Author: 0 Oil and Gas: Investors bet Trump climate withdrawal to boost USA drilling

In keeping with the educational values and mission of the University, Northwestern's commitment to the agreement underscores efforts at the state and local levels to pursue a national commitment to remain "actively engaged with the worldwide community as part of the global effort to hold warming to well below 2°C".

Science Killer Instinct devs announce new
Author: 0 Killer Instinct devs announce new "Fast-Paced" Action game, Extinction

For more information, visit the official website and watch the announcement trailer below. The question will be if the game can translate from the stellar trailer to the actual gameplay. From the sound of it, Extinction hopes to recapture the same kind of intense action as third-person action games like DmC Devil May Cry and PlatinumGames' Bayonetta, as Avil will have a whip to perform aerial assaults as well as the ability to wall-run.

Author: 0 Yale considering joining group committed to Paris climate accord

Underlining India's commitment to protect nature, Prime Minister Modi said :"For the last 5000 years, even when I was not born, it has been the tradition in India to protect the environment". Can it all be renegotiated? The President could have just changed U.S. emissions targets and stayed in the deal. U.S. billionaire Michael Bloomberg has put his money where his mouth is by offering US$15 million to the United Nations to help tackle climate change.

Author: 0 What could happen in the United Kingdom general election

It raises the possibility that, rather than the landslide victory she could once expect, the Prime Minister could be on her way out of Downing Street in a week's time. The " dementia tax " - and the Prime Minister's undignified scramble to change the policy - was on the minds of many voters, they said. Asked about suggestions that the nuclear deterrent could not work if Mr Corbyn would not order a first strike, Mr Gwynne told the Press Association: " I disagree with that, I think that if ...

Author: 0 Vladimir Putin ridicules claims of Russian meddling in United States presidential vote

He compared repeated US assertions that Moscow deliberately tried to undermine Clinton to "anti-Semitism" and said it was like "blaming the Jews". He insisted that Trump won thanks to his skills, not Russian interference. He warned against making a fuss over the USA exit from the Paris deal and urged to establish conditions for joint work, reports Sputnik news agency.

Author: 0 Climate Activists To Protest Trump's Paris Exit Friday

The one time Trump mentioned the climate (aside from quoting the Wall Street Journal) he says, "This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States ". EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt spent a press briefing Friday dodging questions about whether President Trump believes in climate change. The landmark agreement succeeded where past attempts failed because it allowed each country to set its own emission ...

Author: 0 U.S. states, cities and firms unite behind Paris accord

Local newspaper Berliner Kurier use the powerful, if not vulgar, headline: "Earth to Trump: F*** you!" on its front page, in response to the U.S. president backing out of the climate change deal. "Tonight New York shines green for our planet, our health, and our children's future". Despite this, a number of figures from USA industry expressed their dismay at Mr Trump's move.

Science President Trump's Campaign Announces a 'Pittsburgh, Not Paris' Rally in DC
Author: 0 President Trump's Campaign Announces a 'Pittsburgh, Not Paris' Rally in DC

By withdrawing from this agreement , Trump would be ignoring an issue his own secretary of defense has said is a national security threat. As NPR has reported , "the only other countries not part of the agreement are Syria, which is in the midst of a civil war, and Nicaragua , which argued that the Paris accord did not go far enough to curb global emissions".

Author: 0 Nobody at White House will say whether Trump believes in climate change

The world largest economy now joins Syria and Nicaragua as one of only three countries to not be part of the Paris Agreement . Politico has even reported that the United States might face carbon tariffs against our exports. The energy industry also talks about climate change as a matter of markets: Low-carbon natural gas costs less than coal. Spicer, speaking to reporters at a daily news conference, added he does not know if Trump will replace Musk and Iger on the business council.

Author: 0 What was James Comey thinking when he met with Trump?

In one memo written after a February get-together, Comey recounted how the president suggested the FBI should drop its investigation of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the national security adviser who was forced to resign for lying to administration officials about his contacts with the Russia's ambassador to the United States.

Author: 0 Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Who's Behind Donald Trump Paris Accord Pullout

President Donald Trump's supporters on Friday cast his decision to abandon the world's climate change pact as a "refreshing" stance for the US that would save jobs and unburden industry. He said, "I do respect this decision but I do think it is an actual mistake both for the US and for our planet". Tillerson's argument to Trump was that leaving the agreement would diminish USA influence in encouraging other countries to reduce their emissions, aides said.

Author: 0 May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with United Kingdom vote 1 week away

The Labour leader - who has vowed to raise income tax for those earning over £80,000 a year and restore the corporation tax rate to 26% - was taken to task by a small business owner with five employees who pointed out that the Conservatives were offering him a rate of just 17% in business tax which would help his firm grow.

Science Djokovic loses 1st set at French Open
Author: 0 Djokovic loses 1st set at French Open

As the calendar turned to 2016, Djokovic retained this necessary capacity to absorb less-than-perfect performances yet advance in a bracket. He wound up with 55 unforced errors to 43 winners, and all sorts of issues on his backhand, which produced 33 of those miscues, all under the watchful eye of new coach Andre Agassi .

Science Hundreds of massive seafloor craters are leaking methane
Author: 0 Hundreds of massive seafloor craters are leaking methane

The enormous craters were formed about 12,000 years ago. Methane forms deep inside the Earth, where organic material is turned into methane by heat and pressure. Under high pressure and very low temperatures, these hydrates are stable. But it would depend on the interplay of ice sheets , gas hydrates and permafrost in each area, as well as the capacity for gas to percolate upwards from much deeper hydrocarbon reserves.

Science Merkel: 'We have to protect Mother Earth' after Trump quits Paris Accord
Author: 0 Merkel: 'We have to protect Mother Earth' after Trump quits Paris Accord

Mr Bloomberg joins a growing list of politicians and business leaders to condemn Mr Trump's move. Mr Trump announced on Thursday that the United States - the world's second biggest Carbon dioxide producer - would withdraw from the landmark agreement to cut climate emissions, making it one of only three nations in the world that will not be signed up.

Author: 0 Scripps National Spelling Bee: Sixth-grader spells 'marocain' for the win

Washington, June2 :A 12-year-old Californian student, Ananya Vinay , won the 90th US Scripps National Spelling Bee competition on Thursday taking home $40, 000 cash prize home. Yep, they wanted her to spell the nonsensical word that President Donald Trump tweeted out earlier this week . "It was interesting to go back and forth for so many rounds".

Author: 0 After a dunkfest in Game 1, Cavs must slow Warriors at rim

And easy isn't supposed to happen, especially not at the rim in the NBA Finals. James wound up with 28 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists in a statistically fine evening of play that you know James won't be celebrating. "We made a lot of mistakes", LeBron James said after Thursday's loss. "We kept Tristan off the boards to the best of our abilities", McGee told reporters after Game 1.

Science Hawaii urges resident to get mumps vaccination as cases soar
Author: 0 Hawaii urges resident to get mumps vaccination as cases soar

In its announcement it said 40 cases have been identified. The Los Angeles Daily News reports that it is unclear when this occurred. "The DOH is recommending all adults born in or after 1957, without evidence of immunity to mumps, who can not verify previous MMR vaccination, should receive at least one MMR vaccine dose", the department said in a news release.

Author: 0 A Labour government would create a million "real living wage" jobs

In the meantime, both Labour and the Conservatives will be working hard to make sure it's their man or woman taking the top job. The poll, commissioned by The Times , found the Conservative lead had slipped dramatically in recent weeks and is now within the margin of error.

Science Trump's ties to Russian Federation are well-documented
Author: 0 Trump's ties to Russian Federation are well-documented

However, the Russian bank maintains that Kushner was acting as the head of his family's real estate company when he met with Gorkov - directly contradicting the White House's statement. Aside from Kasowitz, the White House is considering bringing on old campaign hands to help manage the fallout. And so what could have easily been dismissed as a mistake, or a typo, or an oversight, is now a lingering issue for the White House .

Science NASA's sun spacecraft will need epic engineering to combat solar forces
Author: 0 NASA's sun spacecraft will need epic engineering to combat solar forces

NASA spacecraft have previously traveled inside the orbit of Mercury, the planet closest to the sun. The announcement comes as a Nasa panel is set to today discuss how it plans to get the space probe to the atmosphere of our galaxy's star, and how it will survive the intense heat and radiation that's emitted.

Science Pokémon Go to receive PvP, Legendaries in the coming months
Author: 0 Pokémon Go to receive PvP, Legendaries in the coming months

As per " Pokemon Go! " trading, it is expected that trading won't be over the Internet, as reported by BGR .Developer Tatsuo Nomura stated that trading Pokemon on the internet will defeat the goal of the game. According to de Fayet, these features were initially planned to go live earlier, but the game's phenomenal success resulted in their delay. These features have been requested by fans ever since the game came out a year ago.

Author: 0 French President Macron says Paris climate agreement irreversible

He has few, if any, supporters in this belief and already a number of American cities are saying that they will go ahead with measures already in play or in development to move towards alternative energy sources and reduce their carbon emissions.

Author: 0 Macron, tweaking Trump, says 'Make our planet great again'

The head of the World Meteorological Organization's atmospheric research and environment department, Deon Terblanche, underscored however that the likely impact of US President Donald Trump's widely-condemned decision remains far from clear.

Science Jerry Brown Heads To China For Climate Change Talks
Author: 0 Jerry Brown Heads To China For Climate Change Talks

Republican Governor Charlie Baker of MA announced Friday that he will join a climate change initiative launched by several Democratic governors in the wake of President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement .

Science HTC Vive now includes Star Trek: Bridge Crew as a free pack
Author: 0 HTC Vive now includes Star Trek: Bridge Crew as a free pack

The gameplay of Star Trek : Bridge Crew is set in the new Star Trek universe based on J.J. Abrams' 2009 movie of the same generic title. Each crew member has a defined role in the running of the ship. Beyond the uniqueness of the multiplayer, and the odd feeling of shyness I got from playing online, I can't shake the feeling that at its core, Bridge Crew is quite a boring game .

Author: 0 Egypt says air strikes destroy militant camps after attack on Christians

Several hours after the attack, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi announced that in response his country launched six airstrikes against militant training bases in Libya. State TV also aired footage said to show the air strikes on militants' positions in Derna in eastern Libya. 'Terrorists are engaged in a war against civilisation, and it is up to all who value life to confront and defeat this evil, ' US President Donald Trump said in a statement .

Author: 0 Why China is stepping up against climate change

While the industry is split on their stance toward the Paris agreement, some coal executives like Bob Murray, chief executive officer of Murray Energy, have supported Trump's talking points on the USA economic implications of the Paris agreement.

Science Roland Garros diary: Nadal's best French Open win
Author: 0 Roland Garros diary: Nadal's best French Open win

Djokovic came out firing in the fourth, a brutal forehand giving him a 2-0 advantage and he broke again to lead 4-0, prior to being given a code violation after making his feelings be known to the umpire when he lost a first serve for a second time violation.

Science Gears Of War 4 Is Getting A Massive Update
Author: 0 Gears Of War 4 Is Getting A Massive Update

The Gears of War 4 Horde Update adds a ton of new stuff, and reconfigures the online multiplayer to make for a better experience across all platforms. In addition, Ironman Mode comes to both Horde and Campaign with Rise of the Horde . Ironman also ends the Horde game after one failed wave, but offers 5% XP bonus for all XP earned and XP Bounties completed.

Author: 0 World pledges to save 'Mother Earth' despite Trump's snub to climate pact

Ninety-six percent of the electricity that powers Apple's facilities globally comes from renewable sources, according to the section of their website dedicated to addressing climate change . He highlighted that while Chinese investment into the European Union increased by 77 percent past year, the capital flow from the European Union to China declined by nearly one quarter.

Author: 0 UEFA Champions League final : Juventus vs Real Madrid head to head (2014/15)

All eyes in the soccer world will soon turn towards Wales, as Real Madrid will meet Juventus in Cardiff for the unbelievable finale to the 2016-17 Champions League . Ronaldo has gotten the best of Buffon so far, scoring five goals in his four games against the Italy goalkeeper . Ramos and Higuain won three Spanish league titles together with Madrid.

Science Rihanna steals the spotlight from Cavs, Warriors during NBA Finals
Author: 0 Rihanna steals the spotlight from Cavs, Warriors during NBA Finals

The one play that was a microcosm of this game occurred in the first half when Durant grabbed the rebound and pushed the ball - all the while his eyes on Curry on the left side hoping LeBron James and Kyrie Irving would bite. Game 2 of the Finals will be Sunday at Golden State. "I mean, you take one of the best teams that we had ever assembled past year, that we saw in the regular season and in the postseason, and then in the offseason, you add a high-powered offensive ...

Author: 0 Impression v Lexmark ruling may reduce options for patent owners, say lawyers

Other corporate outfits similar to Lexmark , like HP, have opted instead to equip their printers with technology that can "recognize and block the use of unauthorized cartridges", the Times observed Tuesday. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimouslyTuesday that patent holders can not sue people or companies who refurbish or resell products based on their patents, making it more hard for manufacturers and drugmakers to control how their products are sold on secondary markets.

Author: 0 Putin ridicules US focus on ambassador contacts

It was now better to try to see what kind of climate deal could be agreed, said Putin. "What else the ambassador is supposed to do?" Asked by the moderator whether India would side with the U.S. We ought to understand what is happening and where it will lead us. The climate deal can not work without the United States, he said, but the accord is not slated to go into effect until 2021, which left hope for a compromise that would bring the United States back to the deal.

Author: 0 How To Call Your Representative About The Paris Climate Accord

As Trump made his announcement, we saw the world's leaders condemn Trump's move and pledge to take further action to meet the global targets set out in the Paris Accord along with countless states in the U.S. in breach of global law, according to Michael Wara, an environmental law professor at Stanford University. According to an article in the MIT Technology Review , Donald Trump and his team quoted figures from an earlier MIT study which was done a year before the Paris Climate ...

Science For President Trump, decisions accompanied by drama
Author: 0 For President Trump, decisions accompanied by drama

The FBI is looking into the role Kushner held during the campaign and transition, including his contacts with Russian officials, his role in the campaign's data analytics operation and his relationship with former national security adviser Michael Flynn .

Science CBSE Board class 10 examination results to be announced today
Author: 0 CBSE Board class 10 examination results to be announced today

This year's CBSE Class 12 and Class 10 exams were delayed because of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur. CBSE 10th Class Result: CBSE Board made an official announcement via press release that the result of the Central Board of Secondary Education 10th class is all set to release the results today morning anytime.

Author: 0 Comey expected to testify before Senate committee on June 8

Early last month , President Donald Trump fired Comey during an FBI investigation into whether the Trump presidential campaign coordinated with the Kremlin to influence the 2016 USA election. President Barack Obama invoked executive privilege in a bid to stop Congress from seeing records about Operation Fast and Furious, a botched gun-smuggling investigation that lost track of about 1,400 guns.

Author: 0 Apple readying Siri-powered home assistant

A report from Bloomberg has confirmed that the iPhone maker is already into the manufacturing operations and that it is likely to début the device soon after its annual developer conference in June. That's because the two dominant players, Echo and Home, don't play nice with Siri. Amazon's Alexa has also been updated with iCloud Calendars today; ahead of Apple's WWDC 2017 event.

Author: 0 Donald Trump's Lawyer Will Now Be Answering All Russia Related Questions

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly's claim that back channel communications are "both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable" doesn't fully explain the circumstances of the request coming from someone who is so close to Trump and on the heels of an election in which Russian interference looms large.

Author: 0 Putin: Russia struck no secret agreements with Trump team

He said he had made the same comment in Germany three days back when "nobody's comment had come", an apparent reference to Trump's announcement today. "That is it. If there is something specific, then it will be a subject of discussion", Putin said. Sergei Kislyak's meetings with members of the Trump team have been a focus of the congressional investigation.

Author: 0 India's green lobby slams Trump for exiting Paris deal

Nicaragua, is a tiny emitter, with a 0.03% share of global emissions, but it is at risk from extreme storms , which experts blame on the overheating caused by climate change . China's top leaders are technocrats with science and engineering backgrounds from elite universities, and there is little doubt that the country's leadership accepts the fundamental science behind climate change.

Author: 0 China has leadership role in fight against climate change

Mr Macron issued an appeal to American climate change scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to come to France to continue their work. Former President Barack Obama actually circumvented the process to make the Paris Agreement a "treaty" in the legal sense for the US.

Science EPA grant to help clean up EBURD
Author: 0 EPA grant to help clean up EBURD

The EPA also said redevelopment of the property will reduce forest biomass burning, which degrades air quality, and will prevent contamination on the site from entering local waterways. In the memo, Flynn said the White House Office of Management and Budget must still approve the buyout plan. "The EPA and the City of Austin are to be commended for their vision in conducting this ultimate form of recycling".

Science EU, China back Paris pact after U.S. pullout
Author: 0 EU, China back Paris pact after U.S. pullout

In a nationwide broadcast, Trump announced: "to fulfil my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord but begin negotiations to re-enter our way into Paris Accord".

Author: 0 France sees duo with Germany key for post-Brexit EU farm policy

This is to give time for the deal to be ratified by the European and United Kingdom parliaments, then signed off by the United Kingdom and European Council in order for the country to leave two years after article 50 was triggered, on March 29, 2019.

Author: 0 The Chinese outrage at Trump's climate decision

If we can, great. "In cumulative terms, the USA has been the largest emitter of greenhouse gases which are resulting in human induced climate change ", he said . administrations dragged New Delhi kicking and screaming into it. Worldwide law makes clear that US presidents can not simply delete signatures like the one on the Paris Agreement .

Author: 0 Leaked iPhone 8 Images Show Fingerprint Scanner Built In Screen

Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. reaffirmed a " rating on shares of Apple in a research note on Wednesday, February 22nd. Sold All: 90 Reduced: 975 Increased: 723 New Position: 123. More interesting news about Apple Inc . JJJ Advisors Inc. purchased a new stake in Apple during the fourth quarter valued at approximately $176,000.