Author: 0 Trump says Michael Flynn got security clearance because 'Obama didn't vet' him

Army spokesman Cynthia Smith said the Army had no records that Flynn requested that permission. On Tuesday, however, Cummings and Chaffetz held a joint news conference in which they said Flynn might have broken the law by not disclosing the payments when he filed paperwork previous year to renew his security clearance.

Author: 0 No shutdown: $1.1 trillion agreement shows Democrats' clout

However, the deal does include $1.5 billion more in immigration enforcement, with AV noting that the government " already spends more on immigration enforcement than all other federal law enforcement efforts combined". This bill is only good for five months 'cause Congress was supposed to do this last September, but lawmakers couldn't reach a deal in the height of election season, so it got punted into the first 100 days or the first 102 days, as it may be.

Author: 0 Race not factor in San Diego pool party shooting

A man upset at a break-up opened fire at a pool party and carried on calmly shooting from his seat while phoning his ex-girlfriend, say police. Police chief Shelley Zimmerman said there was "zero information to indicate race played a factor in this awful and horrific crime", The Los Angeles Times reports .

Author: 0 Trump promises action to help dairy farmers

Almost 70 dairy producers were affected after imposing of this taxes in both the United States and Canada. Mr Trump targeted Canada's dairy sector as "unfair" in a recent speech in Wisconsin. Schumer are banding together to fight what they see as Canada's attempt to block US dairy producers from shipping huge amounts of one of their key products north of the border.

National Gov't relaxes healthy standard for school meals
Author: 0 Gov't relaxes healthy standard for school meals

The Trump administration will also loosen the milk requirements under which schools will be able to serve 1 percent flavored milk . "I've got 14 grandchildren, and there is no way that I would propose something if I didn't think it was good, healthful and the right thing to do", Perdue said , adding that schools will have more flexibility.

Author: 0 Mom Abused Tenn. Teen Found With Teacher

The girl was apparently healthy and unharmed, and authorities said their main concern was her emotional and mental state. Cummins acknowledged in federal court in Sacramento on Monday that he was the suspect in the case and agreed to return to Tennessee to face charges there.

National Gorsuch to hear major religious liberty case
Author: 0 Gorsuch to hear major religious liberty case

The other two cases the justices will hear Monday involve a property dispute and the timing of securities class-action lawsuits. Gorsuch asked four questions in a row in a case involving a procedural issue in a federal worker's claim of employment bias, the Associated Press reports.

National NKorea Ups Its Missile Tests to Send Trump Message
Author: 0 NKorea Ups Its Missile Tests to Send Trump Message

Mr Trump's suggestion of admiration for Kim, however, is something entirely new. "If he came here, I'd accept him, but I wouldn't give him a state dinner like we do for China and all these other people that rip us off when we give them these big state dinners".

Author: 0 Trump vows to protect freedoms of gun owners in NRA speech

Trump's stop in Georgia took place as a controversial campus carry bill sits on the desk of Gov. Nathan Deal, who vetoed a broader version of the proposal past year. In his remarks Friday , Trump thanked his supporters and pledged to guard gun rights in the United States. During his campaign, he promised to do away with President Barack Hussein Obama's efforts to strengthen background checks and to eliminate gun-free zones at schools and military bases.

Author: 0 Police kill suspect in fatal San Diego pool party shooting

At 10:30 pm, Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego Police Chief, carried a news conference where she confirmed the police fast response to the incident . Further information on the conditions of the victims have not been released. Police do not believe Selis planned the shooting in advance, Zimmerman added, and Selis did not appear to have a violent history. Mr Galiendes, a student at UC San Diego , said he has lived in the complex in the upscale San Diego community of La Jolla since September.

Author: 0 Audio On Arkansas Practice To Restrict Execution Audio

Up until last week, the state hadn't held an execution since 2005. Jones raped and murdered 34-year-old Mary Philips and brutally assaulted her daughter Lacy in 1995. A look at some issues that can stop a lethal injection at the last minute. The inmates also sued over the sedative used in the three-drug protocol.

Author: 0 Korea: US move pushed region closer to "brink of nuclear war"

North Korean ballistic missile tests are banned by the United Nations because they are seen as part of the North's push for a nuclear-tipped weapon that can hit the US mainland. "Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a USA nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike", according to Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North's ruling Workers' Party.

National House OKs bill averting Saturday gov't shutdown, Senate next
Author: 0 House OKs bill averting Saturday gov't shutdown, Senate next

The best possible explanation for the White House in all of this is that there was/is simply confusion about what fiscal year Trump was talking about. Mulvaney also said Democrats had made their request on Obamacare subsidies too late in the negotiating process. Mitch McConnell told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

Author: 0 NIH Gets $2 Billion Increase Under Budget Deal

The spending is on top of the " huge increase " the agency received past year, and goes against President Donald Trump's priority to cut the agency. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, in a statement, "The omnibus is in sharp contrast to President Trump's risky plans to steal billions from lifesaving medical research, instead increasing funding for the NIH by $2 billion".

National RB Williams suffers stinger in Arkansas' spring finale
Author: 0 RB Williams suffers stinger in Arkansas' spring finale

Since Williams suffered a major neck injury as a freshman in 2015, any similar injury is likely to receive the immediate and utmost attention from the training staff. 1". Medical crews coming out and putting Williams on a stretcher. "He kept saying, 'This is embarrassing, ' because he wanted to walk and they wouldn't let him walk, because they were just being overly cautious", Bielema said.

National Trump creates council on government's use of technology
Author: 0 Trump creates council on government's use of technology

A White House official confirmed Monday that about 20 technology chief executives will attend meetings at the White House in early June to talk about improving government information technology. In 2010, President Obama also established the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), a council of external advisors. The council can also invite additional attendees.

National Donald Trump Says He'd Be 'Honored' To Meet With Kim Jong Un
Author: 0 Donald Trump Says He'd Be 'Honored' To Meet With Kim Jong Un

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that everything President Trump won in the spending deal was a bonus, since the funding for the current fiscal year that ends September 30 was supposed to be set before Mr. The president has spent much of his first 100 days in office reckoning with the realities of governing, even with a Republican-led Congress. Thrush asked Spicer.

National Religious Liberty Case Brings First Supreme Test for Gorsuch
Author: 0 Religious Liberty Case Brings First Supreme Test for Gorsuch

WIPR recently asked whether Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation as a US Supreme Court associate justice is good for IP, but it seems that our readers are split. Gorsuch appeared chummy with Sotomayor throughout the day's arguments, sharing a laugh at the start and end of the first case. We also took issue with his views that government-sponsored religious displays were constitutional in two other cases.

Author: 0 Fact check: Claims about Trump's tax plan don't hold up

When Trump's spokesman, Sean Spicer, was asked by reporters Thursday whether it was fair to inquire about the benefits that the tax cuts would provide for the president and his family, he sidestepped the question. If your parents' estate is worth less than $10.9 million, you don't have to worry about this tax. But perhaps the biggest windfall for rich people could come from Trump's plan to lower the top tax rate for small business owners from 39.6 percent to 15 percent.

National Pentagon Deploys Troops to Turkey's Border With Syria
Author: 0 Pentagon Deploys Troops to Turkey's Border With Syria

Turkey this month announced it had completed its half-year Euphrates Shield operation in northern Syria against jihadists and Kurdish militia, although it is keeping a presence to maintain security in towns now under control of pro-Ankara Syrian rebels.

National Congress OKs bill to avert government shutdown
Author: 0 Congress OKs bill to avert government shutdown

It undoubtedly would come back to bite them at the polls in 2018. Why are cost-sharing reductions suddenly front and center? No, the lawmaker said, "It is a problem that we have members in the Republican conference that do not want Obamacare repealed, due to their district".

Author: 0 San Diego shooting: What we know so far

Zimmerman identified the deceased suspect as Peter Selis, 49, a resident of the at the La Jolla Crossroads apartments complex where the shooting took place in University City. A police helicopter arrived to the scene first and the pilot reported seeing multiple victims on the ground and that the suspect, Selis, was still in the pool area and appeared to be reloading.

National Immigrants, unions march in US for rights, against Trump
Author: 0 Immigrants, unions march in US for rights, against Trump

Activists in major cities including Chicago and Los Angeles expect tens of thousands of people to participate in Monday demonstrations, along with demonstrations in smaller cities. The ban halted after a federal court blocked his order. In addition to rallies, immigrant rights activists in communities in Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas and elsewhere are calling for strikes to show Americans the demand for immigrant labor and immigrants' purchasing power.

Author: 0 9 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) declared a state of emergency there Saturday. Across the USA, nine people have been killed by tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest and Southeast. Flooding is also an issue in northern Arkansas, where numerous roads are closed after more than 3 inches of rain fell in some areas. In Arkansas, a woman died when a tree fell on her mobile home in De Witt, about 80 miles east of Little Rock, authorities said .

Author: 0 Dallas police seek to contain active shooter, at least 1 firefighter wounded

The injured person was transported to a hospital, Dallas police told KTVT. City officials said the paramedic, who was not immediately identified, was taken Baylor University Medical Center and undergoing surgery after the shooting. The department requested a "citywide assist", meaning it asked for the help of any available officer. The Dallas Police Association tweeted earlier Monday that officers responding to an active shooter were "pinned down" by gunfire.

Author: 0 Testimony ends in penalty phase of police ambush killer Eric Frein

Testimony ended in the penalty phase of Eric Frein's trial, with closing arguments scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Eric Frein, 33, could be sentenced to death in the 2014 ambush that killed Cpl. Blocker said Dickson "will always remain in the hearts of all members of the Pennsylvania State Police forever", directing a message to the slain trooper's family.

National Blixt, Smith surge ahead in second round of Zurich Classic
Author: 0 Blixt, Smith surge ahead in second round of Zurich Classic

It was an emotional end to a remarkable tournament with the team format resulting in an epic final-round shootout between Team Smith and their American opponents, Kevin Kisner and Scott Brown. "We have the same mindset", Blixt said. "Seeing how he played golf, the sky's the limit for him", Blixt said of Smith. Former world number one Jordan Spieth and Ryan Palmer finished fourth at 22 under.

Author: 0 Environmentalists poised to challenge Trump on potential changes to monuments

Governor Eddie Calvo, in the nation's capitol, watching as President Donald Trump signs an executive order calling for a review of designations of national monuments under the Antiquities Act of 1906 . The only national monument in Montana subject to review would be the Upper Missouri River Breaks. Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit

Author: 0 North Korea again defies world with missile test

It added that the missile apparently exploded, just seconds after the launch. "Absolutely", Trump told Reuters . But even if China does not hold the key to solving the entire issue, it's clear the U.S. Japan condemned the launch as absolutely unacceptable and a violation of United Nations resolutions. It is not clear what has caused the series of failed missile tests since then.

Author: 0 Trump wins support for possible WTO action on Canada dairy

Prior to Ontario's motion, Grassland Dairy Products in Wisconsin sent more than one million pounds of ultra-filtered milk, a protein liquid concentrate used in cheese, across the border daily and duty-free. On energy, Canada provides the USA more than one-third of its oil imports - and does so under a stable, locked-in ratio guaranteed in NAFTA. Canada has also fiercely protected its dairy industry in recent trade deals, from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Ceta, the Canada-European ...

National I was 'psyched to terminate NAFTA' but reconsidered
Author: 0 I was 'psyched to terminate NAFTA' but reconsidered

Following his decision to not withdraw the United States from NAFTA this week, President Donald Trump described himself as both "a nationalist and a globalist", triggering chatter online about what his reversal means for his "America first" campaign rhetoric.

National Nationwide protests expected for May Day
Author: 0 Nationwide protests expected for May Day

Adler said the mayors were relieved to hear a "narrowing of what might be called a sanctuary city than what a lot of us feared it might be". Despite Trump's avowed crackdown on illegal immigration, many said, they hoped a show of strength would help persuade politicians to rethink their plans.

National Correspondents' dinner lacks glitter without Trump
Author: 0 Correspondents' dinner lacks glitter without Trump

And perhaps, that's because according to the Center for Public Integrity, 96 % of journalists who made donations in the last election gave them to our opponent. "Unfortunately, that's partly due to a golden president". I guess we know why he wears those lumpy, ill-fitting old man trousers: "it's because he's constantly sh***ing himself".

Author: 0 Gorsuch era on United States high court begins with his first three cases

Gorsuch's obsession with wording and the "plain text" of laws has led many to note his similarities with the man he is replacing, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. As Marcia Coyle and Tony Mauro recently noted in The National Law Journal , "Gorsuch's opinions involving religion reflect a willingness to accommodate it when faced with church-state conflicts".

National GOP back at bat with amended healthcare bill - 4 notes Featured
Author: 0 GOP back at bat with amended healthcare bill - 4 notes Featured

Chris Collins, R-N.Y., suggested additional concessions may be made to persuade more centrists to support the legislation. But on President Donald Trump's 99th day in office, lawmakers were leaving for the weekend without completing two other measures he's coveted: A Republican health care overhaul and a budget financing government for the entire year.

Author: 0 Handel Celebrates 6th District Results, Gets Ready For Runoff

In the primary on Tuesday, Democrat Jon Ossoff won the most votes, with 48 percent , but fell just short of the 50 percent necessary to win outright. Long a securely red state, Georgia, thanks in large part to the Atlanta metro area, has taken steps toward purple recently. When asked about the impact of the President's involvement, Handel said, "I think the president is interested in what happens here".

National Turkey demands US stop supporting Syrian Kurdish militants
Author: 0 Turkey demands US stop supporting Syrian Kurdish militants

This Friday, April 28, 2017 still taken from video, shows US forces patrolling on a rural road in the village of Darbasiyah, in northern Syria. Erdogan also told a conference in Istanbul that United States support for Kurdish militia fighters inside Syria was damaging solidarity between Washington and Ankara, but that relations could turn a page under President Donald Trump .

National Gorsuch's First Major Vote Breaks Tie to Allow Arkansas Execution
Author: 0 Gorsuch's First Major Vote Breaks Tie to Allow Arkansas Execution

Arkansas had hoped to carry out the executions before the end of the month, when the state's supply of midazolam - a sedative used in the state's lethal injection protocol - expires. McKesson Corp. says the state obtained the drug under false pretenses and that it wants nothing to do with executions. Lee's execution was one of several halted by lower courts that were subsequently allowed to go forward by the Supreme Court.

Author: 0 Back home, Preds eager to rebound off 1st postseason loss

Andrej Sekera scored an early goal for the Oilers, who took the first two games on Pacific Division champion Anaheim's home ice. "I don't think we did, and that's why we won, to be honest". After a Blues turnover, James Neal deflected a shot by Ellis at 7:49 of the first period. Nashville controlled most of the game, generating a spate of long shifts in the Blues' defensive zone.

National Gas prices appear poised to drop yet again in Pittsburgh area
Author: 0 Gas prices appear poised to drop yet again in Pittsburgh area

It said the national average has increased 5.1 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 15.9 cents per gallon higher than this day a year ago. "The national average gasoline price of $2.35 per gallon is a mere 14 cents higher than a year ago, down from a gap of almost 40 cents just months ago".

Author: 0 Days: How Trump's Low Approval Ratings Compare to Past Presidents

US President Donald Trump's approval rating has showed no signs of improvement amid sharp partisan divides and a failure to capitalise on post-election strengths, a new poll has revealed. President Trump was elected with 49.9 percent of the vote in North Carolina in November, but only 41.6 percent of voters now approve of the job he's doing as president.

National Duluth MN Weather - Winter Storm Warning Issued
Author: 0 Duluth MN Weather - Winter Storm Warning Issued

Forecasters predict new snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. A winter weather advisory for wet snow means periods of wet snow will cause primarily travel difficulties. A gusty north to northeast wind flow will combine with the snow and result in low visibility at times, especially closer to Lake Superior because of the strong flow from the Lake.

Author: 0 Capitals replace Holtby in goal for 3rd period of Game 2

The Capitals eventually tied the game at two and controlled the play in the third period. The Penguins returned to home ice in their Eastern Conference semifinal with a 2-0 lead and a surprising shot at a sweep. "Marc obviously made a couple of big stops for us there", Penguins coach Mike Sullivan told reporters post-game . OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) - Jean-Gabriel Pageau might not have seen the goal that capped his "legendary game" for the Ottawa Senators.

National Detroit officer critical after shooting; suspect killed
Author: 0 Detroit officer critical after shooting; suspect killed

Police believe the suspect who shot the two officers, also shot Rose. "Domestic violence calls tend to be the most unsafe", said Craig. He and his partner, a 6-month veteran of the force, were responding to a domestic situation around 10:30 the area of Joy Rd.

National Chuck Schumer says Democrats could win the Senate in 2018. Um …
Author: 0 Chuck Schumer says Democrats could win the Senate in 2018. Um …

In an op-ed published by USA Today , Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer cited health care, the budget, draining the swamp, as well as jobs and the economy as four key areas where Trump has failed to make good on his campaign promises. "[Republicans] ought to back off repealing Obamacare", Schumer said. We're pretty sure we're going to go with the latter, though. But here is what I think they're afraid of.