National Ann Coulter Still Plans to Speak at UC Berkeley Despite Safety Concerns
Author: 0 Ann Coulter Still Plans to Speak at UC Berkeley Despite Safety Concerns

Harmeet Dhillon , an attorney representing two groups organizing Coulter's speech, also sent a letter to the university on Thursday demanding she be allowed to speak on the original date. After news of the event's cancellation spread, Coulter maintained that she would make an appearance at Berkeley next week to deliver her speech. A scheduled speaking engagement by conservative pundit Ann Coulter , which was originally supposed to take place next week at U.C.

Author: 0 Judge won't block Arkansas executions

Attorneys for the eight men attempted to block the executions, including using the argument that midazolam, the drug used to make inmates unconscious before two more drugs paralyze and kill them, does not effectively prevent a painful death.

Author: 0 Severe storms possible this evening

Louis. The chance of severe storms increases in areas along and south of HWY 54 where storms with damaging wind, large hail or a tornado are possible. New rainfall amounts will be between a tenth and quarter of an inch. That front coupled with a "great deal" of wind energy means conditions are ripe for severe storms to erupt, he said.

National Trump proposing tax cuts for companies big and small
Author: 0 Trump proposing tax cuts for companies big and small

Every one-percent reduction in the effective tax rate - what companies actually pay - could increase expected earnings for companies in the S&P 500 by $1.34 a share, according to calculations Tuesday by S&P Global Market Intelligence. President Donald Trump plans to stick with his campaign pledge to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, but the dramatic cut raises a problematic question for the White House: How can the president deliver the "massive" tax cut he promised ...

Author: 0 Health care push unswayed by Trump's 100th day, White House says

During this important speech, which I was honored to attend, the president laid out principles to guide health care reform. "We'll see what happens", he told reporters after signing an executive order at the Treasury Department. But increased charges can't be because age, health and gender, essentially keeping intact the component known as the community health rating. The revision is aimed at drawing enough support from both moderates and core conservatives in the Republican Party.

National MI chooses rural highways for 75 miles per hour speed limit
Author: 0 MI chooses rural highways for 75 miles per hour speed limit

The change was mandated in a new state law passed and signed in 2016 requiring speed limits on some state roads to be set based on the speed that 85 percent of traffic is usually moving. Marie will see a speed limit increase to 75 miles per hour. If you just can drive 55 miles per hour, the state of MI is making your life a little easier.

Author: 0 Mayor Landrieu calls removed Liberty Place monument 'blatant affront' to American values

According to ABC News , the Liberty Place monument - which "commemorates whites who tried to topple a biracial post-Civil War government in New Orleans " - was the first to be taken down. The Latest on removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans . The mayor said the city would remove the monuments, store them and preserve them until an "appropriate" place to display them is determined.

Author: 0 Ann Coulter rejects Berkeley's May speaking date

She's calling it censorship, saying that the university canceled her engagement. In its letter , Berkeley officials partially blamed Young America's Foundation for inviting Coulter and setting a date without consulting them first. An appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannoupolos in early February led to violent protests and was canceled before the talk began by agreement with the Berkeley College Republicans, which had sponsored that event as well.

Author: 0 Obama dishes on leadership at 1st event since leaving office

While there are a number of issues he cares about, Obama said, he hopes to help inspire the younger generation to get more involved in civic engagement. He is also starting to work on a memoir. The event was a homecoming for Obama , who taught constitutional law, voting rights, and racism and the law at the University of Chicago Law School for more than a decade before being elected to the U.S.

Author: 0 Korea conducts artillery-drill on annivesary of national army amid rising tenions

But the timing, as the United States increases its military presence in the area, allows North Korea to remind its opponents that it could cause crippling damage with conventional artillery to highly populated areas in South Korea. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jingping spoke on the phone on Sunday to address the continuing threat of North Korea .

National AUDIO: Chris Soules called 911 after fatal crash that killed Aurora farmer
Author: 0 AUDIO: Chris Soules called 911 after fatal crash that killed Aurora farmer

The details are contained in 9-1-1 audio the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office released Wednesday. "Hopefully, the state and Mr. Mosher's family take swift legal action to force Mr. The sheriff's office said the crash remains under investigation and additional charges could be filed. This afternoon, State Patrol Investigators have arrived at Roadside Towing and Collision in Winthrop to inspect the vehicles in last night's crash.

National Trump's hardball tactic on health care may backfire
Author: 0 Trump's hardball tactic on health care may backfire

The money is under a legal cloud because of a federal judge's ruling in a lawsuit by House Republicans against the Obama administration. Here's another problem for all those Republicans, and in particular popular vote loser Donald Trump: "nearly 8 in 10 (79 percent) say [Trump] should try to make the ACA work as well as possible, including roughly 6 in 10 Republicans and 8 in 10 independents".

Author: 0 First execution in Arkansas race to use up lethal injection drugs

Another execution had been scheduled for Thursday but was stayed by the state Supreme Court on Wednesday. Lee requested holy communion for his last meal and did not give a final statement . Lee showed no signs of consciousness two minutes after the lethal injection, which began at 11:44 p.m. Whatever happens with the death penalty in the United States in the future, the fact that the Supreme Court got involved in the Arkansas death penalty case is extremely important when it comes to ...

Author: 0 GOP makes government funding offer excluding money for wall

With Democrats unanimously opposed, it remains to be seen whether the health care deal will come together and attract the needed support. But in 2013, conservative Republicans forced a 17-day shutdown in a failed attempt to repeal then-President Barack Obama's healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act.

Author: 0 Stephen Colbert makes hay out of 'Justin Trudeau's wood'

The Late Show host also wasted no time to take a jab at the US president, announcing the tariffs in what can only be described as the best-worst impersonation of Trump. Colbert went on to specifically skewer Trump for having told the AP that his ratings as president were higher than 9/11. As some have noted, that would make Trump the first president in history to have a shutdown on his hands within his first 100 days.

National Afghan officials: United States bomb killed more ISIL fighters than thought
Author: 0 Afghan officials: United States bomb killed more ISIL fighters than thought

American officials said the bomb had been positioned for possible use in Afghanistan for "some time " since the administration of former president Barack Obama. PJ Crowley, a former U.S. air force colonel, said civilians would've only been impacted by the blast - which he likened to "creating a minor quake in that particular area" - by the tremors that followed.

National Trump blasts Tax Day protests, says 'election is over!'
Author: 0 Trump blasts Tax Day protests, says 'election is over!'

The demonstrations came just days before Tuesday's deadline for taxpayers to file their returns. Organizers of New York's " Tax March ", one of more than 150 across the country and beyond, want to call attention to Trump's refusal to disclose his tax history, as his White House predecessors have done for more than 40 years, France24 reported.

National Ron Estes wins 4th District congressional seat
Author: 0 Ron Estes wins 4th District congressional seat

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), was supported nearly entirely by individual small-dollar donors, while Estes had to lean on 11th-hour support from Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and a massive ad buy from the National Republican Congressional Committee to survive the race.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump faces groans, laughs after defending her dad

The panel was meant to discuss women's entrepreneurship, a pet project of Ivanka's considering her own clothing and accessories line which is now being relabeled and sold at some discount retailers . The extent of Ivanka Trump's sway with her father is suggested by Eric Trump's recent comment that she likely weighed in before the president chose to bomb Syria in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack.

Author: 0 Ivanka Gets Booed For Calling Trump A 'Champion For Women'

Ivanka couldn't provide Meckel with a concrete answer, rather saying she is equally confused. It didn't take long before the First Daughter was grilled with questions about her controversial dad's stance on women's issues, which led to a very vocal response from the crowd in Berlin.

Author: 0 Grizzlies overcome Leonard to even series with Spurs

He finished with 43 points while shooting 14-for-30 from the field, 7-for-10 from beyond the arc, and was flawless from the line, hitting all eight free throws. "It's much as me and big fella have been together", Clippers point guard Chris Paul said. They were careless with the ball all night as each starter registered at least 3 turnovers (Gasol turned it over a game-high seven times).

Author: 0 NY Times photos show fewer New England Patriots visiting Trump than Obama

Six others had already signaled that they would take a pass, some for political reasons. A New York Times Sports editor declared himself "an idiot" for tweeting a photo comparison that suggested the crowd for the New England Patriots' White House celebration was much smaller than the one two years ago.

National 3 officers wounded by gunfire after robbery
Author: 0 3 officers wounded by gunfire after robbery

The officer who was shot in his hand was treated at the hospital and released. Right now, two suspects are in custody, including one that suffered "significant injuries". Authorities are investigating and police said the officers who fired their guns would be placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard practice.

National Teacher accused of kidnapping student in court
Author: 0 Teacher accused of kidnapping student in court

She said they haven't discussed much about what happened over the more than a month that Elizabeth was missing with her former teacher, Tad Cummins. But, the judge ruled there were no combinations of bail or other restrictions that could ensure Cummins would not attempt to run again.

National Uphill battle looms as Trump seeks revamped healthcare plan
Author: 0 Uphill battle looms as Trump seeks revamped healthcare plan

The first GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act under Trump, the American Health Care Act, collapsed in late March after a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded it would cost up to 24 million people off health insurance, spooking moderate Republicans - at the exact same time arch-conservative lawmakers in the House Freedom Caucus insisted the revised plan wasn't severe enough.

Author: 0 Jon Ossoff advances to runoff in highly watched Georgia election

His campaign took in more than $500,000 in the hours after he captured about 48 percent of the vote in the district. Some saw the election, held to replace new Health Secretary Tom Price , as a test of the Republican president's political strength.

Author: 0 Trump signs order aimed at growing US agriculture industry

Rural voters contributed mightily to Republican victories last fall, but for three months the department charged with overseeing farm programs and rural development, which has about 90,000 employees and an annual budget of more than $150 billion, has been waiting for a new leader .

Author: 0 Anne Coulter calls Drudge fake news Berkeley 4/21/17

Coulter's announcement that she intends to come to this campus on April 27 without regard for the fact that we don't have a protectable venue available on that date is of grave concern", Dirks wrote. It was later cancel by the officials due to her safety measures and politically charged public. If universities don't do everything possible to foster and protect it, they aren't universities.

Author: 0 NY becomes the first state to make college tuition

The tuition initiative, which Cuomo said is a national model, covers state college or university tuition for in-state students from families earning $125,000 or less. The cost of college is now out of sight. "I'm a New Yorker". Although tuition is waived, other collegiate fees (including room and board) are not. I think students make their decisions to go to one college over another for many, many different reasons, financing being one of them, to be sure.

National WH officials: Busy week, but no health care vote or shutdown
Author: 0 WH officials: Busy week, but no health care vote or shutdown

Insurers and other healthcare industry groups have pleaded with Congress and the Trump administration to commit to funding those subsidies, saying without more clarity they are unable to make key decisions about what plans they will offer next year and how to price them.

National Top Mexican official calls US border wall a 'hostile' act
Author: 0 Top Mexican official calls US border wall a 'hostile' act

Democrats have expressed little appetite for dramatically reducing taxes, especially for big business. BENNETT: Those were the voices of Republican Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of SC. Democrats are wary of "poison pill riders" and want to see the spending bill extend health provisions for coal miners, provide relief for Puerto Rico, and fund Obamacare subsidies, Schumer said.

Author: 0 Trump backs off on wall funds demand

It's not an exaggeration to say that his promise to build a wall on the southern border formed the core of his campaign, especially in its early days. "There's a spending bill that's being considered as we speak". The Republican had signalled he could wait for funding until autumn 2017 following a stand-off between the White House and Congress over a spending bill that includes $1.1bn (£0.7bn, €0.9bn) in funding for a down payment for construction of the border wall .

National Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week
Author: 0 Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week

Each of the House's 435 representatives represents about 700,000 people back in their home state Congressional districts. "This is the sort of caricature of Congress that we are, we've become, we are the caricature of putting things off to the last minute and then voting on these huge bills with stuff hidden inside of them, hopefully this won't be as bad as some", Massie said.

National Treasury Secretary: Trump's tax cuts won't raise budget deficit
Author: 0 Treasury Secretary: Trump's tax cuts won't raise budget deficit

President Donald Trump has advised his administration to put deficit concerns on the backburner and work on a plan to slash the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, according to a report Monday from The Wall Street Journal . "The objective of the orders is to make clear what the administration's and the president's priorities are, and signal the importance of these issues to the American people", Mnuchin said.

Author: 0 Kidnapped Tennessee teen withdrawn, jittery after rescue, family says

Cummins reportedly told the tipster who called police that the girl was his 22-year-old wife. He also added that Thomas does not look her age at all. But Barry, 29, said he became suspicious when the older man tried to keep the teen away. For his own safety reasons, federal authorities would not disclose what day Cummins will depart California or when he will arrive in Tennessee.

National William Tolley, fallen FDNY firefighter, remembered at wake, funeral
Author: 0 William Tolley, fallen FDNY firefighter, remembered at wake, funeral

His wife, Marie Tolley, spoke out publicly for the first time Monday when the Stephen Siller Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation announced it will pay off the mortgage on the family's home. Officials said Tolley's death had nothing to do with the relatively minor blaze that was caused by incense left unattended in the apartment. Tolley's wake will be held from 7 9 p.m.

Author: 0 Sharapova returns to tennis after 15-month doping ban

Makarova showed signs of nerves as she went 0-40 down while serving for the match, but they were replaced by evidence of a steely resolve as she clawed her way back to deuce and another Radwanska miss put her through. "I don't understand", she started with a mischievous smile. Caroline Wozniacki said "It's disrespectful to other players". While a growing number of players speak out against wild cards after doping bans, Sharapova also received some backing on Tuesday.

Author: 0 (Neb)-Farm State Lawmakers Praise Confirmation Of USDA Sec

So, what it means for agriculture is we now have the head of USDA, Sonny Perdue from Georgia, in place as secretary, and he can start that initial, very important work. "The National Corn Growers Association congratulates Secretary Perdue on his confirmation". Nebraska 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith of Gering, founder and co-chairman of the Modern Agriculture Caucus, praises the confirmation.calling it "great news for Nebraska agriculture" because Perdue is "well-positioned to lead ...

Author: 0 Mexico 'won't pay a cent' for U.S. border wall

Minutes later, at a press conference after lunch with his own Senate conference, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) shot back that he made it clear to McConnell that funding for a wall would be unacceptable to Democrats. "The Democrats don't want money from budget going to border wall despite the fact that it will stop drugs and very bad MS 13 gang members." Trump tweeted, "Don't let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the WALL ".

Author: 0 Donald Trump has one real measure of success

He said: "From a professional level, I think it's disappointing because I think I let the president down". "I can't guarantee", Spicer said of ongoing budget negotiations. 'You've got Russian Federation, ' he said, sputtering and waving his hands while he spoke. Donald Trump is pictured signing an executive order on April 21.

Author: 0 House oversight committee: Flynn might have broken the law

Rosenberg said the allegation that Flynn committed crimes is a new development and his prosecution appears likely. As a former U.S. Army lieutenant general, Flynn had an obligation to seek out and receive permission before receiving payments from any foreign government, but had not appeared to do so before accepting engagements with the Turkish and Russian governments, Reps.

Author: 0 Former Trump adviser Flynn likely broke law with Russian Federation trip: lawmakers

The remarks from Chairman Jason Chaffetz came after his committee viewed classified documents related to Flynn's foreign contacts. "And there are repercussions for the violation of law". The White House has told a USA congressional committee it will not comply with a request to release files related to a controversial former aide. In addition to those probes, the oversight panel is looking into whether Flynn fully disclosed payments from Russian, Turkish or other foreign sources.

Author: 0 Urgent Senate briefing regarding North Korea

It's not unusual for select groups of the legislative body to meet with the President, or White House staff, but meeting with the entire collective of Senators is. The meeting was set for one day after a North Korean holiday on Tuesday marking the 85th anniversary of the founding of its army. A senior Trump administration official said the flurry of activity around North Korea was "not a part of something choreographed" and cautioned against over-interpretation.

Author: 0 UC Berkeley Republicans sue school over Ann Coulter talk

A legal team led by Harmeet Dhillon , a San Francisco attorney who is also a prominent California Republican, filed the case on behalf of the Berkeley College Republicans, who invited Coulter, and the Young America's Foundation , which is helping to organize and finance the event.

Author: 0 Bernie Sanders Defends His Decision to Campaign For An Anti-Choice Democrat

But the tour was also meant to bridge divides between the Democratic establishment, as represented in last year's primary by Hillary Clinton, and Sanders's insurgent progressive wing. "If you were paying close attention, Chairman Perez was like, where's the door ... get me out of here", King said as the rest of the panel laughed.

National Ignore Trump on climate
Author: 0 Ignore Trump on climate

Those administration officials and others were due to meet at the White House last week to work toward a consensus recommendation for Trump . Pruitt , who was assigned to his position by Trump, claims that the agreement is a way to force the US economy to "serve and really satisfy" other countries that are "polluting far more".

Author: 0 Taking a Stand for Free Speech at UC-Berkeley

It is unclear where in Berkeley Coulter might be speaking next week, but the conservative pundit tweeted Wednesday that she has instructed a " Berkeley student group" to rent out a venue. After news of the event's cancellation spread, Coulter maintained that she would make an appearance at Berkeley next week to deliver her speech. "If Berkeley wants to have free speech , they are going to get it", YAF spokesman Spencer Brown said .

National Trump Celebrates First Easter Egg Roll As US President
Author: 0 Trump Celebrates First Easter Egg Roll As US President

A child crosses the finish line, egg in hand, during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. Since the White House isn't fully staffed yet, this year's event is actually smaller than last year's, when 35 thousand people attended.