Author: 0 Hey Pikmin Announced for 3DS; Releases July 28

So What Games Will Nintendo Talk About This Time? Rumors suggest that these are likely to be launched within the year. Hey! Pikmin lets players use the 3DS touchscreen to control their Pikmin , sending them to fight or move obstacles, much like the previous games.

Science Kelly Rowland: Having a baby brought my husband and I closer
Author: 0 Kelly Rowland: Having a baby brought my husband and I closer

And although Rowland has a seemingly healthy relationship with her husband, she said that after giving birth to their little bundle of joy, she "forgot" about herself "for a second". Though Kelly Rowland assured us that motherhood doesn't make her any less fly, she did admit that one body part in particular made her feel pretty insecure after giving birth.

Science North Miami Cop Who Shot Charles Kinsey Charged With Manslaughter
Author: 0 North Miami Cop Who Shot Charles Kinsey Charged With Manslaughter

A news release from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office says North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda was charged Wednesday with attempted manslaughter and misdemeanor culpable negligence . Two other officers had been within 20 feet (6 meters) of Kinsey and Rios and didn't feel threatened, investigators found. "Have units (standby)", according to the warrant .

Author: 0 Russia vetoes UN resolution to condemn Syria chemical attack

The question of an investigation is still somewhat up in the air, with today's Lavrov-Tillerson press conference revealing that Lavrov had pushed the idea heavily, and that the United States only agreed to "consider" the matter, while Tillerson continued to insist they have "firm" confidence Syria's government was responsible for the attack.

Science Gran Turismo Finally Adds a Noticeably Missing Automaker
Author: 0 Gran Turismo Finally Adds a Noticeably Missing Automaker

For as long as the Gran Turismo franchise has existed, Sony and Polyphony Digital were unable to include Porsche sports cars due to an exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts. You may not have known this , but EA had an agreement with auto manufacturer Porsche which meant their vehicles would only appear in EA games. Recall that Gran Turismo Sport will be released in the course of 2017 exclusively on PS4.

Author: 0 Video reveals face recognition flaw in Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch display, while the Galaxy S8 Plus features a 6.2-inch display. It can be remembered that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge unlocked models does not hit the market shelves until June. Bixby is seen as one of the key features of the Galaxy S8 that was unveiled earlier in the week in NY and London. If you're planning to pick up the Galaxy S8 and use facial recognition to secure the handset, think again.

Author: 0 You won't be saying hello to Bixby on your new Galaxy S8

Samsung's voice assistant has already been confirmed to be launching in just two languages: US English and Korean, meaning United Kingdom and European owners will need to wait for local language support. The intelligent personal assistant from Samsung , Bixby , now only supports the English and Korean languages. The company believes it could completely change the way consumers interact with their devices, and has even equipped the S8 with a physical Bixby button.

Science Corrin, Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo Available this Summer
Author: 0 Corrin, Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo Available this Summer

Part of The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary amiibo series, the Majora's Mask Link, Twilight Princess Link, and Skyward Sword Link are expected to become available on June 30. While the Switch received Zelda amiibo, the popular fighting game will finally see amiibo for the three more recent downloadable characters. Unlike Zelda , where amiibo unlock items, Smash Bros .

Author: 0 China calls for calm as USA dispatches naval might to Korean waters

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping walk April 7 after their meetings at Mar-a-Lago. Visits by foreign journalists to North Korea are rare and tightly coordinated, and security checks at events attended by leader Kim Jong Un are especially rigorous.

Science 'Missing link' shows first dinosaurs like crocodiles
Author: 0 'Missing link' shows first dinosaurs like crocodiles

It lived about 245 million years ago during the Triassic, before the first-known dinosaur lived about 231 million years ago (older, so-called dinosaur specimens have been found, but it's hard to say for sure whether they came from dinosaurs, the researchers said).

Author: 0 United CEO says 'system failure' to blame for passenger dragging incident

That reaction was widely panned as exacerbating United's PR nightmare. The man refused to give up his seat on a United flight to Louisville, Kentucky, after the airline said it needed to make room for crew members commuting to the city. This announcement comes just hours after the airline said that it would be reviewing its policies to make sure this incident wouldn't be repeated. In a letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Cho, Gov.

Author: 0 Dortmund explosions might have terrorist background: German authority

This gives you the feeling of impotence, that we have to keep functioning and nothing else matters. German investigators yesterday detained a suspect over three explosions that rocked the Borussia Dortmund soccer team's bus, prosecutors said , confirming that the probe was examining a possible "terrorist link".

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 brings more biometric security features than you can handle

If you plan on buying the Galaxy S8 , I recommend turning this option off entirely, at least if you want to keep prying eyes from opening your smartphone. Some of Microsoft's most popular apps are already bundled into Samsung phones, such as Skype and OneDrive. The front camera's sensor comes with a face-scanning feature that will unlock the device once it recognizes the owner's face.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Puts The Blame On Galaxy S8

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone; the device was hugely impressive, featuring a gorgeous new design and killer specs. Next to its very visible "Infinity Display", the Galaxy S8's headline feature is Bixby. But you'll all have to do it manually. "Anything you can do with touch, you can do with voice" is how Samsung reps have boasted about Bixby in the lead-up to, during, and after the S8 launch event last month.

Author: 0 Samsung's Quarterly Forecast Suggests the Best Profits in Over Three Years

Samsung usually unveils a new Note smartphone in August every year, which is nearly four months away from now. To give this some context, this would become Samsung's second highest quarterly operating profit ever, beaten only by its 10.16 trillion won (~$9.34 billion) in Q3 of 2013.

Author: 0 Cyclone pulls a 'Sharknado' and brings a massive bull shark to land

More than 500 homes were destroyed by the cyclone while nearly 30,000 properties in that region remained without power, the state government said. A massive, man-eating shark washed up in a puddle about 10 miles from the ocean in Ayr, two days after Tropical Cyclone Debbie came ashore nearby packing 163 mph winds.

Science Finally! Spain hails favourite son Garcia after Masters win
Author: 0 Finally! Spain hails favourite son Garcia after Masters win

If Rose had made his birdie attempt before Garcia also missed on No. 18 in regulation, Garcia would have been remembered for another failure. He clenched both fists and shook them repeatedly. He said when he hit crisp, high arcing shots often they landed a yard or two into the rough, making it hard to navigate the subsequent approach. "There were a lot of holes I could get to and I stayed positive".

Science Caught on camera: Horse attacks gator at Florida park
Author: 0 Caught on camera: Horse attacks gator at Florida park

Payne's Prairie Preserve State Park in Micanopy, just south of Gainesville, is 21,000 acres and is home to various wildlife including alligators, wild horses, and even bison. 'They sent someone out, but I didn't hear back'. The gator got in at least one bite at the horse, before slowly moving in the other direction. "There were no clear signs of distress / bleeding when we left the site".

Science Virginia Tech Reportedly to Open 2018 Season at Florida State
Author: 0 Virginia Tech Reportedly to Open 2018 Season at Florida State

In addition to 2018 season games at FSU and against W&M, Tech is also scheduled to play Sept. 15, 2018 against East Carolina, Sept. 22, 2018 at Old Dominion and October 13, 2018 against Notre Dame, plus the Hokies will play ACC home games against Boston College, Georgia Tech, Miami and Virginia, and ACC road games at Duke, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.

Author: 0 US show of force to North Korea also could show US weakness

Xi spoke over phone to Trump as a United States aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson churned towards the Korean peninsula, raising regional tensions. I think he wants to help us with North Korea. China responded that it is in full compliance with sanctions enacted under U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors, Speculations and Expectations

According to Samsung , Bixby Voice won't be available on the Galaxy S8 until later this Spring. While several features will work on worldwide versions, those that rely on voice activation and control won't operate, because Samsung apparently hasn't perfected Bixby's understanding of English yet.

Science Kyrgios downs Isner as Aussies take a 2-0 lead
Author: 0 Kyrgios downs Isner as Aussies take a 2-0 lead

HONOURS EVEN IN NEW ZEALAND-SOUTH KOREA DAVIS CUP TIE: There were mixed fortunes for South Korea's young guns as they finished the opening day of a Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Group I tie level at 1-1 against hosts New Zealand. Thompson carried all the momentum with him into the fourth set against an increasingly exhausted looking Sock and closed out the match in three hours.

Author: 0 Russian Federation accuses United States of unlawful Syria raid as Tillerson visits

Despite hopes of an improvement in Russia-US ties under Mr Trump, the Tillerson-Lavrov talks looked set to be dominated by the war of words over Syria - where more than 320,000 people have died in six years of war. He says that makes it hard to have clarity about US positions. Earlier, President Trump said Russian President Vladimir Putin is backing an "evil person" in Syria.

Author: 0 Samsung, LG enjoy robust Q1 performances

To give this some context, this would become Samsung's second highest quarterly operating profit ever, beaten only by its 10.16 trillion won (~$9.34 billion) in Q3 of 2013. "As for the Galaxy S models, we can say that a figure around 35 million units can be considered to fall below expectations, while that above 45 million is robust", said Hwang Min-sung, a researcher from Samsung Securities Co.

Author: 0 GOP owns health care dilemma now, and voter skepticism

Opponents not only appeared among the Democratic members of the chamber, but all over the House Republican Conference. Though President Trump said he would not continue to pursue a ACA replacement, Clarke said he predicts this will not be the last time the Trump administration will attempt to reform health care.

Science Troops kill Islamic militant commander involved in beheadings
Author: 0 Troops kill Islamic militant commander involved in beheadings

The militant group demanded a ransom, which Canada refused to pay, and both Canadian men were beheaded past year. The island is just half an hour's boat ride from Cebu, another major tourism draw. As the government moved to contain the fallout on the lucrative tourism industry, the military said it would repel similar incursions. Residents and holidaymakers have been forced to flee to safety.

Science AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs officialy launched
Author: 0 AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs officialy launched

Each of those records has a reasonable lead over the number two spot, but most impressive in this case is that every other member of the top 10 in each of those categories is an Intel CPU. Overall, AMD has disrupted the market with a highly competitive CPU platform (Ryzen + AM4). The fact is that week after week Ryzen processor performance has been increasing thanks to BIOS updates and software optimizations.

Author: 0 Samsung Voice-Assistant Bixby To Debut With New Phone

One of the biggest new introductions on this device would be the Samsung Bixby voice assistant . It is more complete in this sense because the AI assistant can do all tasks for you. "In the future you would be able to control your air conditioner or TV through Bixby ", said Rhee. Even in Google Assistant , users will have to unlock the phone to ask it to make a call.

Author: 0 U.S., Mexico, Canada announce joint bid for 2026 FIFA World Cup

The CONCACAF countries confirmed their plan to bring the tournament to America at a press conference on Monday at One World Trade Centre in NY. If successful, it would be the first World Cup to be held in three countries and only the second multi-nation tournament following Japan and South Korea in 2002.

Science Burger King ad that triggers smart speakers foiled by online pranksters
Author: 0 Burger King ad that triggers smart speakers foiled by online pranksters

The internet barely had time to be annoyed for that new 15 second Burger King ad before Google shut the whole thing down. Cue Google Home assistants everywhere spewing information about Whoppers. While a normal human being can still ask their Google Home about the burger, the audio from the ad itself no longer triggers the devices, BuzzFeed News tests have found.

Author: 0 SpaceX launch of SES-10 satellite and 1st reuse of rocket

Following stage separation after this evening's launch, the Falcon 9's first stage will attempt a landing on SpaceX's " Of Course I Still Love You " droneship that will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. SpaceX in December 2015 landed an orbital rocket after launch for the first time, a feat it has now repeated eight times. Elon Musk's SpaceX has seemingly mastered launching a rocket into space and safely landing it back on Earth, with multiple successful missions already completed.

Science US Steel spill closes 2 Indiana beaches on Lake Michigan
Author: 0 US Steel spill closes 2 Indiana beaches on Lake Michigan

Environmental Protection Agency said. Because of the spill, the National Park Service closed the West Beach and the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk sites. Ogden Dunes Town Council President Tim Nelson said town officials are monitoring the situation and awaiting additional information. Lake Michigan is a primary source of drinking water for those living in LaPorte, Porter, and Lake counties.

Author: 0 Unsurprisingly, You Can Trick the Galaxy S8's Facial Unlock with a Picture

A statement released to press discloses that the Microsoft Edition will apply "a Microsoft customization" when the device starts for the first time and is connected to WiFi. It's able to achieve this by scanning 200 points of an iris during setup. "Our ambition for Bixby is that it will evolve", said Mark Childs, chief brand officer at Samsung Canada, noting that Samsung aspires to voice assistant dominance and believes they can create a market-winning product .

Science Barcelona face uphill battle to qualify after Paulo Dybala inspires Juventus
Author: 0 Barcelona face uphill battle to qualify after Paulo Dybala inspires Juventus

It may have been Juventus and Paulo Dybala's night in Turin but Lionel Messi was not going to let his Argentine apprentice have it entirely his own way. "We gave away two goals in the first half and against a team like Juventus you pay for it", he said. "We deserved it and we have no reason to fear anyone", Buffon told Juventus' website.

Science 1st drug OK'd for movement disorder caused by certain meds
Author: 0 1st drug OK'd for movement disorder caused by certain meds

By reviewing stock prices from the stock market history of the company and examining its analysts ratings can give an investment picture with updated information of stock which helps investors to make investing decision. Creative Planning boosted its stake in Neurocrine Biosciences by 0.7% in the third quarter. TRADEMARK VIOLATION NOTICE: This news story was first reported by The Cerbat Gem and is the property of of The Cerbat Gem.

Science Policy Brief: Trump Rolls Back Clean Power Plan, Reviews CAFE Standards
Author: 0 Policy Brief: Trump Rolls Back Clean Power Plan, Reviews CAFE Standards

The Senators say this legislation would put a halt to Trump's policies that reward polluters at the expense of public health and Maryland jobs. I knew that bad news was coming, and sure enough Trump signed an executive order just yesterday, rolling back US climate change policies, put in place by Obama.

Science Buick Enclave Launched, It Unveils the Avenir Luxury Sub-Brand
Author: 0 Buick Enclave Launched, It Unveils the Avenir Luxury Sub-Brand

As with any premium entry, perks such as LED headlights with automatic high beams are now standard. A significantly enhanced suite of available advanced safety technologies is engineered to help drivers monitor their surroundings and feel confident when behind the wheel.

Author: 0 Apple's Launch Of Its iPhone 8 Could Be Delayed

Other sources peg that Apple could delay the launch of the larger iPhone 8 entirely to allow extra stock to be produced to avoid the delay. Because Apple plans on eliminating buttons on the iPhone 8, allowing the screen to cover almost the entire front of the handset, the company planned on embedding the Touch ID fingerprint scanner under the screen.

Author: 0 Jurgen Klopp made 'great decision' to win Stoke game, says Dion Dublin

He added that they "can speak after the season" about the club's progress and acknowledged that if it is not clear now then it is the squad's "fault" because "it should be obvious". "Phil is still ill", said German boss Klopp. "He was not at Melwood Thursday or Friday". Of course people say why don't we use the two Brazilians from the start, but you can see even last 15 minutes we had low battery.

Science White House partially to blame for Syria chemical attack: McCain
Author: 0 White House partially to blame for Syria chemical attack: McCain

Theresa May and Donald Trump have agreed there is a "window of opportunity" to persuade Russian Federation to abandon its support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. "But Assad's principal backer is Russian Federation". Asked if the United States is going to get involved in Syria, Trump said: "No". But in an interview broadcast on Wednesday morning, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told independent news channel Dozhd : "I completely do not view this as an ultimatum".

Author: 0 Railroad group schedules Easter egg hunt, fish fry

The Flora-Bama will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt & Kids' Fun Day starting at 1 p.m on Saturday, April 15. There will be over 5,000 eggs hidden in the handsome white sandy beaches behind Flora-Bama! The Easter bunny will also be on site for free family photos.

Author: 0 Microsoft has its own version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition are already open at Microsoft retail stores in the United States, and the device will launch on April 21, just like the standard Galaxy S8 . The DeX Station is a small puck-shaped dock that plugs into an external monitor and essentially gives Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users a desktop experience.

Author: 0 Bumper profits, new phone and its chief on trial — Samsung's insane day

That debacle cost the company more than $5 billion and ultimately led it to kill off the Note 7. An issue that caused Samsung's own Vice Chairman Jay Y. For the whole of 2017, operating profits will be a record 47 trillion won, he added. The company did not elaborate on its performance and will disclose detailed earnings in late April.

Science Global PC shipments declined 2.4% in first quarter: Gartner
Author: 0 Global PC shipments declined 2.4% in first quarter: Gartner

That notebook growth helped the company to 13.1% growth over the same period a year ago, nudging Lenovo out of the number one slot. "Winners in the business segment will ultimately be the survivors in this shrinking market", said Gartner principal analyst Mikako Kitagawa.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 will ship without Bixby voice control

The digital assistant's Bixby Vision feature will work, according to Samsung . Bixby Vision should help set the tone, though. MORE: Who Has the Best Galaxy S8 Deal? "In the coming months we'll have an announcement about what we'll do with Bixby voice".

Author: 0 LG Electronics estimates Q1 operating profit at $812 mn

Last week, it presented and began taking preorders for its Galaxy S8, its first major smartphone launch since the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Revenue jumped 0.4 percent to 50 trillion won, above the analysts' forecasts. The management shakeup, so far, has had nearly no effect on Samsung's finances, and appears to have done little to erode consumer confidence in the company, say analysts.

Author: 0 Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) Shares Bought by Ancora Advisors LLC

The number of shares now held by investors is 5.01 Billion. Ironwood Investment Management LLC boosted its stake in shares of Cisco Systems by 0.3% in the third quarter. Stanley Laman Group Ltd. now owns 54,085 shares of the network equipment provider's stock worth $1,716,000 after buying an additional 1,404 shares in the last quarter.

Science China Opens Access for US Beef
Author: 0 China Opens Access for US Beef

There are also losses to U.S. multinational companies (MNCs) due to the increase of production costs, as they have based their supply chains in China and other emerging economies in the region. Minutes later he followed up with a second more threatening tweet against North Korea when he wrote. That may require the USA to apply some pressure on other countries, not just China, but this is not out of the question.