hunt back on after Jakubowski's capture

This year is not the university's fourth year in holding the annual Golden Egg Hunt, and is going to be hosted by UT- Austin's Coop. Kids take joy and pleasure in decorating colorful eggs and enjoy finding them after the Easter Bunny has hid them.

Author: 0 US says countries must punish UN troops for sexual abuse

Nine children in the Haiti sex ring - some as young as 12 - told United Nations investigators how Sri Lankan peacekeepers offered them snacks or money for sex. US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley, who has made it her mission to reform and cut back on the peacekeeping operations, said: "This is a success story when it comes to drawing down a peacekeeping mission".

Author: 0 USA rhetoric 'partially to blame' for Syria attack: McCain

Ten Security Council member-nations voted in favor of the resolution, two voted against it and three abstained. President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that U.S. Syria and Russian Federation have both denied that Assad's forces carried out the toxic gas attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun last week. On his first visit to Moscow as Presdient Donald Trump's secretary of State, Tillerson said the two countries are unified on issues like stabilizing Syria and tackling global terrorism.

Author: 0 Autopsy finds killer died from blunt head trauma

Harvey admitted he had killed three dozen hospital patients in OH and Kentucky. A serial killer known as the "Angel of Death" has been severely beaten in prison, according to officials. In a revealing interview with CBS News in 2003, he said: "The doctors go and spend all these years in school". Arthur Ney Jr., Former Hamilton County prosecutor, who prosecuted the cases in Cincinnati, said he did not think Harvey was a mercy killer.

National White House Decides Against Releasing Visitor Records
Author: 0 White House Decides Against Releasing Visitor Records

The White House won't make public the logs of visitors to the White House complex, breaking with the practice of President Donald Trump's predecessor. As we reported, CREW also filed lawsuits against the Obama administration before it said it would release the meeting details. The White House is exempt from the law.

National Pres. Trump hosts NATO Secretary-General at White House
Author: 0 Pres. Trump hosts NATO Secretary-General at White House

President Donald Trump during a news conference with NATO's Secretary-General at the White House on Wednesday. " NATO is obsolete", Trump had said past year. "And that's exactly what we do and we do it better than anyone", said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. "President Trump's message has been very helpful", he said , noting that defence spending past year increased 3.8% in the alliance as a whole, or by 10 billion dollars, reversing a ...

National Club shooter's wife pleads not guilty to federal charges
Author: 0 Club shooter's wife pleads not guilty to federal charges

Gunman Omar Mateen approached the night club's dance floor and fired his assault rifle. "Detective Gruler fires multiple rounds toward the suspect, who was not on the main dance floor", the presentation said. Police breached parts of the club, but not all first responders knew what was happening. . It notes better coordination with local fire departments could lead to better communication.

National Fractured House GOP still can't agree on Obamacare replacement
Author: 0 Fractured House GOP still can't agree on Obamacare replacement

Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs and Billy House reported that the move on high-risk pools represented an attempt to show some progress on the healthcare bill after months of setbacks and an inability of House Republicans to come to a consensus on the details of their healthcare overhaul.

National Some States, Cities Still Banning Government Travel To North Carolina
Author: 0 Some States, Cities Still Banning Government Travel To North Carolina

Two states continuing their bans are California and Washington . "California's law was enacted to ensure that, with limited exceptions, our taxpayer resources are not spent in states that authorize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression", Becerra said in a statement.

National Trump vs. Freedom Caucus
Author: 0 Trump vs. Freedom Caucus

The Ohio Republican said the roughly 30-member Freedom Caucus supports Meadows and his efforts to find consensus on a health care bill, and Jordan said the group's chairman has briefed his fellow conservatives. "But the tax reform and the tax cuts are better if I can do health care first". Sometimes we hear encouraging things, but during the first round of negotiations it was very hard to define the markers by which people would agree to give their support.

National De Blasio Begins Staten Island Pilgrimage
Author: 0 De Blasio Begins Staten Island Pilgrimage

Councilwoman Debi Rose (D-Staten Island) led the effort to name the vessel after the historical spot, starting a petition in February, which received 575 signatures. The site is not now part of the city's plan. "The North Shore is terribly in need", said Vilar. De Blasio, however, continued to say that the $90 million to $100 million addition to the pool would be tied to the rezoning of the Bay Street Corridor, and did not give a location for the $50 million pool he promised at the last ...

Author: 0 Sessions orders review of race-obsessed DOJ

David Rogers, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of OR, said Sessions' order affirms concerns raised when the conservative senator was first nominated to the cabinet post that he'd "abdicate" civil rights enforcement.

National Trump Undercuts Planned Parenthood
Author: 0 Trump Undercuts Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump just signed a law that could make it a lot easier for the government to defund Planned Parenthood. As previously reported on The Root , Trump signed legislation on Thursday that erases former President Barack Obama's rule that blocked states from withholding federal Title X funding from women's organizations that perform abortions, including Planned Parenthood.

National 'Political Bull': Justice vetoes $4.1 billion state budget
Author: 0 'Political Bull': Justice vetoes $4.1 billion state budget

In a piece of political theater that frankly stunk, Justice held his news conference standing over three covered serving trays. Stay classy, West Virginia ... Thursday's announcement was the latest chapter in a tug-of-war between the governor and Legislature to come up with a 2017-18 budget that closes a $500 million revenue shortfall.

Author: 0 Alleged chemical weapons attack a lie to justify United States strike, says Assad

Theresa May said the British government believes it is "highly likely" that an air strike on the village of Khan Sheikhun in Idlib Province on April 3 was the work of the Assad regime. On top of this, the U.S. narrative's initial premise is faulty, as the Hama offensive had already ground to a halt two weeks prior to the putative Syrian attack, and Syrian forces appeared well on their way to recovering lost territory from the rebels.

Author: 0 UK scientists: Samples from Syrian attack test positive for sarin

The agenda for the meeting wasn't announced . Al-Jaafari affirmed that Damascus sent 90 letters to the UNSC on the possess of chemical weapons by terrorist groups with the aim of using them against civilians and accusing the Syrian government of committing these crimes, adding that some of those letters included the smuggling of sarin gas from Libya through Turkey to Syria on the board of an aircraft via a Syrian criminal, named Haitham al-Qassar.

National Sheila Abdus-Salaam, a trailblazing judge, found dead in Hudson River
Author: 0 Sheila Abdus-Salaam, a trailblazing judge, found dead in Hudson River

Police are investigating the cause of Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam's death. " Through her writings, her wisdom and her unshakable moral compass, she was a force for good whose legacy will be felt for years to come ", said Gov. "Judge Abdus-Salaam was a sharp, fair-minded jurist and consummate professional who was always mindful of the impact of the law upon the everyday person".

National Wisconsin schools increase security amid manhunt for fugitive
Author: 0 Wisconsin schools increase security amid manhunt for fugitive

His stepfather, Don McLean, and the suspect's mother told The Associated Press they wanted Jakubowski to give himself up because they "would rather have him alive". Evidence of an arson was found and law enforcement officials said the vehicle arson and gun shop burglary were related . Last week, police also released a social media video that they said depicts Jakubowski's sending a package to Trump.

Author: 0 Republicans' narrow win for Kansas seat emboldens Democrats

Four-term U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-Indian Land, resigned the 5th District seat in February to become Trump's budget director. In a sign of concern for Republicans, Thompson edged Estes in the district's most populous county surrounding Wichita , a county Trump won by 18 points last November.

National Steelers owner, former U.S. ambassador Dan Rooney dies
Author: 0 Steelers owner, former U.S. ambassador Dan Rooney dies

You motivated me not only to excel on the field but also in life. Thank you for your Guidance & Wisdom. Among them is Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, who shared a touching message on his Instagram account . The Rooney Rule was established almost 15 years ago and it provided opportunities to minorities when it came to job interviews in the NFL. He mingled with fans, much as his father did before him, and made his players feel supremely comfortable in his presence.

Author: 0 McCarthy dominates, Toles homers as Dodgers beat Cubs 2-0

They'll be just fine. He missed all of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 following shoulder surgery before making his lone start on July 7, giving up six runs on eight hits over 4 2/3 innings in a 6-0 Los Angeles loss. Schwarber also struck out to end the inning. The Dodgers had plenty of chances in the game, and the series for that matter, but were incapable of delivering with runners in scoring position.

National We're not going to get more involved in Syria
Author: 0 We're not going to get more involved in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that trust had eroded between the two countries under US President Donald Trump. "I like to think of myself as a very flexible person", Mr. to attack a regime airbase in retaliation. "Our view is that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end, and they have again, brought this on themselves", Tillerson said .

National United will not use police to remove overbooked passengers
Author: 0 United will not use police to remove overbooked passengers

United Airlines CEO flip flopped on his response at first saying crews said the passenger was "disruptive" and "belligerent", then today the airline CEO issued an apology stating. The CEO of United Airlines' parent company is pledging to review policies after a passenger was dragged off a full fight in Chicago. Likewise, the Chicago Aviation Department has said only that one of its employees who removed Dao did not follow proper procedures and has been placed on leave .

National Tammy Duckworth joins effort to block Neil Gorsuch confirmation vote
Author: 0 Tammy Duckworth joins effort to block Neil Gorsuch confirmation vote

Duckworth is the second Senate Democrat in the past day to cite Gorusch's refusal to meet with them as a reason to oppose his nomination. Nevertheless, Republican senators are fully prepared to take the step, blaming Democrats for forcing them into it by preparing to filibuster a well-qualified nominee.

Author: 0 Passenger dragged off United flight plans legal action

Dao was not there. He refused to leave the plane, however, stating he had to return to Louisville to see patients. "As a policy, WestJet does not deliberately overbook our flights", she said in an email. Dao "has no interest in ever seeing an airplane again" and will likely take a vehicle home to Kentucky, the attorney said, adding that his client has "absolutely zippo" memory of the incident.

National Sessions Calls for Prosecution of Those Who 'Harbor' Undocumented 'Aliens'
Author: 0 Sessions Calls for Prosecution of Those Who 'Harbor' Undocumented 'Aliens'

In a speech , he derided violent cartel and gang members and those smuggling people across the border, and he promised to take a stand against them. Sessions outlined the series of changes, which included plans to add 50 judges to immigration courts this year and 75 next year, while touring the Arizona-Mexico border with Arizona Gov.

National Who is the Kentucky doctor dragged from the United plane?
Author: 0 Who is the Kentucky doctor dragged from the United plane?

Video of police officers dragging the passenger from the overbooked flight sparked uproar. The attorneys also want United's protocol for the removal of passengers, as well as the personnel files of the officers from the Chicago Department of Aviation who removed Dao from the plane.

National 'Take Out His Airfields': Hillary Clinton Comes Out of Woods to Warmonger
Author: 0 'Take Out His Airfields': Hillary Clinton Comes Out of Woods to Warmonger

Thursday marked Clinton's first public interview since Election Day. "I don't take any pleasure in seeing the kind of chaotic functioning [of the current administration]", said Clinton."Here's what I don't understand I don't understand the commitment to hurt so many people that this administration, this White House seems to be pursing".

Author: 0 Many wrote off special 4th District race, but they shouldn't have

And there were no race-specific factors that should have made this an anomaly among congressional elections. The contest had been a sleepy affair until last week when the campaign arm of House Republicans spent $100,000 on ads attacking Thompson at the last minute.

Author: 0 Mine Hill to host annual Easter Bunny breakfast, egg hunt

Rain or shine. $2. Copperas Cove Parks & Recreation hosted the 2017 Easter Egg Round-Up, which was divided into four categories. This year, Parks & Recreation held its first Superhero Easter Egg Hunt for children 2-18 with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

National United to compensate people on flight when man dragged off
Author: 0 United to compensate people on flight when man dragged off

Dao's attorney's filed an emergency petition on Wednesday asking that "surveillance video , cockpit voice recordings, passenger and crew lists, and personnel files be preserved and protected". United Airlines chose to declare its four, last-minute employee additions as more worthy of a seat than those who'd planned and paid in advance, and opted to boot people who had already boarded (none were waiting to board) in order to seat those employees.

Author: 0 Disclosures Outline The Wealth Of The Trump Administration

The White House has released financial disclosure forms for more than 100 of its senior administration officials - a mix of people far wealthier, and therefore more entangled in businesses that could conflict with their government duties, than people in previous administrations.