Author: 0 Pennsylvania judge, 91, in fair condition after ordeal

Police had said before that the judge was taking medication for memory problems - they believed he may turned the wrong way leaving a supermarket parking lot, Tuesday night . Marshal for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Kosik instead sentenced Conahan to 17 1/2 years in prison and sentenced Ciavarella to 28 years in prison.

Author: 0 Ex-Trump adviser Flynn willing to tell story on Russian Federation links

Testimony from Flynn could help shed light on the conversations he had with Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kisylak previous year when he was the national security adviser for Trump's presidential campaign. Flynn had been tapped by Trump to serve in his administration, but following claims he had misled officials about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, the president asked for his resignation in February.

Author: 0 Trump brands Russia probe witch hunt as ex-aide seeks immunity

Trump encouraged Flynn to seek immunity from prosecution Friday morning, calling investigations into alleged contacts between the Trump administration and the Russian government a political "witch hunt". But procedural rules and political realities will make it hard for Flynn to get immunity. Now Flynn's lawyer is saying that he has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it should circumstances permit.

Author: 0 Trump on trade 'abuses'

The Commerce Department will also look into whether the trade deficits are caused by currency manipulation or misalignment to the U.S. dollar. Navarro said the new measures would target United States agencies' failure to collect those duties "like a laser" to collect all anti-dumping taxes owed to the USA and "deter the cheaters ".

Author: 0 The Fan Picks For NCAA Final Four

Jackson hit 38 percent of his shots from beyond the arc this season and has improved that to 40.7 percent in the tournament, launching nearly seven three-point shots per game for North Carolina. We were allowing Stanford to put us to sleep, and we knew they were going to do that. Johnson 1-2 0-0 2, McCall 7-19 0-0 14, McPhee 3-13 1-2 8, Roberson 2-4 0-0 5, Samuelson 0-2 0-0 0, Fingall 0-1 0-0 0, Smith 6-14 0-0 14, Carrington 1-1 0-0 2, Sniezek 3-6 2-3 8, Totals 23-62 3-5 53.

Science WWE Hall of Fame: Ravishing Ric Rude's son steals the show
Author: 0 WWE Hall of Fame: Ravishing Ric Rude's son steals the show

Randy Orton just might get his wish. I think I speak for every child of the Attitude Era when I say that when Kurt Angle was making his name in the WWE I absolutely despised him. They have done a tremendous job building the match and Brock has done an fantastic job with the business, Brock kills guys, that's what he does but he has built Goldberg.

Science Rubio says his campaign staffers were targeted by Russian Federation hackers
Author: 0 Rubio says his campaign staffers were targeted by Russian Federation hackers

Some critics fear Nunes is too close to Mr. Trump to handle investigations into any Russian interference into the presidential election. "An outside foreign adversary effectively sought to hijack our most critical democratic process - the election of the president - and in the process made a decision to favor one candidate over another", Warner said.

Author: 0 Whitson's walk in space sets another record

Objects get dropped remarkably rarely, considering that astronauts have spent a collective 1,243 hours and 42 minutes outside the station during 199 spacewalks. Then flight controllers in Houston moved it to a new and better location Sunday. The docking port will serve as a "parking spot" for upcoming space missions and will help companies to transport its crews.

Author: 0 Astronaut Peggy Whitson Just Took a Giant Leap for Womankind

Before they could strap down the shields, one slipped away and drifted out of reach. The last such occasion was in 2008 when an astronaut lost hold of her tool bag while struggling with a jammed solar wing panel. Thanks to her latest space mission, the oldest spacewoman in history have just set a new record. This is her third space station stint. On April 24, she will break another record - this time for the most cumulative days in space by an American - when she passes 534 in orbit , ...

Author: 0 SpaceX's historic re-launch of orbit-class booster

A Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to deposit the payload, a telecommunications satellite that will service Latin America, in the proper orbit. Luxembourg operator SES collaborated on the test project, and its chief technology officer said it was a significant day for the industry. For its 33rd mission, SpaceX is reusing a Falcon 9 booster that was the first to make a successful return landing in the ocean.

Author: 0 Women's Tournament 2017: Final Four Scores, Championship Preview

South Carolina. These Gamecocks are gamers. The Cardinal closed their 2016-17 campaign with a mark of 32-6 following the loss. "This is a very special team", said Wilson, who had 13 points and 19 rebounds. SC regained the lead and led at the quarter 14-12. It didn't help the Stanford cause that Karlie Samuelson, Stanford's "glue" as Vanderveer called her after the game, suffered a right ankle injury in the second quarter with her team leading 21-15.

Author: 0 Apple launches red iPhone 7 and 7Plus for AIDS fundraising campaign

This is a way for the tech company to recognize its partnership with (RED), which was founded by U2's Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2016 to help people and businesses team up to fight AIDS. Changes in the color of its products have become a standard way for Apple to upgrade their devices. The special (PRODUCT) RED edition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will be available from March 24, 2017.

Science Putin on Russian Federation meddling in election: 'Read my lips. No.'
Author: 0 Putin on Russian Federation meddling in election: 'Read my lips. No.'

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said earlier that his country would "certainly be very happy to have the opportunity to hold such a summit". Russian officials have "many times offered the US Congress and Senate to visit Moscow or [for the Russian delegation] to travel to Washington to meet and clarify all the issues of bilateral relations", Putin said during this week's Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk.

Author: 0 Spicer claims Clinton has more suspicious Russian connections than Trump

Schiff expressed that if the documents indeed were the same Nunes allegedly reviewed, "this raises profound questions as to why these materials were given to the chairman for the objective of providing to the president instead of being shared directly with the White House, and whether an effort was made to hide their origin by providing them to the chairman first", wrote Schiff in a response letter to an invitation by White House counsel Donald McGahn to view the materials.

Author: 0 Australians warned of hidden threat in cyclone floodwaters: sharks

Local residents wade through floodwaters near their homes in the northern New South Wales town of Lismore, Australia, March 31, 2017 after heavy rains associated with Cyclone Debbie swelled rivers to record heights across the region. The body of a second woman was found in a river in the Hunter Valley yesterday morning after her vehicle was swept off a flooded bridge on Thursday night.

Author: 0 Peggy Whitson Sets New Spacewalk Record for Female Astronauts

Whitson, who is 57 years old, became the oldest woman to fly in space when she launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and in January, she set yet another record as the oldest woman to perform a spacewalk. After the event, the team reverted and looked at what the sequence of events was, but basically, it was unsecured. The shield also provides a barrier from extreme temperature changes.

Author: 0 The S8's facial recognition feature can be bypassed with a photo

Moreover, Samsung has removed the physical home button at the front, which makes the screen taller. This new phone is so important to Samsung and its future that the company delayed the normal announcement that would have taken place at Mobile World Congress in February until a month later.

Author: 0 Samsung to recycle millions of recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones

Samsung said in a statement that the Note 7 devices would be: "Recycled and processed in an environmentally friendly manner". Samsung is also said to be swapping the Note7's 3,500 mAh batteries with "3,000 to 3,200 mAh" batteries. The company made the announcement as part of " three principles " for recycling and processing the Galaxy Note 7 . Samsung also hinted at proposals for recycling the devices, including retrieving the hardware's precious metals and recovering reusable ...

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8: Why Most Folks Won't Buy It

South Korean tech giant Samsung has finally unveiled the latest installment in their flagship series, the Galaxy S. The Galaxy S8 boasts of a new design, new features, and a new accessory. "Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 + Microsoft Edition arranges those productivity applications on the home screen and provides additional accessibility to other Microsoft owned applications such as LinkedIn, Wunderlist and more", said a Microsoft spokesperson, as Engadget reports.

Author: 0 U.S. astronaut breaks female record for most spacewalks

Whitson immediately reported the mishap to Mission Control, which tracked the item as it drifted away. Williams created the previous record with a spacewalk of total 50 hours and 40 minutes, which was surpassed by Whitson who logged 53 hours and 22 minutes.

Author: 0 Meeting with China's president next week will be 'very difficult'

The White House confirmed Thursday that President Donald Trump will host Chinese President Xi Jingping at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate next week, on April 6 and 7. "We look forward to it (meeting with Xi)". -China relations under the billionaire politician, who has repeatedly blasted Beijing for its trade policies and reluctance to bring pressure on North Korea over its nuclear and missile programs.

Author: 0 Rep. Jim Jordan willing to work with Trump healthcare

Yet the same voters who backed their local lawmaker for opposing the bill showed patience with Trump. Despite the "repeal and replace" narrative floated by House leadership and the White House, Ryancare would have retained the very worst elements of Obamacare.

Author: 0 Dayton rips Trump over environmental order reversals

The energy industry will also consider it risky to invest in coal-fired power plants knowing that Trump's successor may reverse his order just as quickly as he reversed Obama's regulations. Trump's proposed rollback of the Obama era rules seems likely to change the nation's energy mix - tilting it more toward the use of coal and less toward the use of natural gas and renewable energy sources to make power.

Author: 0 After Facebook adds more photo features, Snapchat adds 'search through picture' tool

Today , the company announced another search function to help alleviate some of those issues. It's essentially a very high-tech way of inspiring a major sense of FOMO in prospective viewers. Or, maybe it's a long day and all you want to do is sit back on the couch and browse through stories of puppies. Searching the app can take people to local settings like a high school to view all videos being shared during a basketball game.

Author: 0 Mike Flynn Isn't Getting Immunity From Prosecution - At Least Not Yet

FILE - In this February 13, 2017 file photo, Mike Flynn arrives for a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington . Peskov also said Friday that Russian officials aren't anxious about what might emerge from any congressional testimony under immunity by ousted US national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying there is "no evidence at all" of any improprieties.

Science Reporter Repeatedly Asks Spicer Whether Flynn Committed a Crime
Author: 0 Reporter Repeatedly Asks Spicer Whether Flynn Committed a Crime

Karl asked Spicer whether Trump's comments taken together mean that the president thinks "Mike Flynn is guilty of a crime". The Wall Street Journal as well as other media reported on Friday that Flynn had offered to be questioned by U.S. Flynn's ties to Russian Federation have been scrutinized by the FBI and are under investigation. "I mean, we don't know what that is. We're doing our best to try and get the investigation back on track".

Author: 0 Why scrapping the Clean Power Plan will not help the coal industry

The order directs the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan as well as the emission standards established for new power plants which will be repealed or changed. "It's clear they intend to double down on bringing down their reliance on coal and increasing their use of renewable energy". China responded Wednesday, reaffirming its commitment to investing in clean energy and honouring the Paris Agreement, an global accord to tackle climate change with progressively more stringent carbon emissions ...

Author: 0 North Carolina 'bathroom bill' reset gets applause and jeers

The new measure repeals the most offensive section of HB2; transgender people will now have the freedom to use the bathroom of their gender identity. "The path taken by our state's leaders (Thursday) is more consistent with the values and reputation of North Carolina than what you have been reading for the a year ago".

Author: 0 Kevin Durant On Track For Playoff Return

Furthermore, Golden State is already a team that lacks legitimate size (JaVale McGee and Zaza Pachulia, really?), and is now set to be without their leading rebounder, shot-blocker and scorer. The story would change in the second half, Golden State came out with a march more than San Antonio , enough to win the third quarter by 30-20 and get ahead on the scoreboard, something that seemed unthinkable in the first quarter.

Science Senator accuses Putin of undermining US election
Author: 0 Senator accuses Putin of undermining US election

The hearing Thursday focused mostly on how experts say the Kremlin uses technology and disinformation to influence the opinions of Americans and not on the US policy toward Russian Federation. Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency and president of IronNet Cybersecurity. To review: Last week, House intelligence committee chair Devin Nunes met in secret with an unnamed intelligence source on the White House grounds.

Science White House releases financial disclosures of top staffers
Author: 0 White House releases financial disclosures of top staffers

The first daughter announced Wednesday that she will serve as an unpaid employee in the White House, saying she had "heard the concerns some have with my advising the President in my personal capacity". Trump was praised last month by Anne Marie Slaughter, who five years ago wrote a popular essay in The Atlantic magazine on why she left a job in the State Department to spend more time with her family.

Author: 0 57-year-old breaks record for female space walks

The spacewalk itself hasn't exactly been a cakewalk. It was one of four pieces that Whitson and Shane Kimbrough were installing over the spot left by a relocated docking port. Whitson earned a doctorate in biochemistry and served as the first female space station commander in 2008. She is also taking part in experiments to test how fire acts in microgravity to better understand how it spreads in space, and growing seedlings called Arabidopsis to study how plants grow in orbit .Now on ...

Science Judge steams as Uber exec withholds documents and pleads the 5th
Author: 0 Judge steams as Uber exec withholds documents and pleads the 5th

Uber said the revelation that Waymo itself sought arbitration bolstered its own case for arbitration. In its lawsuit, Waymo alleges that Levandowski downloaded and stole more than 14,000 confidential files, including details on light detection and ranging sensor technology, known as Lidar, a crucial element in most self-driving auto systems, before leaving the company.

Author: 0 Apple's USB-C Discounts End Today

After announcing the original discounts, Apple said it wanted to make the transition to USB-C easier for users. Through March 31 at 7 p.m. (ET), B&H Photo Video is slashing the price of the 13.3-inch 2016 MacBook Pro down to $1,299. (And yes, the gremlins with the 5K monitor's shielding have been resolved). Instead, Apple's new MacBook Pro design featured four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, effectively forcing many users intent on maintaining their workflow to invest in any number of dongles.

Author: 0 Female astronaut spacewalks into history

According to Marcia Dunn for the Associated Press , the lost shielding is created to protect the ISS from micrometeorite debris, and was one of four pieces that Whitson and Kimbrough were installing over the gap left by a relocated docking port.

Author: 0 Samsung Bixby wants to guide you through the Galaxy

It's going to be deeply integrated with apps that support Bixby so the virtual assistant will be able to perform any and all functions with just voice commands that can also be done by simply tapping on the display with a screen. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to be announced in April. A lesser known fact is that the South Korean tech giant, over the years, have made several deals by purchasing around 10 tech firms.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8's facial recognition can be tricked with a photo

The new device customization is an example of bringing together Microsoft applications on more devices so customers can work, play and connect from their pockets. This is in line with previous reports from KGI Securities analyst - Ming-Chi Kuo which claimed that Apple, indeed, is working on a 3D camera which will help Apple built upon its Augmented Reality (AR) objectives.

Author: 0 SpaceX makes history by successfully reusing a rocket in latest launch

This marks the first time that a rocket has been re-used after being launched into space. He was at a loss for words after the Falcon 9 core landed on the bull's-eye of the ocean platform following liftoff with a broadcasting satellite, achieving what some had once told him was impossible.

Author: 0 Samsung Note 7 Fans More Than Willing To Give It Another Go

Samsung had discontinued the Note 7 in October a year ago after two recalls of the devices worldwide over safety concerns. The company found that some of the batteries supplied were prone to overheating and self-combustion. The spontaneous fires, many chronicled in videos circulated on YouTube, prompted Samsung to recall millions of phones and take a $5.3 billion hit on its earnings.

Author: 0 Schiff To Review Unspecified Intel At White House

Schiff expressed that if the documents indeed were the same Nunes allegedly reviewed, "this raises profound questions as to why these materials were given to the chairman for the goal of providing to the president instead of being shared directly with the White House, and whether an effort was made to hide their origin by providing them to the chairman first", wrote Schiff in a response letter to an invitation by White House counsel Donald McGahn to view the materials.

Author: 0 Watch SpaceX Land First Ever Recycled Rocket

The commercial satellite that served as the payload for Thursday's successful launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was not the main attraction - instead, that honor belonged to the partially-reused SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket used to lift it off the ground and into orbit.

Author: 0 Trump signs 2 executive orders aimed at trade abuse

Trump is eager to portray toughness against a nation he routinely criticized on the campaign trail for stealing American jobs with unfair trade practices, while Xi wants to show he commands the respect befitting of a rising global power. The US had a trade deficit of $347bn (£278bn) with China in 2016. "We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what they're doing".

Author: 0 Michael Flynn Asks for Immunity in Russia Election Investigation

Trump, however, hasn't always been a fan of immunity. Despite a request from his lawyer, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn isn't getting immunity to testify in an investigation into President Donald Trump administration's ties to Russia-at least not yet.

Author: 0 Chinese President to have first face-to-face with President Trump

Trump is expected to sign two executive orders Friday to identify the root causes of the huge US trade deficit, look into countries that are engaging in questionable trade practices, and strengthen America's ability to punish countries that give their industries and businesses an unfair competitive advantage in global markets through unacceptable subsidies.