Author: 0 Here's What's In The House-Approved Health Care Bill

Speaker Paul Ryan , R-Wis., received cheers and a standing ovation. The vote of 217-213 could hardly have been closer in the Republican-controlled chamber, highlighting the concerns of many in Trump's party who fear the bill could bump millions of Americans off their coverage and send costs skyrocketing.

National As rainfall increases in the Midwest, the risk to levees grows
Author: 0 As rainfall increases in the Midwest, the risk to levees grows

But people living along smaller rivers - like the Meramec in suburban St. Louis and the Black River, which cuts through southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas - are dreading what they'll find. Louis Health Care System. While some areas along streams and small rivers have born the brunt of the slow-moving flooding disaster in recent days, communities along the Mississippi River from Missouri and IL to Louisiana and Mississippi will be racing against rising water over the next couple of ...

Author: 0 No clear favorite, rain make for unpredictable Derby

Six horses are 20-1 shots: Lookin At Lee, Thunder Snow , Irap, J Boys Echo, Tapwrit and Practical Joke . I was so mad that I didn't even realize I had Bodemeister and I'll Have Another in an exacta bet boxed, meaning it didn't matter what order they finished in, as long as they each finished in the top two.

Author: 0 U.S. wants Asean to review relations with N. Korea

There is a quiet effort underway to tone down any military rhetoric that could lead to North Korea viewing the Pentagon as warmongering, several United States military officials have told CNN. "We are clear - we've been clear to them this is not about regime change, this is not about regime collapse, this is not about an accelerated reunification of the peninsula, this is not about us looking for an excuse to come north of the 38th Parallel", he said.

National Religious Groups Divided Over Trump's Executive Order
Author: 0 Religious Groups Divided Over Trump's Executive Order

The order also directs federal agencies to exempt some religious groups from providing birth control to employees and staff, as required under President Obama's Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. "Faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country, the spirit of our founding and the soul of our nation", Trump told supporters gathered in the Rose Garden on Thursday.

National Rain threatens US Midwest as flooding force hundreds from homes
Author: 0 Rain threatens US Midwest as flooding force hundreds from homes

All of this water is moving downstream, threatening areas along the Mississippi River south of St. Louis, including Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and IL. Floodwaters from the overflowing Black River continued to recede in Lawrence and Randolph counties Friday, and highway officials reopened a section of USA 63 near Portia.

National House passes $1.1 trillion spending bill
Author: 0 House passes $1.1 trillion spending bill

The 309-118 vote sends the bill to the Senate in time for it to act to avert a government shutdown at midnight Friday. Rachel Maddow shows the Trump administration attempting to spin the new spending bill news into a positive light for themselves but falling short with the means of communicating that spin, including a disastrous conference call with reporters.

Author: 0 US military death in Somalia is 1st since 1993

A U.S. Defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the casualties to FP. The troops came under small arms fire. A Somali intelligence official confirmed the USA military operation to The Associated Press , saying US forces in helicopters raided an Al-Shabaab hideout near the Somali capital on Thursday night and engaged with fighters.

Author: 0 Documents: Tennessee teen abused by mom before kidnapping by teacher

Tad Cummins, 50, told authorities that he was glad the manhunt was finally over, even though the federal and state sexual assault and kidnapping charges he faces could land him in prison for years. He previously said he was approached by Cummins and Thomas while they were looking for the Black Bear Ranch commune. As Radar readers know, Thomas and Cummins disappeared from Columbia, Tennessee, on March 13 .

Author: 0 Bumps ahead for 'Obamacare' repeal as Americans air worries

Moments later, there were celebrations on the White House lawn, where a reception was held for Republicans in the House of Representatives. Comprehensive health care reform requires shared sacrifice to balance the interests of consumers, taxpayers, medical providers and insurance companies .

National France warns against republishing hacked Macron campaign emails
Author: 0 France warns against republishing hacked Macron campaign emails

The betting firm said Saturday despite the polls favoring her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron, gamblers are putting money on the idea that France may be in line for a political shock similar to Britain's decision to leave the European Union or Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election.

National Trump signs executive order protecting religious liberty
Author: 0 Trump signs executive order protecting religious liberty

There was also a directive in Trump's religious liberty order that would enable employers to withhold contraceptives, the National Review reports that Trump's order says that "federal agencies to exempt some religious organizations from Affordable Care Act requirements that provide employees with health coverage for contraception".

National West Virginia House rejects Senate-passed tax revisions
Author: 0 West Virginia House rejects Senate-passed tax revisions

The Democratic governor said later that he has been negotiating and modifying his proposals for months, while the House Republican leadership hasn't budged. He may believe he has put the pressure on; and that many members who feel the heat will be tempted to give in on Justice's plan to raise taxes and fees to the point of pain for West Virginia families the governor himself acknowledges are "struggling".

National Assembly GOP plan overhaul fuel taxes, steers state toward flat income tax
Author: 0 Assembly GOP plan overhaul fuel taxes, steers state toward flat income tax

Walker's budget calls for closing a almost $1 billion shortfall in the transportation fund with $500 million in borrowing, delaying some major projects and transferring money from the general fund. This means more money is needed to fix the transportation system, Vos said. At the same time, it cuts income taxes that pay for schools. The plan also calls for rolling back the state's minimum markup requirement for fuel sales, which Assembly Republicans predict will cause the overall price of ...

National US House passes bill to repeal Obamacare
Author: 0 US House passes bill to repeal Obamacare

Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. No new estimate was published prior to Thursday's vote, although one is expected before the Senate considers the bill. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, reasoned. Schwimmer said the bill would drive up costs for older people - by charging them premiums that could cost five times the premiums paid by younger people.

National Vladimir Putin supports plan to investigate reported abuse of gay men
Author: 0 Vladimir Putin supports plan to investigate reported abuse of gay men

Putin told Moskalkova he would, calling the reports about Chechnya "the well-known information, or rumors " about men "with a nontraditional sexual orientation", according to NBC News . Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier in the day that he would personally "talk to the prosecutor-general and the interior minister" to ask them to help Kremlin rights ombudswoman Tatyana Moskalkova check out the reports, which have drawn global condemnation.

National Top Utah Republicans attend Trump signing of Bears Ears order
Author: 0 Top Utah Republicans attend Trump signing of Bears Ears order

President Donald Trump is planning to sign an executive order on Wednesday ordering a review of national monument designations going back 21 years, according to multiple media reports. "With this review, the Trump Administration is walking into a legal, political and moral minefield", said Kate Kelly, public lands director for the Center for American Progress.

National On-Campus Stabbing At UT, Victim & Suspect Identified
Author: 0 On-Campus Stabbing At UT, Victim & Suspect Identified

David Carter, the school's police chief stated that the man calmly attacked the four students on the campus plaza. The stabbings occurred near Gregory Gym. She was last seen heading from the Loren Winship Drama building on campus to her dorm, and her body was later found in a creek. There's still a lot we don't know about the deadly stabbing on University of Texas at Austin's campus.

Author: 0 U.S. ready for secondary sanctions, more punishments against NK

Southeast Asian nations generally welcome cordial ties between the two powers but worry about whether secret deal-making might undercut Washington's willingness to stand up to China , which claims virtually all the South China Sea and has conflicting territorial claims with four ASEAN nations.

Author: 0 Russian envoy: US-led coalition warplanes banned from Syria safe zones

The Syrian opposition's High Negotiations Committee has contested Iran's signing of the agreement, saying it is "an aggressor that should be held accountable for violations against Syrians". The document was signed at the end of the fourth round of the Syria peace talks in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Britain-based war monitoring group said government forces shelled the nearby towns of Kafr Zita and Latamneh.

Author: 0 Comey: Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on tarmac tainted probe

Of course there were Russian hackers. By the time investigators determined they were not the missing emails - and it did not change their initial decision not to seek prosecution - the national narrative had already shifted back to Clinton's emails, with just days left before the election.

Author: 0 Senate sends $1.1T spending bill to Trump

The developments in Washington pushed back Trump's first-time meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull by several hours. The bill adds 24,000 active duty and 12,000 reserve forces above what President Barack Obama requested previous year, according to the White House.

National House GOP takes first steps to undo financial law
Author: 0 House GOP takes first steps to undo financial law

These flaws have spurred the House Committee on Financial Services to introduce the Financial CHOICE Act , a measured plan that will provide economic opportunity for all Americans, promote transparency, accountability, and offer significant regulatory reform.

Author: 0 Ann Coulter didn't go to Berkeley but these protesters did

FILE - In this February 12, 2011 file photo, Ann Coulter waves to the audience after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington. Later, supporters of Trump shouted "Build that wall!" while opponents chanted "No wall". In one instance, police could be seen handcuffing a man on the sidewalk.

Author: 0 House GOP to take another run at Tennessee spending plan

Price said that after host Steve Doocy, playing devil's advocate, mentioned that "under Obamacare the older folks and sicker folks could pay three times more than the younger folks, whereas under this plan they might pay five times more  - that's going in the wrong direction".

National Miley Cyrus talks marijuana, twerking and Liam Hemsworth
Author: 0 Miley Cyrus talks marijuana, twerking and Liam Hemsworth

I am not doing drugs, I am not drinking, I am completely clean right now . "I needed to change so much", she said. Miley Cyrus has openly spoken about drug use and her addiction to weed. She says that's the longest she's ever gone without it. The Wrecking Ball singer explained that she doesn't feel like a girl or a boy: "I just feel like nothing".

Author: 0 Three killed in crash at Billerica auto auction

A man and two women succumbed to their injuries at the scene. He said the inquiry would take several weeks to complete. "All evidence and information at this time suggests an accidental cause", officials said. The driver was not taken to hospital, she added. Police and fire spokesmen in Billerica, a Boston suburb, could not be reached for comment. "We are heartbroken that this accident occurred at our premises with a vehicle driven by one of our drivers", Lamb said.

National West Bloomfield police to hold memorial ceremony for fallen officers Wednesday
Author: 0 West Bloomfield police to hold memorial ceremony for fallen officers Wednesday

The service honored the 61 men who have died in the line of duty since 1840 and included the dedication of the Fallen Officers Memorial Wall, which stands in front of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The officer's name was not given, but Detroit Police Chief James Craig gave remarks today at the hospital where the officer is being treated. The communities they served were blessed to have them.

Author: 0 Philippines' Duterte gives China free pass over sea row

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hopes the more aggressive stand taken by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte against extremists such as the Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines will improve the security in that region. The strategic South China Sea is rich in energy reserves, fishery resources and is a busy shipping route. A foreign diplomat based in Manila told the AP that the Philippines circulated a stronger draft statement to other ASEAN member states, which was backed ...

National Texas officer turns himself in to face murder charge
Author: 0 Texas officer turns himself in to face murder charge

According to the sheriff's statement Friday, the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and "does not conclude with the arrest of Roy Oliver". "The warrant was issued due to evidence that suggested Mr. Edwards' funeral will be held Saturday. "The individual was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased", according to a news release by Balch Springs police.

National Trump moving to slash budget for White House 'drug czar
Author: 0 Trump moving to slash budget for White House 'drug czar

Rep. Evan Jenkins, a Republican who represents the the 3rd Congressional District, which included Huntington. In addition, the budget proposes to eliminate multiple grant programs administered by ONDCP , including the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program and the Drug-Free Communities Support program, which the memo called "duplicative of other efforts across the Federal government and supplant State and local responsibilities".

National United Nations envoy in Philippines slams Duterte's war on drugs
Author: 0 United Nations envoy in Philippines slams Duterte's war on drugs

Callamard has repeatedly spoken out against the rash of "extra-judicial killings" in the country. She did not mention the Philippines by name. "And that constitutes a marked adjustment of our environment globally and locally, possibly the most significant human rights development since the establishment of the modern global and universal human rights system at the end of World War Two", she said.

National Muslim comedian Minhaj kills it at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
Author: 0 Muslim comedian Minhaj kills it at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

During his speech, Trump criticized the media, calling CNN and MSNBC "fake news" while the crowd booed the press. President Trump waved to and greeted the crowd on his way to and from the podium. An Indian-American Muslim, Minhaj couldn't help but point out that he isn't from around here. Speaking of the president, Trump chose, very publicly, not to attend the WHCD as presidents have for decades, but rather to appear at a campaign-style event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

National NFL Draft 2017: Five Late-Round Hidden Gems
Author: 0 NFL Draft 2017: Five Late-Round Hidden Gems

Offensive lineman Sean Harlow broke the ice for the Beavers, when he was selected late in the fourth round at the #136 overall pick by the Atlanta Falcons. Fans will wonder why Kansas City moved up if Mahomes isn't a star. Durability concerns likely played a significant role in Allen and Foster slipping.

National Aaron Hernandez was member of Bloods street gang; didn't appear suicidal
Author: 0 Aaron Hernandez was member of Bloods street gang; didn't appear suicidal

A wall were reportedly covered in religious images, along with the bible verse, "John 3:16". The report also said that Hernandez used his own blood to draw circular marks on each of his feet. Witness testimony referenced shampoo spread all over the cell floor to make it slippery. "I did open cell 55 (Hernandez's cell at the time) which is a single cell".

Author: 0 Police Chief Fires Officer Who Shot And Killed Black Texas Teenager

After all, Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber - who initially stood by Oliver's account that he shot and killed Jordan Edwards to protect fellow officers - was quick to backtrack his statements after watching the body cam footage showing the auto driving away from officers when Oliver fired his rifle, striking the boy in the head.

National Trump the focus of May Day anger
Author: 0 Trump the focus of May Day anger

May Day has roots as a spring festival in European pagan cultures, but it was dubbed International Workers' Day by socialist, anarchist and communist groups. May Day rallies are being held nationwide to oppose President Donald Trump's immigration policies. Larger crowds are expected to return this year as immigrant groups have joined with Muslim organizations, women's advocates and others in their united opposition to Trump administration policies.

Author: 0 Official Alton Sterling decision to be announced

Authorities involved in the investigation of Alton Sterling's death have concluded there's not enough evidence to charge either officer involved, said Corey Amundson, acting US attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana. Within a few seconds, Officer Lake reached into Sterling's right pocket and pulled out a.38 caliber revolver. The Washington Post and The New York Times first reported that multiple sources told them the Justice Department, which led the shooting investigation, will not ...

Author: 0 More rain in the forecast adds to woes in flooded Midwest

The murky waters of the Black River swell out of their banks in this view looking east with USA 67, at left, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, in Pocahontas, Ark. Still, residents of one of those downriver towns - West Alton, where about 500 people live - were urged to evacuate on Wednesday because the levee there was threatened by the swollen river.

Author: 0 Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" causing concern among health pro

Gosch. For Buttke, the show triggered several emotions since she herself has suffered with depression , anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Also, it's looking good that Ross Butler aka Zach has decided not to return to Riverdalefor a second series, because that means he probably needs to be free for season 2 of 13 Reasons Why .

Author: 0 Wisconsin-based atheist group sues Trump over church order

Trump said on Thursday that the federal government has "used the power of the state as a weapon against people of faith". "Something is wrong. The president recognized that". The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Center for Reproductive Rights sent out statements shortly after the order was signed, vowing to file lawsuits against the president.

Author: 0 Trump's top deputies defend budget deal

He says the bill "is a clear win for the American people". Health care coverage for pre-existing conditions has been a major sticking point in the negotiations around the new GOP health care plan - and a source of mixed messages from Republicans and Democrats about what the bill would actually do.