Author: 0 Fact check: Trump's shaky claims on climate accord

United States president Donald Trump , who fancies himself a master negotiator, walked into the White House itching to improve what he sees as a series of dismal deals struck by his predecessors. Social Democratic members of Merkel's Cabinet issued a separate joint statement saying "the United States is harming itself, us Europeans and all other people in the world".

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After settlement, both benchmarks fell, failing to sustain the lift from the morning news of declining USA crude and gasoline stocks. Markets will be moved midway through the trading day once the EIA publishes official figures on US crude oil inventories and other metrics.

Author: 0 NY leadership to honour Paris Accord with executive orders

Democratic cities and states, aware that the American public as a whole is increasingly concerned about climate change, are taking their stand, perhaps in recognition that the issue could become a pivotal one in the congressional and governor elections in 2018, and perhaps the presidential race in 2020.

Science Cook memo condemns Trump's withdrawal from climate pact
Author: 0 Cook memo condemns Trump's withdrawal from climate pact

In many other ways, Mr Trump's decision shows he's out of touch with much of the US. All of Trump's arguments for withdrawing, in other words, are unfounded. Ever the showman, the 70-year-old Trump gave his decision a reality TV-style tease, refusing to indicate his preference either way until his announcement.

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The success in that tournament paved the way for the country to fulfil their long-cherished dream of playing in a World Cup. They qualified for the Champions Trophy as the eighth-ranked nation when the cut-off was applied in September 2015, and their position in the ICC ODI rankings hasn't changed in the time since then.

Science Tech industry thumps Trump's rump over decision leave Paris
Author: 0 Tech industry thumps Trump's rump over decision leave Paris

Brussels and Beijing believe in "the full implementation, without nuances, of the Paris climate agreement", Juncker said , and underlined that there can be "no backsliding" on the pact. "Everyone is impacted and if we do nothing our children will know a world of migrations, of wars, of shortage, a unsafe world, it is not the future we want for ourselves, it is not the future we want for our children, it is not the future we want for our world".

Author: 0 False! Trump Claims Paris Deal Would Only Make 'Tiny' Difference

Speaking to Megyn Kelly , who moderated a panel at the forum, Putin said, "I think you may not even exit the Paris agreement entirely because [the current deal] has the character of a framework". " We're getting out ", Trump said in a speech from the Rose Garden of the White House . He said that Brussels and Beijing believe in "the full implementation, without nuances, of the Paris climate agreement", and underlined that there can be "no backsliding" on the pact.

Science Space capsule with 2 astronauts returns to Earth
Author: 0 Space capsule with 2 astronauts returns to Earth

A Russian cosmonaut and a French astronaut returned to Earth on Friday aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule after six months at the International Space Station , while their US crewmate remained on the orbiting laboratory for an extended stay, a NASA television broadcast showed.

Author: 0 Billionaire Bloomberg pledges $15 million to United Nations for climate change

The Trump administration is determined to retreat to fossil fuel dependence, reversing meaningful progress and setting us on a unsafe course toward catastrophic climate change. Germany's environment minister underscored that on Friday, saying "there will be no new deal with the United States" on climate change. He said the U.S.

Science American Mayors Vow To Fight Climate Change Despite Withdrawal From Paris Agreement
Author: 0 American Mayors Vow To Fight Climate Change Despite Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

Trump said the U.S. would begin negotiations to re-enter either the Paris Agreement or a "new transaction" on terms more advantageous to the country. One of SB's worst problems in 2016 was a climate disaster. "We are firmly convinced that the agreement can not be renegotiated", they added, referring to Trump's claim that Washington was open to re-negotiations.

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Leaders around the globe also expressed their dismay at Mr Trump's decision, including UK Prime Minister Theresa May , who told the President in a phone call the Paris accord ensures the "prosperity and security of future generations". In talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Thursday, Li said it was in China's own interest to press ahead "steadfastly" with the Paris deal, and urged other countries to do likewise.

Author: 0 Paris climate deal: Trump pulls United States out of 2015 accord

French President Emmanuel Macron , upset with the United States president's announcement, on Thursday presented his own version of Trump's campaign slogan with a call to "make our planet great again". The transformation envisaged in the Paris Agreement is already underway. Five Nordic countries wrote a last-minute letter to Trump, saying the Paris accord was a commitment "to our children".

Science Greenpeace in Spain protests Trump climate move
Author: 0 Greenpeace in Spain protests Trump climate move

And listeners called in to WNYC to share their thoughts on the president's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement . He said he wanted to be "in the room where it happens", a famous line from the Broadway musical (which nearly certainly will be made into a movie one day - maybe by Disney ).

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The craft will travel seven times closer to the sun than any mission before it. NASA hopes to gather information that will "allow us to better forecast how our Earth's environment responds to the sun (and) better predict space weather", said Nicola Fox, mission project scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Author: 0 NASA's first mission to Sun renamed Parker Solar Probe

NASA's missions are usually renamed after launch and certification, but because of Parker's accomplishments in the field and how closely aligned the solar mission is with area of study, it was chose to honor him even before the launch of the mission.

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Traveling at a speed of 430,000 miles per hour, the spacecraft will move fast - like going from New York City to Tokyo in less than a minute. " Parker Solar Probe is going to answer questions about solar physics that we have puzzled over for more than six decades", said Parker Solar Probe Project Scientist Nicola Fox , of the Johns Hopkins University.

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Asked who will be opening in the first instance, he took the opportunity to spell out it will be Roy on his home ground - and he will remain in situ thereafter too, come what may. Smith , who was speaking in Birmingham ahead of their opening clash, insisted that the ACA is handling the situation quite well and that he has full faith that they would soon come to a mutual agreement.

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In contrast to signs from a string of opinion polls that have suggested May's Conservatives will increase their majority, the new constituency-by-constituency modelling by YouGov showed it might lose 20 of the 330 seats it holds and the opposition Labour Party could gain almost 30 seats, The Times said.

Science Survived: SRK takes a dig at death hoax
Author: 0 Survived: SRK takes a dig at death hoax

The legitimate French and Indian websites already picked up the news . "The death of Shah Rukh Khan has stunned the Indian diaspora worldwide". According to Mumbai Mirror , even the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Deven Bharti, called SRK's team and was informed that the actor is absolutely fine and was actually shooting in Mumbai .

Science Bihar topper scam: ED files money laundering case against four principals
Author: 0 Bihar topper scam: ED files money laundering case against four principals

To Kumar, who also topped music, the difference between "sur" (notes) and "taal" (meter) was whether one spoke loudly or softly. Soon after BSEB announced intermediate examination result on Tuesday declaring 65 per cent of the students as having failed to clear the examination, raised the question of entire system of taking examinations and publishing results.

Science Building collapses hours after fire engulfs textile showroom
Author: 0 Building collapses hours after fire engulfs textile showroom

Because the building was damaged beyond fix, Tamil Nadu minister RB Udayakumar told reporters that the entire building would need to be demolished by Thursday afternoon. None were injured in the mishap and thick columns of smoke continued to emanate from the seven-floor building, a Fire Service official said. On demolition work, a senior official said rubble will be deposited in the rear of the building creating a platform for the "jaw crusher", a machinery that will aide the demolition.

Author: 0 Mayor Rejects Trump's Use Of Pittsburgh In Announcement Of Climate Accord Withdrawal

Other pillars of corporate America - including Google's chief executive and - joined a growing chorus of disapproval and dismay over Trump's decision. The Paris Agreement commits signatories to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, which is blamed for melting ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels and more violent weather events.

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He agrees that England are unrecognisable from two years ago. But, for once, Bangladesh are undeterred. Bangladesh lost their last home ODI series 1-2 against England in October previous year. "We are just thrilled to bits to get off to a good start". Karthik's career started on a promising note in the early 2000s, but since then he has been looked upon as a replacement specialist ever since Mahendra Singh Dhoni came to the fore.

Author: 0 61 mayors adopt Paris climate accord after USA pulls out

Mr Trump's fellow G-7 leaders pressed him over the weekend to stay in the accord , and separately confirmed their own support for Paris . Trump says the Paris accord is more about other nations gaining a "financial advantage" over the USA than it is about climate change .

Author: 0 EU, China united on climate, still divided over trade

Its secretariat headquartered in this city in Germany also notes the announced intention to renegotiate the modalities for the U.S. participation in the agreement . Trump's decision was always going to be controversial, given the broad array of interests and a faction within the White House that urged him not to bail on the deal.

Author: 0 Musk, Iger to quit Trump councils after Paris decision

It just transfers those jobs out of America and the United States , and ships them to foreign countries. White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon (L) and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (R) wait in the Rose Garden prior to U.S. Knowing the good work that we and countless others around the world are doing, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our planet's future.

Author: 0 Trump climate move: Elon Musk quits White House advisory panels

Trump announced during a speech at the White House Rose Garden that he had made a decision to pull out of the landmark climate deal, in part because it would not reduce global temperatures fast enough to have a significant impact. A senior administration official defended Trump's use of the findings. "We need to look at the most serious vulnerabilities". And supporters of the agreement in the USA, which was painstakingly negotiated under the Obama administration, argued that even if that ...

Science OneLogin Reports Breach in Security
Author: 0 OneLogin Reports Breach in Security

The company's chief information security officer Alvaro Hoyos confirmed the breach, and said OneLogin was working with law enforcement and an unnamed independent security firm to ascertain the extent of the incident. The attack occurred on May 31 around 2am PST (09:00 GMT), according to OneLogin. "We can not rule out the possibility that the threat actor also obtained the ability to decrypt data".

Author: 0 US Unemployment Rate Hits 16-Year Low Despite Slower Job Growth

With the unexpected decrease, the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since hitting a matching rate in May of 2001. That's right in line with the monthly average of 174,000 over the past three months. Since February, the first jobs report with President Trump in office for the whole month, the USA has gained 594,000 jobs. But the influx of job seekers can also inflict a drag on pay growth.

Author: 0 EU, China back climate pact after Trump pullout

Trump is expected to announce his decision at noon Thursday Pacific time. Mr Trump's decision is an extraordinary setback to this global effort and marks the USA as a rogue nation on environmental protection. A statement issued by the leaders of France, Germany and Italy said the deal can not be renegotiated, and that they remain committed to the "irreversible" accord and regard it as "a cornerstone in the co-operation between our countries, for effectively and timely tackling climate change".

Author: 0 Elon Musk among CEOs opposed to US withdrawing from Paris climate agreement

And Mara, what was the president's rationale in making this move? Other European leaders issued more explicit appeals to the US government not to abandon worldwide measures against climate change . With this impact on the GDP, the governor's office says the coalition is committed to achieving the USA goal of reducing emissions 26-28 percent from 2005 levels and meeting - or even exceeding - federal Clean Power Plan targets.

Author: 0 Disney CEO Joins Elon Musk In Ditching Trump Over Paris Withdrawal

Germany said the USA was "harming" the entire planet, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called the decision "seriously wrong". " As a small country, we have also staunchly supported the rules-based multilateral system, and upheld the critical role of diplomacy in solving problems on the global commons, " the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) said in a press release.

Science Nikkei rises above 20000 to hit almost 2-year high
Author: 0 Nikkei rises above 20000 to hit almost 2-year high

WALL STREET: U.S. markets closed at record-high levels on Thursday. The Nikkei Stock Average NIK, +1.81% was the region's best performer for the second straight session, gaining 1.4% to 20138, lifted by a strengthening USA dollar against the yen, which benefits the nation's exporters.

Author: 0 U.S. to export clean technologies to fight climate change

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he spoke with Trump on Tuesday in an attempt to persuade the president to keep the the climate deal but "it wasn't enough". Only Syria and Nicaragua did not sign up to the deal. In a speech at the White House Rose Garden, the president said he would remove America from the Paris climate accord "in order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect the United States and its citizens".

Science Storm Beatriz makes landfall in Mexico
Author: 0 Storm Beatriz makes landfall in Mexico

Beatriz is expected to weaken further to a tropical rainstorm on Friday. Mexican authorities reported two slides blocking roads in the region. In Oaxaca, where rains began on Wednesday, officials cancelled classes across the state on Thursday, and said they might extend the measure through Friday, depending on the storm's intensity.

Author: 0 Top Merkel aide rejects Trump's call to renegotiate global climate deal

Noting that Trump said he had had "extensive discussions" with people on both sides of the climate debate, it said: "One can only assume that Trump has very good reasons to leave the Paris agreement , and that he knows the implications of USA retreat from the landmark deal".

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OnePlus shared a picture of their current OnePlus 3T smartphone, and the tweet reads, "Look into the shadows". The rumor mill keeps churning, however, and the OnePlus 5 is shaping up as a top-notch flagship with high-end specs all around.

Science Microsoft accidentally released internal Windows 10 development builds
Author: 0 Microsoft accidentally released internal Windows 10 development builds

However, the company ended up accidentally releasing build 16212 to phones and 32-bit PCs instead. Doing so will prevent any new Preview, Slow, or Fast Ring files from being downloaded and installed for up to seven days. If you received this build (from RS_EDGE_CASE) on your PC: Please be aware that this build was never meant to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC - more so than the normal builds we give you.

Author: 0 Korea says US withdrawal from Paris accord 'regrettable'

The agreement has more than 190 countries committed to cutting greenhouse-gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change . California, New York and Washington together account for about 10% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions , Mr Brown's office said.

Author: 0 Defiant US governors vow to uphold climate act

Kenney is among 61 US mayors who announced that they would step up their respective cities' efforts to combat climate change and adopt the Paris climate agreement on a local scale. Under the terms of the Paris accord, which entered into force November 4, the earliest the United States can drop out of the deal is 2020 - the same year Trump is expected to run for re-election.

Author: 0 We'll always have Paris - the silver lining in Trump's epic climate fail

The two leaders also discussed trade relations between the two countries, according to the statement . Signed in 2015, the Paris Accord came at a time scientists urged now-or-never measures to combat global warming . The United States was one of 195 nations that agreed to the accord in Paris in December 2015. "Pulling out of the Paris agreement doesn't put America first, it puts America last in recognizing science, in being a world leader and protecting our own shore line, our economy ...

Science USA is pulling out of Paris climate change accord
Author: 0 USA is pulling out of Paris climate change accord

Much more urgently, Trump has called into question the USA commitment to the trans-Atlantic alliance, which for seven decades has been the world's most important guarantor of peace and engine of prosperity. "The leader of what used to be called "the new world" is trapped in old world thought and action". "Don't be mistaken on climate; there is no plan B because there is no planet B".

Author: 0 Trump's shaky claims on climate accord

Dover resident Chip Lewis applauded Trump's move, saying he thinks the agreement is a waste because climate change is irreversible. He called the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement "a major disappointment" and said it was "crucial that the United States remains a leader on environmental issues", according to his spokesman.

Author: 0 Macron denounces Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord

Shortly after President Trump yanked the US out of the Paris climate agreement , programmed its homepage with a news article about Trump's announcement and seven snarky headlines. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world", the CEO of electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc. tweeted shortly after Trump officially withdrew the USA from the global climate pact.

Author: 0 Hundreds protest Paris climate decision outside White House

LIASSON: So that's a victim, not a leader. US President Donald Trump pulled out of Paris Climate Agreement . Climate commissioner Miguel Arias Canete said the European Union "deeply regrets" Mr Trump's decision and will seek new alliances around the world - including among American supporters of the accord - to ensure that the agreement's provisions are implemented.

Author: 0 CCEEB President Secundy Issues Statement on White House Paris Climate Agreement Announcement

Knowing the good work that we and countless others around the world are doing, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our planet's future. Specific targets have not been set for each state. "Given the United States' abdication of climate leadership, it is now time for California to lead with our technologies and our innovative policies", the senators wrote.