Author: 0 911 caller in San Bernardino school shooting: 'I'm scared'

At Cholbi's school, students created more than 1,000 paper cranes, a symbol of hope, to donate to North Park. The enhanced security will require all visitors to present valid photo identification. She broke up with him and he came out with a different personality. "She had a heart of gold and would go above and beyond for anyone in need", Smith's friend Christine Gutierrez said.

Author: 0 Big Hurdles Lifted in Arkansas Execution Plan

The Arkansas Supreme Court has halted the execution of Ward, one of two inmates facing lethal injection Monday under the state's multiple execution plan. Arkansas set up a schedule to execute eight prisoners before its supply of the sedative midazolam expires at the end of the month. But on Monday night a new stay of execution was imposed by the state supreme court covering both Ward and Davis over the question of whether they had been entitled to independent legal counsel over their mental ...

Author: 0 Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy, dead at 57

Eddie Murphy has paid tribute to his brother, comedian Charlie Murphy , after his death aged 57. Murphy is also remembered for his incredible tale about the legendary musician, Prince , which was made into a skit for Chappelle Show . They leave two children, daughter Ava and son Xavier; Charlie Murphy also had another child from a previous relationship. He wrote: "Just came out of meditation and learned that one of my friends and my biggest comedy idol passed".

National Visit the Zoo for an Easter Egg hunt
Author: 0 Visit the Zoo for an Easter Egg hunt

But their two big rivals are not following suit, despite the £3.99 product selling at a rate of 400,000 a month. Good. PBS should laugh in the White House's face at this request, or hold out for PBS budget approval (at a mere fraction of the cost of one MOAB bomb).

Author: 0 Court Rules for LGBT Rights in Workplace 'Game Changer'

Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit voted 8 to 3 in favor of plaintiff Kimberly Hively , an adjunct professor who claims she was denied full-time positions at Ivy Tech Community College of in for being a lesbian. "It talks about sex discrimination, not sexual orientation discrimination". The dissenters argued that the majority was simply inventing a new meaning for the 1964 law, substituting its own preference for the way Title VII was written and had always been understood.

National Kelly says critical lawmakers should changes laws or shut up
Author: 0 Kelly says critical lawmakers should changes laws or shut up

Kelly did not take kindly to the criticism, saying members of Congress who don't like U.S. immigration laws "should have the courage and skill to change the laws". The " War on Drugs "- one that has largely focused on the cross-border import of controlled substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine produced in Latin American countries and transported into the United States - has resulted in the arrests of hundreds of thousands of people for marijuana possession.

Author: 0 Man sought in Cleveland Facebook killing shot himself to death after chase

The incident was the latest grisly crime posted on Facebook, reviving questions about videos posted on the world's largest social network, and how - or if - they can be monitored. Stephens had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, police have said. It brings to a close a three-day manhunt for the suspected murderer that saw tips come in from across the nation.

Author: 0 Trump traffic woes on Palm Beach

Despite tensions flaring over the airstrikes in Syria, Trump took to the golf course for the 16th time since becoming president. It's the same church where President Trump and First Lady Melania were married in 2005 and most recently attended Christmas Mass.

National James Corden, Riz Ahmed face off in 'Drop of the Mic'
Author: 0 James Corden, Riz Ahmed face off in 'Drop of the Mic'

James Corden should have known better than to try and take on Riz Ahmed. While Corden certainly has musical chops, Ahmed's rap experience - both solo as Riz MC and as one-half of the duo Swet Shop Boys - naturally tipped the scales in his favor.

National Justice Gorsuch: Senate Confirms Trump's First SCOTUS Pick
Author: 0 Justice Gorsuch: Senate Confirms Trump's First SCOTUS Pick

The confirmation was achieved by dismantling the 60-vote threshold historically required to circumvent a filibuster on Gorsuch's appointment. Voting largely along party lines-save for three Democrats-the 54-45 vote capped weeks of fierce debate, culminating in a historic rule change that could further deepen the partisan rancor in the Senate.

National Alec Baldwin back as Donald Trump on 'SNL'
Author: 0 Alec Baldwin back as Donald Trump on 'SNL'

Bush. "Of course, sir. Nominated Neil Gorsuch", Pence responds. He closes the folder. It's a bleak note to end a sketch on, created to reflect the gravity of the national mood back at the audience-an audience the writers know includes the impressionable president himself.

National 'Witch' gets life in prison for terrorizing grandchild
Author: 0 'Witch' gets life in prison for terrorizing grandchild

Assistant District Attorney Merydith Easter described the "house of horrors" the victim lived in for months in 2014, The Oklahoman reported . Robinson assaulted her granddaughter for more than a year, prosecutors said, including burning the girl with cigarettes, smacking her in the face and beating her with a rolling pin.

Author: 0 Trump Rolls Out First Set of Obamacare Fixes

Businesses that employ 50 or more people but do not offer health insurance to their full-time employees, pay a tax penalty if the government has subsidized a full-time employee's healthcare through tax deductions or other means. To encourage people to pay their insurance premiums, the rules require people to make up for missed payments before buying a new insurance plan, if they're purchasing coverage from the same company they had in the past.

Author: 0 Allegations against Susan Rice should be a high priority for Congress

Rice, former national security advisor for President Obama, reportedly sought to unmask the identities of individuals associated with President Trump whose information was "incidentally collected" in intelligence reports . "Do I think? Yes, I think", he said, when asked whether Rice had committed a crime . Former National Security Director Michael Hayden said it was "absolutely lawful".

National Five things to know about Tax Day: Refunds are up, audits down
Author: 0 Five things to know about Tax Day: Refunds are up, audits down

An income-tax policy means entire paychecks are taxed, regardless of how much is saved or spent. A casino-funded road fix? Sure, the forms are complicated and yes, there is math. Additional tax cuts over the past two decades are worth about $2 billion a year - mostly in income tax cuts, exemptions and deductions. Last year, said the IRS, an estimated 6.5 million tax filers paid a fine that averaged $470.

National Melania Trump elbows her husband to save him from gaffe
Author: 0 Melania Trump elbows her husband to save him from gaffe

They were standing with youngest son Baron on the White House balcony facing the south lawn before addressing several thousand families and children there to attend the festivities. "As we renew this tradition, thank you for joining us", Melania Trump said. That's down from the 35,000 people who attended previous year. But the egg-rolling event, which dates to 1878, wouldn't be made to disappear.

National 5 things to know about Jackie Robinson Day
Author: 0 5 things to know about Jackie Robinson Day

For the past 20 years, sports writers and talking heads have chimed in on the significance of Jackie Robinson's taking the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947 . Now 94, Rachel Robinson is traveling from the East Coast to attend the unveiling, along with daughter Sharon and son David. Rachel Robinson has not been in the best of health this year, and her children said they were pleased - but not surprised - that she rallied to take a place of honor during the statue ...

Author: 0 Arkansas vows to keep pushing for executions despite setback

Davis came within six hours of execution in 2010 before he was spared by the state Supreme Court. Justices turned down Arkansas' request to vacate a stay for Don Davis, who was set to die Monday night by lethal injection. That order had effectively blocked the executions of eight inmates by the end of April. At 11:45, there was still no word from the high court. The executions had originally been expected to start on Monday.

National California police seek more suspects after violent rallies
Author: 0 California police seek more suspects after violent rallies

Eleven people were injured, with seven transported to the hospital in unknown condition, Berkeley Police spokesman Byron White told CNN. At least 100 people from both camps eventually moved out of the park and into one of the city's main intersections, where they continued to fist fight, hurl insults and chant at each other.

Author: 0 Gorsuch dives into the fray at first Supreme Court arguments

Gorsuch , who embraced an expansive view of religious rights as a Colorado-based federal appeals court judge, on Monday hears his first arguments since becoming a justice last week. Gorsuch is publicly quoted as referring to Katyal as "my friend". When he does start attending conferences, Gorsuch will discover he has some special duties.

Author: 0 Trump blasts top Democrat in Georgia special election

The race will replace new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in a district that has always been a reliable Republican stronghold. But for Jon Ossoff, the 30-year-old Democrat who's occupied headlines with his surprisingly sizable lead and huge fundraising hauls, the race may not have a storybook ending for him.

National Federal judge issues order to block Arkansas executions
Author: 0 Federal judge issues order to block Arkansas executions

If they aren't knocked out sufficiently, they would be able to feel the pain of their lungs and hearts stopping, they say. The complaint was later dropped with the company noting that the restraining order was no longer needed after Baker's order.

National US Supreme Court spares Arkansas inmate from execution
Author: 0 US Supreme Court spares Arkansas inmate from execution

On Monday, the top state court in Arkansas declined to lift a stay of execution for the prisoner on the grounds that he has a long history of mental illness, making it hard for the state to go ahead with a judicial killing. The death row inmates scheduled for execution are all men - four are black, three are white and all were convicted of murder. The ruling, issued after a pharmaceutical distributor claimed Arkansas used deceit to obtain one of the execution drugs, has been appealed to the ...

Author: 0 Trump Goes After Leading Democrat in Ga. House Race

Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, who is well known in the district after having serve on the Fulton County Commission, entered the race as the Republican frontrunner, as short turnaround special elections tend to reward candidates with the highest name recognition.

National Arkansas AG working to overturn decisions halting executions
Author: 0 Arkansas AG working to overturn decisions halting executions

U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker on Saturday granted a preliminary injunction requested by the inmates to block the executions. Arkansas was set to execute the first two inmates by lethal injection on Monday night. Arkansas employs potassium chloride in combination with vecuronium bromide and midazolam. Critics said that midazolam, a sedative meant to render a condemned person unconscious before other drugs are used to stop the heart, does not always work.

National Congratulations to Justice Neil Gorsuch
Author: 0 Congratulations to Justice Neil Gorsuch

Today, Republicans may use this to their advantage by placing Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who has been recovering from back surgery, did not vote. No Republican has said they oppose McConnell's decision, so the rules change is expected to pass along party lines. Gorsuch's confirmation is destined to shape the bench just as Trump is seeking approval of a key plank of his political platform: his executive order that halts entry to the United States from ...

National Trump's pick Gorsuch sworn in, restoring top court's conservative tilt
Author: 0 Trump's pick Gorsuch sworn in, restoring top court's conservative tilt

MSNBC host Katy Tur asked Markey earlier in the interview whether he and Democrats had regrets about opposing President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, who was sworn in on Monday. "You think that's easy?" he added, as those in attendance laughed. "Justice Gorsuch, you are now entrusted with the sacred duty of defending our Constitution", Trump said .

Author: 0 Arkansas clears 2 major legal hurdles to execution plan

The state's effort to carry out the executions hit a legal setback Monday as the Arkansas Supreme Court put two executions on hold and the US Supreme Court refused to intervene in its favor. Dunn . The Arkansas Supreme Court stopped the scheduled executions of two inmates Monday night. Although lawyers for the inmates said in a statement that the stays mean "t$3 here will be no executions tonight", the coming days likely will involve significant additional litigation following a ruling ...

Author: 0 Canada introduces bill to legalize marijuana by July 2018

This will make Canada the second country to fully legalize marijuana, after Uruguay, even as the drug remains illegal under the United States' federal law. Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized in some USA states, including Colorado and Washington, Canada would be the first Group of Seven country to legalize it nationally.

National Rihanna Is Really Feeling Her Head-to-Toe Gucci Runway Outfit at Coachella
Author: 0 Rihanna Is Really Feeling Her Head-to-Toe Gucci Runway Outfit at Coachella

What do you guys think of her look - do you like it or is too insane? So, while everyone else at Coachella was decked out in crochet dresses and crop tops, Rihanna was covered in a diamond bodysuit. "Captioning her photos, the singer wrote, "phresh out" and " 'I can't go home yet, cuz enough people ain't seen my outfit '". A few weeks ago, she plucked a pair of Saint Laurent glitter boots straight off the runway and paired with a Raf Simons sweatshirt and Schott leather jacket.

Author: 0 Arkansas attorney general, governor vows to pursue executions

The Arkansas Supreme Court on Monday stayed two executions slated for that evening, but the state's Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed an application with the US Supreme Court to obtain permission to proceed with the execution of one of them.

Author: 0 Community Easter egg hunt set for next weekend

Colorful eggs stood out from the white snow as hundreds of children and their parents surrounded Falcon Pride Stadium football field on Saturday morning for the Great Easter Egg Hunt . Scott Lambert, who recently moved to Sierra Vista from Kentucky, had three egg hunters at the mall. Along with the free hunt, there's also a parade and prizes.

Author: 0 Christians mark Easter at Jerusalem site of Jesus's resurrection

Mr Ledua said Easter was also a day that saw a significant increase in church attendances as Christians came out from their busy schedule to be part of the important event in the Christian history. So as this Easter weekend approaches, do give time to reflect on the great sacrifice Christ made for humanity and pray that this life-changing impact of Easter continues to impact us all for the better.

National Prince search warrants lay bare struggle with opioids
Author: 0 Prince search warrants lay bare struggle with opioids

The warrants, which were unsealed today and are from last spring and summer, were carried out by police after Prince's death nearly a year ago, on April 21, 2016. That was the same day that Prince's plane, on a flight to Minnesota following a performance in Atlanta, had made an emergency landing near Chicago.

Author: 0 White House Easter Egg Roll: 5 things to know

Trump then sat down at a nearby table with the First Lady and his son Barron to sign holiday cards for USA servicemen. The "egg roll" itself is a race, in which children push Easter Eggs through the grass of the White House's southern lawn with long-handled spoons.

Author: 0 President Trump, First Lady Kick Off White House's Easter Egg Roll

On Monday, President Donald Trump and family continued one of America's most time honored traditions by hosting their very first Easter Egg roll at the White House . The annual Easter Egg roll was today at the White House . Trump, in his suit and signature red tie, also thanked the crowd of attendees gathered below the White House balcony.

National Eggs and fun galore greet children in Stateline Area
Author: 0 Eggs and fun galore greet children in Stateline Area

This Easter weekend sure had the Easter Bunny busy as he hid eggs for multiple different egg hunts throughout the hills Saturday. An estimated 500 people attended the annual Fremont County Search and Rescue and St. Four of the five who showed up in time for the event were able to learn about turtles, frogs, toads, snakes and geckos. Hoboken Grace hosted its seventh annual Easter Egg Hunt on Mama Johnson Field, an event that draws thousands.

National San Bernardino school shooting: 911 audio released
Author: 0 San Bernardino school shooting: 911 audio released

He then fatally shot himself. The San Bernardino City Unified School District event was not a school board meeting, and purposely had only three of the seven school board members present to avoid conflict with California's open-government rules.

Author: 0 Arkansas still faces legal hurdles in execution plan

Many want the executions rush as midazolam is hard to obtain, although critics feel that rushing these individuals to the death chamber is reckless and unconstitutional. "We have worked round the clock for the last couple of weeks and particularly in the last couple of days, as judges have made decisions and court cases have been filed in these pieces of litigation, to ensure again that justice is carried out for these families of the victims", Rutledge told Little Rock NBC-affiliate KARK over ...

National Trump Signs Anti-Planned Parenthood Bill As Anti-Choice Activists Look On
Author: 0 Trump Signs Anti-Planned Parenthood Bill As Anti-Choice Activists Look On

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the US, performing at least 300,000 abortions every year. More than a dozen states, including Arizona, have tried withholding funds from Planned Parenthood in recent years. Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens said on Thursday that the law would hinder access to health care. Planned Parenthood would be one of the biggest losers if the deal goes through.

Author: 0 Arkansas inmate has last meal as courts decide fate

The Arkansas Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision on Monday, granted stays of execution for Bruce Ward and Don Davis . The Arkansas Supreme Court granted a stay of execution for two inmates who were scheduled to be executed on Monday night.

National Trump to travel to Wisconsin Tuesday
Author: 0 Trump to travel to Wisconsin Tuesday

State Rep. Tod Ohnstad told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Trump will visit the Kenosha headquarters of a tool manufacturer named Snap-on. Trump's stop at the world headquarters of tool manufacturer Snap-on Inc. Snap-on said in a statement it hopes the visit highlights "the essential nature of American manufacturing to our nation's future". The president is expected to speak Tuesday at the Snap-on company in Kenosha.

Author: 0 Sessions Criticizes Sanctuary Cities In Valley Visit

Sessions has been expanding the Justice Department's role in the anti-immigration agenda of the Trump administration. In his April 11 speech to Customs and Border Protection agents in Nogales, Arizona, Sessions bluntly stated his intent to go after the "transnational gangs like MS-13 and global cartels" that are flooding "our country with drugs" and "leave death and violence in their wake".

Author: 0 US Chief Justice Roberts decries "partisan hostility"

Still, it can take all the justices a while to adjust. Neil Gorsuch, 49, was sworn in on Monday as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The rituals provide a fascinating insight into the tradition-steeped Supreme Court, where seniority holds weight.

National Yoenis Cespedes hits three home runs in five innings
Author: 0 Yoenis Cespedes hits three home runs in five innings

He didn't. Despite going four-for-six at the plate , his final line included five runs batted in, three home runs and one double. In an appearance on SportsNet New York in February, the Republican governor declared that the Philadelphia Phillies "suck", that their fans are bitter and angry and that it's not safe for civilized people to go to their stadium.

Author: 0 How a Star Wars Land is not so far (far) away

Disney's Star Wars Land theme park will open in 2019. In addition to agents of First Order and Resistance, the land will also be populated by smugglers and bounty hunters, who will offer you missions to engage in, and gauge you according to your actions in the land.

National Thousands Demand Trump Release Tax Returns
Author: 0 Thousands Demand Trump Release Tax Returns

The protest, held days ahead of Tax Day, was also organised to dispute Trump's claims that the public does not care about his tax returns. Others helping organize the events Saturday included labor unions and activist groups such as and Common Cause.