Science Millions to switch off lights for Earth Hour 2017
Author: 0 Millions to switch off lights for Earth Hour 2017

The first edition, ten years ago, took place only in the Australian capital, WWF recalled. "When individuals unite, the power of the collective can create a massive impact as we have seen with Earth Hour observations over the past decade", he added.

Author: 0 SpaceX conducts historic launch, landing with "used" rocket

Eight minutes later, SpaceX brought the rocket stage back to Earth again, landing it on the company's landing barge in the Atlantic Ocean. This moment has been in the making for 15 years, since SpaceX was founded in 2002 with the goal of revolutionising spaceflight.

Science Mauricio Pochettino dismisses 'Eric Dier to Manchester United' transfer reports
Author: 0 Mauricio Pochettino dismisses 'Eric Dier to Manchester United' transfer reports

Tottenham Hotspur defender Eric Dier has emerged as a shock summer transfer target for Manchester United, according to The Sun . "If you speak about rumours it's right to speak on all the rumours". The Englishman has made 37 appearances for Spurs so far this season, including five games in the Champions League. However, problems between United and Daniel Levy, plus the emergence of Spurs as title contenders, may make a deal harder: "Any move United attempt to make will mean negotiating with ...

Science SpaceX just made history by successfully reusing a rocket
Author: 0 SpaceX just made history by successfully reusing a rocket

By flying these rockets multiple times - and eventually only paying to refuel the boosters - Musk thinks his company can greatly drive down the cost of launching payloads and one day people to orbit. The first "flight proven" booster to go back to space made the trip nearly one year after it was used to launch a cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station last April.

Author: 0 ISS debris shield floats away during spacewalk

Images on NASA television showed the shield as a small white dot in the darkness. An important piece of micrometeorite shielding was lost during the spacewalk . A native of Iowa, she is known for her quick wit, sense of humor and ease in communicating complicated science topics to a lay audience. When she launched a year ago from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan she became the oldest woman to fly in space and the oldest woman to perform a spacewalk .

Author: 0 Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Not Coming To US

Samsung will salvage reusable components such as semiconductors and camera modules for the production of test models. On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Samsung said it's considering bringing the recalled, fire-prone Note 7 back to market as a refurbished or rental phone after consulting with regulatory authorities and carriers and assessing local demands.

Author: 0 Anti-terror fight to top agenda of Putin-Tillerson meeting

Trump has denied colluding with Russia and said the Democrats "made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a awful campaign". Putin said. The open celebration of Trump's victory also led to increased suspicion over Russia's role in the election. The Russian leader believes that attempts to worsen relations between Russia and the U.S.

Author: 0 SpaceX launches first recycled rocket

SpaceX spent four months to refurbish the rocket that was used in today's re-flight, but has its sights set on turnaround times in as little as 24 hours. SpaceX started working 6 years ago to try to make their rockets reusable, something Musk has envisioned for a decade and a half. "This is going to be, ultimately, a huge revolution in space flight".

Author: 0 Meet Bixby, Samsung's New AI Assistant Making Its Debut on the S8

For example, you might open your contacts app with your fingers and use Bixby to make a call, or start a text note with Bixby and finish it by hand. "It will simplify user education with new voice interfaces and will make using your phone even more seamless and intuitive".

Author: 0 Spacewalkers lose piece of shielding, use patch instead

But the getaway items are usually small, like bolts. The previous record was held by NASA astronaut Sunita Williams at 50 hours and 40 minutes. Whitson undertook her first space mission in 2002 and most recently launched into space in November a year ago, according to NPR .

Author: 0 World's Oldest Spacewoman Sets Spacewalking Record

Peggy Whitson who became the world's most experienced female spacewalker during the outing, reported to ground control teams that a bag containing the debris shield floated away at about 10 a.m. On April 6 , Whitson will extend her record when she heads outside of the Space Station for her ninth spacewalk . NASA says there is no chance the International Space Station will be struck by a piece of thermal shielding that got away from spacewalking astronauts .

Author: 0 White House Officials Aided Nunes in Getting Intel

Mark Warner, D-Va., left, speaks at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington , Thursday, March. Senators Richard Burr and Mark Warner were laying it on a little thick at a bipartisan press conference Wednesday .

Author: 0 Samsung looking to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices

Samsung says it's considering bringing the recalled units back to market. Last month saw a report that Samsung was planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in some markets. Second, all the salvageable components of the devices shall be detached for reuse. Concerns were raised about what will happen to these recalled devices.

Author: 0 Microsoft Will Sell a "Customized" Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

The regular Samsung Galaxy S8 is tagged at $725 while the bigger Samsung galaxy S8 Plus is priced at $825. Just a few short years ago, Samsung was still releasing flagship phones made out of thin plastic that felt flimsy and cheap. Bixby also got a dedicated button on the left-hand side of the phone below the volume buttons. What's more, Samsung's implementation with DeX is shockingly fast.

Author: 0 US House Speaker Ryan understands Trump's frustration on health bill

Jim Jordan, an OH representative and Freedom Caucus member, said the break with Mr Trump on the healthcare legislation was based on real policy differences, not a lack of loyalty. During the 2016 election, Trump won big in the districts of House Freedom Caucus members. "And those facts are that when you read the legislation, it doesn't do what we said we'd do".

Author: 0 Donald Trump says 'we must fight' Republican party members in 2018 election

President Donald Trump declared war on the members of the House Freedom Caucus, which is composed of hardline conservative Republicans. "Why can't you just do this?' Well, because there's 800,000 people back home, and we represent them". Trump tweeted Thursday morning. "I don't want that to happen". Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Thursday the best path is for Republicans to come together on health care and other issues.

Author: 0 Investigators probe Mosul blast as Iraqi forces push into Old City

Votel said the investigation will look at what Islamic State militants did to contribute to the civilian deaths in the March 17 strike. Iraq's ministry of defense also blamed ISIS for the deaths saying they planned the incident to "impact the civilians, to inflame the public and to convey a wrong message to the world that the joint forces and the worldwide coalition are behind the killing and bombings".

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump Takes Unpaid Job as White House Adviser

For one, Trump will be a point of contact for foreign governments, like her husband, which makes it more difficult "for the state department to follow bilateral communication" between the US and other countries and creates a "coordination problem that gets harder the more people in the White House that are performing that role", Devanny said .

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition comes with extra apps

Google's (googl) Android software runs on four out of five smartphones worldwide, and Apple's iOS runs most of the remainder. Both devices are equipped with a 12-megapixel dual pixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel smart autofocus front camera .

Author: 0 McCormick & Company, Incorporated (MKC) Releases Earnings Results, Beats Estimates By $0.02 EPS

BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. increased its stake in shares of McCormick & Company, by 19.2% in the third quarter. BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. Gemmer Asset Llc invested in 0% or 85 shares. This is built on a simplified 1 to 5 scale where 1 represents a Strong Buy and 5 a Strong Sell. The company has PEG ratio of 3.23 and price to cash ratio of 107.42.

Author: 0 Trump declares political war on Freedom Caucus

We are part of the Republican conference. An interesting sidebar of this fight for repeal and replace was seeing the far-right members of the Freedom Caucus meet with Stephen Bannon, the man who ran the far-right news service Breitbart that helped elect many of them.

Author: 0 Astronaut Peggy Whitson readyt to break spacewalk record

A statement on NASA's website said the shield "was inadvertently lost" and "posed no immediate danger to the astronauts ". This will be the 199th spacewalk in support of space station assembly and maintenance. It was a disappointing turn of events in a record-setting spacewalk for Whitson, the world's oldest and most experienced spacewoman. It was Whitson's eighth spacewalk , making her surpass the previous the record of seven set by another US astronaut Sunita Williams .

Author: 0 IPhone 8 To Cost More Than iPhone 7 To Control High Demands

A lot of Apple enthusiasts are now probably getting excited for the next iteration of the company's popular smartphone flagship, the iPhone 8. Look familiar? The design is a stone's throw away from the upcoming Galaxy S8 and LG G6 , abandoning a front facing button and minimizing bezels by implementing a taller aspect ratio.

Author: 0 Government appeals Hawaii travel ban ruling

Judges who have ruled against Trump say the president can't issue immigration orders that violate the Constitution. Before anyone can get into federal court, they need standing - a legally sufficient injury to their rights that allows them to sue.

Science Samsung doubles Galaxy S8 supply, expects record sales
Author: 0 Samsung doubles Galaxy S8 supply, expects record sales

Samsung Electronics Co. started a full-fledged marketing drive for its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, in South Korea, industry watchers said Friday, ahead of the official release slated for April 21. The larger phone will sell for US$840 at Verizon and US$850 at T-Mobile. You can activate it by pressing a button on the side of the phone. There is also a new facial recognition application that lets users unlock their phones by looking at them.

Author: 0 Historic: SpaceX Launches First Recycled Rocket

East Coast. It was the first time SpaceX founder Elon Musk tried to fly a booster that soared before on an orbital mission. About 10 minutes after launch, screams and applause erupted at SpaceX mission control in Hawthorne, California as the re-used rocket powered its engines and landed upright on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean marked with the words " Of Course I Still Love You ".

Science Twitter eases 140-character limit in replies
Author: 0 Twitter eases 140-character limit in replies

Twitter has made this a great day for countless Twitter users who feel suffocated by the 140 character limit. Rejoice, tweeters! You now have more characters with which to craft the ideal reply. Some don't like the change , suggesting it's now more hard to add or drop people from conversations. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey explain in a tweet that update offers "a cleaner focus on the text of a conversation instead of addressing syntax".

Author: 0 NASA Astronauts Successfully Conduct Spacewalk, Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson Breaks Record

They said the docking port has all the capabilities needed for protection. Spacewalkers have lost objects before but usually the items are small, like bolts. Then flight controllers in Houston moved it to a new and better location Sunday. Whitson started working with NASA in 1989, as a research biochemist, just six years after Sally Ride became the first American woman in space.

Author: 0 US agency moves to shake up government-subsidized telecom program

The Lifeline programme is not something which comes from the Obama era, it has been around for 32 years and gives poor people $9.25 a month toward communications services. Following President Trump's victory in November, the Federal Communications Commission has been working on eliminating a rule that spells out how TV stations are counted in market share and limits TV-station companies from amassing more than 39% of US households in their reach.

Author: 0 Australian towns evacuated amid flooding from ex-cyclone

In a freakish tale straight from the movie Sharknado , a shark was found on an Australian inland road, apparently washed up by a major storm. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services shared the photos of the shark on Twitter , warning residents to stay out of the water after the storm.

Author: 0 Apple Continues Twitter-Based iPad Pro Ad Campaign With Three New Videos

Unlike the original iPad Air or Air 2, however, Apple's new iPad does have one key benefit going for it: the battery is not soldered down to the logic board, which theoretically means it could be replaced if the need ever arises. iFixit shared that new iPad lacks a lock switch, which was present in the earlier device. It's still not explicitly clear as to what sort of improvements Apple made here, and it could be that the new iPad is brighter than the iPad Air 1 because of the return to the ...

Author: 0 Peggy Whitson Breaks Spacewalking Record

With 50 hours and 40 minutes, she also holds the record total cumulative spacewalk time by a female astronaut. Spacewalking astronauts have lost an important piece of shielding needed for the International Space Station. "Shane, thank you for the words", astronaut Anne McClain replied from mission control at the Johnson Space Center. Viewers will have the chance to virtually join Commander Shane Kimbrough and Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson "reconnecting cables and electrical connections ...

Author: 0 AT&T pulls some of its Google ads over extremist videos

At least four major USA advertisers have pulled millions of advertising dollars from Google amid growing concerns about extremist content . Google is also looking at ways to block impersonators of legitimate content creators from collecting ad revenue from the YouTube Partner program .

Science Amber Rudd to confront technology bosses over extremist content
Author: 0 Amber Rudd to confront technology bosses over extremist content

Britain will tell Google, Facebook, Twitter , and Microsoft on Thursday to do more to stop extremists posting content on their platforms and using encrypted messaging services to plan attacks. It calls for talks between the government and technology companies to be "open, transparent and take the human rights and personal security of United Kingdom citizens into account".

Science Brad Hodge apologises to Virat Kohli over shoulder injury jibe
Author: 0 Brad Hodge apologises to Virat Kohli over shoulder injury jibe

Cummins, insisting with the short ball, was punished with two consecutive sixes from Rahane - including a sensational cut - to cement a 2-1 series win. "The way the Australian team gave us a fight was really incredible, but the way the guys kept bouncing back showed the true character of the side.

Author: 0 Samsung Electronics says to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s

Even though Samsung did not unveil the markets and release schedule for the refurbished phones, some market watchers expected them to be sold in emerging markets, such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam, from the second quarter this year. "For remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices, components such as semiconductors and camera modules shall be detached by companies specializing in such services and used for test sample production purposes", Samsung said in a statement.

Science House GOP blocks effort by Democrats to obtain Trump's taxes
Author: 0 House GOP blocks effort by Democrats to obtain Trump's taxes

Republicans plunged into a blame game over the demise of the years-long push to repeal and replace president Barack Obama's signature health care legislation, with members sniping at each other over how much they can work with Democrats - or even the White House.

Author: 0 Exxon Mobil Urged White House To Stick With Paris Climate Agreement

He can keep global emissions about one per cent higher than they would have been if the United States had kept its promise to the Paris conference. It has been the focus of a number of legal challenges from Republican-led states and those who generate profit from burning fossil fuels.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 8: Pick Your Side

In exchange for this minor niggle, purchasers of the Galaxy S8 Plus receive a smartphone with an outstanding screen that is still relatively compact compared to other devices with similar sized displays. Bixby, the Korean tech giant's own artificial intelligence (AI) that hopes to contend rivals Siri and Google Assistant, is something that needs testing at this phase.

Science Ryan opposes Trump working with Democrats on health care
Author: 0 Ryan opposes Trump working with Democrats on health care

The congressman emphasized, "This bill doesn't fully repeal Obamacare". Trump tweeted early Thursday, "The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast". "But he's logical in his thinking, and he seems to be thinking about the guys who are struggling". House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, (D-Maryland), said his members did not want to trek down Pennsylvania Avenue to "be a prop".

Author: 0 SpaceX attempts to make history first launch of reused orbital rocket

Falcon-9 with SES-10 communications satellite on the top reached orbit after flawless launch from LC-39A launch site at Cape Canaveral. "It shows you can fly and refly an orbit-class booster, which is the most expensive part of the rocket ", Musk said on a SpaceX webcast.

Science Elon Musk's SpaceX Launches its First Recycled Rocket
Author: 0 Elon Musk's SpaceX Launches its First Recycled Rocket

She added that eventually, the goal is to land and re-launch on the same day - the Falcon 9 rocket used here took about four months to repurpose for reuse, she added. EDT on April 1. Until Thursday, trying to retrieve the second stage used to get the satellite into the proper, high orbit seemed like a "Hail Mary" pass, Musk said.

Science Rebounding Florida manatee no longer an 'endangered' species
Author: 0 Rebounding Florida manatee no longer an 'endangered' species

The number of Florida manatees is estimated around 6,600 now, compared to a few hundred in the 1970s. The US Fish and Wildlife services aren't stepping down now that the manatees are no longer endangered. "Finally, the federal government is formally acknowledging what its experts first recognized a decade ago: The manatee has substantially improved and is no longer in danger of extinction".

Author: 0 Broadband rules axed by Congress, headed to Trump

The protections were announced in October by the Federal Communications Commission and approved by former President Barack Obama, shortly before the end of his eight-year tenure. "And if the House passes this resolution , it will go straight to the president's desk, a president who will be more than happy to sign his name to this gift to the Russians".