National Topeka police officer saves 4-year-old from drowning in pond
Author: 0 Topeka police officer saves 4-year-old from drowning in pond

Bulmer quickly jumped into the pond and pulled the tot to safety. The Topeka Police Department on Tuesday released a video of an officer rescuing a boy who nearly drowned in the Central Park pond. The police department said the boy's parent had been looking for him at the time he fell into the pond. Police said many times, children with Autism are drawn to water.

National OH quadruplets all commit to Yale
Author: 0 OH quadruplets all commit to Yale

Their mother, Kim Wade , is a Lakota Schools junior high school principal. A group of quadruplets have all made a decision to attend the Ivy League school. " The school treated us like family ", Nigel said the night the deadline for deciding which college to attend. But he said he was happy with Yale after visiting.

National White House promotes latest health care bill
Author: 0 White House promotes latest health care bill

It denies Trump funding for his oft-promised wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, but gives him a down payment on his request to strengthen the military and money for border security measures. Mark Amodei, a moderate Republican from Nevada told CNN . "He clearly stands by that", said Spicer. Democrats have said that the latest proposal does not provide anywhere near enough subsidies for the high-risk pools to ensure that those with pre-existing conditions do not face skyrocketing premiums.

National N. Korea threatens to sink U.S. nuclear submarine deployed to S
Author: 0 N. Korea threatens to sink U.S. nuclear submarine deployed to S

The test came as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned the U.N. Security Council yesterday that failure to curb North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs could lead to "catastrophic consequences". Japan's public broadcaster NHK has aired footage of a US aircraft carrier sailing off the coast of Nagasaki prefecture in southern Japan. With North Korea acting in defiance of the pressure, the United States could conduct new naval drills and deploy more ships and aircraft in the ...

National University officials announce new name for Commonwealth Stadium
Author: 0 University officials announce new name for Commonwealth Stadium

The move, effective immediately, is part of an agreement between Kroger and UK's multimedia rights partner, JMI Sports. United Kingdom officials say the deal - which is effective immediately with a term of up to 12 years - will result in an enhanced experience for the fans and athletes alike.

Author: 0 Christie Concerned About Trump's Tax Plan

Until more details are known, it is hard to know exactly how some taxpayers will fare. This is White House economic adviser Gary Cohn . Mnuchin's answer may be honest, but it is unlikely to help sell the plan to the American people given other ambiguities about the impact of the plan.

National More rain means more worry in flooded parts of Midwest
Author: 0 More rain means more worry in flooded parts of Midwest

Four days of rain have swamped these towns along the Meramec River in Missouri, where the water is 26 feet above flood stage. "We are trying to hold waters back as we approach the flood's crest and even more rain and storms are heading our way".

Author: 0 Midler, Blanchett, Field score Tony nominations for best of Broadway

The production itself scored 10 nominations in total, coming in second place behind frontrunner Natasha , Pierre & The Great Comet Of 1812 - a musical adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's War And Peace - with 12. A revival of August Wilson's Jitney has six nominations, including one for director Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who (trivia alert!) TV viewers may know as Castle's Captain Roy Montgomery.

National Repeal or spare? Pressure is on moderates over health care
Author: 0 Repeal or spare? Pressure is on moderates over health care

Citing a lack of votes for the measure, House GOP leaders said they would not hold a vote on Friday for a new healthcare bill meant to replace President Obama's signature domestic law. "If your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make", Kimmel said in comments viewed online by over 4 million people.

National Milwaukee County jury recommends dehydration death charges
Author: 0 Milwaukee County jury recommends dehydration death charges

Milwaukee's medical examiner concluded five months after Thomas' death that he had died of "profound dehydration". Terrell Thomas, 38, was imprisoned in a solitary cell with his water deliberately shut off by jail officials, who claimed they had done so because he had attempted to flood a previous cell.

National US Defense Sec'y Mattis: Israeli Alliance 'Cornerstone' of Regional Security
Author: 0 US Defense Sec'y Mattis: Israeli Alliance 'Cornerstone' of Regional Security

President Donald Trump ordered a missile attack on April 6 that Mattis said destroyed about 20 percent of Syria's operational aircraft. But Mattis says there's no question he does. In a statement published by Netanyahu's office, the Israeli leader noted that in Israel, "we sense a great change in the direction of American policy".

Author: 0 NAACP Demands Larger East Chicago Response Ahead Of Pruitt Visit

Pruitt did not respond to the question when asked Wednesday. But he also wishes leaders like Holcomb and Pruitt will spend more time speaking with residents directly. "We mean making the people whole". Chanting crowds weaved through streets of East Chicago on Wednesday near a Superfund site. "We are here in the West Calumet complex because injustice is here in East Chicago", the Rev.

National Chicago police say 2 officers shot during an
Author: 0 Chicago police say 2 officers shot during an "encounter"

One officer was shot in the arm and hip and the other in the back but managed to fire back, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. A police source said a rifle was recovered at the scene, but it's unclear whether it's the weapon cops were shot with.

National Milwaukee jail death shines spotlight on divisive sheriff
Author: 0 Milwaukee jail death shines spotlight on divisive sheriff

On Monday, after two hours of deliberation, six jurors found probable cause to file criminal charges against seven officials at the county jail in Milwaukee , the largest city in the midwestern state of Wisconsin. The other supervisor, Evans, was alleged to have not fully cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation of Thomas' death, and the other four officers were said to have the most contact with Thomas, District Attorney Chisholm said, AP reported .

Author: 0 White ex-officer pleads guilty in black man's slaying

A bystander's grainy video of the shooting, viewed millions of times online, showed the 50-year-old motorist breaking away after struggling with Slager over the officer's Taser. He could theoretically be sentenced to life in prison on the federal charge, since his alleged violation of Scott's rights involved killing him. Judy Scott (c.), mother of Walter Scott , is supported by family and lawyers during a news conference.

Author: 0 Trump says budget deal is a win

Trump touted the spending deal Tuesday at a ceremony honoring the Air Force Academy Football team. Many Republicans argued that $21 billion in military funding, $1.5 billion in new money for border security and several unrelated policy provisions are major steps toward fulfilling President Donald Trump's agenda.

Author: 0 Trump tweets about Andrew Jackson, after earlier questions

Countless historians have delved into the war's origins - the South's desire to maintain a system of slavery is widely considered to be the primary cause of the four-year conflict. The American Civil War was not a problem that could have been made to go away by an executive order, particularly one that would probably have been unconstitutional anyway.

National White House defends Trump invitation to Duterte despite human rights criticism
Author: 0 White House defends Trump invitation to Duterte despite human rights criticism

Mr. Trump invited Mr. Duterte to the White House via phone call on Saturday, their second conversation after one in December where the USA leader, according to Mr. When asked during the White House brief about Duterte , Press Secretary Spicer indicated that Trump was aware of Duterte's checkered history."The President gets fully briefed on the leaders that he's speaking to, obviously", Spicer said.

Author: 0 Kurdish leader: We're America's best friend in Syria; Turkey bombed us anyway

Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, did not dispute that US troops are operating with elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) along the Turkish border, but he would not get into specifics. Militants from various armed groups are confronting the Syrian government troops. Claiming that his country is leading the most effective campaign against IS, Erdogan said: "Let us, huge America, all these coalition powers and Turkey, let us join hands and turn Raqqa to Daesh's grave", ...

Author: 0 Merkel presses Putin over persecution of gays in Chechnya

Russia supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and senior US officials have stopped just short of suggesting Russian complicity in a deadly sarin gas attack on civilians in northwestern Syria . On Syria , Germany also has been sharply critical of Russia's support for President Bashar Assad. After the incident, Trump told reporters last month that the United States is "not getting along with Russian Federation at all" and the relations between the two countries "may be at ...

Author: 0 Powerful storm front that killed 16 threatens eastern United States

The National Weather Service warned Monday of an "enhanced risk" of severe storms in the mid-Atlantic as it registered "record flooding" in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The storms cut a path of destruction 35 miles (56 kilometers) long and 15 miles (24 kilometers) wide in Van Zandt County, Everett said. She could not confirm news reports that the missing were children who were in a vehicle swept off a bridge.

National Congress moves closer to deal to avert government shutdown
Author: 0 Congress moves closer to deal to avert government shutdown

After talking about bipartisanship to keep the government running, Crowley said, "What we've said in the past and continue to say, there will be no wall". Negotiators were racing against the clock to clear away remaining disputes in the spending bill. "I think there's been a real desire". Asked when, he said, "Soon".

Author: 0 Congress OKs bill averting Saturday gov't shutdown

Apart from this, a quick passage of the legislation was anticipated this week. "Everything we got in this deal. lines up perfectly with the president's priorities", he said. -Mexico border wall - subsequently dropped. The short-term fix to ward off a government shutdown - on a deadline set months ago - shows the stubborn dysfunction of Congress even with a unified Republican government.

Author: 0 Ex-police officer to plead guilty over fatal shooting of black motorist

Other provisions of the plea agreement include the government being permitted to withdraw from its obligations while retaining Slager's guilty plea if he "engages in conduct inconsistent with accepting responsibility", such as making statements minimizing his crime or "unlawful personal use of a controlled substance".

Author: 0 What was behind the American Civil War?

Trump has always been an admirer of Jackson, praising his populism and visiting his tomb in March , The New York Times reported. The only other possibility is that Trump does does understand the Civil War was fought over slavery - and that he'd have been willing to "cut a deal" on slavery were he President at the time.

National In a blow, influential Republican a 'no' on health care bill
Author: 0 In a blow, influential Republican a 'no' on health care bill

The White House and congressional Republicans are in serious danger of not having enough votes to pass their health care bill. By that worsening, they picked up Tea-Party, anti-government votes from the destructive and best-ignored so-called Freedom Caucus on the GOP's extreme right flank.

National Bill to avert shutdown for 1 week clears House
Author: 0 Bill to avert shutdown for 1 week clears House

Jason Chaffetz, who was expected to be out for three to four weeks after surgery, is returning Monday from Colorado and will back the bill, his office said . And while the new proposal still requires insurance companies to offer coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, it would kill a prohibition on charging those consumers significantly more for coverage.

Author: 0 Louisiana officers in black man's shooting will not be charged: newspapers

It's the first investigation into a high-profile police shooting to be completed during the Trump administration under Atty. The news of no federal charges does not mean the officers involved are in the clear. In Baton Rouge last summer, police arrested almost 200 protesters following Sterling's death, which occurred a day before another black man was killed by police in Minnesota.

Author: 0 USA troops in South Korea confirm THAAD anti-missile system is operational

The North conducted two nuclear tests a year ago alone, which experts say would have improved its knowledge for making nuclear warheads small enough to fit on missiles. It marked the latest fluctuation as Trump's administration struggles to articulate its policy for addressing the growing threat from North Korea's nuclear program.

Author: 0 Dozens arrested as May Day marches turn violent in Northwest

Bellamy added that he also hopes to raise awareness not only about how Trump's policies are hurting workers' rights but also about how US policies in the past have exploited workers. But a march that annually centers on labor issues quickly morphed into an all out assault on the U.S. President, Donald Trump . Demands for "sanctuary cities" and "full rights for immigrants" could be heard throughout Market Street.

Author: 0 SpaceX launches top-secret spy satellite for United States military

IST). About 9 minutes after the launch, SpaceX landed the first stage booster at LZ-1, a landing facility at Cape Canaveral. The launch was another historic first for SpaceX , marking the first time it has executed a government contract, reports the Orlando Sentinel , breaking a monopoly held for the past 10-years by United Launch Alliance (ULA).

Author: 0 Taliban launches annual offensive in Afghanistan

The Taliban dubbed this year's offensive " Operation Mansouri ", named for the Taliban leader killed last year in a US drone strike. As President Donald Trump's administration drafts an Afghanistan policy, USA officials are seeking a way to reverse gains by militant groups without wading deeper into a 15-year-long war that has no end in sight.

National Congress not as easy as Trump predicted
Author: 0 Congress not as easy as Trump predicted

The measure would give Republican and Democratic lawmakers an additional week to work out differences on about $1 trillion in funding for the government through September 30, the end of the current fiscal year. On Tuesday, Trump backed off his demand for immediate funding for a Southwest border wall, deciding to fight for money in the 2018 budget instead.

National Donald Trump tweets country needs a good 'shutdown'
Author: 0 Donald Trump tweets country needs a good 'shutdown'

He tries to blame the Democrats, but he didn't need a single Democratic vote to pass it in the House. "The truth of the matter though is now we've averted a government shutdown in a way that allows the president to fund his priorities", Mulvaney said .

National Watchdog to Trump: Accountability not red carpet for Duterte
Author: 0 Watchdog to Trump: Accountability not red carpet for Duterte

His invitation drew objections from human rights advocates who have accused Duterte of waging a war on drugs that has resulted in thousands of people dead in the Philippines. When asked earlier in the briefing about concerns that Trump was giving Duterte's human rights abuses his stamp of approval, Spicer said the objective of the White House invitation was to address North Korea.

Author: 0 Student dead, 3 others hurt in University of Texas stabbing

Authorities allege that Kendrex J. White stabbed the four students before 2 p.m. local time on campus in the Texas state capital, near the school's Gregory Gym. "P$3 lease keep your thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families during this very hard time". Classes were to resume as normal on Tuesday.

Author: 0 President Trump abruptly ends interview when asked about wiretapping claims

President Donald Trump's campaign organization is launching a $1.5 million run of TV ads touting his accomplishments in his first 100 days. But Dickerson kept at it: "The reason I ask is you said he was - you called him 'sick and bad'". TRUMP: You can figure that out yourself. Mr Trump replied "That's enough". Reminded that his opinion is important because he is the president, Trump politely but curtly ended the interview.

Author: 0 Nation Divided on President's First 100 Days

He continued: "It's starting to become clear that President Trump has accomplished very little of what he promised". Trump has asked his son-in-law to head up the Office of American Innovation to revamp the federal bureaucracy, but it's way too early to say how that's going.

Author: 0 Berkeley police plan high visibility Thursday

Civic Center Park, at times outnumbering demonstrators. Gibson said the group came to Berkeley to protect the speakers. Coulter says she might still show up to say hello to supporters. Also, city officers patrolled a park where two far-right groups said they would hold protests. Dirks added, "It is likely that the majority of those who demonstrate tomorrow will do so peacefully, but UCPD is aware that there are individuals and groups unaffiliated with campus who have clearly stated ...

National United Airlines Provides 'Amicable Settlement' For Dao Incident
Author: 0 United Airlines Provides 'Amicable Settlement' For Dao Incident

Demetrio had earlier in the day lauded the airline for operational changes it announced in an effort to avoid a repeat of the incident. United Airlines set out to fix its image Thursday, with its chief executive promising to refocus on customers as the company announced changes following the infamous dragging incident that caused worldwide outrage .

Author: 0 1 dead, several hurt in U. of Texas stabbings

University of Texas police are defending how they used the campus warning system during a deadly stabbing rampage. Another male student was stabbed while waiting in line at a food truck before White stabbed a fourth victim. "Everybody started yelling and running in our direction". Another student, Ray Arredondo, says he was walking to his auto when a mass of students near the gym started running.

Author: 0 Patagonia Is Going After Trump For His National Monument Plans

Char Miller, an environmental historian at Pomona College, said that if national monuments were diminished by the review process, it would actually hurt the people opponents of the law are claiming to protect. The act also preserves historical sites, such as the Obama-designated monuments dedicated to Cesar Chavez and to the Reconstruction Era. "If this sweeping review is an excuse to cut out the public and scale back protections, I think this president is going to find a very resistant ...

National Thune, Rounds praise Perdue as new Ag Secretary is confirmed
Author: 0 Thune, Rounds praise Perdue as new Ag Secretary is confirmed

Last week, I traveled across the state and made several stops to talk with ag leaders and local farmers about what's on their minds, including the next Farm Bill, a strong Renewable Fuel Standard, preventing another avian influenza outbreak, and of course, ongoing threats to the dairy industry.

Author: 0 Arkansas Executes Ledell Lee In First Execution Since 2005

The Supreme Court played a key role in Thursday's execution. Three executions were canceled because of court decisions, and legal rulings have put at least one of the other five in doubt. The medical supply company argued in a Tuesday lawsuit that the Arkansas Department of Correction had illegally obtained 10 boxes of the drug and that using it in executions would damage the company's reputation.

National Milwaukee jury gets case in inmate death
Author: 0 Milwaukee jury gets case in inmate death

Chisholm says he thinks the jury saw a "clear lack of oversight" over inmate care. Now it will be up to District Attorney John Chisholm to decide if any criminal charges are warranted in the April 2016 death of Thomas, a 38-year-old with bipolar disorder who was deprived of water and a mattress during seven straight days at the Milwaukee County Jail run by Sheriff David A.

Author: 0 SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center

It was the first time the aerospace manufacturing company has launched a rocket for the USA military - carrying a payload for the National Reconnaissance Office , which makes and operates spy satellites for the United States. The Falcon 9 rocket was first contracted for the US Air Force's national security space missions in May 2015. The 7:15 a.m. liftoff was the second attempt after a scrub on Sunday morning during an identical launch window.

National May Day marchers rage against Trump's immigration policies
Author: 0 May Day marchers rage against Trump's immigration policies

Some classes were canceled for the day. Other businesses that didn't close cheered on immigrant workers in other ways. "We also know that the Trump administration's approach is based on the ugly notion that America should expel 11 million hardworking undocumented immigrants, and that is wrong".

Author: 0 Alexander Acosta is Officially the First Latinx Member of Trump's Cabinet

Acosta completes President Donald Trump's cabinet just two days ahead of his 100 days in office. Given his labor background, Acosta is seen by both Republicans and Democrats as a better fit for the position. Opposition to Acosta's nomination was more measured, though that was not enough to sway most Democrats. Acosta received the support of 51 out of 52 Republicans and a handful of Democrats.