National Wounded veteran carries woman across finish line at Boston Marathon
Author: 0 Wounded veteran carries woman across finish line at Boston Marathon

But today, women have their own starting line and are regular participants in a race that once kept them locked out. A Syracuse University journalism student, she entered the race under her initials, K.V. "Maybe around mile 10 I just started cramping and cramping and cramping", said Granville. Kirui led another Kenyan sweep when two times former World marathon champion Edna Kiplagat won the women's race in 2:21:53, beating Kenyan born Rose Chelimo of Bahirain to second place in 2:22:51.

Author: 0 Trump, First Lady Host Annual Easter Egg Roll

On behalf of the president and Barron, we wish you great fun and lovely days coming ahead of us, and happy Easter. This year's Easter Egg Roll will be smaller than those of past years - 35,000 people attended the Obama's final event. "I want to congratulate her on this wonderful, wonderful day". Over at the reading area, Mrs. Trump read "Party Animals", a story about celebrating differences written by television personality Kathie Lee Gifford.

Author: 0 France's Le Pen denounces Islamic fundamentalism ahead of vote

Fekl said the two French men, one born in 1987 and the other in 1993, "intended to commit an attack on French soil in the very short term, which is to say in coming days". La Croix , the Catholic newspaper, said that Ms Le Pen was trying to remobilise her bedrock support by making a link between immigration, crime and terrorism "just like in the days of Jean-Marie Le Pen".

Author: 0 Facebook killing: Steve Stephens found dead

The company on Monday said it would review how it monitors violent footage and other objectionable material in response to the killing. Williams said Pennsylvania state police received a tip shortly after 11 a.m. A video uploaded two minutes later appears to show him gunning down Godwin. "But he just took his nuggets and said, 'I have to go, ' and he drove off", Henry Sayers, the restaurant's manager, told the New York Times .

National White nationalist Spencer speaks to packed room at Auburn
Author: 0 White nationalist Spencer speaks to packed room at Auburn

Dickson filed the suit on behalf of Cameron Padgett, identified as an Atlanta-area resident who rented an auditorium for Spencer's talk. Initially, Auburn released a statement that said, "We strongly deplore his views, which run counter to those of this institution".

Author: 0 Man shouting 'Allahu akbar' kills three in California shooting spree

According to Reuters , Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters the shooter targeted white people, citing the Muhammad's statements to police and posts on Facebook . Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, allegedly fired 16 shots beginning at about 10:45 a.m., the Los Angeles Times reports . Muhammad then continued walking along Mildreda Avenue and Fulton Street, firing at least 14 rounds at three separate locations.

National Missouri: Religious Groups Now Eligible for Certain State Grants
Author: 0 Missouri: Religious Groups Now Eligible for Certain State Grants

Last week, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens instructed the Department of Natural Resources to allow religious organizations to apply for and receive state grants, arguing that refusing to allow them to apply is "prejudiced" and "just wrong." The resulting case, Trinity Lutheran Church of Columba, Inc.

Author: 0 Chief: Suspect fatally shot 3 after being IDed

Muhammad launched the attack shortly before 2 p.m. when he approached a utility truck and shot the passenger. Authorities say the man accused of shooting and killing three people in central California fired 16 rounds in one minute. Dyer said he is also suspected in the shooting death of a security guard at a Fresno Motel 6 last Thursday. "On what appeared to be Muhammad's Facebook page, he repeatedly posted "#LetBlackPeopleGo" and encouraged "black warriors" to "mount up".

National Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, confirmed by Senate
Author: 0 Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, confirmed by Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, then moved to change the rules so that the 60-vote threshold to advance Supreme Court nominations is now eliminated. On Thursday, Democrats planned to filibuster to try to delay Gorsuch's confirmation, but Sen. Republicans responded with the elimination of the Supreme Court confirmation filibusters.

Author: 0 Trump administration says Iran complying with nuclear deal

President Donald Trump's administration notified Congress on Tuesday that the Iranian regime was complying with the terms of the nuclear deal, and that therefore sanctions will be extended. As several journalists noted on Twitter, Trump was a vicious critic of the Iran deal, saying he had never seen any arrangement "so incompetently negotiated" and promising to " rip it up " and re-negotiate.

National Missing Orofino teen found safe
Author: 0 Missing Orofino teen found safe

Authorities are seeking information on the whereabouts of a northern Idaho teen who never returned home from his high school prom. Police received tips that Perez may be at a residence off Indio Ave belonging to 26-year old Tyson Imel. Using a canine tracking team, investigators believe Perez walked west from the prom location at the National Guard Armory into a nearby parking lot along U.S.

Author: 0 Trump says U.S. "will take additional action" in Syria

Johnson said Saturday the situation in Syria has changed "fundamentally" following a chemical weapons attack on civilians and a USA missile strike on a Syrian airfield. He had planned to travel to Russia Monday on a trip meant to start a fresh dialogue with Moscow. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson took a more nuanced view, asserting that Assad had undermined his legitimacy as a leader but declaring that defeating Islamic State remains the top USA goal in Syria .

Author: 0 Facebook murder suspect kills himself after police pursuit

The Godwin family is coming to grips with the cold-blooded slaying, a killing seen by untold numbers of people after his suspected killer posted video of the shooting to Facebook. The drive-thru attendant thought she recognized Stephens and called state police, restaurant owner Thomas DuCharme Jr. told the Erie Times-News. Stephens, who was considered armed and unsafe, had been on the run since Sunday.

National U.S. considers shooting down N.Korea missile tests
Author: 0 U.S. considers shooting down N.Korea missile tests

Pence struck a stern tone as he began talks with Abe and other Japanese leaders after arriving at a USA naval base from South Korea. On Monday, US vice president Mike Pence travelled to the Demilitarised Zone dividing the Koreas and warned Pyongyang that "the era of strategic patience is over".

National Prosecutors likely to toss thousands of tainted drug cases
Author: 0 Prosecutors likely to toss thousands of tainted drug cases

He said, "If there had been evidence that any of these defendants was actually innocent, we would not have hesitated to dismiss the case outright and exonerate the defendant immediately". The SJC is expected to issue an order of dismissal this week. In all, the scandal cast doubt on drug-testing analyses in about 40,000 cases from 2003 to 2012.

National San Bernardino school shooting: Student killed had survived heart surgery
Author: 0 San Bernardino school shooting: Student killed had survived heart surgery

This undated photo released by the San Bernardino Police Department shows Cedric Anderson , 53. The teacher has been identified as Karen Smith, 53. Smith's loved ones told investigators that she had said she was concerned about her husband's odd behavior and that he had made threats against her, but not to shoot her.

Author: 0 Sessions expands program to combat crime on tribal lands

He goes on to blame "an open border and years of lax immigration enforcement" for the gang's rise and says sanctuary cities make gang recruitment easier. One expert who has studied the group says that, while MS-13 is "extremely violent and very proud of that violence", Sessions has exaggerated the threat.

Author: 0 IS militants killed by massive bomb: Afghan officials

The Pentagon has confirmed that the 21,600lb-bomb, worth $300 million, killed 36 ISIS fighters and destroyed several tunnels and ammunition caches in the area. The video shows with just how much power the expanding wave blasted the remote mountainous area in eastern Afghanistan that the IS had made one of its strongholds.

Author: 0 Supplier sues again over Arkansas execution drug

The state has said it had to act quickly because one of the drugs in its difficult-to-obtain lethal injection mix, the valium-like sedative midazolam, expires at the end of April. Lawyers for Davis and Ward argue the two did not have adequate access to independent mental health experts at trial. Davis had been granted stays by the state Supreme Court.

Author: 0 First DREAMer Protected By Deferred Action Program Is Deported

Montes, 23, is believed to be the first DACA recipient to be deported despite suggestions by President Trump that he would show compassion to the so-called Dreamers and had backed away from campaign promises to end the program initiated under President Barack Obama.

Author: 0 Narrow win for Estes tests GOP confidence

To this extent, the fact that Republicans managed to hold onto Kansas' 4th district in yesterday's special election is precisely the outcome the GOP wanted to see. "The DCCC will continue its longstanding and failed model of helping only most favored candidates until grassroots disgust makes that stance untenable", said Jeff Hauser, a longtime progressive strategist.

Author: 0 Here's what police consent decrees found in Ferguson, Baltimore

Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed his agency to inspect a wide range of measures related to law enforcement departments nationwide to ensure, among other things, that the federal government isn't meddling in the management of local police .

Author: 0 US, Afghanistan assess damage from 'mother of all bombs'

Afghanistan's Ambassador to the US Hamdullah Mohib said the colossal Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) was dropped after fighting had intensified over the last week. US military leaders say the bomb was dropped to destroy an extensive labyrinth of tunnels the terrorists use. The Trump administration has given the USA military significantly more leeway to use whatever means it sees fit in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism, senior officials say, in stark contrast to the Obama ...

Author: 0 Trump order would target high skilled worker visa program

He will sign the so-called Buy America, Hire America order on a visit to a tool factory in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The executive order will call for the strict enforcement of all laws governing entry into the United States of labor from overseas for the stated objective of creating higher wages and higher employment rates for workers in the US.

National Arkansas Asks Appeals Court to Vacate Ruling Which is Delaying Executions
Author: 0 Arkansas Asks Appeals Court to Vacate Ruling Which is Delaying Executions

The death row inmates have alleged that Arkansas' lethal injection protocol does not ensure that those Eighth Amendment rights would not be violated. "I expect both the Supreme Court of Arkansas and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to review the decisions quickly, and I have confidence in the Attorney General and her team to expedite the reviews".

Author: 0 Handy hint: Melania prompts Trump on national anthem protocol as Twitter implodes

This was the first time First Lady Melania Trump hosted this event in one of the first few events in the Presidential house, and she never dissatisfied spectators of her gorgeous outfits. Trump was later trolled heavily on social media for his embarrassing gaffe. It was just made smaller, down from the 35,000 people who got tickets a year ago, but retaining such activities as a reading nook, an area to send messages to US troops and an entertainment stage.

Author: 0 SCOTUS: Don Davis' Stay of Execution Stands

In a statement , assistant federal defender Scott Braden praised the ruling . Demonstrators gathered outside the state house in Little Rock to protest the planned executions. Within the hour before the deadline the state had placed the witnesses and selected the media witnesses. The federal appeals court on Monday overturned a judge's order halting the executions over concerns about one of the lethal injection drugs to be used.

Author: 0 Don Davis not executed, US Supreme Court upholds stay of execution

The Supreme Court rejected the first of eight executions to take place in Arkansas early Tuesday. Justices turned down Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's request to vacate a stay for Don Davis, 54, who was set to die Monday night by lethal injection.

National Oklahoma deputy dies after shooting, suspect arrested
Author: 0 Oklahoma deputy dies after shooting, suspect arrested

The sheriff said authorities are searching for 45-year-old Nathan Aaron LeForce, the suspect. LeForce fled in the deputy's vehicle and officials told KOCO he allegedly carjacked two vehicles after that. If you are on campus, go into the nearest available room and lock the door. Police and security officers have been stationed at certain points on campus to direct traffic and assist individuals.

Author: 0 Facebook murder suspect Steve Stephens shot, killed himself, police say

Steve Stephens, 37, had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt after he was accused of murdering 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr on a street on Sunday, before fleeing in a auto and uploading a video of the murder to Facebook . Video of the killing was uploaded to Facebook . Following a short pursuit, he shot himself as officers approached him. Some of those who knew Stephens described him as pleasant and kind, while some said he had a gambling problem.

National Search launched for missing local migrant-rights activist in central Mexico
Author: 0 Search launched for missing local migrant-rights activist in central Mexico

Castro, a US citizen and migrant rights activist based in San Diego, said he had run out of Mexican pesos and was unable to pay for a taxi or bus with USA dollars. Castro's partner in the organization, Gaba Cortes, has since been posting updates of the search on her Facebook page . "I need help", he said. Castro, a 40-year-old American citizen, was reportedly taking part in an activity called the Víacrucis del Migrante, an annual march from Central America to Tijuana meant to raise ...

Author: 0 Theresa May calls surprise United Kingdom general election

He added: "Hopefully, the new election announced today by Prime Minister May can lead to more clarity and predictability in the negotiations with the European Union". Normally in the United Kingdom, elections are held every five years as stated in the Fixed Term Parliaments Act . Political observers see May's decision as a gamble, but also add this is the best time to call a snap election.

Author: 0 Carter Page says surveillance order would have been based on 'false evidence'

That effort includes investigating the "nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts", he said. What do you know about the case that was made to get this warrant for Carter Page? "I don't know who Carter Page is, I never had a conversation with Carter Page , I never met Carter Page , and anybody who says otherwise is not being truthful", insisted ...

Author: 0 Suspect in Facebook video killing 'could be anywhere'

Officials Tuesday afternoon lauded investigators for their hard work in the case, but said they wished it had ended differently. As Cleveland police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were searching for Stephens on Sunday, over 300 tips poured into the department, police said.

National United States ties worse under Trump, says Putin
Author: 0 United States ties worse under Trump, says Putin

The Kremlin leader again slammed the United States missile strike and angrily rejected the allegation that Assad's forces were behind the suspected chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun that left 87 civilians dead including children.

National State Police complete distracted driving operation
Author: 0 State Police complete distracted driving operation

In comparison, a 2016 study from the AAA discovered that 81% of people surveyed said that texting or emailing while driving is a "threat to safety", and 78% said it's "completely unacceptable". Troopers used both marked and unmarked cars for the enforcement period. These vehicles blend in with every day traffic but are unmistakable as emergency vehicles once the emergency lighting is activated, state officials said.

Author: 0 Blood, sweat, and tears; Finishing the Boston Marathon

She was a Syracuse University student when she entered the marathon in 1967 under the name K.V. Switzer, to keep her gender secret. She wore baggy clothes as protection from the snow. Jose Luis Sanchez, who lost his lower part of his left leg six years ago when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan )". She still has that fire.

National Turkey cabinet agrees to extend emergency after referendum
Author: 0 Turkey cabinet agrees to extend emergency after referendum

Although the margin fell short of the sweeping victory Mr Erdogan had sought in the landmark referendum , it could nevertheless cement his hold on power in Turkey . Unofficial results showed the "yes" camp gained 51.41 percent of the popular vote while the "no" camp garnered 48.59 percent. In a statement issued earlier on Monday, the department noted that in their preliminary assessment, global observers raised concerns about "irregularities on voting day and an uneven playing field" ...

National Preds beat Chicago 3-2, push Hawks to brink of elimination
Author: 0 Preds beat Chicago 3-2, push Hawks to brink of elimination

CT. NOTES: This is Nashville's third straight overtime win at home in the playoffs. "[It's] 3-0. They were coming, for sure, in that game". Neither one worked out for the Hawks in a crushing 3-2 overtime loss. Mike Fisher, Underwood's husband, is captain of the Nashville NHL team, and she sported his #12 jersey as she sang "The Star-Spangled Banner". It was a skillful display in which he sliced in from the left wing, showed uncommon patience when Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford went to ...

National GOP healthcare talks resume, but no bill ready
Author: 0 GOP healthcare talks resume, but no bill ready

In this Saturday, April 1, 2017, photo, Vice President Mike Pence speaks at DynaLab, Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The meeting included Pence as well as the leaders of different House GOP factions: Meadows, Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.C.), and moderate Tuesday Group co-Chairman Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.).

National USA says chemical weapons attack in Syria was 'war crime'
Author: 0 USA says chemical weapons attack in Syria was 'war crime'

In a White House press conference with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg, Mr Trump defended the decision to bomb a Syrian airfield after a chemical attack on civilians, stating Russian Federation "could have known" about the attack and chose not to stop it.

National U.S. inmate eats possible last meal as courts consider his fate
Author: 0 U.S. inmate eats possible last meal as courts consider his fate

A death row inmate in the U.S. state of Arkansas ate what could be his last meal on Monday amid legal wrangling over his fate. Attorneys for the eight are likely to appeal the federal court's decision to the U.S. Supreme Court takes up a separate case next week concerning access to independent mental health experts by defendants. The Arkansas Supreme Court has halted the executions of two men originally scheduled to be put to death Monday night, putting another legal roadblock in place ...

National The 3 drugs Arkansas would use to execute death row inmates
Author: 0 The 3 drugs Arkansas would use to execute death row inmates

Arkansas' supply of one of its three lethal injection drugs, midazolam, expires April 30 and Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said he wants to use the drugs before they spoil. "I expect both the Supreme Court of Arkansas and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to review the decisions quickly, and I have confidence in the Attorney General and her team to expedite the reviews".

National Suspect in death of Google worker held on $10M bail
Author: 0 Suspect in death of Google worker held on $10M bail

On Friday, Angelo Colon-Ortiz, 31, of Worcester, was arrested in connection with the killing after his DNA matched samples from Marcotte's hands, said Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. "That would be 108 followed by 18 zeros", Early said Saturday. Authorities say Marcotte was able to fight her attacker and DNA taken from her hands helped solve the case.

Author: 0 911 caller in San Bernardino school shooting: 'I'm scared'

At Cholbi's school, students created more than 1,000 paper cranes, a symbol of hope, to donate to North Park. The enhanced security will require all visitors to present valid photo identification. She broke up with him and he came out with a different personality. "She had a heart of gold and would go above and beyond for anyone in need", Smith's friend Christine Gutierrez said.

Author: 0 Big Hurdles Lifted in Arkansas Execution Plan

The Arkansas Supreme Court has halted the execution of Ward, one of two inmates facing lethal injection Monday under the state's multiple execution plan. Arkansas set up a schedule to execute eight prisoners before its supply of the sedative midazolam expires at the end of the month. But on Monday night a new stay of execution was imposed by the state supreme court covering both Ward and Davis over the question of whether they had been entitled to independent legal counsel over their mental ...