Science 'Star Wars: Episode IX' release date announced
Author: 0 'Star Wars: Episode IX' release date announced

Other films on Disney's 2019 slate include "Frozen 2", Pixar's "Toy Story 4", and Jon Favreau's live-action adaptation of " The Lion King ". Also noteworthy is a new official release date for the still-untitled fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, which was originally scheduled to hit theaters in July 2019.

Author: 0 SpaceX launches top-secret US spy satellite - and then safely lands booster

NROL-76 was originally scheduled to launch on Sunday, but was delayed due to an issue with a sensor on the first stage engine, according to SpaceX . "Launch and landing of the NRO spy satellite was good", said Musk. The larger portion of the rocket, known as the first stage, made a gentle arc and powered its nitrogen thrusters to guide it back to Earth. "Tough call, as high altitude wind shear was at 98.6% of the theoretical load limit".

Author: 0 Deshaun Watson is a 'winner,' but he's Tom Savage's backup for now

When Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said quarterback Deshaun Watson would be the NFL's version of Michael Jordan , even Watson himself thought that was a little insane. Instead they selected Vanderbilt's Zach Cunningham in the second round, a player who played inside linebacker exclusively in a college career where he piled up 295 tackles.

Science Edmonton fans rescue US anthem
Author: 0 Edmonton fans rescue US anthem

Throughout the rest of the 2006 playoffs, the crowd sang the anthem, fueling Edmonton's improbable run to the Stanley Cup Finals, where the team hadn't been in 16 years. Fans were also quick to praise the Canadian fans on social media. With a two-day break before Wednesday's Game 4 at Rogers Place , the Ducks left town and headed for Kelowna, B.C.

Author: 0 Scientists Take To Washington To Stress An Apolitical Agenda

An additional 600 "satellite" marches were scheduled to take place around the world, according to organizers. "So numerous most important issues of the day- Climate change and human health just to name 2 specific ones, and right now, science is under some threat", said Futter.

Science Apple May Introduce Siri Speaker In June, Analyst says
Author: 0 Apple May Introduce Siri Speaker In June, Analyst says

He predicts a more premium, high-end approach with "excellent sound" provided by seven tweeters and a subwoofer. A knock against Amazon Echo is that its audio prowess leaves much to be desired. The smart speaker is also said to be running a variant of Apple's mobile operating system iOS, which may be similar to watchOS for the Apple Watch and tvOS for the Apple TV.

Science Hot Switch sales boost Nintendo sales, trim quarterly loss
Author: 0 Hot Switch sales boost Nintendo sales, trim quarterly loss

This new device looks like a newer stylish Nintendo 3DS except it comes void of any 3D functions, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unlike the hinge-less original 2DS, which launched in 2013, the New 2DS XL features a slim clamshell design and button set-up that mirrors its 3DS sibling, but with rounded edges.

Author: 0 North Korea vows to boost its nuclear force 'to the maximum'

He also spoke about the United States' response to North Korea's missile tests, saying the USA should not be announcing all its moves. The US supply ship is expected to support America's naval fleet in the Pacific, possibly including the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which remains on high alert over North Korea's ballistic missile firings, the reports said.

Science Cities Can Sue Lenders on Predatory Lending
Author: 0 Cities Can Sue Lenders on Predatory Lending

The Court concluded that a city government is a person within the meaning of the FHA, but stopped short of siding with Miami in the dispute. To view the full article, register now. "The lower courts should define, in the first instance, the contours of proximate cause under the FHA and decide how that standard applies to the city's claims for lost property-tax revenue and increased municipal expenses", the opinion states.

Author: 0 The Galaxy S8's screen is attractive, but you better not drop it

It is available with either 64GB or 128GB of built-in storage, whereas the regular Galaxy S8 only comes with 64GB. The company in an emailed statement has stated that Samsung Galaxy S8 has an adaptive display having the ability to optimise the colour range, sharpness and saturation, depending on the environment.

Science Korea will one day have 'good missiles'
Author: 0 Korea will one day have 'good missiles'

The launch ratchets up tensions on the Korean peninsula, with Washington and Pyongyang locked in an ever-tighter spiral of threat, counter-threat, and escalating military preparedness. In an interview that aired Sunday on CBS television network's " Face the Nation " programme, Trump said that if North Korea carries out another nuclear test "I would not be happy".

Author: 0 Trump Invites Authoritarian Murderer Duterte to White House

President Trump to the Philippines-U.S. alliance and his interest in developing a warm, working relationship with President Duterte", he said. Duterte has been accused by global human rights groups of backing a campaign of extrajudicial killings that resulted in deaths of numerous people involved with the sale or use of drugs, as well as of others who might not have had any connection to narcotics.

Author: 0 Taken by Houston in trade up

Williams, a consensus first-rounder, will likely be taken earlier than his quarterback counterpart, analysts say, in part because of his athletic nature and ability to catch almost anything thrown near him. "Both those guys are my boys, so that's all I have to say about that". Deshaun Watson got slapped in the face. Watson was the third quarterback off the board after the Chicago Bears selected Mitchell Trubisky at No.

Author: 0 IDC: Smartphone market gains steam in Q1

Until previous year, the global smartphone market was believed to be heading towards a saturation point, despite emerging markets like India showing a decent growth rate. Similarly to Samsung , Apple experienced almost flat growth in handset shipments by shipping 51.6 million units, registering 0.8% YoY growth. India has been a deciding factor for the Chinese brands which registered double digit growth percentage in comparison to the same quarter past year.

Science Samsung Galaxy S8 Random Reboot Issue: Probable Cause And Solutions
Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Random Reboot Issue: Probable Cause And Solutions

Samsung is out to redeem itself from last year's tragedy that was the Galaxy Note 7. So simply S8 is the victor for the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. This is far from being as cool as a 4K screen, but it is more than enough to display decent looking images and nice colors. It's really unclear what that true essence of the phone is, but as you keep reading you find out it's the display .

Author: 0 India, Turkey sign agreement in areas of culture, communication

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called to strengthen trade and counterterrorism ties with India during a visit to the country, the Hindustan Times reports. "Although bilateral trade between India and Turkey is growing, it is not in Turkey's favour". Later, Erdogan paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.

Author: 0 March for Science NYC unites scientists with activists

That is what drew Erin Chapman to March for Science NYC, to show Trump that "people care about science". They chanted "hey hey, ho ho, we won't let this planet go". "That is why my administration is reducing unnecessary burdens on American workers and American companies , while being mindful that our actions must also protect the environment", Trump said.

Author: 0 Israel official: 870 Palestinians remain on hunger strike

The situation escalated after Israel imposed a crippling blockade on the Gaza Strip, home to more than two million Palestinians, greatly affecting livelihood in the seaside enclave. IPS spokesperson Hana Herbst responded to the accusation, saying that "prison staffs offer the prisoners meals and some of the hunger strikers choose to eat", claiming that the practice has lowered the number of hunger striking prisoners to under 1,000 - despite reports indicating that the strike's participants ...

Author: 0 Trump calls NASA astronaut to congratulate her on space duration record

Whitson arrived at the space station for her current stint on November 19, 2016, and is due to return to Earth in September. The world record - 879 days - is held by Russian Gennady Padalka. It wasn't immediately clear whether the president's comments were meant to be taken literally. To mark the honor, she received a congratulatory call from President Donald Trump.

Author: 0 Texans trade up to grab Deshaun Watson

North Carolina's Mitch Trubisky is considered as the best quarterback in this year's draft class, but he is more likely going to be selected in the top three. When Watson reached the point in the letter where she said that the family "wasn't supposed to be here", he lost his composure and began weeping. Watson was a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist, finishing second in voting a year ago behind Louisville's Lamar Jackson.

Author: 0 Trump appeals to NRA members' interests at Atlanta convention

It's a familiar refrain for Trump, who's used the name to refer to Warren's heritage many times before. US President Donald Trump revived what has been called a racist insult against MA senator Elizabeth Warren by referring to her as "Pocahontas" while delivering a speech to a National Rifle Association convention.

Author: 0 Bricks made of martian soil may be stronger than steel-reinforced concrete

The first is to surround the dirt in a closed flexible container and the second is to compact the substance under high pressure. A paper detailing the study was published this week in the journal Scientific Reports . Researchers have come up with ways to transform the dirt into bricks, but these involve complex chemistry or bringing along bulky equipment like nuclear-powered kilns.

Author: 0 Lawmakers seal deal on $1T plan government-wide funding bill

If the budget is not passed by midnight Friday, it would be the first U.S. federal government shutdown since 2013. The plan would add billions for the Pentagon and border security but would not provide any money for President Donald Trump's promised border wall with Mexico.

Author: 0 Le Pen always wanted France to abandon EU: Hollande

Supporters of both candidates took to the streets, airwaves and social media to weigh on an election closely watched by financial markets and France's neighbors as a test of the global populist wave. Independent centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron looks at some of the 2,500 photographs of young Jews deported from France, during a visit to the Shoah memorial in Paris, France , Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Author: 0 France's new far-right leader hit with Holocaust denial accusations

Le Pen on Saturday said ditching the euro was not her top economic priority, in a bid to broaden her support amid voters anxious over her trademark policy, ahead of the presidential election run-off May 7 vote against centrist front-runner Emmanuel Macron.

Author: 0 New Nintendo 2DS XL is the 3DS price drop in disguise

The 2DS XL therefore counts as the sixth iteration of the hardware, and it basically merges the 2DS and New 3DS XL. For one, the 2DS XL will only allow you to play 2D videos. Nintendo plans on releasing the new handheld console this summer. In Australia and New Zealand, the console will launch on June 15. It doesn't importantly, look at all like the wedge of a 2DS - but is a little slimmer and sleeker than the 3DS XL .

Author: 0 Turkey threatens more strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds

But Turkey views Syria's Kurdish People's Protection group, known as YPG, as a terrorist organization and an extension of the Kurdish militants who have been waging a three-decade-long insurgency against Turkey. The reports came on the same day that the Pentagon's spokesperson said Trump had delegated authority for the use of force in Iraq and Syria to the defense secretary.

Science 100 days in, Trump says he's brought about 'profound change'
Author: 0 100 days in, Trump says he's brought about 'profound change'

Declaring himself "thrilled" to be far from "the Washington swamp" and the "very boring" dinner, the president sneered at "fake news" CNN and the "failing" New York Times. "It's a false standard, 100 days", Trump said while signing an executive order on Friday, "but I have to tell you, I don't think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days, so we're very happy".

Author: 0 A Fluid-Filled Artificial Womb May Help Premature Babies, Say Experts

The lambs involved in the study lived inside the device - which uses a container filled with liquid - for about four weeks, breathing amniotic fluid inside of a temperature-controlled environment. "They've had normal development in every way that we can measure it", Flake said . That's where the " artificial womb " device comes in. The researchers said that round 30,000 babies in the United States alone are born critically early, at between 23 and 26 weeks of gestation.

Author: 0 Sundar Pichai makes it rain at Google, earns $200 million in 2016

Alphabet's chief financial officer Ruth Porat said during the earnings call that "YouTube revenues continue to grow at a significant rate", dispelling concerns about the possible impact of an advertiser boycott of the video service. In a founders' letter published earlier Thursday, Google cofounder Larry Page suggested the company has gotten better at developing its newer business ventures in the almost two years since restructuring as Alphabet .

Science Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia
Author: 0 Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia

India-Turkey trade stands at United States dollars 6.4 billion. "In radio and television broadcasting services, shows where people are introduced and/or brought together to find friends ... At a meeting on "India and Turkey's place in the rising world" organised in New Delhi, Kerem Alkin, a professor at the Istanbul Medipol University's Faculty of Business and Managerial Sciences, said Ankara wanted New Delhi to share its experience in power generation.

Science Trump warns North Korea's missiles will get better
Author: 0 Trump warns North Korea's missiles will get better

Meanwhile, Trump last week said he'd told South Korea it would be "appropriate" if they paid some $1 billion for the Thaad missile system created to intercept any attack from North Korea, contrary to an existing agreement that South Korea would provide land and facilities while the USA paid the cost of operations.

Science Claims about Trump's tax plan don't hold up
Author: 0 Claims about Trump's tax plan don't hold up

When Trump's spokesman, Sean Spicer, was asked by reporters Thursday whether it was fair to inquire about the benefits that the tax cuts would provide for the president and his family, he sidestepped the question. The reality is somewhat more complicated, for reasons that reveal what Trump is up against as he tries to reform the tax code himself . "Because I think we need to know exactly how he will benefit from his proposal".

Science Labour Day to be observed across Pakistan today
Author: 0 Labour Day to be observed across Pakistan today

In India, May Day was first celebrated on May 1 , 1923, after the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated and Comrade Singaravelar helmed the celebrations. The working people were very excited throughout the workday until the 8-hour workday when it was declared. This led to the death of several people and police officers.

Author: 0 Shepherd Financial Partners LLC Takes Position in Alphabet Inc (GOOG)

The parent company of Alphabet Inc. 'They are the dominant force in digital advertising'. One analyst said that for a company the size of Google to post growth it did, is testament to the usefulness and quality of its products. Alphabet is also reaping the benefits of investing heavily in areas such as hardware and cloud. While Wall Street was expecting earnings of $7.40 per share on revenue of $24.2 billion, Alphabet posted earnings of $7.73 per share on revenue of $24.8 billion, ...

Science Houston Texans trade up to get QB Deshaun Watson
Author: 0 Houston Texans trade up to get QB Deshaun Watson

The former quarterback for Clemson University got emotional after reading a letter handed to him following his first-round draft Thursday night by the Houston Texans. Since being drafted in 2014, Savage has moved up the depth chart only to see Houston bring in more guys. And I'm not sure anyone thinks it's a good idea for Watson to study under the tutelage of Mike Glennon.

Science Trump can't explain his own healthcare bill
Author: 0 Trump can't explain his own healthcare bill

President Trump says the new health care bill promises coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Look, because if you hurt your knee, honestly, I'd rather have the federal government focused on North Korea, focused on other things, than your knee, okay? Interviewer John Dickerson repeatedly asked Trump if the Republican plan - being negotiated among GOP lawmakers in the House - would guarantee coverage to people in every state, regardless of their ...

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Note Next In Line

One of these budget phones is the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime which just launched in the US. The smartphone carries a full retail price of $150, but can be bagged at a significantly lower price from most carriers that are selling it. A 2,600mAh capacity battery provides juice to the handset, with Samsung claiming 20 hours of talk time and up to 20 days of standby time. After the battery issues with Galaxy Note 7, a lot of people thought that it would close the Galaxy Note flagship.

Science Trump aims to expand U.S. offshore drilling, despite low industry demand
Author: 0 Trump aims to expand U.S. offshore drilling, despite low industry demand

For instance, Obama had used his authority under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to protect Arctic areas from oil drilling late previous year, a move Trump's order seeks to undo. "Today's executive order is an important step towards spurring additional oil production through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline", Walker's statement said.

Science NSA stops some warrantless surveillance of American messages
Author: 0 NSA stops some warrantless surveillance of American messages

The intelligence community has argued that such surveillance is needed to collect information on terrorist plots and other threats. The NSA said the following. So naturally reducing the amount of communications the NSA is collecting will reduce the potential for backdoor, warrantless searches. The " upstream " program has been under increasing scrutiny by Congress as it considers renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Author: 0 Murray beats Ramos-Vinolas to reach Barcelona semifinals

Nadal is chasing his 10th title in Barcelona as he gears up for the French Open, where he has not won since 2014. Nadal looked set to roll past Zeballos, but he had to save five break points to get the straight-sets win. It was the Spaniard who edged ahead again with a break at 4-4 only to play his worst game of the match serving for it. Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal returns the ball to South Korean tennis player Hyeon Chung during the ATP Barcelona Open "Conde de Godo" tennis ...

Science 'Mr. Gorilla' crawls through London Marathon for charity
Author: 0 'Mr. Gorilla' crawls through London Marathon for charity

He's hopeful of finishing the race Saturday, with his two sons expected at the finish line to celebrate his feat. 'The first couple of days people were giving me weird looks and a wide berth. But by day three more people had started hearing about it - people started beeping their horns and clapping and cheering me on'. "I think I've started to smell a bit like a gorilla".

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ red tinted screens trigger consumer alert

Samsung was quick to respond to complaints and claims this is not a display fault. The actual Indian retail price of the two devices is unknown at the moment and will be unveiled at tomorrow's event. Samsung has yet to ship its Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus across the globe. Talking of the Galaxy S8, the smartphone is powered by a 1.9GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 8895 processor paired with 4GB of RAM.

Author: 0 Kenny Miller: Areas for improvement at Rangers are evident

An explosive start at Ibrox saw Celtic gifted a penalty as Myles Beerman cut down Patrick Roberts on the edge of the box with the winger running away from goal . "In terms of tactical understanding and players understanding what we are trying to do". MORE: Rangers boss Caixinha shoulders blame for humiliating defeat to CelticPolice are also investigating an alleged incident of racial abuse where someone allegedly made a monkey gesture at Celtic player Scott Sinclair.

Science Time for VIP to be replaced with EPI, says PM Modi
Author: 0 Time for VIP to be replaced with EPI, says PM Modi

He even mentioned the removal of "lal baati" (red beacons) from cars of VIP's. "If we all make concerted efforts jointly, this also can go (from the mindset)", he added. "It is India's valuable gift to South-Asia". The nations participating in the project are India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Aghanistan.

Author: 0 Alphabet paid Google CEO Sundar Pichai $200M in 2016

The strong advertising performance is especially impressive considering there had been an advertiser boycott of YouTube by some firms, concerned at their ads appearing alongside videos carrying extremist, homophobic or anti-Semitic messages.