Author: 0 Clinton shares thoughts on Syria at fundraiser in Houston

I don't know that any of them had ever even read the bill, read the law, understood how it worked. "Everything that has come to light in the days and weeks since have been all so troubling so I just had to make up my mind that 'yes, I was going to get out of bed", she said .

Science Assassin's Creed, Far Cry Director Departs Ubisoft
Author: 0 Assassin's Creed, Far Cry Director Departs Ubisoft

He's joined by former EA and Warner Brother's producer Reid Schneider and a few other people. It seems after his long years of experience that it's time for him to strike out on his own, as he's chose to leave Ubisoft and co-found a new project known as Typhoon Studios.

Author: 0 USA strikes on Syrian base: How it was launched

Gabbard said that the Trump administration "acted recklessly without care or consideration" by attacking Syria "without waiting for the collection of evidence from the scene of the chemical poisoning". "Chemical weapons attacks against civilians are intolerable", she said in a statement . The attack was the first direct USA assault on Syria and the government of President Bashar al-Assad in the six-year war there.

Author: 0 Listen Samsung, Galaxy S8 Face Recognition Can Be Fooled With A Photo

The traditional physical home button has also been removed from the front face of the new Samsung phones in favor of a screen-integrated, pressure-sensitive control area. Well, this basically means Galaxy S8 users will be able to play their favorite tracks through multiple Bluetooth speakers while LG G6 users will have to settle for one other device only.

Science RAF deployment sought in violence-hit Odisha town
Author: 0 RAF deployment sought in violence-hit Odisha town

Additional contingents of police force were deployed in Bhadrak and adjacent areas as precautionary measure. Police vehicles were also torched by the angry mobs. "Though police have been deployed to control the situation, we need reinforcement of specialised forces for tackling communal violence", said the Chief Secretary.

Author: 0 Trump suggests Rice committed crime, citing no evidence

US law allows intelligence agencies broad authority to surveil foreign targets, but the names of USA citizens must be masked to protect their constitutional rights. Rice , Barack Obama's former national security advisor, needs more practice. "[Bannon] said that he was there, that the NSC is no longer under Susan Rice's guise of being operationalized.

Author: 0 Trudeau convinced by United States info that Assad was behind gas attack

Al Franken, D-Minn. Remarkably, these strikes followed a set of statements by U.S. President Donald Trump's administration earlier in the week that the U.S. The U.S. response, Assad's military argued, make the United States a "partner" of the Islamic State and other jihadi groups. Rep. Rick Nolan, D-Minn.

Author: 0 Italy issues a nationwide Uber ban

The company has even faced pushback over its UberPOOL services from authorities in India as well. The ruling means - for now at least - that Uber's apps can't be used in Italy, and the company can't promote or advertise its services within the country's borders.

Author: 0 Kushner hasn't yet detailed foreign contacts for security clearance

If there's a story out there today like the one below hinting that Priebus and Bannon might be headed for the exit, it stands to reason that it came from Team Jared. This is not the first time Trump's top advisers have failed to report their communications with Russian officials. "One senior official pointed to Trump's interview Wednesday with the New York Times , during which at least five senior White House staffers, as well as Pence, crowded into the Oval Office".

Author: 0 Trump's Syria strike celebrated by 'terrorists', Iran says

USA officials said they were investigating if a Russian warplane had dropped the bomb. US lawmakers from both parties on Friday backed Trump's action but demanded he spell out a broader strategy for dealing with the conflict and consult with Congress on any further action.

Author: 0 Was Donald Trump's missile strike in Syria illegal?

The swift action is likely to be interpreted as a signal to Russian Federation, as well as to countries such as North Korea, China and Iran where Mr Trump has faced foreign policy tests early in his presidency, that he is willing to use force.

Science NVIDIA releases GeForce 381.65 WQHL Game Ready drivers
Author: 0 NVIDIA releases GeForce 381.65 WQHL Game Ready drivers

Nonetheless, there is no denying that this latest GPU is a must-have for every gamer who is willing to unload a good amount of cash. Added support for the NVIDIA TITAN Xp . Nvidia also made a couple of tweaks to its Control Panel. Display page: Added the option to override the Windows 10 control of desktop color settings .

Science Ex-FBI chief likely to oversee payments to air-bag victims
Author: 0 Ex-FBI chief likely to oversee payments to air-bag victims

A federal judge in Detroit on Thursday appointed former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III to administer and disburse almost $1 billion in restitution to companies and consumers who purchased airbag systems containing defective inflators from the Takata Corporation.

Science Bayern's Neuer, Mueller to miss Dortmund game, ready for Real
Author: 0 Bayern's Neuer, Mueller to miss Dortmund game, ready for Real

Bayern Munich will try to rebound from Tuesday's loss to Hoffenheim, while Dortmund is coming off a resounding win over Hamburg. With Mueller and Neuer training alone, things seemed to take a turn for the worse on Thursday when Lewandowski, who has netted 24 times in the league, had to break off training, clutching his thigh.

Science North and South Korea women face off in football match
Author: 0 North and South Korea women face off in football match

North Korea carried out two nuclear tests previous year. A 2015 report from the National Assembly Budget Office estimated that even under a peaceful scenario where Seoul expands humanitarian support ahead of reunification in 2026, it could cost about $2.8 trillion to help bring North Korea's GDP to two-thirds that of South Korea.

Author: 0 The ISS Just Lost an Important Piece of Shielding

Whitson and Kimbrough were working on a docking port that will eventually be used by space taxis being developed by Boeing and privately owned Space Exploration Technologies. The spacewalk followed up on the PMA-3's transfer from the station's Tranquility module to the Harmony module, accomplished with the station's robotic arm.

Author: 0 News of Iraq trip with Kushner midair poses security risks

Ari Fleischer, former President George W. Bush's White House press secretary, added: "The moment of vulnerability is, if they know you're coming, a surface-to-air missile going after the airplane". Trump has tapped Kushner to lead the White House Office of American Innovation (OAI), a new program that will aim to overhaul the federal government's technology infrastructure while also examining the government's role in addressing opioid addiction and veterans affairs.

Author: 0 Space X successfully launches second-hand Falcon 9

In a first, SpaceX is set to launch a commercial communications satellite using a first-stage rocket booster that previously flew last year. Re-using rockets will save on manufacturing costs. The Falcon 9 rocket, which took off from the seaside launch pad from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, is on its second mission. The first time was in April 2016.

Author: 0 Most Active Stock: Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

Recently, BAC's stock has been recommended as BUY from 17 and 5 given OVERWEIGHT rating for the company. Looking at this figure it suggests that the shares of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BK) may be overvalued, however, this can also depend upon the situation of the market; if the market is strong then it could suggest that The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BK) is a good investment, however if the market is weaker then it could suggest that the shares are undervalued.

Author: 0 President Trump Signs Bill Scrapping FCC's Privacy Rules for ISPs

The rules defined eight areas of sensitive information: geolocation, web browsing histories, the contents of emails and other communications, app usage, Social Security numbers, medical information, health information, and information on children.

Author: 0 US backs down on seeking anti-Trump user records

Experts said the government routinely tries to unmask anonymous accounts or critics, typically citing a national security investigation. The US government issued an order to Twitter to force it to reveal the identity of an anonymous anti-Trump account, however, Twitter is fighting back and suing the government.

Science Google says its AI chips smoke CPUs, GPUs in performance tests
Author: 0 Google says its AI chips smoke CPUs, GPUs in performance tests

Neural networking is meant to allow computers to think and reason, and ultimately solve problems in ways that've only before been possible with the human brain. The software that runs on the TPU is based on Google's TensorFlow machine learning framework, and some of these performance gains came from optimizing it.

Author: 0 Jimmy Kimmel Cries Through Emotional Don Rickles Tribute

As Kimmel explained during the opening of Jimmy Kimmel Live! It was a remarkable patch of television - made more remarkable by the fact that Kimmel, who was so deeply influenced by Rickles, did almost lose it. Only once in that long-ago phone call did Rickles turn off his amusing switch. "We asked him to do the show over and over again, and he didn't know what this [show] was".

Author: 0 Trump to make China state visit, says top USA diplomat

Noting that China and the United States should enhance communication and cooperation in the area of arts, Peng said she hopes that teachers and students of the Bak Middle School of the Arts will make greater contribution in strengthening bilateral ties and friendship through education and arts.

Science Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers split
Author: 0 Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers split

There have been reports throughout the years that Rodgers relationship with Munn caused strains in his relationship with his family. According to the same source, the two wishes to remain friends and that there was no lingering bitterness between them.

Author: 0 Russian metro bombing puts Putin's Syria policy to the test

Petersburg Monday. Meeting with the heads of security services from a regional alliance that includes most of Russia's Central Asian neighbors, President Vladimir Putin warned that terrorism remained a threat to all in the region. He said investigators are looking into whether the explosion was a terror attack. Serov said, "Time will be needed to find out how they found out to be there".

Author: 0 House votes to overturn internet privacy protections

House's passage of a resolution of disapproval followed a Senate vote to pass the same resolution days earlier. Assuming President Trump signs the bill, which reports suggest he is likely to do, ISPs will be able to collect, share and even sell people's browsing history without their permission or knowledge.

Science YouTube TV Services Launched At Just $35, BUT There's A Catch!
Author: 0 YouTube TV Services Launched At Just $35, BUT There's A Catch!

YouTube's offering joins the so-called "skinny bundle" movement , offering fewer channels for less money. YouTube TV joins Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and others. Eventually, YouTube TV could be a really great service. The company says more cities will be added soon, but didn't provide details. Even if you do live in a place where the service is offered, you may not find the shows you want to watch.

Science YouTube TV Launches With Two Amazing Freebies
Author: 0 YouTube TV Launches With Two Amazing Freebies

Unfortunately, only people living in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and in the San Francisco Bay vicinity can enjoy the cable TV-killer in their hands for now. No doubt the fare on TV has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but when will the technological drive be there to enable us to watch live TV regardless of where we are, and the kind of device that we use? Each recording has a shelf life of nine months, so do make sure that you have the time to catch up on all ...

Author: 0 Everything We Know About Microsoft's Next Xbox, Project Scorpio

All that horsepower sounds sweet for 4K gaming, but what does it mean for the now available games on Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 titles available via backward compatibility? They also said that they think that their indie games might be small but they are going to do a lot better than some of Sony's exclusive games .

Science Roethlisberger to return, vows 'absolute best'
Author: 0 Roethlisberger to return, vows 'absolute best'

He tweeted about his decision on Friday. The team will likely now have the question hanging over their head every offseason of whether Roethlisberger will return, or not, similar to Brett Favre's last years in the league. Though everyone from coach Mike Tomlin to general manager Kevin Colbert to team president Art Rooney II believed Roethlisberger would be back, Roethlisberger kept quiet publicly until Friday.

Author: 0 EPA Denies Ban on Common Pesticide

The chemical has been used for years, but was banned in 2000 for use in the home. The US Department of Agriculture and Dow Agrosciences, which sells chlorpyrifos , praised Pruitt's ruling, while others attacked it as another anti-science move from the Trump administration.

Author: 0 Japan PM and Trump talk on NKorea

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Monday that "the United States has seen China for 25 plus years say that they're concerned about North Korea, but we haven't seen them act like they're concerned about North Korea". The latest launch comes as South Korea and the US wrap up their annual spring joint military exercises on the peninsula, which North Korea objects to because it views the drills as preparation for war.

Author: 0 Project Scorpio reveal COUNTDOWN

What we've learned so far is just a glimpse of what Project Scorpio will have to offer. To put that in a bit of perspective the standard Xbox One can run games at 1080p, 60 frames per second but that uses up 90% of the consoles power. This spec-focused reveal comes ahead of the more-wholesome showcase and announcement of Scorpio expected at this year's E3. With the unveiling of Project Scorpio's specs overnight, the gaming world is preparing to move into the 4K era.

Author: 0 Mercedes-Benz Pulls 'O'Reilly Factor' Ads Amid Sexual Harassment Controversy

Fox News itself makes up one-fifth of parent company 21st Century Fox's profit, according to estimates from Anthony DiClemete, a media analyst with the Nomura investment bank. Hyundai added the company is monitoring the situation. Hyundai said it now has no ads on "The O'Reilly Factor ", but it pulled spots on future episodes.

Science Shia LeBeouf Thrown Out of Bowling Alley Over Meltdown
Author: 0 Shia LeBeouf Thrown Out of Bowling Alley Over Meltdown

LaBeouf was at the bowling alley for three hours Wednesday night drinking beers. At some point, he went into Jerry's Deli, which is connected to Pinz, and got into an altercation with staff and was asked to leave. "You racist b*tch! You f*cked up! "You f*cking racist! F*ck you". The actor was ejected from the premises still wearing his bowling shoes, but later returned to get his own shoes back, according to TMZ .

Science Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad buys a hot air balloon
Author: 0 Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad buys a hot air balloon

Sources close to the MP said he had boarded the New Delhi-Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express as he had booked the ticket in advance and had not received an official communication about the lifting of the ban, anyway. As soon as the House met at 13:15 hours after three adjournments over the issue, Rajnath Singh said the incident related to Air India was unfortunate and it would have been better if it had not happened.

Science Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch as Next Supreme Court Justice
Author: 0 Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch as Next Supreme Court Justice

Senate". Merkley held the Senate floor through the nigh. "We Democrats have given Justice Gorsuch a fair process, something Merrick Garland was denied", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY. Senate Republicans also refused to hold hearings for nearly a full year. The new rule changes the 60-vote threshold needed to end debate on a Supreme Court nominee to a simple majority to kill a filibuster.

Science Uber to Waymo: We aren't using your robocar laser beam secrets
Author: 0 Uber to Waymo: We aren't using your robocar laser beam secrets

In the response to the injunction, Uber was forced to note that Waymo's self-driving technology is now ahead of the ride-hailing company's. And well, now Uber says that those files never touched their servers. Needless to say, things are getting a bit interesting between Waymo and Uber, especially since Waymo's parent company Alphabet is an investor in Uber through their Google Venture company.

Science Twitter Introduces Lite Version for Faster Mobile Service
Author: 0 Twitter Introduces Lite Version for Faster Mobile Service

The company estimates that, with several changes it is making to its mobile website, mobile. twitter .com, users will see their average data consumption on the browser version go down 40 percent. In order to save up data, people will see blurred posts and can pick the ones they are interested in. Through this, they are able to preview videos and images as well get to choose which ones to load fully.

Science Duckworth's comments on Syria air strike following chemical attack
Author: 0 Duckworth's comments on Syria air strike following chemical attack

But Iran condemned the attack, saying the "unilateral action is risky, destructive and violates the principles of global law". On Friday, Hua Chunying, a spokesperson for China's foreign ministry, said Beijing opposed the "use of force" but stopped short of explicitly condemning the United States strikes.

Author: 0 Media has been unfair with Gaikwad, alleges Shiv Sena

He demanded the travel ban on him be lifted. He tendered an apology to Parliament but insisted that he owed no apology to the airline officials as he sought removal of the ban imposed on him by domestic airlines after he allegedly beat up an Air India officer with slippers.

Science Run oil marketing companies plan to review fuel rates daily
Author: 0 Run oil marketing companies plan to review fuel rates daily

The state-run companies declined to immediately comment. Executives of such companies met with Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan. "It helps both customers as well as dealers in managing their purchase", said the executive mentioned above. Prices would change just by a few paise every day, bringing no shock to customers.

Science Ubuntu drops convergence and phones in favour of IoT, cloud
Author: 0 Ubuntu drops convergence and phones in favour of IoT, cloud

Mark believed that the free software community and the technology industry would appreciate a free software alternative mobile OS that allowed for convergence of the phone and desktop experience, but admits he was wrong to believe so. While giving up on mobile, Canonical remains committed to cloud. The choice was shaped by commercial constraints and he chose to invest in the areas which are contributing to Canonical's growth.

Author: 0 Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

But Republican leader Mitch McConnell's use of the Senate nuclear option changed all this, allowing Gorsuch to be approved with only 51 votes . The argument on the right is that Gorsuch is highly qualified and a fine replacement for the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia.

Author: 0 SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launches and gets recovered for the second time

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft wait for liftoff at Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The SES satellite launched Thursday is expected to boost communications capacity across Latin America, "ranging from the Gulf of California in Mexico to Cape Horn in Chile", according to SpaceX .