National Trump to Sign Executive Order Reviewing Highly Skilled H-1B Visa Program
Author: 0 Trump to Sign Executive Order Reviewing Highly Skilled H-1B Visa Program

The order directs all government agencies to review the H-1B temporary visa program as part of Trump's "Buy American, Hire American" policy. "Right now H-1B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery and that's wrong". Currently, 20,000 of the 85,000 total visas are earmarked for holders of graduate degrees from American colleges. In recent years, the U.S. has been overwhelmed by applications for the programme.

National Neil Gorsuch becomes 113th US Supreme Court Justice
Author: 0 Neil Gorsuch becomes 113th US Supreme Court Justice

A Gorsuch vote on the Trump order thus could turn out to be crucial. Republicans defended the rule change by arguing Democrats were waging the first "partisan filibuster " of a Supreme Court nominee and were signaling they wouldn't back any Republican nominee.

Author: 0 New details on teacher's arrest, teen student's rescue at remote cabin

Sheriff's officials in a rural northern California county said a teacher suspected of kidnapping his teen student spoke out to them as he was arrested Thursday morning. Barry said Tad Cummins told him they had lost everything in a fire in Colorado and needed a place to stay. Upon his arrest, Cummin told police, "I'm glad this is over".

Author: 0 CBS Poll Reveals Support For Pot Reaches New High

Last year, Pew Research reported that 57 percent of Americans favor recreational legalization. The poll showed that 65 percent think that marijuana is not as unsafe as other drugs, and 23 percent believe that the legalization of the drug would lead to crime.

Author: 0 Grunt jobs will come Justice Gorsuch's way at high court

Two hours later at the White House, Gorsuch took his constitutional oath as a federal employee from Justice Anthony Kennedy, the longest-serving current justice, who employed Gorsuch as a law clerk almost a quarter-century ago. They include a religious rights case on April 19 in which a Missouri church is objecting to being denied state funds for a playground project due to a state ban on providing public money to religious organizations.

Author: 0 Vet Carries Woman & Flag Across Boston Marathon Finish Line With Prosthetic Leg

Switzer" - so none of the race organizers would know she was a woman. Her boyfriend, who was running with her, pushed the official aside so that she could proceed with the race. Rupp battled desperately to stay in touch but was unable to respond as Kirui kept the pace up to leave the Oregon-based American in second in 2:09:58.

Author: 0 Trump to insist on border wall funds as budget deadline looms

But they've been unable to send him a single major bill as he faces the symbolic 100-day mark on April 29. That's the same day government could shut down without a budget deal. "The burden to keep it open is on the Republicans". There was no discussion on the roughly 20-minute call of how any deal on a bill to keep government funded until the October 1 start of a new fiscal year would resolve unsettled issues, including whether money would be provided for Trump's wall.

Author: 0 Trump to Sign New Executive Orders on Environment, Energy This Week

His early presidency has been dogged by FBI and congressional investigations into whether his campaign co-ordinated with Russians to tilt the race in his favour. Stylistically, Trump remains much the same as during the campaign. Trump announced back in February that he wouldn't attend the dinner , but, until Saturday's tweet , it was unclear what his alternative plans would be.

Author: 0 Australia, New Zealand back Trump on possible WTO action on Canada dairy

President Donald Trump ratcheted up his criticism of Canada on Thursday, slamming the country for protectionist measures it has taken with its dairy industry that Trump says have negatively affected U.S. "We can't let Canada or anybody else take advantage and do what they did to our workers and to our farmers". Ottawa operates a supply-managed system that tightly controls production and imports to support prices.

Author: 0 Two Arkansas executions called off, but five remain planned

On Monday the Arkansas Supreme Court also made two decisions relating to Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffin and his decisions. It capped a chaotic day of legal wrangling in state and federal courts Monday as Arkansas tried to clear obstacles to carrying out its first executions since 2005.

Author: 0 Secretary Kelly: President Trump will 'be insistent' on funding border wall

Mulvaney said the tax plan the White House will release Wednesday will include "some specific governing principles, some guidance, also some indication of what the rates are going to be". Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus struck a somewhat softer stance on NBC's " Meet the Press ", saying that he's "pretty confident we're going to get something satisfactory" for border security.

National Rain washes out NASCAR race at Bristol until Monday
Author: 0 Rain washes out NASCAR race at Bristol until Monday

When the race does get underway, Cup Series points leader Kyle Larson will pace the field as Friday's qualifying session was also rained out. "Because (track officials were) talking about laying down more VHT and they can't do it while it's wet", this year's Daytona 500 victor said.

Author: 0 Iran reiterates commitment to nuclear deal

President Donald Trump, adding to strong criticism of the Iran nuclear deal voiced by his administration, said on Thursday that Tehran is "not living up to the spirit of the agreement". In addition, it is not clear what arguments can be used, as there is no information that Iran has taken any actions that contradict the JCPOA. Currently, Iran is considered the foremost state sponsor of terror, surpassing even Syria and Sudan.

Author: 0 Illinois Lawmakers Get Advice on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Twenty-nine states and Washington, D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, though the law in three of these states is not yet effective. The number of Americans who support legalizing marijuana seems to be getting higher and higher. The hearing generated some hard feelings by marijuana opponents who weren't allowed to testify. Even if the local and state government have opened the doors for legal marijuana use, federal penalties are still possible if federal law enforcement notices.

Author: 0 The Democratic Party's messaging rift, in one short video

Before 1,200 people, Sanders said: "Our job is to radically transform the Democratic Party ... into a 50-state party and a party that does not continue to ignore half of the states in our country". Sitting right next to Perez, Sanders told MSNBC's Chris Hayes he does not consider himself a Democrat, but rather an independent. The cheers turned to boos as Sanders noted Utah's entire congressional delegation, governor and legislative majority are all Republicans.

Author: 0 Russian Federation vetoes UN SC resolution on alleged chemical attack in Syria

Tillerson and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, engaged in a lengthy, detailed and often blunt exchange of views at a Moscow news conference that veered across an array of thorny foreign policy questions and reinforced how deeply at odds the two governments stand at the start of the Trump administration.

Author: 0 Sanders, Perez try to jumpstart Kentucky Democrats

Democrats had high hopes of turning the reliably red state blue. " One trend we did see in 2016 was that concern about Trump's temperament and fitness to be president of the United States enabled the Democrat to peel off a lot of Republican-leaning voters in suburban districts", Fallontold Vox.

Author: 0 American Airlines apologizes for onboard clash over stroller

A tense confrontation between the male passenger and a flight attendant then breaks out. Scott was unable to confirm whether a crew member hit the woman. "What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers", the statement, on Friday, said. Seconds later, the passenger steps into the middle of the aisle and the attendant urges "Come, hit me".

Author: 0 Democrats Turn on Ossoff

After the election, he tweeted: "Despite major outside money, FAKE media support and eleven Republican candidates, BIG "R" win with runoff in Georgia". Under the so-called "jungle primary" system, the top two candidates - Ossoff and Handel - will head into the June runoff. Ossoff's showing, while nearly certainly a high water mark for the Democrats in this contest, can not not be understated.

National Support For Legalizing Marijuana Has Never Been So High
Author: 0 Support For Legalizing Marijuana Has Never Been So High

Sixty percent of Americans say they support the legalization of marijuana, according to a poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University . MA legalized the drug after a referendum vote past year. Sixty-five percent of Americans think marijuana is less risky than most other drugs, and only 23 percent think legalizing marijuana leads to an increase violent crime.

Author: 0 Florida lawmakers agree that marijuana products can not be smoked

A bill sponsored by Texas state House Republicans aims to nullify anti-discriminations protections for transgender people who use public bathrooms, but the bill would also have the unintended effect of endangering the bathroom rights of the elderly, disabled veterans and pregnant women.

Author: 0 Obama to give first public speech post-White House on Monday

Established in 2014, the Foundation planned to oversee the construction of the Obama Presidential Center on the South Side of Chicago, which would include the presidential library . Brissett, who started two games for the Patriots this season and led them to a win over the Houston Texans in his National Football League debut, posted a thank-you note to Barack Obama, or "the Big O", as he called him, after his visit to the White House.

National Rachael Leigh Cook Recreates 'Brain on Drugs' PSA 20 Years Later
Author: 0 Rachael Leigh Cook Recreates 'Brain on Drugs' PSA 20 Years Later

Your brain was an egg; your brain on drugs was an egg smashed, scrambled, and sizzled beyond all recognition. Cook goes on to narrate an animated sequence in which the brown egg is arrested and filtered through the criminal justice system, only to be continually whacked by a skillet on the outside.

National Police ask for help to find missing boy
Author: 0 Police ask for help to find missing boy

SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - Police in Southern California on Sunday finished their search of a park where the passed-out father of a missing 5-year-old boy was found over the weekend and are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Author: 0 For second time this week, Trump jabs at Canada over trade

Malpeque MP Wayne Easter has some advice for U.S. President Donald Trump over remarks claiming unfair dairy trade practices between Canada and the U.S. President. Trudeau said the system "works very well" in Canada. "Time and again, Canada has demonstrated its disregard of its dairy commitments to the United States - hampering America's exports to Canada - while pursuing ways to use its government-controlled system to unfairly dump greater Canadian exports in global markets", BNN reported.

Author: 0 Ann Coulter is not letting Berkeley off easy for calling off speech

Coulter claimed she's rejecting the rescheduling because college administrators had imposed "burdensome" and "harassing" conditions on her right to free speech. A conservative national group that was helping organize the event, Young America's Foundation, said Coulter also made demands of her own, including that any students engaging in violence be expelled.

Author: 0 Caretaker's suspicions led cops to missing Tenn. teacher, student

Police say Elizabeth is unharmed but has yet to make contact with her family as she is now in "too remote" of a location. More information about the capture and rescue of Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas will be provided as it becomes available.

Author: 0 If US Campuses Can't Protect Free Speech, They Need New Management

The administrators said it was "not possible to assure that the event could be held successfully - or that the safety of Ms. Coulter, the event sponsors, audience and bystanders could be adequately protected". It's unclear as to why Coulter believes that the rescheduling request would inhibit her constitutional rights, and she did not immediately respond to a Twitter request for clarification.

Author: 0 3 children among 5 dead in New York City housefire

By 4 p.m. most of the fire had been extinguished, the FDNY said. Mayor Bill de Blasio (BLAH'-zee-oh) says "there's a lot we need to know about what happened here". "It was just really bad", McPhee said. At least five people were killed in a fire in Queens Village on Sunday. . "It was just too severe, too intense", said Murray, 72.

National Unemployment rates fall to record lows in 4 US states
Author: 0 Unemployment rates fall to record lows in 4 US states

According to numbers released by the Alabama Department of Labor, 320 fewer people were considered unemployed in March when compared to February, while the county's civilian labor force remained steady (45,077 in February and 45,000 in March).

Author: 0 Rescued teen back home in Tennessee, reunited with family

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said Thursday that Cummins appeared to have made an arrangement with someone connected to the property where the Cecilville cabin was in exchange for gas and food. "He needs to be held accountable for kidnapping this girl". He's facing numerous charges, including a federal charge of "transportation of a minor across state lines to have sexual intercourse".

Author: 0 South Korea on High Alert, Russia Denies Deployments Near North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from being able to hit the United States with a nuclear missile. North Korea's state new agency (KCNA) on Saturday quoted a foreign ministry spokesman castigating Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop after she "spouted a string of rubbish" against the the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK).

National Trump calls 100-day assessment
Author: 0 Trump calls 100-day assessment "ridiculous"

His second attempt at a Muslim ban executive order was blocked by a federal court. Most notably, legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare backed by the White House and GOP leadership on Capitol Hill failed to make its way through the Republican controlled House of Representatives, unable to find a balance between conservative members who thought it didn't go far enough and more moderate ones unable to stomach the bill's cuts.

Author: 0 Presidential election: France to decide fate of 11 candidates on Sunday

Marine Le Pen is the far right Front National candidate who wants a referendum on European Union membership, a clampdown on immigration and the expulsion of potentially hundreds of French citizens suspected of terrorist tendencies. France's 10 per cent unemployment and its lacklustre economy are top voters' concerns as first-round ballots are cast this weekend in the most nail-biting French election in generations.

National European Union has no 'Plan B' for France poll upset
Author: 0 European Union has no 'Plan B' for France poll upset

Thursday's attack, which was claimed by Islamic State, was carried out by a man who got out of a auto that pulled up next to a police van on the Champs Elysees and opened fired on officers inside and outside the vehicle. But Trump suggested his opinion was no different from an average observer, saying , "Everybody is making predictions on who is going to win". Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said 50,000 police, gendarmes and soldiers would be deployed during the election to guarantee ...

National Trump pledges to protect environment and workers
Author: 0 Trump pledges to protect environment and workers

The march began with a series of speakers in the park before attendees marched from Capitol Hill to the International Fountain in Seattle Center in Lower Queen Anne. However, participants who braved the pouring rain in Nashville, Tenn., twisted a Trump catch-phrase, holding signs that said "Make America think again".

Author: 0 Berkeley reverses decision to nix speech by right-wing commentator

Coulter tweeted Thursday night that Cal isn't being genuine in its re-invite: "Not quite!" "Ms. Coulter's announcement that she intends to come to this campus on April 27 without regard for the fact that we don't have a protectable venue available on that date is of grave concern", Dirks wrote.

Author: 0 Afghan officials: 100 casualties in Afghanistan attack

The Taliban's deadly raid Friday on a northern army base that killed or wounded more than 100 people was revenge for the deaths of two of its officials in the region, a spokesman for the group told CNN . An Afghan policeman keeps watch on a roof of a building near the site of a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan April 12, 2017. In a post on their official website, the militants claimed that 11 attackers along with an infiltrator inside the army corps had participated in the attack.

Author: 0 Did Aaron Hernandez Commit Murder To Hide Bisexuality?

According to law enforcement sources, police believed Hernandez shot Lloyd to prevent him from telling people that he was bisexual. Now, a shocking new report claims that one was addressed to his gay lover who is said to be under suicide watch as more details of Aaron's death are revealed.

National Jalen Hurd Makes Decision On Future
Author: 0 Jalen Hurd Makes Decision On Future

Before making his decision, Hurd reportedly had at least at one time been looking at possibly entering the 2017 NFL Draft and also the supplemental draft. Had he stayed for the full season, it seems likely that he would have been able to break Travis Henry's school record of 3,078 career rushing yards set from 1997-2000.

Author: 0 Feds eye cannabis tracking system in legalized regime

Half of Americans have tried marijuana - more than ever reported by the poll . Overall, the poll results represent the continuation of a dramatic shift for Americans, who not 30 years ago, in 1979, were overwhelmingly against the idea of legalized weed.

National Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas is 'resting' after reuniting with her family
Author: 0 Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas is 'resting' after reuniting with her family

Teacher Tad Cummins took guns , money and his wife's auto before kidnapping a 15-year-old female student and taking her on a 2,500-mile cross-country journey that ended Thursday, court records show. The pair had been in the heavily wooded area 60 miles south of the OR line since at least last week, according to Griffin Barry, the man who says he eventually helped police capture Cummins.

Author: 0 White House denies misleading public on carrier destination

During an appearance on Fox News last week, President Donald Trump said he was sending an "armada" to deter the regime of North Korea's Kim Jong Un. "Trump's lie over the Carl Vinson ", read a headline on the website of the newspaper JoongAng Ilbo on Wednesday. "It is headed to the Korean Peninsula", he said.

National Sessions tells federal prosecutors to make criminal immigration offenses a priority
Author: 0 Sessions tells federal prosecutors to make criminal immigration offenses a priority

He also returned to a common theme from the Trump campaign by saying drug cartels and criminal gangs are turning American cities into "war zones" by raping and killing innocent people. "They threaten the very integrity of our nations in our hemisphere", he said. He was responding to a question from a reporter about Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 36, who had been convicted of using false work papers and was suddenly deported in February despite having two teenage children who were USA citizens.

National Revenue agency gives records after Missouri auditor subpoena
Author: 0 Revenue agency gives records after Missouri auditor subpoena

During the 2016 tax season the Department of Revenue provided updates to the public with information on the dollar amounts and number of returns paid out and still pending. "This is an unprecedented level of uncooperation", Galloway says. The Missouri Department of Revenue delivered a stack of documents to the auditor's office Thursday.

Author: 0 No Role in Libya Because 'US Has Enough Roles'

Trump continued, "We are analyzing it very carefully and we'll have something to say about it in the not too distant future". Italy now does not pay the agreed to 2% of its GDP on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defenses. Trump's administration is demanding that Congress fund a bigger US border wall with Mexico and is suggesting that his administration could scrap the USA nuclear deal with Iran.

Author: 0 How Gorsuch's confirmation could impact the Supreme Court

More daunting, perhaps, will be the Supreme Court's unique rhythms and rituals, including the private conferences the justices hold to discuss cases each week when they are in session. Some wondered if Gorsuch would recuse himself from the case due to Katyal's previous actions of endorsing Gorsuch for the court. At this point, Gorsuch again suggested the simple solution is to just read the words in the statute, but Gorsuch had a relatively novel idea of what a statute means when it ...