National Sheriff: 1 dead after tornado hits Wisconsin trailer park
Author: 0 Sheriff: 1 dead after tornado hits Wisconsin trailer park

Helicopter footage from News 9 in Oklahoma City showed extensive damage, as a large portion of a subdivision was destroyed by Tuesday's twister. Around the same time, a tornado hit Barron County, Wisconsin. Chetek Mayor Jeff Martin tells KSTP-TV that several turkey barns in the area were also hit hard. He told the Eau Claire newspaper the Prairie Lakes Estates trailer park is a mess and they were still searching Tuesday night.

National Fate of bill protecting Alabama Confederate monuments still debated
Author: 0 Fate of bill protecting Alabama Confederate monuments still debated

It also prohibits renaming or rededicating statues, streets, bridges, buildings and parks that are named "in memory of or named for any historical military figure, historical military event, military organization, or military unit". It should be believed. The entire Black Caucus walked out of House chamber in protest Monday after the bill advanced. "It's nearly embarassing to be standing here talking about something like this in 2017", said state Rep.

National Betsy DeVos Speaks Over Torrent Of Boos During Bethune-Cookman Speech
Author: 0 Betsy DeVos Speaks Over Torrent Of Boos During Bethune-Cookman Speech

The B-CU petition also objects to DeVos's recent withdrawal of protections the Obama administration put in place for students who have mismanaged or are defaulting on their student loans. DeVos was able to finish her speech but not without being forced to pause as outraged students shouted and audibly booed her comments. "Please know this.

Author: 0 Jury acquits Tulsa cop in shooting of unarmed black man

A group of protestors block Denver Ave. near the Tulsa County Courthouse following the not guilty verdict in Betty Jo Shelby's manslaughter trial in Tulsa, Okla ., on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Shelby told CBS' "60 Minutes" past year that Crutcher wasn't belligerent and didn't show any aggression. He didn't have one on him or in the vehicle.

National May says UK to continue to share intelligence with US
Author: 0 May says UK to continue to share intelligence with US

As if to emphasize his contention, Putin said Lavrov did not pass along any information he gleaned from Trump. Putin joked that that he would reprimand Lavrov because " he hasn't shared those secrets with us". The intervention came as Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the incident in a phone call, a spokesman said on Wednesday, as controversy brewed over the USA president's sharing of classified Israeli intelligence with Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Flynn told Trump team he was under investigation

The Comey memo is the latest controversy facing Trump, whose White House staff has spent the past eight days scrambling to explain the circumstances surrounding Comey's abrupt firing, as well as the revelation on Monday that Trump may have disclosed highly classified intelligence to Russian diplomats last week.

National Tunnel with WWII-era nuclear waste collapses in Washington state, prompting evacuations
Author: 0 Tunnel with WWII-era nuclear waste collapses in Washington state, prompting evacuations

Located to the east of the PUREX facility, the tunnels were used since the 1950s to store contaminated equipment. Obviously, there's concern for nearby water sources, but at this time, no injuries have been reported. - "Wake-up call"- ================= The Hanford nuclear site, which is twice the size of Singapore, was used to produce plutonium for the bomb that brought an end to World War II.

Author: 0 At least one baby injured, sheriff says

Another tornado flattened much of a subdivision on the southern fringe of Elk City, Oklahoma, about 110 miles west of Oklahoma City. Another 10 were reportedly injured and dozens of homes damaged or destroyed. He also said damage reports are coming in from the surrounding area. The weather service says it received reports of more than two dozen tornado sightings Tuesday night across five states: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Author: 0 Britain says it's a natural partner for China's new Silk Road

He welcomed the new OBOR family and told that the wider global community should coordinate and synergise their initiatives to create and enhance the space for cooperation. President Donald Trump's administration dispatched top Asia policy maker Matthew Pottinger to attend the summit. There's a chill in the air between China and its fastest growing regional rival.

National European Airlines Bracing for Expansion of Trump's Laptop Ban
Author: 0 European Airlines Bracing for Expansion of Trump's Laptop Ban

Yesterday, DHS and airline industry officials should have been in a meeting, discussing security. Roughly 40% of overseas travelers to the USA come from Europe, crossing the Atlantic on more than 350 flights a day. U.S. Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan said that there has been no final decision made on whether to expand the restrictions. The U.S. airlines still hope to have a say in how the policy is put into effect at airports to minimize inconvenience to passengers.

Author: 0 New Orleans takes down 3rd Confederate-era monument

Local media showed images of monument supporters waving Confederate battle flags while those supporting their removal stood nearby but reported the situation was largely peaceful. But backlash has been building against removing Confederate monuments. " Mitch Landrieu removed a monument to G T Beauregard, arguably the most historically significant Creole to ever live ", said Peirre McGraw, President of the Monumental Task Committee, in a Facebook post.

National Trademark Watch: Google Beats Latest Genericide Challenge
Author: 0 Trademark Watch: Google Beats Latest Genericide Challenge

A federal appeals court this week rejected an Arizona man's claim that Google can not trademark the verb form of its name because "to google" has become synonymous with internet searching. The news is good for Google, of course, because its trademark is enormously valuable. That's the upshot of a United States federal appeals court's decision on Tuesday rejecting the argument that Google has become so popular as a verb that it should lose its status as a protected trademark.

National House Intel Dem: If Trump Recorded Talks With Comey, 'Congress Should Subpoena'
Author: 0 House Intel Dem: If Trump Recorded Talks With Comey, 'Congress Should Subpoena'

Clapper said America's founding fathers had created three co-equal branches of government with checks and balances, but with Trump as president, that was now "under assault and is eroding". Trump has said he removed Comey because he was not doing a good job and that Comey lost the support of Federal Bureau of Investigation employees.The Justice Department began interviewing candidates for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director job on Saturday.

National Dozens charged in largest-ever Los Angeles raid against MS-13 gang
Author: 0 Dozens charged in largest-ever Los Angeles raid against MS-13 gang

A racketeering indictment charges three MS-13 members for murders they committed in connection with the gang's activities. Federal agents told CNN the probe, which kicked off in June 2014, targeted the leadership and most violent members of the street gang as well as those gang members linked to the Mexican mafia.

Author: 0 One Killed, 25 Injured in Tornado in US State of Wisconsin

Barron County (WQOW ) - The Barron County sheriff said an overnight search and rescue mission at a Chetek trailer park, devastated by a tornado, has found no further victims. The line of storms later moved into western Oklahoma where tornadoes are reported to have killed one in Elk City. On Tuesday evening, the National Weather Service registered more than 20 reports of tornadoes from Texas, Oklahoma , Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin; some of them may be same tornado though.

Author: 0 We will 'take care of' violent crimes against police

This day has been observed in our country annually ever since. May 15th is Peace Officers Memorial Day, and officers at the Green Bay Police Department marked the day with a special tribute, ceremony and moment of silence outside their station.

National Test may underestimate lead levels in children's blood
Author: 0 Test may underestimate lead levels in children's blood

Shuren, MD, director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health at the FDA, said that at this time the warning only applies to Magellan LeadCare testing from a venous blood draw, and that there is "no evidence" of inaccurate results from capillary blood draws, such as a fingerstick or heel stick.

Author: 0 Google Lens Aims to Make Your Camera Smarter

No, Google is not reanimating the failed Glass wearable, but supercharging the object recognition capabilities of its Assistant and Photos apps. You will also be able to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network by simply pointing your camera at the network's SSID and password.

National Always Dreaming is 4-5 early favorite for Preakness
Author: 0 Always Dreaming is 4-5 early favorite for Preakness

Triple Crown Winners (Official List): Sir Barton (1919), Gallant Fox (1930), Omaha (1935), War Admiral (1937), Whirlaway (1941), Count Fleet (1943), Assault (1946), Citation (1948), Secretariat (1973), Seattle Slew (1977), Affirmed (1978) and American Pharoah (2015).

National Sally Yates Testifies Before Congress, Reveals Timeline of Flynn Firing
Author: 0 Sally Yates Testifies Before Congress, Reveals Timeline of Flynn Firing

Yates shared shocking details about Michael Flynn's alleged Russian Federation ties, and questioned why the White House didn't act on her warning. In her first media interviews since she was sacked as acting U.S. "I don't know how the White House reached the conclusion that there was no legal issue", Yates , an Obama administration holdover who stayed on as current Attorney General Jeff Sessions's nomination began to go through the Senate.

Author: 0 Trump's frustrations boiling over after Comey dismissal

There is no set number of finalists that the President has pledged to interview personally. They can make recommendations, but the president will ultimately make the hiring decision. Either way, Trump had the constitutional authority to fire Comey, and it would be scandalous only if he did so to impede a legitimate investigation into his alleged collusion with Russian Federation, which is not the case.

Author: 0 Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Oklahoma leave 2 dead

Walker will survey what's left of the Prairie Lakes Estates Mobile Home Park near Chetek Wednesday afternoon. As of late Tuesday evening, 22 tornadoes have been reported to the Storm Prediction Center . Martin also says several turkey barns in the area were hit hard. More severe weather is expected in parts of the Midwest a day after tornadoes killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes in Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

National Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke leaving for Washington
Author: 0 Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke leaving for Washington

Clarke Jr. will leave the office next month to accept a federal appointment as an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. "Such senior positions are announced by the Department when made official by the Secretary". Sheriff Clarke has championed more aggressive tactics, recently labeling the Obama administration's report on 21st-century policing, which says law-enforcement officers should be guardians rather than warriors, as "flawed".

Author: 0 Texas is about to start fining sanctuary city officials up to $25000

After the governor puts his signature of approval on the bill, Democrats are vowing to immediately file a challenge to SB4. The Texas bill was passed by the Senate, and is bound for the House. Law enforcement officers, while they may work for the city, are still obligated to follow state law - and certainly federal law. "Nowhere in the bill, as it comes back from the House, does it instruct law enforcement officers to ask for papers".

National German Newcomer Lidl Threatens Walmart in Discount Grocery Wars
Author: 0 German Newcomer Lidl Threatens Walmart in Discount Grocery Wars

The stores will be 20,000 square feet in size and have only six aisles. Since then, it has announced regional headquarters and distribution centers in Spotsylvania County; Alamance County, N.C.; and Cecil County, Md. Store hours run from 8 9 p.m. The retailer's in-house brands will account for 90 percent of the products. Aldi, a longtime Lidl competitor is Europe, is also getting ready: the company is spending $1.6 billion to upgrade 1,300 of its US stores.

National Judges scrutinize motives of Trump's travel ban as court battle continues
Author: 0 Judges scrutinize motives of Trump's travel ban as court battle continues

Neal Katyal, a former solicitor general representing the state of Hawaii in this case, expressed disbelief at Wall's argument and said Trump had repeatedly spoken of a Muslim ban both during and after the presidential campaign. The main hook for that authority, Mr Wall said, is Kleindienst v. Mandel , a 1972 Supreme Court ruling permitting presidents to stop foreigners from entering the country as long as they have a bona fide reason to do so.

Author: 0 Netanyahu: Abbas lied to President Trump

The senior said that the core issues of the conflict of borders, settlements and Jerusalem were all touched upon during the meeting, and not just the issue of salaries awarded by the Palestinian Authority to those who carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis, or the controversial content of Palestinian school textbooks that have been characterized as inciting.

National FBI NOT Investigating Seth Rich Murder
Author: 0 FBI NOT Investigating Seth Rich Murder

Now the family of the murder victim is demanding a retraction from the network and a Fox affiliate for its bogus reports, or they may take legal action. "If they do not retract and apologize , we will consider our options to hold them accountable for the damage they have done". Citing that source, Fox News said that "an Federal Bureau of Investigation forensic report of Rich's computer-generated within 96 hours after Rich's murder-showed that he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin ...

Author: 0 Sen. Mike Lee Says Trump Is 'Fully Cooperating' With Russia Investigation

Lee, however, insisted that Trump was not interfering with the investigation. Spicer was responding to questions on a tweet by Trump early in the morning. Trump sent out two tweets Friday that suggested he would cancel White House press briefings and instead hand out written statements to communicate with the public.

National Trump camp denies pressing Comey on Flynn
Author: 0 Trump camp denies pressing Comey on Flynn

The news comes at the end of a tumultuous period for Mr Trump. Mr Comey's dismissal sent shockwaves through Washington , with critics accusing the president of trying to thwart the FBI investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the USA election and any Moscow ties to Trump associates.

Author: 0 White House goes blue to honor nation's police officers

On average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty in the US every 63 hours, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. By the time you read this, the national toll may well have already increased. "And there's even one that they located several years ago that goes back to the early 1900s who was only an officer for a few days, before he was killed".

National Paul Ryan says he has not lost confidence in Trump
Author: 0 Paul Ryan says he has not lost confidence in Trump

If the President is not above the law, he should be charged, by way of impeachment , by the U.S. House of Representatives. "Our job is to be responsible, sober and focused only on gathering the facts", he continued. "The allegations in this memo depict a President who doesn't seem to fully grasp the responsibilities of his office, lack integrity, and thinks he's above the law", Reed said in a statement.

Author: 0 Fox News' Guilfoyle up for White House press secretary job

Similarly, she added that she would not have a problem with the significant pay cut she would likely have to take in leaving The Five , one of cable news's most-watched shows, and one that only last month moved into a primetime slot. During her interview , Guilfoyle did not shy away from commenting on the hard position Spicer has found himself in. Her son even went to school with Trump's granddaughter, and he loves his family nearly as much as he loves golf, so they obviously have an ...

National Immigrant arrests soar under Trump, fewer deported
Author: 0 Immigrant arrests soar under Trump, fewer deported

The United States has arrested more than 41,000 illegal immigrants since President Donald Trump signed executive orders to crack down on illegal immigration to the country, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said on Wednesday.

National Chelsea Manning released after 7 years in military prison
Author: 0 Chelsea Manning released after 7 years in military prison

Media wait at US Army base Fort Leavenworth in Kansas for Chelsea Manning to be released . Her lawyer Nancy Hollander said she was excited but very "anxious" about her departure, adding:"She's ready to finally be able to live as the woman that she is".

Author: 0 Consternation on Capitol Hill over Trump's Russian Federation meeting

Trump's disclosure of the information threatened to fray that partnership and piled pressure on the White House to explain the apparently on-the-spot decision to reveal the information to Russian diplomats in a meeting last week. Trump boasted about his knowledge of the looming threat. "We continue to work with the United States and we continue to share intelligence with the United States, as we do with others around the world".

Author: 0 Appeal rejected over ruling striking North Carolina voter ID law

However, due to the Supreme Courts decision not to review it, the North Carolina law can not be enforced. The American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Coalition for Social Justice challenged the law, which was struck down by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2016.

Author: 0 Ducks' Ryan Kesler now knows he's rattled Preds' Johansen

They werent necessarily the wrong calls. For the Predators, it would have been an easy opportunity to throw up their hands and pack it in. The Ducks went on to lose the game 7-1, but came back home and hung on to win Game 7, 2-1, and send the Oilers home disappointed.

Author: 0 Chelsea Manning freed after 7 years in prison

As one of his final acts in office, President Barack Obama commuted Manning's sentence in January, giving her an early release date. The Crescent, Oklahoma, native tweeted after being granted clemency that she plans to move to Maryland. Manning's life and name was embroiled in controversy even while she was in prison. Manning attempted suicide twice past year - once in July, another in November - while imprisoned in Kansas.

National Senate Intelligence Committee leaders demand Comey's notes
Author: 0 Senate Intelligence Committee leaders demand Comey's notes

Trump fired Comey on May 9. The bipartisan leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee have asked the FBI for all memos related to interactions between former FBI Director David Comey and his superiors in both the Trump and Obama Administrations and for any tapes the White House may have of such interactions.

National Behind the scenes of the hunt for a new FBI director
Author: 0 Behind the scenes of the hunt for a new FBI director

In a statement posted to Twitter, Gowdy said he spoke briefly with Attorney General Jeff Sessions Saturday, after the congressman returned from an undisclosed House Intelligence Committee mission, and again Monday afternoon. Trump last week. Gowdy said he is "confident that person will emerge". John Cornyn , a Texas Republican. While Gowdy wasn't interviewed, many speculated he would be a good replacement.

National Winter weather, snow advisory issued for parts of six Southern Utah counties
Author: 0 Winter weather, snow advisory issued for parts of six Southern Utah counties

Storm clouds will build over the Denver metro area Wednesday, when it could begin to sprinkle. The National Weather Service calls it an "early taste of summer", with the dreaded three h's of haze, heat and humidity. Wind gusts up to 23 miles per hour are anticipated. Salt Lake City will see a light snow accumulation Wednesday, WeatherBug predicted, while Denver could pick up several inches of slush from Thursday into Friday.

Author: 0 Trump says he considered 'this Russian Federation thing' before firing FBI Director Comey

It's very hard because you start off at such a disadvantage. Comey's refusal to brief Trump and Sessions in advance on his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was also viewed in the White House as insubordinate . I want it to happen. " They really don't. I'm not saying that in a bragging way". Is there a memo stashed somewhere at the Federal Bureau of Investigation from late January memorializing what Trump allegedly said to Comey about loyalty? I didn't appoint him.

National John Kasich Says GOP Health Care Bill Is 'Inadequate'
Author: 0 John Kasich Says GOP Health Care Bill Is 'Inadequate'

Several Republican House members, including Rep. Chris Collins of NY, admitted publicly to not reading the entire GOP health care bill before voting on it. Former President Barack Obama speaks after being presented with the 2017 Profile in Courage award during ceremonies at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Sunday, May 7, 2017, in Boston.

Author: 0 Trump lashes out at critics over 'unfair treatment'

The president says they can't let the critics get in the way of their dreams. "Over the course of your life, you will find things are not always fair, you will find things happen to you that you do not deserve and not always warranted but you have to put your head down and fight fight fight", said Mr.

Author: 0 Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians

This is the sad, laughable defense the White House is left with: When the president does it, that means it is not inappropriate. President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed the authority to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with Russian Federation, saying in a pair of tweets he has "an absolute right" as president to do so.

National Erdoğan's bodyguards in violent clash with protesters in Washington DC
Author: 0 Erdoğan's bodyguards in violent clash with protesters in Washington DC

The violence coincided with Turkish President's official visit to Washington and broke out as Erdogan entered the residence on Tuesday afternoon. USA police officers are seen attempting to separate the two parties. "Someone was beating me in the head nonstop", said Yazidi Kurdish demonstrator Lucy Usoyan , "and I thought, 'okay, I'm on the ground already, what is the objective to beat me?'" Under Barack Obama's administration, the U.S.